An Island Exchange
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My husband John and I were on vacation in the Caribbean
with another couple, Dave and Kim. They were delightful
people that we had known for some time but had never
vacationed together. They were an attractive couple in
their early thirties as we were.

The island was beautiful, great sand beaches with clear
greenish water that provided wonderful snorkeling
adventures. It was an exotic island, fringed with palm
trees waving in the gentle winds. In the evening we
would walk on the beach, the moonlight shining on the
water lapping at the shores.

The Club Med where we were staying catered to couples
only, and these couples were mostly around our age,
some younger and some older. As the week progressed we
noted that there were romantic couplings going on, and
it seemed not always with their spouses and girl
friends. We learned that this Club Med was noted for
the exchanges that were taking place.

One time when Kim and I were alone, she said there
seemed to be a resurgence of the swinging that was
present in the sixties and seventies. I said from what
I was seeing it seemed to be true. Then she asked if I
thought of doing an exchange, and I said that I never
thought of switching. I asked her if she had done that
before, and she said no, but she and Dave had talked
about it. “If one ever did that, this beautiful
romantic island would seem to be the perfect setting,
and seeing what’s going on around us is really
exciting.” I wondered if she was thinking that we might

Later, when John and I were alone I mentioned our
conversation, and he said Dave had talked about it, and
was hinting that they might be open to participating. I
told him that you would not agree. He said “why don’t
you talk to her; she might be interested-this would be
the perfect place to experiment, and look at what all
the others are doing.”

Dave and Kim had four children, and John kidded them
about it, suggesting that he have a vasectomy. After
the birth of our second child, John had one without
telling me what he planned, knowing that I wouldn’t
want him to have that operation, as I really wanted
another child-we had two girls, and I wanted a boy. I
was quite angry with him for going ahead without
discussing it with me beforehand.

There was a lot of drinking going on, and the four of
us drank our share which was mostly rum drinks. After
dinner of the third evening, Dave was hinting about
doing a swap, but we didn’t take him up on it. John and
I discussed it when we went to bed. John said if we
did, Dave would be getting the best of it because I was
more beautiful and attractive then Kim, but even so Kim
was still a good looking woman with curves in all the
right places. When we discussed it, it was definitely
the rum talking.

Things changed the next night. The management put on a
big party with plenty of rum and other drinks flowing,
followed by a dinner with more drinks after, and by
later evening we were definitely feeling the effects,
talking and laughing a lot.

At that point Dave looked at John and said “why don’t
we exchange-you like Kim don’t you?”

He said, “Yes, I like Kim, she is very attractive.”
Then he said “is that OK with you Kim?”

She looked at him and said, “Yes, if it’s alright with

John said “well, you will have to ask Sandy, it would
be up to her.” Sandy looked at me and asked if that is
what I wanted to do. I said, “Yes, it is alright with
me for you to be with Dave.” She didn’t look very happy
and said, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes.”

John took Kim’s arm and said they would be in our room.
As they left was I was having second thoughts, but Dave
brought me another drink to relax me, and I decided
that if my husband and Kim were going to do it, then I
was also. Dave took my arm and we left for his room.

When we entered the room, he pulled me into his arms
and began kissing me. I was hesitant at first, but
finally returned his kisses. I was becoming aroused as
he began stripping me, first undoing my blouse, taking
it off, then unbuttoning my skirt, sliding the zipper
down and pushing my skirt down to my ankles. I was now
standing in my lacy bra and sheer lacy slip.

At that moment I remembered something-I was just
entering my fertile period, and of course I wasn’t on
any birth control since John had a vasectomy. I told
Dave, and said I couldn’t risk intercourse. But he
said, “John is doing it to my wife, and you agreed, and
now you’re trying to back out.”

Finally I agreed, but said we have to be careful. Then
I said, “It would serve him right if I got pregnant
since he agreed to this, and he had a vasectomy without
discussing it with me, and I wanted another child.” But
I said, “We can’t risk my getting pregnant.”

