Georgia leaves an all girls boarding school determined to have some fun
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It was later morning when Zoe and Kate woke me up as they boarded daddy’s boat. They came straight down to my cabin and I was still flat out on my bed when they came in.

“Been playing with yourself in your sleep Georgia?” Kate said.

“I don’t know; I was asleep.” I replied.

“Zoe plays with her pussy when she’s asleep; I’ve watched her.”

“So do you Kate; I’ve watched you.”

“Well, if you 2 do it then I guess that I do it as well. I wish that I remembered my dreams.”

“Turn around girls.” I ordered.

They did and I saw their red butts.

“Did you both cum then?” I asked.

“Yes.” Zoe said.

“Yes.” Kate said.

“So you have to be like that all day then?”

“Only while we’re on the marina.” Kate said.

“Or on a beach; I thought that we could go to there before going to that gym that you told us about.” Zoe said when I saw the bags.

“Yeah; why not?” I said, “Maybe those geeks will be there again.”

“I was hoping that you’d say that Georgia.” Zoe replied, “We’ve brought our beach things with us.”

“So I see; I guess that we’d better go to the beach then. But not before I’ve had some breakfast. Help yourselves to some clothes but don’t put them on yet. I’m just going to have a quick shower.” I said.

Ten minutes later I was done in the bathroom and when I went up onto the main deck there were Kate and Zoe patiently waiting for me.

“Right, let’s go and have some breakfast.” I announced.

“Where are we going Georgia? Do I need to put some clothes on?” Kate asked.

“Nope; your daddy says that you can’t and if you aren’t then I’m not. We’ll go to the café.”

“Naked!” Kate exclaimed.

“Yes, Manuel has already said that I can so I assume that it will apply to you 2 as well. Let’s go.”

Manuel’s face was beaming when we walked in; so were the faces of 2 male customers who watched our every move. He walked up to us as we entered, probably to get a better look at Zoe and Kate.

“So Georgia, are these the 2 girls that I have heard are being punished?”

“Err yes; their father is punishing them; where did you hear about that?”

“Everyone around here knows. I am surprised that you haven’t seen lots of men coming to have a look.”

“Well Manuel, they are here now so have a good look. Girls, do a 360 for our host.”

They both did and when Manuel saw their red butts he said,

“Oh, I didn’t know that he was doing that as well; do you want me to send some friends round to beat him up?

“NO, no, thank you Manuel but it’s alright. We wanted it.”

“Ah I see; you like being spanked. I have heard of girls like that. Would you like me to get you another cushion?”

“No, we’ll be fine, and I guess that we do like being spanked.”

“And you are like Georgia and like being naked. So it’s not really a punishment at all.”

“No Manuel.” I added, “They enjoy every minute of it. So have a good look at us.”

Manuel took our order and was staring at Zoe’s tits all the time that he was stood there.

“I guess that he prefers big tits.” Kate said when he was gone.

“Grief, they’re only ‘B’s; what would he do if I was a ‘D’ cup?”

“Cream his pants while he was taking our order.” Kate replied.

“Bloody hell; they’re only tits; we’ve all got them.” Zoe said.

“And men like looking at women’s tits and women like men looking at their tits; don’t we girls?” I said.


“Sure do.”

“So stick your chest out when he brings our coffee’s and food.”

“Yes Georgia.” Zoe mocked, but she did just that when he came back.

Zoe was getting a little braver when she chose what to borrow, the top she chose is one with hundreds of 1 centimetre holes and her nipples were poking through 2 of the holes. Kate was slightly more conservative, the top she chose was see-through enough for us to make out her nipples and areolas.

I decided to wear my new top / dress although I did fasten the belt at the side so that the dangling cords didn’t cover my slit.

Both Kate and Zoe chose bullet vibrators and put them in their bags until we got to the beach but I wore my egg again and gave Kate the control.

Satisfied with our looks we set off to the Salines beach. I offered to go to another beach but they too prefer Salines. Two reasons, firstly it was one that their father hadn’t taken them to, and secondly, they both agree that is better than any of the beaches that their parents had taken them to.

