Teen Stacy fucks for money
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Stacy always liked to have money spent on her. But her mom didn’t have any money, so it was good that the guy down the street liked to spend money on her. The fact that he expected things in return didn’t really bother her. It was kinda gross, because he was way older than her, but he usually did his business pretty quick, and he always bought her lots of presents in return, so she was OK with it.

It started when she was eleven. He would buy her little presents, like a necklace or some makeup, and then he’d ask her to take her shirt off, and then he’d jack off. She would just sort of stand there topless while he beat his meat. It kinda bothered her at first, like, he’s old enough to be her dad and everything, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. She knew guys loved to look at tits and jack off, and all the boys at school would ask her to show them her boobies and sometimes she would and she always thought that was funny, how excited they’d get, and she knew they went home and jacked off afterwards. So it really wasn’t that big of a deal to stand there in front of her neighbor with her shirt off while he beat off. She thought it was kinda funny, and it was sorta exciting, in a weird way, when he would ejaculate, big shots of come shooting out of his penis.

After a while, he started buying her nicer presents, like a skirt she said she wanted and stuff like that. And he expected more in return–he’d have her take her pants down and then she’d stand there with her pants and her panties around her ankles while he jacked off. Or he’d have her strip, take her clothes off real slow while she danced to some music he put on the stereo and he’d jack off the whole time.

Then one time, when she was still eleven, after she’d stripped for him, he had her sit down on the coffee table in front of him and spread her legs wide open, and then he just sat there and stared right at her pussy and jacked off. She felt totally dirty, sitting there with her legs spread wide like a girl in a porno magazine, and she was embarrassed because she hardly had any hair, just a little bit, and she didn’t really want him to stare at her like he was. But it didn’t last very long, he’d been jacking off the whole time she stripped so pretty much just a half-minute after she spread her legs he started to come, and it got all over her, on her legs and her belly and even a little bit on her pubic hair.

She didn’t like it that he got his come on her. It made her feel really dirty, having his nasty junk on her. It was all warm and sticky and gross, and she didn’t want him to do that again and she was gonna tell him not to do it again. But he must have known, he must have figured that she didn’t like it, because the next time she went over to her house he gave her a beautiful present, a necklace with real diamonds that she figured must have cost a lot of money, and she forgot all about his nasty junk and she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss.

So then she stripped for him again and when he told her to sit down on the coffee table she remembered his junk again but she figured she owed it to him for the beautiful necklace, and besides, it’s not that bad, really, is it? But this time, when she sat in front of him, he started touching her. He’d never touched her before, but now he had his hands all over her, squeezing her breasts and putting his hands down between her legs and everything. He had one hand between her legs, feeling her pussy, and he was jacking off with the other hand, and then he took his hand out and started jacking with both hands and then a second later he came, and this time she could swear he aimed it right at her, just pointed his dick right at her while he shot off. His come got all over her, on her boobs and her belly and her pussy and everywhere. She felt totally dirty, but he was laughing, said it was a great orgasm, and all she could do was just give him a little smile.

After that, she knew that now he was going to touch her every time, and he was going to shoot his junk on her every time, too. And she knew he was going to keep pushing things, and that what he really wanted was to have sex with her and at some point, he was going to keep pushing until he got what he really wanted. She really didn’t want to have sex with him. She was OK, sorta, with him touching her, and even though she hated it when he got his junk on her, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But sex? Having his dick in her and everything? The idea just sort of repulsed her. He was way older than her and she wasn’t even attracted to him and she just didn’t want to do it.

She could tell him no. She could just stop going over to his house. But she liked getting presents from him way too much to do that. So she sorta realized that what she really needed to do was just accept the fact that he was going to have sex with her at some point. Even if she didn’t like it, didn’t want to do it, she was going to have to do it if she wanted to keep getting presents from him. Oh well, she figured, how bad could it really be anyway? She got used to having his junk on her, right? She’d probably just get used to having sex with him, too. But, she figured, he’s gonna have to give me some really nice presents if that’s what he wants to do.