He assured me that he would be careful, and wouldn’t
come in me. With that assurance I reluctantly agreed.
Besides, the thought of having intercourse with this
handsome man was getting me excited, and I felt myself
moistening. This would be the first time I would be
having sex with another man. I had been faithful in our
marriage, but if this swapping was what John wanted to
do, then I was going to let Dave have me.

I could feel my body flushing, and I was trembling in
his arms as he continued stripping me, sliding my slip
over my hips to the floor. Now I was standing in only
my bra, lacy panties, and my garter belt attached to
sheer stockings. After he undid my bra, freeing my
breasts he looked at me admiringly, saying, “You’re

He stroked my breasts till my nipples were firm,
kissing and caressing me till I was on an erotic
plateau. He took his time, continuing stroking and
arousing me, finally sliding my panties down, holding
me as I stepped out of them. I was embarrassed as he
looked at my body, naked except for my satiny garter
belt and sheer stockings.

My legs barely held me up; I was so weak with my
arousal, almost collapsing as he lifted me, placing me
on the bed. I was even more flushed and trembling,
watching him as he began to strip. When he took off his
shorts I saw his cock for the first time. It was
impressive, and even more so as he began to harden,
becoming even larger-very thick and very long. My eyes
widened as I looked at his cock, now standing straight
out, and I wondered if I could take him into me. I knew
I was in for an experience that I would long remember.

He lost no time in joining me on the bed. He continued
stroking my breasts, then sliding a hand down to my
thighs. I hesitated, holding my thighs together as he
tried to open my legs, then relaxing, allowing him to
press open my thighs. He moved his hand there,
caressing me, finding the wet lips of my vulva. I
gasped as his fingers stroked into me, gasping again as
he found my clitoris.

I was getting more and more aroused as he stroked and
lifted my clitoris, moaning now, my body flushed. He
slid a finger into me, then two fingers, continuing to
stimulate me till I was on an erotic plateau, my body
trembling to his caresses. I was groaning now as he
pressed my legs open more, sensing that I completely
surrendered to him. There was no way I could stop him
now, and he knew this as he rose up and moved between
my open legs.

He directed his cock against the swollen lips of my
cunt, the head pressing into me, pressing firmly, and I
felt myself opening to him. I lifted my knees to ease
the pain of his entry. He continued the relentless
pressure, stretching me more, and I gasped as he pushed
into my vagina. He held still for a moment, the bulbous
head inside me before continuing to enter me, pushing
further and further into me, gradually filling me with
his huge cock.

I had never been so stretched, and I cried out as he
impaled me, and to my amazement I came as he filled me,
crying out, my body shaking, my legs clutching him. He
didn’t move till my spasms subsided. I think the pure
naughtiness of what we were doing, being fucked by
another man for the first time since I was married, and
having such a large cock in me was so erotic that I
came immediately. I had never been so excited, and the
lush tropical setting contributed to make this an
experience one that I would never forget.

Soon I felt him moving again, stroking slowly back and
forth in me, almost pulling out each time before
pushing into me again. My whole being was centered on
this cock that was filling me, raising me to an erotic
high, pleasuring me to a level that I had never

Soon he was stroking more powerfully into me, and then
I remembered and said, “Don’t come in me!”

He said he wouldn’t, and continued thrusting into me,
raising me to higher and higher levels of arousal. Then
I felt it-a warmth beginning in my vagina, my cervix,
spreading to my uterus and pelvis, and spreading over
my body, a feeling now so intense that I cried out as I
was swept into a climax, groaning, “Dave, don’t stop!
Don’t stop!”

He continued his thrusting as I groaned and shuddered,
my body in spasm, clutching him with my arms and legs
as my climax went on an on, crying out again and again
as I was overwhelmed with the intensity of my orgasm. I
felt his cock swelling and I knew he was going to come
in me, and I knew I was powerless to stop him.

He gripped my ass and pushed fully into my cunt as he
began spurting into me, spurting against my cervix,
filling me with his semen, my hands pulling his ass
tightly against me as he emptied himself, my vagina
awash with his sperm, which I know was entering my
uterus, and very likely making me pregnant.

