A teenage boy on New Year’s Eve
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The party raged upstairs as our multiple relatives and
family friends enjoyed the festivities while getting
progressively more intoxicated. It seemed like the
annual event was New Years at our place. Why I don’t
know, it was just the tradition. I never really got into
it. I guess I didn’t get along with my cousins, mostly
because none of them were my age.

The older ones were upstairs with the party and the
younger ones were in the TV room together. I joined the
party from time to time to grab some food, and even the
odd rum and coke if I could get away with it. For the
most part I kept to myself though.

It was the usual collection of relatives, neighbors and
my parents co-workers. I talked to a few of them but for
the most part it really wasn’t my thing. Instead I made
my way down to the den in the basement. I chatted on the
net with a friend and I watched a movie on there before
getting bored and turning it off. I could see midnight
was approaching and delayed going upstairs.

I always found it annoying to see a bunch of drunken
adults counting down from ten, to suddenly scream and
cheer, and blow on those stupid noisemaking things. My
mom had said that since becoming a teen I had become
less fun but I just found most of what they did at these
parties boring, other than the food.

I heard someone in the washroom, and looked to see Mrs.
Newhart stepping out, looking a little wobbly. She lived
two doors down and was good friends with my parents. I
did lawn work for her from time to time, and shovelled
the driveway in the winter.

“Mark?” she said, a huge smile beaming across her face.
“Why are you down here?”

“I just wanted to check a few things out,” I said.

“Are those yours?” she said, referring to the models on
the shelf. I had loved making models when I was younger,
but part of me wished my parents would not display them
like this. It seemed kind of childish now.

“Yeah, I used to like doing those when I was a kid.”

“Oh, and now look at you, all big and grown up,” she
said cutely, and for a moment I felt mocked. I also
noticed she was a bit wobbly. “And those?” she said
pointing to some trophies.

“Uhm, yeah… I like hockey.”

“What did you win it for?” she inquired.

I paused at that one, embarrassed to admit that everyone
who plays gets a trophy. “I can’t remember what that one
was for specifically,” I said, as she got in closer to
me, looking at the memorabilia on the shelf.

“Well that’s quite the impressive collection… you must
be quite the athlete” she said admiringly. I was
actually quite flattered by the praise and attention,
even though it seemed odd to be down here

She spent the next few minutes with me, looking at my
models and trophies, at one point placing a hand on my
arm for balance;

“I’ve had a little too much fun tonight… I might
regret that in the morning” she said referring to her
inebriation with a mischievous smile.

“Here can you help me with this?” she asked, holding a
glass of wine out to me. I wasn’t big on sharing glasses
with other people, and I wasn’t sure if I liked wine

“Oh go on” she said encouragingly, holding it out. It
was at this point I noticed she was actually quite
drunk. Slightly staggering, even slurring her words a

Carefully, I raised the glass to my lips, and took a
small sip. It was OK, it was a white wine, but really
not my thing.

“Oh come on, have more,” she said, slapping me on the
shoulder. I raised the glass and touched it to my lips
again, and as I tilted my head back she took my hand and
started to pour, making my mouth fill quickly with wine
to the point where I had to pull my face away as some
spilled down my cheeks, and I swallowed a massive
mouthful of the stuff as she burst out laughing.

Taking it away, she raised the glass to her mouth and
with a wink, swigged the rest of it. Placing her hand on
my arm, she said;

“You won’t tell anyone I got you drunk I hope”. Shaking
my head in reassurance I felt a weird tension between
the two of us. She was an attractive lady, for a 40 year
old but it was strange the way she was paying me all
this attention, the way she was maintaining eye contact
with me.

There was a moment of awkward silence and then we heard
people upstairs beginning a countdown.

“Oh it’s the countdown” she said, grabbing my hand and
joining in on the count quietly.

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” we heard
from upstairs, as she cheered herself and grabbed me in
a big hug.

“Happy New Year Mark,” she said, squeezing me tightly,
hanging on as though she might fall over without me for

“Happy New Year Mrs. Newhart,” I said, hugging her back.

She didn’t break the hug, and instead kissed me on the
cheek… then the neck… then with abrupt suddenness
her mouth was on mine. I was taken aback at first. Mrs.
Newhart? Kissing me? She was my Moms friend, and was a
recent divorcee, but… what? I mean she was attractive,
for a 40 year old but… really?

It was a light kiss on the lips, but she quickly became
more passionate about it, pressing her mouth into mine
with urgency. I had never kissed a girl before, being
rather shy in school so I didn’t even know how to react.
I sensed this had to be wrong, with her bring a grown
woman, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull away. It was
too exciting. Exciting in a dirty and shameful way, but

Her tongue started to probe my mouth, as she grabbed my
hands and moved them to her ass. I felt a bit awkward
about this at first, maybe slightly creeped-out, yet I
couldn’t bring myself to pull away. It was… exciting;
Wrong, but exciting.

As I marvelled at the feel of my hands on a woman’s ass
for the first time in my life She brought one leg up,
wrapping it around me as she ground against me. I
struggled to balance as she was on one leg and basically
leaning on me to hold her up, and my knees were going
rubbery. I was aroused to the point where I just let
this happen, unable to break away from this exciting
little encounter.

As we groped and kissed, I felt my heart rate increase
as my breathing intensified and I started to sweat. We
had probably only been kissing for 10-15 seconds but it
felt like an eternity. I was also feeling the strain of
my erection trying to break through my jeans. Suddenly
her hands went to my belt.

Breaking the kiss I said alarmed, “Mrs. Newhart?”

“Eloise,” she said correcting me, as she feverishly
undid my belt and started opening my button on my jeans.
She started kissing me hungrily again as she undid the
button and then started pulling down the zipper as I
stood there dumbfound, trying not to let my knees buckle
lest I fall on the floor.

She took her hands away for a second and grabbed my
right hand and guided it under her dress.

Holy fucking shit! No way! I thought, as she guided my
hand to the waistband of her panties and slid it under.
As she did this her other hand started fumbling to get
inside my underwear. Just as I felt my fingertips coming
in contact with her pubic hairs and her fingernails
brushed my erection, I heard a voice call out, “Eloise?
… Are you down there?”

My mom! A jolt of fear shot through me, as I envisioned
my mom catching us like this.

Instantly breaking the kiss Eloise gave me a
disappointed smile and whispered, “Fuck!” with a cute
smile. “Quick, do that up!” she whispered urgently

“Yeah… I’m in here,” she called out, as I rapidly
zipped myself up in a panic, my heart pounding in fear
now. “Mark’s just showing me some of his old models.”

I literally just zipped myself up in time and turned to
face the shelf, so the bulge in my jeans wouldn’t be
evident when she entered the room.

“Ah, showing off is he? He’s quite proud of his models,”
my mom said.

“And his trophies too,” Mrs. Newhart said with a
maternal smile.

Please don’t ask me to turn around as I pretended to
reorganize a few things on the shelf. Please…
please… DO NOT ask me for a New Years hug! Please!
Just grab her and go! I thought, wishing the damned
erection would go away as I faced the shelf while trying
not to be obvious about the fact that I was deliberately
facing away.

“Hey, we’re making margaritas upstairs, you have to join
us,” my mom said, none the wiser.

“Oh yes! Count me in!” Eloise said excitedly, as she
rushed out, following my mom.

As they left the room, Eloise looked back and made a
kissing gesture to me, before turning to leave.

I breathed a sigh of relief at how close that was. It
would be a few minutes yet before the relief turned to
extreme disappointment mixed with shame.

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