Dinner with Callie (very rom, MF, anal)
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It was a quiet Friday evening at the Evans’ house.
The boys had gone to Greg’s parent’s house for
dinner and to go to see the Christmas lights. That
left Greg and Callie alone until late that night,
unless, of course, the boys convinced their
grandparents to let them spend the night. The
chances of that were good. Callie had made a simple dinner for them of grilled sausages
with maple and cayenne, mashed potatoes with roasted
garlic, and salad. They had sat on opposite sides of the large
table in the dining room, Callie with her back to the kitchen.
That allowed Greg to use the remote control on the stereo
that was in the family room. He had put on some CD’s for
dinner music and was adjusting the volume for the different
songs that were played. They had turned down the lights and
lit a pair of candles in the center of the table.

The house was
dark except for the circle of light thrown by the candles and
the low light over the table. Callie finished her dinner and stretched out in her chair,
relaxing and humming along with the song that drifted in to
the room. ‘This is great, honey!’ Greg said as he stood from
the table, ‘Would you like any more?’ ‘No, thanks’ Callie
responded and gave him a smile. She liked it that he
complemented her food. He could sometimes be a bit of a
‘food snob’, but taking seconds told her that he really liked
this meal. Greg took more sausage and salad from the kitchen counter
and rejoined his wife at the table. Callie smiled at him as he
sat down and asked him about his day. ‘How was work
today?’ ‘Good’ he said, ‘I had to run a training meeting for
the entire staff this morning, but I got a lot done in the rest of
the day.’ ‘What was the training about?’ Callie asked. At this
point, Greg began to explain the outline of the meeting he
had led, going into several points about customer service,
frequency of contact for maximum customer retention, client
satisfaction and more. Callie was just smiling at him as he
spoke and making the occasional nod or ‘Mmm Hmmm’ or ‘I
see” If Greg had been watching her more closely, he would
have noticed something and perhaps would have not been so
surprised by what she soon did. You see, when Greg had left the room to refill his plate, Callie
had begun a course that was leading them both down a path
that they had not been down together in a long, long time. It
was a long time ago and they had never ventured that path
again. Until tonight. Callie was quietly masturbating under the table the entire time
Greg had been talking. She had moved the dish of soft butter
near her plate and had quietly slipped her panties down her
thighs when Greg was out of the room. They dropped to the
carpet and pooled at her feet. She had kicked them aside so
they couldn’t be seen by anyone walking past the table. Her
skirt covered her knees demurely as Greg returned to his spot
opposite her. Callie had begun the conversation and pulled Greg into
talking about his meeting, hoping he would start to open up
and talk for some time. She knew that if she feigned interest,
he would likely keep sharing his meeting with her for a long
bit. It had worked before when it suited her and it worked
now. Soon after Greg had started describing the finer points of the
meeting, Callie had waited until he glanced down at his plate
to gather some more of the salad. She then secretly dipped
her fingers into the soft, warm butter and scooped some into
her hand, then tucked her hand under the table. With her
other hand, she drew her skirt to her waist, completely
exposing her soft and dampening pussy to anyone who had
bothered to look under the table. She smiled at her husband
and started to caress the fine folds between her thighs with
the slippery help from dinner. In the beginning, it was hard for her to keep from giggling as
her husband continued his monologue of his meeting. She
was looking directly at his face and gently stroking herself.