He held himself fully into me till and I felt his cock
softening. He stayed into me, holding me, kissing me,
stroking me, and after awhile I felt his cock hardening
again. I couldn’t believe he was getting hard so soon,
and finally he became fully erect and began fucking me

I was responding, moving with him as he fucked me so
expertly, again raising me to an erotic high,
continuing to thrust into me till I felt another climax
approaching, feeling him swelling again, and I cried
out once more as I felt him coming in me. I was
helpless as I was caught up in another powerful climax,
groaning and crying out with the intensity of it, my
body in spasm again. The fact that I was risking
pregnancy just added to the erotic climax, feeling him
coming in me.

Finally he withdrew his softening cock, and moved
beside me. I lay there spread-eagled, my cunt awash
with his sperm, and I felt our juices leaking onto my
thighs. I began sobbing with the realization that I
might be pregnant from this episode. Dave tried to
comfort me, but it didn’t help. I felt completely
drained, my body limp.

Finally I got up and began dressing. After I pulled my
panties on, I could feel the crotch getting wet from
his semen. As I was getting ready to return to my room
Dave said he would like to switch again the next night.
I said I didn’t know; it would be up to John.

I had phoned our room, and they were finished, and I
passed a smiling Kim in the hall. She took one look at
me, and she knew I had been thoroughly fucked.

I got back to the room and I found my husband in bed,
looking quite happy. He asked me if Dave did it to me,
and when I said yes he asked me if I came. I again said
yes, and he said, “You don’t come very often when we do
it.” I said “I think it was because we tried something
new for us, and almost everyone else in this place
seems to be doing the same thing.” Then I said, “How
about you-did you have a good time?” He looked
sheepish, so I knew he did. He admitted it and said
that Kim went down on him and he came, and later he got
hard again and he fucked her and came again.

I said, “Dave wants to get together again tomorrow
night, and I said I would have to talk to you. What do
you want to do?”

“Kim also wants to get to get together again, so why
don’t we do it?” I agreed.

We had a pleasant after-dinner glow from the drinks
when Dave made the first move, taking my arm and
leading me off. Looking over my shoulder I saw John
leaving with Kim.

When we entered Dave’s room he took me in his arms
again, and this time there was no hesitation on my
part. I had dressed especially for the occasion. I had
started with a garter belt, sheer hose, then white lacy
open-legged panties with a matching bra and half slip.
Then a clinging white dress that came above my knees.

I was moistening again as he kissed and stroked me,
before starting to strip me. He took his time, enjoying
exposing me slowly, beginning with my dress which he
unzipped and pushed to the floor. My slip followed; he
unclipped my bra, freeing my breasts, and stroked them
till my nipples were firm. I started to sag with my
arousal, and he lifted me onto the bed, slowly sliding
my panties down and off. Except for my stocking and
garter belt I was naked, and I felt myself blushing as
he gazed at me admiringly. He quickly stripped.

He pressed my thighs open as he continued his caresses,
his fingers moving on my moist lips till I was moaning
and trembling. I opened my legs further, surrendering
to him, ready to take him into me. He moved over,
mounting me, directing his now very hard cock against
my vagina, the large swollen head pressing against me.

I was groaning now as I felt myself opening to him, my
cunt stretching to accommodate him. I cried out as the
bulbous head entered me, and I raised my knees,
spreading my legs more as he pushed into me, filling
me, advancing his cock till I was impaled again, giving
a hoarse cry. It was so erotic, being filled like that,
and with another man’s cock.

Once again he began slowly moving into me, gradually
increasing his thrusting, taking plenty of time with
me, lifting me to higher and higher levels of arousal,
bringing me to an erotic plateau where I was totally
helpless, gasping and crying out again and again. Just
as I was approaching a climax I felt him swelling, and
knew he was going to come in me again, but I could do
nothing as I was overwhelmed with an orgasm that went
on and on.