We had another excellent day flaunting our naked bodies and teasing the men that cared to look at us, mainly because we did our best to tan the insides of our thighs. Unfortunately, no one decided to setup near to us so we missed out on any fucking in the sea, but the vibrators were busy and we had numerous orgasms on the beach again.

At the end of the afternoon we decided to walk back to the bus the long way, walking through the woods and amazing both Kate and Zoe with the noise of the crickets. At one point as we were walking along the track both Kate and Zoe decided that they wanted to take the vibes out so they squat down and squeezed them out, catching them in their hands to stop them from getting covered in the dust.

There were a few men walking the other way along the track and they all stared at the 3 naked girls walking towards them but I was disappointed that they didn’t see the girls taking the vibes out.

We didn’t put any clothes on until we got to the café and we were watched by a handful of the cafés patrons. Then we went over the road to the shop and got an ice cream before waiting for the bus while sat on the curb.

The bus journey was uneventful except for Kate tormenting me with my egg’s control. She made me cum twice during that journey.

From the bus station we walked towards the gym but stopped at a café where we could sit outside to have a drink and a snack to kill a bit of time. The English young waiter had a good look at our chests but that was it. Oh, apart from Kate torturing me with the remote control, she made me cum twice whilst we were there.

At the gym Pedro jumped up when he saw us. I introduced Kate and Zoe then asked if they could workout with me.

Unsurprisingly he said that they could and he was on his phone even before we went in to the changing room.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Kate asked, “I mean being naked in a gym must be against the law. And what if there are some men in there?”

“Relax Kate, I’ve done naked workouts here loads of times; and yes, there were men in there and I didn’t get raped so it’s not a problem.”

Just then a naked man walked out of the shower and Kate gasped and stepped back.

“Relax Kate; the place has gone gender neutral or co-ed or whatever you want to call it. It’s not a problem and if you’re lucky you might get fucked.”

“Nice.” Zoe said.

“Right, get naked and follow me.” I said as I put my bag, dress and shoes into a locker.

Before we left the changing room I talked both girls into sliding the vibes back in to their pussies, telling them that it would help negate any embarrassment.

“I’m still not sure about this.” Kate said as we crossed the corridor.

“Stop being a wimp sis.” Zoe said. “You know that you want to do this and I bet that your pussy is wet.”

“Of course it’s wet; I’m naked and about to go into a room with men in it and I’ve got a vibrator purring away in my pussy; what do you expect?”

In the workout room 2 men and 2 young women were busy on machiles. All 4 stopped what they were doing when we walked in. Both young women grinned then went back to what they were doing whereas the 2 men continued to watch us.

Pedro came in and, after having a good look at each of our naked bodies, asked me what exercises we were going to do. I told him that I’d tell the girls to do exactly what I usually do.

“Okay Georgia,” Pedro replied; “I’ll hang around in case any of you need any help with anything.”

“Okay.” I replied; knowing that he just wanted to see all our pussies.

I took Kate and Zoe over to the mats and told them that to start off with we’d be doing the same things that we’d done on the beach. I then got started and both girls did the same.

As we got on with our exercises I noticed 2 things; firstly, the girls started to relax, and secondly, more men started to arrive including Alejandro (I managed to remember his name) the one with the big professional looking camera. He wasn’t backwards in coming forwards to video us from the most revealing angles and close-ups – again.

Zoe giggled when the camera got so close to her pussy that she had to back away to be able to lower one leg. At first Kate tried to ignore Alejandro but eventually she relaxed and positioned herself so that it was easier for him to get close to her pussy.

During one little break Kate asked what the man with the big camera was doing, apart from the obvious. When I told her that he was making a promotional video for the gym she said,

“So I’m going to be famous, oh goody.”

What I forgot to mention earlier was that when we were in the changing room Kate had turned my egg up to full blast and it got the better of me when I was up in the crab position. I went down with my knees wide and bent under me. My arms easily managed to straighten themselves as I jerked about but my lower legs were trapped and Alejandro zoomed in on me as I was up there and almost oblivious to the world around me.