Her focus soon started to soften as she looked at him, for she
was stroking directly over the tiny hood of her clitoris. The
room was softening and she was starting to warm up. The
memory of the day was melting away as her heat melted the
butter. The candles and the darkness as well as the dinner
and wine were starting to work on her in several ways. But
she was enjoying keeping this secret from him, at least for
now. The wonderful aroma of melted butter blended with the
equally heady aroma of an aroused woman. It seemed to fill
the room. Callie thought that Greg was certain to notice and
ask her about it, but she hadn’t needed to worry. The butter
and her warmth were causing the scent to drift directly up
from between her thighs to her nostrils, making it seem much
more overpowering than it really was. It was doubtlessly
adding to her sensual state-of-mind, though. Without thinking,
she drew her warm, wet and slippery fingers from below the
table and licked them clean, just as one would when eating a
hot, buttery ear of corn. It was natural and casual, but Callie
froze as she realized what she was doing as she finished. Greg, however, was blissfully ignorant and kept talking. Callie
tried to cover her actions by adding a ‘Wow, that’s
interesting!’ to the discourse. She smiled at her secret and at
her arousal and stole another finger of butter under the table. She had slid forward in her chair, looking to Greg as if she
was just very relaxed and comfortable after the meal. The
position left her buns half off the edge of the oak chair and
hovering in the air, with her legs spread wide. The new butter
melted almost instantly into her pussy and allowed her to
easily slide her middle finger completely into herself. She was
now nodding to her husband as he changed from the
exhausted subject of the meeting to the new office opening
next week. Again, she might have laughed out loud had she
not been feeling so hot and passionate and clandestine there.
Instead she asked a few open-ended questions to encourage
another discourse. She had her middle finger buried
completely inside herself and was rubbing her clit from side to
side with her thumb. The whole time, she kept smiling at Greg
and helping the conversation along. ‘How do you think that
will happen?’ she asked him. He launched into an
explanation she hoped was a long one. At this point, the melted butter was flowing down and across
her soft, tight anus, then coating her ass on it’s way south.
She knew that it was soon going to start dripping from each
cheek onto the carpet. She also knew that she would not stop
and would have to clean up the spots on the carpet the next
morning. She kept her right hand buried in her pussy, now slipping her
index finger inside her to join her middle finger and still
bumping her clit back and forth with her thumb. She felt
fantastic, and if Greg had better light, or paused and really
looked at her, he would have noticed something was
definitely happening to her. She was softly panting through
her slightly open mouth, and occasionally closing her eyes for
a few moments. It looked for all the world like she was
attempting to seduce her husband by batting her eyelashes at
him sensually. Greg didn’t notice, however, and continued
with his ignorant bliss. It was just adding to the amount of
surprise he would feel when her covert acts were exposed.
But it didn’t happen quite yet. Callie slipped her left hand to the side of the container of
butter and waited for Greg to look away. It took a few minutes
this time, but eventually he reached for the remote to bump
the volume of Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’ on the stereo. The music
swelled into the room as the familiar guitar chords started. He
looked at Callie and smiled. ‘I love this song,’ he said. Callie
nodded, ‘Me too’. Her left hand was nowhere in sight. He continued to talk with her about the goings-on of his day
while she listened attentively. It should be noted that Callie
was not completely disconnected from the conversation, with
Greg speaking to her and she remaining silent. On the
contrary, she was adding encouraging comments throughout
the meal. It was nearly impossible to tell, at least from the
words she was speaking, what was happening beneath the
table. Beneath the table, she now had one hand busy fucking and
rubbing her pussy and was using the fingers of her other
hand to press in tiny circles around her crinkled, rosebud ass. She had never really enjoyed Greg’s fumbled attempts to
stimulate her anus and had not been particularly interested in
teaching him how to improve. She had just made it clear that
she was not interested in that.

They had experimented with
that much earlier in their relationship and Callie had decided
that it wasn’t for her. Of course, with Greg’s inexperience, she
had little to go on. Her ass was virgin at the time, but Greg
was a virgin at Greek lovemaking too. He had no idea how to
please a woman there and he had not been successful. He had mostly respected her wishes about it and it had
become a non-issue in their lovemaking. However, she had
recently read an article about the late Princess Diana in the
waiting room at the doctor and it talked a bit about Diana’s
belief in rectal health. Diana apparently believed in regular ‘treatments’ of the area,
usually involving an enema and a massage. This caught
Callie’s interest, as she had some pain in the area that started
after the birth of each of her children. She followed up with a
search of the Internet on the subject and had found a
particularly interesting page describing anal massage,
stimulation and self-exploration. She had begun to explore
and probe herself as she relaxed in the bathtub in order to
relieve the occasional pain. The treatment worked so well,
she saw it as almost miraculous! That the treatments were
also quite pleasurable was a surprising and added treat! Callie had begun to explore her own bottom on a regular
basis, teasing and stretching her anus and stimulating the
tangled web of nerves surrounding it. It wasn’t long before
she was able to bring herself a long way toward climax solely
by playing with her ass. It was really more effective in
stimulating her than vaginal massage was. She still could only
climax if her clit was directly stimulated, but she could get
there much quicker by stroking both her ass and her clit at the
same time. The attempts that Greg had made so long ago
were completely forgotten. Now, here at the table, she was getting close. She had gently
pressed her other index finger, on her left hand, against the
ring of slippery, buttery flesh. She knew from experience that
with a little firm push and this much lubricant, it would slip
right in. She quietly gasped a little as it popped inside. Her
husband took no notice.

