Sitting in a Tree on Saturday: F U C K I N G!
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Did you ever have a perfect day?

This episode in my Jeff Zephyr’s Life series is about one day which
seemed perfect to me. It wasn’t the first time we had sex, but it
wasn’t long after that. It wasn’t all about sex either, though that
was part of what made the day perfect.

I was in love, too young to understand it by some people’s thinking,
but not mine. I was happily non-conforming, and if I hadn’t been I
doubt I’d have had the wonderful romance I found with my girlfriends.

Do you know the children’s teasing rhyme, which goes…

Sherry and Jeff
Sitting in a tree

First comes love
Then comes marriage
Along comes baby in a baby carriage

Substitute your own sweetheart names in there if you like. Such
rhymes may have somewhat different words in different places.

Sherry and I got teased that way in second grade, back when we were
only seven. Now, at age twelve, we had a new twist on the rhyme. But
we couldn’t neatly use it to fit us, because it wasn’t just Sherry and

There was Maureen, Sherry’s best friend and lover. My second
girlfriend, even back when we started out, but kids don’t quite figure
out things like menage a trois at that age. Nor would I have expected
to get the idea even at the ripe old age of almost twelve, had things
not been pushed along by a third girl.

Annie had a crush on me, and we were pretty good friends the whole
year before this, which at our age seemed a long time. Sherry’s overt
non-jealousy about me made it easy for Annie to pursue me as a
boyfriend, without needing to steal me away from her or Maureen. The
whole situation sped forward out of my control two weeks before this
perfect day. We fell past playing at romance right into being all out
lovers, and I was still trying to adjust to this new, delightful,
exciting, marvellous – but scary – situation.

Having sex itself seemed pretty easy. The only hurdle really was
finding someone to do it with, and we’d already picked out our
partners for that long before. We were still working out how to do it
the best way, but I wasn’t so worried about that.

What I didn’t know was what it all meant to us. All of us, all four
of us, were involved in a new kind of relationship, with no one to
turn to for advice. Seriously, could you see us going to one of our
parents and saying something like, “I’m in love with my girlfriends,
and I’m not sure what to do.” My parents would have freaked out at
the idea that I was having sex with them, and probably even the idea
that I was in love with three girls at once, intensely and almost
equally. The idea that two of them were in love with each other, that
would never fly. And for their parents, there was little chance that
they’d accept our love affair at all – let alone the revelation that
their daughters were having sex with other girls. Sex was right out
of the picture, and we weren’t so stupid as to tell any of our other
friends, as yet, very much about this whole situation.

No, we were stuck figuring this out on our own. With a lovely warm
Saturday to spend off in the park together, we were going to try to do
just that.

For those of you following the Jeff Zephyr’s Life series, I never
intended for such a long hiatus in posting this part. It took longer
to write than I thought, trying to tell all of the things which I
wanted to say about this perfect day. Other real life issues got in
the way of writing as well. JZL is a bit different from other
stories I write. I tend to take it rather personally, thinking about
the story in more ways than just entertainment.

This episode turned out to be much longer than I expected it to be, in
writing size. Roughly three times that of the previous one, which
covered the events of the week prior to this one special day. The
length of the story comes simply from the importance I attach to each
thing that happened.

In short, it was a day which changed my life.

The part numbering system for this story is covered more on my
website, but this episode is all part of chapter JZL11_10. All of the
story parts which have that in it, like JZL11_10A: Saturday In The
Park, are part of it (the letters show the sections in order). I’ve
split other chapters into parts, but this one has a lot more parts (15
I think, depends on where I split up the ending).

I hope that you have perfect days, as nice and loving as mine.

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