Meanwhile, Kate and Zoe were just sat on the floor watching me just the same as the rest of the people in there; including the 2 girls.

After we’d finished the mat exercises it was the exercise cycle. Fortunately the girl who had been on one had got off and all 3 were free. When we got to them I stopped Kate and Zoe from getting on and started raising the height of the saddles.

“What are you doing Georgia; that’s way too high for me; I’ll be lucky if I can reach the pedals.” Kate said.

“That’s the idea Kate;” I replied, “trust me, just get on and pedal.”

Zoe was looking at me in a strange way as well, but when she saw Kate’s pussy sliding from side to side, and a smile appearing on her sister’s face, she eagerly got on her bike and started pedalling.

I quickly adjusted my seat and soon. 3 smiling girls were pedalling away and getting VERY aroused.

The inevitable happened with Kate reaching her peak before me, then Zoe.

Kate and Zoe both had 2 orgasms and I had 3 before I stopped pedalling and told the girls that it was time to stop. I hadn’t seen much of Alejandro whilst I was pedalling, but there again; there wasn’t much for him to video.

That couldn’t be said for the next machine, the leg spreader. I demonstrated it first and I saw Kate’s eyes open wide as the machine thrust my legs as wide apart as they would go. I also saw Alejandro squat right in front of me and zoom in on my dripping pussy.

I’d pressed the buttons to give me little resistance and I slowly brought my legs together. That done; I pressed another button and slowly pushed my legs wide apart.

“That’s all there is to it.” I said to Kate and Zoe. “You have a go Zoe.”

She did and found it easy so I adjusted the weight and told her to try again. When her legs were wide apart I increased the weight so that it was nearly impossible for her to close her legs.

As she strained to try to close her legs I leant over to her and whispered,

“See how the cameraman is zooming in on your wet pussy; doesn’t it make you want to cum? Do it Zoe.”

“Yes; yes; Ooooooooooooh.” She replied and orgasmed with her legs wide apart and lots of people watching.

I decreased the weights and let her close her legs.

Then it was Kate’s turn. As I was strapping her legs in she whispered,

“It’s not going to make me cum in front of all these people is it?”

“I don’t know; are you close?”

“Yes.” Kate replied.

I pressed a button and Kate’s legs flew apart.

“Probably.” I replied.

“OMG. I hope not.” Kate said.

I pressed the buttons to open and close her legs a few times and said,

“Closer are you Kate.”

“Yes, please stop Georgia.”

“Not yet; everyone wants to see you cum for them Kate.”


But I kept pressing different buttons. Her legs opened and closed, the back of the seat went down then her legs went up in the air and I finally started to think that I had mastered the controls of the machine.

Then the vibe helped Kate go just that little bit further and she orgasmed. As soon as I realised that she was cumming I pressed the button to spread her legs wide and everyone, including the cameras were rewarded with Kate squirting a little bit white fluid from her hole. I saw Alejandro zoom in on the blob on the floor then lift the camera back to her pussy.

“Stop, please stop Georgia.” Kate said when she was able.

Not being a cruel person, I pressed the button to close her legs then unfastened the velcro restraints.

“You should be made to do that Georgia, it was soo embarrassing.”

“So you think that I should get on it again do you Kate.”

“Yes I do.”

“Okay then Kate, I’ll even let you press the buttons like I did with the egg control.”

I sat on the machine whilst Kate strapped my legs in, then I let her press the buttons to move my legs. She managed to spread my legs and then close them but she was struggling to do any more.

“Press different buttons Kate.” I said.

Nothing happened.

“Press all of them Kate. Hit the damn thing.” I said; hoping that she’s get the thing to go crazy like it had the last time that I’d been there.

She must have got the right combination because the machine started going crazy. My legs were going wide then closed then up in tha air then spread wide. The back of the seat went flat and I started cumming.

“What’s it doing?” Kate almost shouted. “I didn’t tell it to do that. Oh my gawd. How do I stop it?”

But by then my hand was over the buttons and gripping the arm rest so even if she knew what to do she couldn’t.

