Two teens take their relationship to the next level
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Her breasts were so soft._ If he could only get her shirt off, he knew
the touch of her skin would be even more incredible. He felt a touch of
discomfort, mixed with pleasure, from his erection pushing against her
leg. He wanted to free it from its confines.

_He was so hard._ If she could only get his pants off, what would he feel
like? Would the head feel similar to her nipples when they got hard? She
felt desire build between her legs.

His fingers ran across the shirt fabric covering her hard nipples, sending
a shiver through her. He slipped his hands under her shirt. As he
brushed against the skin of her stomach, it sent a jolt of desire through
him followed by a feeling of guilt. He dropped his hands and pulled his
mouth away from hers.

“We can’t.” He said.

It took her a moment to understand the words. Intellectually, she knew he
was right, but her body wanted more.

“We just can’t actually have sex.” She said, trying to justify going
further than she knew she should.

For a moment, he was almost persuaded. Maybe if he just touched her
breasts. But his conscience intruded. He forced himself to step back.
It took all her self-control not to follow. Still, she couldn’t resist
looking down at the bulge in his pants.

She looked back up at his face. He was staring at her chest. She liked
it. At school, she’d seen guys staring at the well-endowed girls and
wondered if they would ever notice her small breasts. She’d seen many of
these girls naked and knew she had more to offer; none of them had such
large nipples that could get so very hard.

She wondered for a moment if he really liked her small breasts, or if it
was just the lack of a bra and the obvious result of her sexual
excitement. She decided it didn’t matter; even if he was fantasizing that
she was three cup sizes bigger, his eyes were still focused on her. And
if he ever did chance to see one of those buxom girls topless, he’d know
what he was missing. She crossed her arms at her waist, grabbed the
bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head in a single

“They’re perfect.” He muttered, feeling he’d still done a disservice to
her breasts. He was especially entranced by her large, hard, nipples. He
wanted to touch them, but that would violate the trust she had just shown.

He pulled his own shirt off, dropping it on the floor. He was just a
skinny kid and didn’t think it a fair exchange. But she liked his natural
torso. It didn’t seem fake like those guys who couldn’t get enough of

Her nipples weren’t the only thing she had on most of the buxom girls.
She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down, taking her panties with
them. As she stood, she brushed her fingers through her fluffy bush of
naturally blonde pubic hair.

His eyes slowly took in the beauty before him. His many fantasies had
been an insult to what he saw. The pain in his crotch grew more astute.
Without taking his eyes off of her, he undid his jeans and pushed them

His penis was straight and pointed slightly upward. The circumcised head
was pink and swollen. At the base of his shaft, he had a bush of rusty
blond hair. It seemed so big and so handsome. She wanted to grab and
stroke it.

There was one last thing she knew he wanted to see, and which she wanted
to show him. She backed up until she fell into her bed. She scooted up
and leaned against the head board, spreading her legs, her knees up. Her
tight slit parted slightly, revealing a touch of shiny pink.

She reached down with her right hand and parted her outer labia. She had
thin, short inner lips that met at a small bump. She pushed her middle
finger into her vagina, then slowly pulled it out and up, forcing her
clitoral hood to slip between her middle and forefinger. She sucked her
breath in sharply, she was so close. Too close. She wanted this to last.

He sat down at the other end of the bed, his eyes glued to her vulva, and
started slowly stroking himself. Watching him sent a jolt of intense
desire through her, concentrated in her clitoris. She let out a gasp and
pulled her hand away, hoping she’d done so soon enough. She hadn’t.

Her next gasp was cut short as her orgasm seemed to explode in her pelvis
and radiate up to her head. Her thighs and stomach contracted along with
each contraction within her vagina.

She forced her eyes open. He was stroking himself quickly, his eyes wide
and looking at her pelvis. He suddenly stopped, held his breath a moment,
then grunted. His hips jerked and a short stream of semen shot out an
inch, landing between his legs. He grunted and his hips jerked again as a
shorter stream shot out, this time landing on the backs of his fingers.

She was sensitive, but still filled with intense desire. She penetrated
herself with her middle finger again, thrusting hard. She rubbed her
clitoris in a circular motion with the middle finger of her left hand.

He started stroking himself again, ignoring the sensitivity of the head of
his penis. He reached a hand up to his mouth and spit into his palm, then
brought it back down and smoothed it on his penis, making it glisten. She
felt relieved that she wasn’t the only one who found saliva to be a great
lubricant. She brought her left hand to her mouth, dropped spittle onto
the tips of the middle fingers and returned them to rubbing her clitoris.

Their breathing grew deep, almost panting. A whimper of pleasure escaped
her lips with each breath, increasing in volume as her pleasure
intensified. He resisted the temptation to dive to the other side of the
bed to kiss, fondle and make love to her.

Despite already having had an orgasm, he had never felt more sexually
excited, his penis more hard, his desire more strong. Realizing his
erection wasn’t going away, like it usually did, he deliberately slowed,
spitting into his palm once more.

She also slowed. She dropped her left hand to the bed and moved the
finger from her vagina, past her clitoris and back again. It resulted in
a steady pleasure. Her breathing slowed, but deepened, and her whimpers
quieted and turned into small coos.

He began to make almost guttural noises as shivers of pleasure emanated
from his penis. His pleasure slowly built. It crested and held for an
incredible moment. He let go of his penis and pushed his hands into the
mattress at his side. His penis stiffened and drew back a little into his
body. Then a rush of pleasure, a grunt and his penis jerked several
times, pushing out only a few dribbles of semen.

It was extremely erotic to her and help push her over the edge. She also
put her hands by her sides and spread her legs extra wide. She sucked in
her breath as her orgasm formed. Then she let out a series of
exclamations as her vaginal lips contracted along with her thighs and

Feeling completely spent, the both gazed at each other across the bed with
grins on their faces.

“I’ve never had two in a row before.” He said.

“I have, but not this strong.” She said, “Not even close.”


Someone knocked on the door, startling them both. A young voice called
out, “We’re home. Mom wants you to help bring in the groceries.”

“Be out in a minute.” She said.

They pulled their clothes on in silence. They kissed one last time at the
door, then went out and helped bring in the groceries.

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