Callie slowly withdrew her right hand from her pussy, knowing
that if she continued to use both hands, she would come and
come, right there at the table. She was slow to pull out to
prevent the slurping sound that all of the butter and her own
juices would certainly cause. Again, she slowly started to lick
all of her fingers, knowing full well this time what she was
doing but unable to stop herself in her current impassioned
and aroused state. She no longer cared if Greg noticed her
actions, but her secret stayed safe. She began to tease the inside of the ring of flesh, loving the
feel of the soft interior as it contrasted with the muscular and
tight exterior of her sphincter. The nerves there were
beginning to dance with the soft caresses of her finger. In and
out, in and out. She was loving this, especially knowing that
her loving husband had no clue. Now she slipped a second
finger in next to the first. ‘Ooohhh!’ Another little gasp
escaped. She loved this feeling as her anus began to stretch
a little. It was like her bottom knew what was coming and was
waiting impatiently for the dance to continue. She started to move her fingers away from each other now,
parting them and causing an elastic response from her flesh.
She had learned to resist the urge to tighten down on
anything entering her from behind. It was now a welcome
probing in a pleasant spot. Her ass was loving it, as was
Callie. Who would have thought she would have felt like this?
Her ass, of all places! ‘Callie, are you listening??’ Callie heard a voice through her
haze. ‘Callie!!?!’ Callie snapped back to reality. ‘Yes dear?’
she responded, trying to sound sweet and interested. It didn’t
fly this time. ‘Where is your mind?’ he asked her. ‘I said
‘Callie’ three times!’ Callie looked at him and then down at her plate. She slowly
smiled, and in that moment made a decision. It was really
made for her several minutes ago when she passed a point
where she couldn’t keep acting as if nothing was happening
under the table. She needed to finish what she had begun,
but couldn’t do so without pulling Greg into the situation. She
had resisted telling him about her new discoveries to this
point in order to avoid any pressure from him to participate.
But now, the time had come. She looked up at his face. ‘Sweetheart’ she began as she pulled her fingers free. ‘I
need you to be understanding’. She rose slowly, allowing her
skirt to return to its original position. She spoke as she slowly
walked around the end of the table. ‘I want you to do exactly
what I tell you to do. This is very important to me. Can you do
this for me?’ Her words struck Greg with a resonance. He could hear
something that told him that this wasn’t a demand, but was a
real and deep need for her. ‘Of course’ he said quietly. She began. ‘I have been learning some things about my body
and how I’m built’. She stood now right at his side. ‘I have
been learning about ways to pleasure myself that have been
wonderful, even incredible for me. And will certainly be
surprising for you. And it’s time that I teach them to you.’ She
looked lovingly down at him. ‘Will you help me?’ she asked
again. Greg looked at her carefully as she watched his eyes. He
gave no signal as to what he was thinking, what he might
have thought she was thinking. His face was curious, but
expressionless. Hers was much the same, save a little smile
that had crossed her face. Greg knew what he would say. He
could not refuse her. He loved her. ‘Yes’, Greg said assuredly, ‘I’ll help you’. Callie looked at
him, reading his thoughts now. After a long pause, she quietly replied. ‘Good’. She leaned
back against the table and started to speak. ‘I have found out a new way to please myself” ‘You said that.’ Greg interrupted. Callie paused and smiled quietly at him again.