As I gripped him with my legs I felt his spasms as his
cock erupted into me, filling the deepest area of my
vagina with his semen, and I welcomed the flow of his
sperm, probably flowing through my cervix into my

If I missed getting pregnant last night, I very likely
was impregnated this time, and I didn’t care. I now
decided that I wanted to get pregnant, and if I did it
would be my husband’s fault for agreeing to this
exchange. I was in the second day of my fertile cycle,
and it was very likely that I was pregnant already. The
thought that he was probably inseminating me just added
to my erotic responses, making my climaxes so much more

Dave started to apologize again for coming in me, but
he said he couldn’t help it, especially as I told him
not to stop last night. I looked at him, and said, “I
want to get pregnant again and you’re attractive and
intelligent so it is perfect. I want to be fertilized,
and it is John’s fault for getting a vasectomy. Maybe
we could do it once more so I could be sure-then we
will have covered my whole fertile period.” We didn’t
have a second fuck so I dressed and returned to our
room. Kim was just leaving and we smiled at each other
as we passed.

John and I didn’t say much when I returned, but he
asked me if I had a good time, and again I said yes. He
said, “I don’t want to do this scene again-I think we
experimented enough.” I wondered if he didn’t have as
good a time as the night before. I said, “Now that it’s
fun you want to quit.” He just said that we shouldn’t
do it again, but I was having a great time and I wanted
to do it again, and now I wanted to be sure that I got
pregnant. If I did John could not say anything.

The nest day when Kim and I were alone I expressed the
wish that I wanted to get pregnant, and I was ovulating
at this time. I told her I wanted to do it again to be
sure, but John didn’t want to exchange again.

Kim said, “I’ll help! I have an idea. Let John know
that you are going with me in the afternoon to check
out some gift stores. Then we will go to our room, and
I’ll see that Dave does it to you again.” I agreed if
we could arrange it. Kim asked if it would bother me if
she was there when we had intercourse. I thought about
it a minute and said, “I think it will be alright.”

Well, I told my husband that we were going shopping,
but he noticed that I dressed in some of my best
underwear, all lacy pink with a short pink blouse and
skirt. I said, “I don’t always like to look like beach
bum.” He accepted this.

I went to their room, and was greeted by Kim. Dave
wasn’t there yet. I told Kim I was nervous about this,
and she said we need a drink. She poured a stiff drink
which I downed quickly, and she poured another, joining
me both times. I soon finished this one and I had a
pleasant glow as we laughed about our husbands. She
poured another, saying, “I need to be sure you are in
the mood, and not embarrassed.” At that moment Dave
came in as if by some pre-arranged signal.

Kim asked me if she could help me get ready, and I
agreed, feeling the effects of the drinks. She brought
me over to the bed, and then slowly undid my blouse,
removing it, unzipping my shirt, taking it down and
off, leaving me standing in my sheer underwear. She
said “You really look great!” She removed my bra and I
covered my breasts, embarrassed. She just smiled and
asked me to kneel on the edge of the bed. I hesitated,
but she insisted and I did as she said, kneeling on the
edge of the bed.

She said I want to get you in the mood as she started
caressing my breasts. I started to resist but she
reassured me as she continued, pulling my slip up till
it hung from my waist. She continued her expert
caresses till I began to be aroused, especially as she
was stroking my thighs, pressing my legs open and
pushing my head and shoulders to the bed.

I gasped as she stroked up my inner thighs, slipping a
finger under the leg of my panties, finding my swollen
and wet vulva, caressing me there till I was moaning.
She slipped my panties to my knees displaying me
erotically, my rounded ass in the air, my moist and
reddened lips exposed to both of them.

They both began on me now, working on my breasts and
vagina, Kim slipping fingers into me; caressing my
clitoris at the same time. I was groaning now with my
arousal as these two experts aroused me even more, my
trembling body responding, my breasts hanging down, my
nipples firm. Kim pressed my thighs open more,
presenting my moist and gaping cunt to her husband. I
had offered token resistance at being displayed so
lewdly, but I was so aroused that I surrendered,
wondering what these two would do to me. I don’t know
what I was expecting.

I soon found out as Kim held my lips open with one hand
while she reached for the very stiff cock of her
husband, directing it to the opening of my cunt,
holding it steady as he pressed against me and into me,
crying out as he entered me. Dave held my hips in place
as he stretched me out with his advancing cock,
beginning to fill my vagina, soon pushing against my
cervix as he entered me fully, holding me impaled on
his cock.