When my orgasm left me able to do something I looked around. People were staring at me and Alejandro looked like he had recorded all of it. I was happy and the machine was still moving my legs all over the place.

I moved my hand off the control buttons and pressed the combination to stop the machine but ended the sequence with the buttons to leave me on my back with my legs spread wide.

Then I relaxed and enjoyed post orgasm euphoria and the feeling of people looking at my aroused naked body.

“Are you alright Georgia?” Pedro asked me. “I don’t know what went wrong with that machine again; I’ll get the engineer back and see if he can find something wrong this time.”

“Thank you Pedro but I’m fine; maybe it just doesn’t like people who don’t weigh much.”

“Maybe, let me release your legs and help you up.”

Pedro did help me up and I stood there for a few seconds looking at Kate and Zoe and the group of people who were still watching me (us 3 naked girls).

“So is that it Georgia?” Kate asked.

“No Kate, just a few more exercises then you can do whatever you like.”

“I’m having another go on that leg spreader.” Zoe said.

I smiled and thought that Zoe’s idea was a good one.

We did the exercises with the audience getting bigger and bigger and Alejandro getting lots of close-up. So much so that when Kate and I went and had another go on the exercise cycles and Alejandro was concentrating on Zoe on the leg spreader, Kate said,

“That cameraman guy isn’t making a promotional video is he? He’s making a soft porn video isn’t he?”

“Both probably,” I replied; “does it bother you Kate?”

“No, I guess not. If I put it out there then I’ve got to expect people to look at it and video it; and these days that means that it ends up on the internet.”

“Yes, I guess so.” I replied; “I rather like the idea of men wanking at videos of me cumming; it sort of turns me on.”

“I know what you mean, I’ve got mixed feelings; yes, I like the idea of men all over the world wanking when they look at images of me; but part of me says that it’s wrong.”

“Were you and Zoe brought up as Catholics?”

“Yes, why?”

“And the priests and nun were always telling you that the human body is a disgusting thing that should be hidden from the world?”

“Sort of.”

“That explains it. Catholic guilt; but they’ve got it all wrong. The human body, especially the female body is something to celebrate; a thing of beauty that everyone should view with admiration. Everyone wants to see beautiful things and who are we to deny them from looking at us?”

“Wow Georgia, that was some little speech but I guess that you’re right. Besides, it does turn me on a bit. Talking about being turned on, I’m about to cum again.”

“Me too.”

We both had that orgasm then we got off the bikes and went over to Zoe. She’d been playing with the buttons on the leg spreader and was flat on her back with her legs up in the air and spread wide. Alejandro was stood over her pointing the camera down on her face.

“Have you just cum again sis?” Kate asked.

Zoe just nodded and smiled.

“Come on Zoe, get your little butt off that seat and come and have a shower. You look like you need something to cool something.”

“Will there be any naked men in the changing room?” Kate asked.

“Do you want there to be some?”

“I want to see some cocks.” Zoe said.

Unfortunately there weren’t any men in the changing rooms. I offered to go and find a couple but Zoe told me that they’d make do with making me cum in the shower, as a sort of ‘thank you’ for taking them there.

We stopped at reception on the way out and Pedro told us that we all looked like we needed to relax for a while. Zoe replied,

“Yes, a nice long massage would go down quite well right now.”

“You’ve never had a massage Zoe so how would you know?” Kate said.

“It just sounded nice and I fancied trying one.”

Pedro piped-up saying that he knew a place that we could go; one where we could all get a massage at the same time, from either a man or a woman, whichever we fancied. Then he added,

“And with the massages can have a happy ending if you like.”

“What sort of ‘happy ending’?” I asked.

“I think that I know Georgia;” Zoe said, “and it’s an ending that you’ll like. Take my word for it Georgia.”

“Okay; I guess, so where is this place Pedro, and do we want to go now girls?”

“I’m game if you are?” Kate said.

“I’m in.” Zoe added.

“Okay, I guess that we’re going. Where is it Pedro?”

Pedro gave me a business card along with a memory stick. I smiled then told him that I wanted one of today’s recordings.

