College Roommates
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Maria was just wearing a halter top and tight shorts while I was in my
usual casual wear of shorts no underwear and a muscle shirt since I was
going to meet the secretaries of the coaches. In my back pocket was that
ring my grandmother gave me to give Maria if I was sure that she was the
woman that I wanted to marry in the near future. Coach Trainor was happy
to see me and very happy to meet Maria, the woman who he and Coach Nolan
hoped would keep me calm as well as inline. After I asked them why we
where up on the third floor and had no telephone or internet access
especially since the college internet was run by the local cable service.
Coach Trainor a former high school football star as well as college player
told me that Jerry had grabbed the unit that I was suppose to have as his
finance was moving down to be with him soon. Upon hearing that I turned to
Maria and reached into my pocket getting out my grandmother’s wedding ring
than asking her in Spanish to marry me. There was no waiting only her
saying Si Si Si at the top of her lungs that caused the two coaches
secretaries to come into the conference room to see what was the matter.
Coaches Trainor and Nolan said at the sametime,” Kick who ever is on the
1st floor and not either married or engaged out of the residence where Juan
and Maria live, and than have mainatence move their stuff into that unit
issuing new keys, as well as painting the unit”. Ok Juan they asked me?
Si I replied asking Maria when she would like to get married either here in
Miami or in San Juan.

Jerry was loading a truck of his stuff when we returned from our meeting
and Maria showed him the diamond ring that I had given her only minutes
before in the coaches office. Where to man I asked Jerry? Over to the
athletic dorm because once they found out that I did not have my girlfriend
living here with me, and that I had taken your unit instead of the third
floor one I was assigned Coach Nolan told the school that he was cutting my
scholarship to half. So if I want to stay at the school I need to reside
with the other jocks and get a job to pay for my books and fees. Let me
help you man because its a real bitch that they just did not tell you to
move into the unit originally assigned to you. Juan can I tell you a
secret Jerry asked. Surething Jerry and if there is anything that I can do
to help just let me know. Juan sit down because this can’t get around
campus but I am gay and have been having sex with your girlfriends brother
for the past three years. Three years I asked, and he said,” Yeah the kid
has an 8″ thick cock that I have been swing on since he was a freshman and
I was a junior in high school, and if I try to stop he claims that he will
blackmail me by going to the local papers and the cops”. So you do not
have a girlfriend at all its the need to be with her brother that you
grabbed a married couples unit. Is that how it is? Yeah Juan that is it
in a nut shell, and I can tell that you are not wearing a jock nor
underwear because your big Latin hose is turning me on real bad man. Sorry
Jerry but I can ask coach if you can have our old unit but you are not
going to swing on my cock today never. Only Maria will do that and believe
you me she does a real good job.

Maria honey please start the shower after you call that restaurant we
went to back in the fall to make a reservation. That way I will come up
after helping Jerry pack and shower before taking my sweet angel out to a
celebration dinner. Tell Jerry goodbye as he is moving in with some of his
friends over at that gay frat that you had warned me about when we where
walking across the quad.

Man that ring sure does look good on you and I can not wait until we are
married and your college education will be picked up by being a tutor to a
foreign student assigned by Coaches Nolan and Trainor. Yeah right after
you excused yourself to go to the bathroom both coaches told me that since
we are engaged that once you become my wife they have told the admissions
department that you are working as a personal tutor for them to help me.
Supposedly you will be given a pay check besides a check that was suppose
to pay your schooling here for the next four years, but we could use that
money for a honeymoon unless my family decides that you are special enough
for their only grandson and son to treat us instead. Grandmother she loved
that picture of the two of us taken at the dance when I was here last fall,
and Maria baby she has fallen in love with your picture just asking me when
she will have great-grandbabies.

Well honey I hope that you are no longer on the pill because I love you
and will love your body just as much once you tell me that you are carrying
my baby. My baby carrying my baby. Now how sexy does that sound to you?

Lets go get dinner and celebrate properly in a room that the coaches are
paying for while ours is being re-painted, new locks the works for you baby
and that juicy pussy that I want to dive into right now after sucking those
half dollar size nipples on the best breast anybody could ask for in a

Hopefully the couple who this story revolves around will post a couple
more segments while I am in Greece for a month.

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