Honey, let me talk. This isn’t the easiest thing for me to
discuss.’ She tried to relax against the table, but Greg was
just a little too close for her to stretch her legs out. ‘Move your
chair back, babe, and give me a little room, huh?’ she said.
He moved his chair back a couple of feet and she stepped
directly in front of him and almost sat on the edge of the table. ‘Now, I’m really kind of surprised to hear myself talking about
this with you, or with anyone. Until a few weeks ago, I was
ignorant and uninterested in the whole subject. Recently I
read an article about Princess Diana and how she regularly
went to a specialist for treatments of her’.’ Callie stopped
and thought for a moment. ‘Her remaining pains of childbirth.’
Greg now wore a quizzical expression and thought of asking
Callie to explain. She looked directly at his eyes and he
thought it better to let her explain at her pace. ‘She had pain down there”.at her bottom. And I have that
too, at least I did.’ Callie was feeling a little flustered all of a
sudden. She stopped talking, straightened her spine and took
a deep breath. ‘She believed in good rectal health!’ she
stated matter-of-factly. ‘And I thought I could learn some
things about the whole subject, in a clinical sense.’ Greg was listening carefully. He wondered what rectal health
was, but waited for the rest of the story to come out. ‘I decided that if a princess can worry about her bottom, then
maybe I should too.’ She took another breath and continued.
‘So I did a couple of searches on the Internet for info on the
subject.’ She grinned at him, ‘My goodness there are a lot of
people interested in ‘rectal health’ on the Internet!’ He
chuckled softly and looked down. Callie knew his interest in the female form and her posterior
was rarely safe around him. He loved the feel of her soft,
warm and firm buns in his hands. He liked to sneak up on her
in the kitchen and slip his hands up and under her skirt. He
would plunge both hands down her pantyhose and underwear
and hold and squeeze her until she shrugged away from him.
But he respected her ‘hands-off’ policy as to her asshole. ‘Anyway, I learned a lot about myself and now I want you to
learn what I know. So sit there and watch and listen. She
turned away from him and moved the dishes to the other end
of the table. She then sat back on the edge and pulled her
skirt to the top of her thighs. Greg could now see the shiny gleam of her inner thighs. She
was oily and buttered and the rivulets ran all the way to her
ankles. She had obviously been very excited very recently.
He was very curious, but she began again. ‘One site I found explained that the anus has the second
most concentrated area of nerves in the body, behind the
clitoris, or in your case the head of the penis’ Suddenly she
started giggling. Greg was a little surprised how nervous she
must be to giggle at the word ‘penis’. But Callie paused and
laughed softly before explaining. ‘I guess the anus is *always*
behind the clitoris!’ She giggled again, releasing some of the
tension she had been feeling. Feeling more confident now,
she went on. ‘It, the article on the site, suggested that softly massaging the
anus can start to relieve the discomfort that childbirth can
cause. It said that it worked for lots of women, ”..so I tried
it.’ She looked quickly at his face, looking for a smirk. She
saw nothing but a gentle look of interest in what she was
saying. She was afraid that he might give her a hard time
because of how many times she had resisted his own
attempts to massage the area. ‘It said to start in the bathtub, that the warm water and soap
will help. Well it did….and the massage helped too’.a
lot’..but it also felt’..well, fantastic.’ She was looking down at the carpet now, unwilling to see the
expression this brought to her man.

‘I was *very* surprised,’
then quieter, ‘very”very surprised. And I liked it a lot.’ She looked up at him and suddenly started talking very fast. ‘I
know, I know, you said I would. But it never did anything that
time we tried. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean you were’I just knew if
I told you, you would push, or laugh, or something’.’ She
looked directly at him now. ‘Don’t laugh”..OK?’ she said
quietly. Greg smiled at her. ‘Tell me what else you learned,’
he said. Callie looked deep into his eyes and eventually spoke again.
‘All right, I will, but from here on out, these are the rules’. She
took a deep breath. ‘You need to not speak’. and you have
to do exactly what I tell you to’.and when I tell you to do it.