“It’s just down the road actually;” Pedro replied, “turn right and it’s about 100 metres on your right. Before you leave ladies, I just want to say that you are welcome back here anytime that you like; with or without Georgia. Just pop-in if you are in the area, we’ll provide a towel and any toiletries that you need.”

“Thank you Pedro;” Zoe said, “we might just do that.”

As we walked down the road I asked Zoe if she thought the ‘happy ending’ was what I was starting to think that it was.

“So what is a ‘happy ending’ to a massage then?” Kate asked.

“It’s an orgasm isn’t it Zoe?” I replied.

“I think so, I’m sure that I read it somewhere.”

“Well I think that we are about to find out.” I said; “with or without a ‘happy ending’ brought on by a masseur I’m sure that I’ll cum at least once.”

“Me too.” Kate said.

“That Pedro guy said that we could have either a man or a girl masseur; I fancy a man.” Zoe said.

“A woman for me.” Kate said, “I think that a woman will know what a woman wants better than a man will.”

“You might be right there Kate, but I fancy a man.” I said. “But we’ll have to take these vibrators out before we get on the tables. I hope that we can all get massaged at the same time and in the same room, I want to hear you 2 cumming. I’m sure that they’ll have a toilet that we can use.”

I looked at the card that Pedro gave me and saw the same logo on a shop front just ahead. When we got there we all stood outside and looked inside.

“It looks clean.” Kate said.

“Yeah, and that receptionist looks smart. Is that a Spanish nurse’s uniform that she’s wearing?” Zoe said.

“Maybe; it looks a bit like the one the receptionist was wearing at the clinic that I went to; but quite a bit shorter.”

“So are we going in then?”

I answered by moving to the door and opening it.

“Buenas noches señoras, ¿cómo puedo ayudarlo?” the receptionist said.

“¿Habla usted Inglés?”

“Si, how can I help you ladies?”

“We were thinking about having a massage.” Zoe said, “Pedro from the gym down the road said that you had a big room where all 3 of us could have one at the same time and that we could have massages with a ‘happy ending’. Is that right?”

“Of course; we prefer to satisfy our customers with a ‘happy ending’; and yes, we do have a room that we can setup 3 tables in, and a number of masseurs that you can choose from, male and female. You can also choose to have the masseur clothed or naked and ‘happy endings’ can be followed by full coitus if desired.”

“Plenty of options then.” Kate said.

“We like to please our clients.”

“Is there a rest room that I can use please?” Zoe asked.

“Of course, we have a waiting room where clients choose their masseuse and it has all the facilities that you may need.”

I looked at Zoe then Kate then said,

“I’m game.”

Both girls smiled confirming that they were also game for it. I got my Black Amex out of my bag and the receptionist’s eyes lit up.

“Three with the full works please.”

Payment sorted, she led us to a nice, comfortable room then handed us a pile of about 20 large photographs of young men and young women.

“I will leave you to choose which masseur each of you would like. I will return in about 10 minutes. Please help yourself to drinks.”

As soon as she turned to leave Kate headed to the toilet. Both Zoe and I squat down and squeezed our vibes out where we were stood and we put them in our bags. Then I went to the mini-bar and poured 3 tequilas.

We sat drinking and looking through the photographs; telling the others what we thought each masseur would be like.

After 3 more tequilas and about 20 minutes, the receptionist returned and asked how we were getting on.

“Is there any time limit on the sessions?” I asked.

“One hour.”

“And if we reach the ‘happy ending’ long before the hour is up does the masseur keep going or is the session over?”

“That is up to you. If you wish to continue the massage you can.”

“Good; because I’m sure that I’ll reach my first ‘happy ending’ quite quickly.”

“Not a problem, just tell your masseur to keep going. Now, have you chosen yet?”

We each held up the photograph of our choice.

“Good choice ladies; clothed or unclothed; the masseurs that is?”

“Naked of course.” I replied.

“Okay, have a shower then wrap one of the towels round you. You can leave your clothes and belonging in one of those lockers, the combination is written on the inside of the doors. We will be along to collect you in a few minutes.”