So she kept going over to his house, and he kept touching her and sometimes shooting off on her, and just like she predicted, he kept pushing things. He had her start touching him, and she didn’t mind that so much, it was kinda fun to feel how hard his dick was and stuff. Then he had her start masturbating him, wrap her fingers around his dick and jack it for a while. Then he had her sit on his lap, facing him with her legs straddling him, and masturbate him until he came. It took her a while but by about the third time she did it, she finally got him off, his come getting all over her hands and everywhere and it was really gross but she was sorta proud, in a weird way, that she’d got him off.

So this was the new thing. She’s sit on his lap straddling his legs and jack him till he came. And she got pretty good at it. Then, when she was almost thirteen, he started sometimes pushing his dick down so that it was between her legs, his big gross purple head rubbing against her pussy. She knew that one of these times he wasn’t just going to rub it against her pussy, he was going to push it into her, but she swore that he’d have to give her a really good present before she’d let him do that. So she started dropping hints–she figured he might want to get her something really nice for her thirteenth birthday, so she mentioned there was this nice leather jacket she really wanted, and then later she’s straddling him and he’s pushed his big gross purple head down to her pussy and he’s rubbing it up and down between her lips and she knows he wants to push it in her, so she’s like, “It’d be really nice to get that leather jacket for my birthday” and she reaches down and pulls his dick away from her pussy, just like she’s saying, you don’t get any of that until you buy me the leather jacket. Then she beats him until he comes and lets him shoot his junk all over her, just to keep him happy so she’ll get the jacket.

Of course he got her the jacket. She wasn’t sure if he was really going to get it for her, because it cost like 450 bucks, but a couple days after her birthday she comes over to his house and there it is, all wrapped up really nice. She was thrilled as she pulled it out of the box and put it on, but it was a little weird because she knew that she couldn’t say no to him now, she was gonna have to let him put his dick in her now, if that’s what he wanted to do.

And of course, that’s exactly what he wanted to do. She stripped for him and put the jacket back on and straddled him, and then she started beating on him really hard, hoping that maybe if she got him off quick he wouldn’t try to put it in her. But he wasn’t going to have anything to do with that. He pulled her hands away and pushed his dick down so his big gross purple head was in between her lips, and then he grabbed her ass and lifted her up and turned her over so that she was lying on her back on the couch, and he lay down on her and pushed his dick in really hard. It hurt real bad but he didn’t seem to care, he obviously figured he’d spent 450 bucks and he could do anything he wanted to her.

It hurt so bad she wanted to tell him to stop, but she knew she couldn’t, so she just lay there and took it, just let him do his thing. After about a minute or so of pretty intense pain, she felt his dick going deeper into her and she knew he’d popped her cherry, and she felt his head, his big huge head, it felt even bigger and huger now, pushing deep into her.

She doesn’t remember how long it took, but it seemed like it was over pretty quick. He didn’t pull out, he came inside her even though she was thirteen years old and could easily get pregnant. But she couldn’t say anything, she just had to lay there and let him do whatever he wanted.

Afterwards she was terrified that she was going to get pregnant and she swore she was going to tell him not to come in her again, but when she went over to his house again he gave her another present. This time, it was the leather miniskirt that matched the jacket. She loved it so much! And she knew it cost almost as much as the jacket. So what could she do? She wasn’t going to say anything to him now.

She put the skirt on and pulled her panties off and lay down on the couch and spread her legs open. She felt his big head pushing into her, it felt so huge, stretching her open. It didn’t hurt so much this time, and he kissed her very sweetly while he had sex with her. She felt his balls bouncing against her as he slid in and out of her and they felt really big, thumping against her like a couple of rocks, and she thought to herself, God, he really has a big dick, doesn’t he? And for some weird reason, that thought really sort of turned her on, like all of the sudden she was a lot wetter and everything, and she started kissing him too. Then after a little while he just sort of grunted and she knew he was coming and he didn’t pull out this time, either, he just dumped his whole nasty load right in her pussy.