Do you understand?’ Greg nodded solemnly. ‘OK, stand up’
she said, sliding down off of the table edge. Greg stood and
waited quietly. ‘OK, here we go!’ Callie thought to herself, ‘No turning back
now!’ She reached out and began to unbuckle her husband’s
belt. When she unfastened his pants, she slid them down and
let them fall to the floor. She then hooked her thumbs into his
shorts and pulled them down as well. Greg’s well-formed cock
fell into view. Callie felt a pang of disappointment that he was
not erect. She didn’t immediately realize that the nearly half
an hour of erotic stroking of her clit and ass was done
completely without her husbands participation, or even
knowledge. ‘I hope he catches up’ she thought, ‘or this will be a very
embarrassing night’. ‘Sit back down, and relax’, she told him. He smiled and
followed her lead. ‘Now’ silent, Greg, I mean it!’ she said
threateningly as she reached behind her. She unzipped the
skirt and lowered it to the floor, kicking it to the side as she
had her panties. She also pushed Greg’s clothing aside with
another kick of her foot. Carefully, she lifted her buns up and
sat on the very edge of the table, then lifted her feet and set
them on the front edge of Greg’s chair, between his thighs.
He parted his thighs to make room for her and relaxed into
the back of the chair. She held her feet together there and
parted her knees until her pussy was fully exposed to him. Callie smiled at him and turned gracefully to look over her
shoulder. She reached for the tub of butter and set it next to
her thigh. Greg was entranced and watched her every move.
Callie dipped her left hand into the butter and brought a small
portion out with her finger. She slowly moved to her center
and very slowly began to rub the butter up and down her slit.
Greg watched as it melted almost immediately, coating her
with the salty, slippery sheen. Callie suddenly seemed to
remember something and stopped her hand. She smiled
sultrily at her husband and lifted her finger to her mouth. She
opened her mouth and laid her finger on her slightly extended
tongue. Pursing her lips, she sucked her finger provocatively
inside, then softly slipped it in and out, again and again. She
continued for several thrusts until she pulled it from her lips
fully clean. She opened her mouth and flicked her tongue at
him, proudly having swallowed every drop of butter. Greg’s
cock started twitching to life. With her now clean fingers, Callie crossed her arms in front of
her and grasped the hem of her sweater. She quickly pulled it
over her head, leaving her fully nude in front of him and sitting
just a few inches away on their dining table. She wore no bra,
as she rarely did under a sweater. Her body was beautiful,
displayed like this for him. The years and the births of their
two sons were not reflected in the curves she now wantonly
exhibited. She had asked for and received from him a gift last
year of cosmetic surgery to erase the memories her body had
of the past. She now proudly showed him a form that looked
like the body of a 22 year old coed, but with the sexual
experience that the additional years had brought.

Greg saw it
as the best of both worlds, and he gazed at her now,
unabashedly admiring it all. Callie dipped another mound of butter from the tub and began
to massage it more forcefully now into her pussy. Greg could
smell the hot butter begin to fill the room and he began to
hear the soft squishing sounds of her wet and swollen labia
as she increased her efforts. The kneading of her mound was
almost as erotic a sight as he had ever seen, but he was
keeping his commitment, staying seated and looking at the
presentation she was making to him. Her pussy was almost at
eye level to him, as he had slouched in the chair until his balls
rested on her feet. His cock, however, did not rest at all, but
stood strong, pointing back at his chin and almost parallel with
his chest. Callie gently lifted his balls with the tops of her feet, then
slipped her feet out from under them, allowing them to fall
gently to the seat of the chair. She now drew her feet back
towards her pussy, spreading her knees higher and wider.
She leaned back onto the table now, resting her arms behind
her to prop herself in a reclining position on one elbow. She
pushed herself further back onto the table until she could rest
her heels just on the edge. She then parted her feet and lay
there languidly and lewdly, flush with excitement and arousal.
Her husband shifted in his chair now as she lay pointedly
exposed in front of him.

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