Kim moved back now as Dave, holding my hips firmly,
began a steady thrusting. I was groaning as he fucked
me, my breasts swaying as kept pushing into me, raising
me to erotic highs, moaning continuously as he entered
me so deep, much deeper in this position, fucking me

It was so erotic, being taken like this, on my hands
and knees, my rounded ass in the air as his cock plumed
my depths, my body jerking to his thrusting. I was
getting close, my body responding to him, concentrating
on the incredible feelings his rigid cock was evoking
in me. Then it began, my climax beginning to build as I
felt the head of his cock swelling in me, thrusting
more powerfully, and I knew he was close as well.

I was on the brink-then my orgasm swept over me and I
know I screamed, my body shaking as he held me, and I
felt his climax as his swollen cock began spurting into
me, once more filling my vagina with his semen. My
orgasm went on and on as he continued to empty himself
into me, groaning as he came deep in my cunt, spurting
into my cervix, and I thought if I wasn’t pregnant from
the last encounters, I was certainly pregnant now.

He held himself into me for the longest time, finally
removing his softening cock, releasing me, and my
exhausted body collapsed on the bed. A smiling and
aroused Kim rolled me over and placed a pillow under me
to raise my ass, and pushed my thighs together,
improving the chance of conception. After sufficient
time to allow the sperm to enter my uterus, Kim helped
me dress.

Kim said, “I think Dave got you pregnant, and that’s
what we both wanted for you. We planned carefully to
get you and John to agree to this exchange so you could
be inseminated. Your arrogant husband will know who
knocked you up, and we couldn’t be more delighted. It
was great when you told Dave you were ovulating, so we
were determined to see that you got pregnant.”

I said, “I can’t believe you planned this! How could
you do this to me?”

“By Dave sticking it to you we were really sticking it
to your husband! We can’t wait till he finds out you
are pregnant. His ego is going to suffer a lot. By the
way, you won’t be the first wife that Dave has
inseminated. We really get a rush out of Dave making a
cuckold of some smug husband, and making his wife

I was angry and tearful at being set-up like that; but
when I thought about it later I was glad that I had
that experience-never had I been taken, used and fucked
so thoroughly as I was by this man. And never have I
had the experience of being filled by a cock that size.

And I hoped that I was pregnant, but I would have to
wait till it was confirmed.

When I met John again I said nothing about what had
happened, but he noticed my flushed face and said you
shouldn’t hurry in this climate. After dinner we packed
for our departure the next morning. On the way home
none of us talked about our romantic interlude.

A month passed and I missed my period. I waited till I
had missed my second period before I talked to John,
and my pregnancy test came back positive. John was
angry, but I said it was his fault because he wanted to
trade. When he asked me to get an abortion I refused.
He was not happy, and also he was losing interest in
having sex with me.

I ran into Kim and told her about my pregnancy-she was
delighted that I had conceived, and she couldn’t wait
to tell Dave. I told her John was going away on
business for three days, and she invited me over for
dinner when he left.

We had cocktails and wine with dinner. I told them that
John was angry, and I also told them that he lost
interest in having sex. They were comforting, and then
Kim took my arm and led me into the bedroom saying I’m
going to send in Dave, and she did. He took me in my
arms and began kissing me.

I responded to him knowing that he wanted to make love
to me. I didn’t resist as he slowly began stripping me,
starting with my dress, then my slip, my bra and
finally my panties. By the time he placed me on the bed
I was aroused and ready.

He stripped, spread my legs and mounted me. I cried out
as he entered me, pushing into me, filling me with his
cock. It was a repeat of the last time as he fucked me
thoroughly, and I came as he ejaculated into me. Kim
had come into the room and seen the whole thing.

It wasn’t the last time that Dave fucked me while I was
pregnant. They were both delighted as they observed my
increasing girth. Finally I delivered a boy, and I
couldn’t have been more pleased. And it wasn’t the end
of being fucked by Dave. With Kim’s blessing he was
between my legs several times, doing it to me, fucking
me thoroughly, and filling me again and again with his
semen. However, now I was taking precautions or I
definitely would be pregnant.

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