The shower was a large single one but all 3 of us managed to squeeze in and we helped each other soap our bodies; paying special attention to the other’s pussy.

“Don’t make me cum, I want to be half way there when it starts.” Kate said.

When we got out of the shower and dried ourselves, none of us bothered to wrap the towels around our bodies; we just sat and waited.

A couple of minutes later our choice of masseurs walked in; all only wore a small towel round their waist. We went to our choice then they introduced themselves and asked us to follow them.

We were led into a largish room with 3 massage tables and smaller tables next to them, all having a selection of bottles on them. Each table had wedge shaped pillow on it, sloped down to where our heads would go, and a folded towel for us to put our heads on. We were invited to lie on the tables, face down.

It was obvious that laying over the wedge our butts would be stuck up in the air. When I was in position I looked over to Kate and Zoe. Both had done what I had done and lay with our leg open as far as the table would allow.

What followed can only be described a truly awesome experience; one that I want to repeat as often as I can.

With my head on one side I saw Felipe, my masseur, take his towel off and I got my first look at his cock. It certainly wasn’t in the same league as the guys at the club but it was quite acceptable to me, even though it was still soft.

Then Felipe started. He was so gentle, so firm as he massaged my arms with his oily hands. When he started on the backs of my legs I was so relaxed that I was starting to wonder if I would fall asleep. Sex was the last thing on my mind. And oh, when he worked on my back it was totally awesome.

Even though my slightly open pussy was right in front of him, when he massaged my butt he didn’t even touch it.

It wasn’t until he asked me to turn over that I started thinking about my pussy. Felipe had moved the wedge to below my head so that my shoulders and head were raised. I could easily see my prominent pubis and the front of my slit. I guess that he wanted me to watch what he was doing to me.

As I was getting comfortable I looked over to Kate and Zoe. Both were on their backs watching what their naked masseur was doing to them. I also saw Zoe’s masseur’s cock. It too wasn’t as big as the guys in the club but I was sure that Zoe wouldn’t complain when she got it inside her.

It started when he dripped some warm oil onto my tits and started massaging them and rolling and twisting and pulling my already rock hard nipples.

I’ve never had so much pleasure from my tits being touched. So much so that I had my first orgasm of the evening; and he hadn’t even got to my pussy.

As my body reacted and started jerking and rising up off the white table, Felipe just kept massaging my tits as if I wasn’t cumming. As I started to come down from my high I heard Zoe say,

“First one to Georgia.”

I smiled, just as Felipe dripped some warm oil onto my stomach. I was expecting, hoping, that he’d start working on my pussy but he didn’t, his hands slid all over my torso, even teasing the ends of my nipples. That caused me to gasp a little because by then they were super sensitive.

After working on my torso for a few minutes, his hands moved to all around my pussy. He tormented me for ages without actually touching my pussy. I could see my stomach going up and down as the tension inside me built up.

Finally, he just lightly ran a finger along my slit. My clit was rock hard and sticking out between my lips so much that by then that I could see it. As his finger lightly touched my clit another orgasm exploded out of me.

He continued to slide his hands all around my pussy the best that he could considering that my hips kept going up and down as the spasms hit me.

When the waves subsided, Felipe’s hand went back to my pussy, the first touch of my clit causing me to moan quite loudly and caused my vaginal muscles to contract for a second.

Then what I had waited so long for started; his gentle assault on my pussy. He was gentle, but relentless. My ‘oohhhs’ and ‘arrghs’ started and I watched my stomach start going up and down quickly. Felipe gently moved my knees further apart then lifted them one at a time so that my foot moved close to my butt. My knees just automatically moved as far apart as they would go, opening my lips to their full extent.

It wasn’t long before another orgasm hit me, and that was even before his fingers had gone inside me.

The torment of my clit whilst his other hand gently touched me all around my upper thighs and stomach went on and on. It wasn’t long before yet another orgasm hit me.

As I calmed down I felt his middle finger go inside me and I let out a long sigh of relief. Then I said,

“Fuck me.”