She was super glad when she got her period a couple weeks later, and she told him about it, and he was glad, too, but he was a bit disappointed because he wanted to have sex again. So she’s like, “I’ll use my hands,” and he’s like, “Why don’t you use your mouth?”

She’d heard that girls did this, and she always thought it sounded totally gross. But she felt like she couldn’t really say no, because of the skirt and the jacket and everything, and besides she was just in a really good mood because of her period, so she did it. His head was just huge in her mouth, filled it completely and made her want to gag. He had one hand on the back of her head and the other hand wrapped around his dick and he was rocking his hips back and fourth, sliding his big head in and out of her mouth, and she thought to herself, it’s not so gross, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s weird and everything to have him fucking me in the mouth, but it’s not so bad.

But then he came. He grunted, like he always does, and she knew it was going to happen, but she totally wasn’t ready at all. All of the sudden her mouth was just completely full of his junk as the first shot fired out of him. It was the grossest thing she’d ever tasted, warm and salty and sticky. She tried to pull away but he held her in place and fired another shot. It was amazing how hard it shot out of him, right into the back of her mouth and even down her throat and she felt like she was just going to puke. So she pulls away and this time he let her but he still held her in place so the rest of his come got all over her face.

She spit his come out into her hand and just sat there, he was grinning, and she felt totally gross with his junk all over her face and that terrible taste in her mouth, and she felt totally dirty, like some sort of nasty, slutty girl, ’cause she lets an older guy do this sort of thing to her. But he was sweet to her afterwards, helped her clean up, then kissed her and told her thanks and stuff like that.

The next time, he gave her a nice present, some sexy bras with matching undies, “I thought you might want to wear these under the jacket and the skirt,” he says. So she modeled them for him and then she was feeling generous and still sorta obligated to him because of the jacket and the skirt and so she let him put his dick in her mouth again. She really didn’t want him to come in her mouth again but she was willing to let him do it, but it turns out she didn’t need to worry about it because what he really wanted to do was have sex with her again.

So she’s lying underneath him on the couch again and he’s having a good ol’ time, sliding his big dick in and out of her little pussy, and she’s thinking, I really don’t want him to come in me again, and besides he only gave me a little present this time, so she says, “I don’t think you should come inside me.” He stops with his dick all the way inside her and he’s like, “OK.” She was glad he wasn’t mad about it.

He fucked her for a really long time, stopping and slowing down a lot, and she figured out that he didn’t want to stop but he was trying not to come. And even though she was getting sore and kinda bored she thought it was sweet that he was trying not to come. Then finally he pulls out and he’s like, “I’m about to bust,” and he climbs up onto her so his dick’s right in her face and he starts jacking and she’s like, fuck, he’s gonna come on my face again, but then at the last second he reaches down and pushes her chin down, so her mouth is open, and then he shoves his big head right in her mouth and unloads. He just dumps his entire nasty load right down her throat. She couldn’t help but swallow it because most of it was down her throat already.

Well, fuck, she thought to herself afterwards. If I don’t let him finish off in my pussy, you know he’s going to always be doing it in my mouth. And of course, she was right. The next time he gave her a fabulous present, an I-pod, and he let her fill it up on his computer with all her favorite songs, so she really couldn’t say anything when he pulled his dick out of her and shoved it in her mouth and unloaded. The next day she went to the clinic and got a prescription for the pill.

So now he gets to come inside her every time, which is good because she doesn’t have to have his nasty junk in her mouth or on her at all, although sometimes he has her jack him off or use her mouth and then she has to put up with it on her or in her mouth but that’s OK, it sucks but she’s willing to put up with it as long as he keeps buying her nice presents. And he does. She has the sweetest wardrobe of any girl in school even though her mom is dirt poor, and her mom doesn’t even notice, or maybe she does notice but just doesn’t care. She’s fourteen now and she has sex with him at least once a week, sometimes even more, sometimes four or five times in one week. It’s OK, she’s totally used to it now and he usually gets his business done pretty quick, and always gives her nice presents.

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