A pretty girl asks older brother to show it to her. He does.

Billy, my lovely   sister said in her most pleading voice, “Please let me see your penis.” That took a moment to penetrate and then I stopped polishing my history paper and turned to face her. She was wearing two towels. One wrapped in her long blonde hair and the other encircling her exciting young body, […]

Louis the Gangbanger

It all started when I attended an off campus party of a friend of mine. She had one of those huge house parties where people from all over the spectrum were invited. Coming from a small town in Iowa I’d never really met anybody from outside my social circle before. When I was growing up […]

Gretchen Succumbs

Succumbing to the male who was younger and in actuality wasn’t the buffed handsome movie star male image the twenty-eight year old woman wanted as her life-long companion. Even if only for a dinner date or watching a flick from the time she was of sufficient age to date, her escort was always the muscle […]