But he didn’t, instead he inserted his other middle finger inside me so that his index and little fingers were pointing down to the table. Then he started quickly pulling his hand up and down like he was frantically finger fucking me but his finger weren’t going in and out of me. All his energy was going in to quickly lifting my butt off the table then pushing me down again.

No one had ever done that to me before and it was driving me crazy. My head was rolling from side to side. My arms were going all over the place and my legs were doing the same. Okay, I’ve done that part before but this time I was giggling and smiling as well.

I later wondered if that phase of the massage was the part they called the ‘happy ending’ because I was certainly happy.”

One time that my head was facing the side of the table that Felipe was stood, I saw his cock. It was hard and pointing up over the side of the table. I managed to control my arm enough to reach out and grab it.

I tried to wank him but I didn’t have enough control of my arms and hand to do it properly and eventually I gave up because I was too busy jerking about and giggling.

I continued doing that as Felipe stopped lifting me up and pushing me down and I felt more of his fingers go inside me. When I managed to look down I saw that his whole hand was inside me.

That sight alone was enough to start yet another orgasm; or should I say take me right back up there because the previous one still hadn’t gone away.

Felipe continued fist fucking me for a few minutes as my orgasm went from peak to peak, then he slowly pulled his hand out and started quickly pulling my pubis up with just his middle 2 fingers inside me – again.

Then he stopped and withdrew his fingers but my body still kept jerking all over the place and I was still grinning and giggling.

The next thing that I knew was that Felipe was pulling my legs down the table so that my pussy was right at the end. Then he thrust his cock deep inside me. If I had stopped giggling by then I might have wondered how I could feel his cock going in and out of me.

His cock should have been able to rattle around in my hole after just having had his fist inside me, but I could feel it. I guess that my hole shrank back to its normal size pretty quick.

Then I felt him shoot his load inside me.

The thing was, I was still mid orgasm. That man had somehow managed to give me an orgasm that was rolling on and on; a never ending orgasm.

I vaguely remember seeing Felipe and the other 2 masseurs leave the room and I guessed that the hour was up but my orgasm was still going strong and I was still giggling like a little school girl. I just couldn’t keep still.

I remember Kate and Zoe standing over me and looking down at me. I think that Kate asked me if I was okay and when I just giggled they helped me to my feet and half carried me back to the waiting room. They put me down on a chair and waited, and waited.

Zoe later told me that it took over 10 minutes for me to start returning to normal. They’d taken it in turns to go and have a shower and when I was able the stand they put me in the shower and turned it on set to cold.

That brought me back to reality.

Ten minutes later we were all dressed and slowly walking out of the place and down the street. As we walked we talked; both Kate and Zoe were over the moon with their massages but both said that I had got the most out of it. Neither of them could believe that number of orgasms that I had and that my masseur had turned me into giggling little wreck that couldn’t even control her own body.

I had to agree with them but added that it was the sort of wreck that I wanted to be in zillions of times again. I still couldn’t believe that a woman can have orgasms like that. It was certainly a first for me.

Anyway, we found a bar and had a few drinks to help us recover. At that point in time I just didn’t care that my dress was totally see-through and that men kept looking at us. And I certainly didn’t care about the way that all 3 of us sat at our table with our knees open.

When we finally left that bar it was getting towards midnight. It was only then that Kate remembered that they were supposed to be back at their boat in time for them to go out to dinner with their parents.

“I guess that you’ll be getting a double spanking in the morning then. I think that I should come round and confess that it was my fault.” I said.

“You only want our daddy to spank you as well don’t you Georgia?”

“So what if I do. He made me cum the last time that he spanked me; what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, I just hope that he makes me cum as well.” Kate replied.

Zoe just smiled.

Anyway, we got a taxi back to the marina and both Zoe and Kate stripped naked as soon as they were out of the taxi then gave me the clothes.

“May as well get ready for it; besides, we’re supposed to be naked on the marina. That’s what daddy said.” Zoe said.

I was about to say something about them being able to put some clothes on to go out; but I didn’t bother. Instead I wished them a good night and headed towards daddy’s boat. I needed some sleep.

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