My Neighbors, Bill and Maddie
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When I was in my late 50s I decided to make a bucket list of things that I wanted to do before I passed away. I was bound and determined to do everything on my list. Two of the items was that I wanted to have sex with the youngest girl I could find and have sex with the oldest woman I could find. When I was 61 I ended up fucking a young, underage little girl, so I crossed that item off my list and OMG, what an erotic experience that was! I bought a house in a country setting about 2 years ago and my new neighbors were in their 80s. Bill and Maddie were a light – skinned black couple. Bill had mentioned during some of our over the fence conversations that he was 86 years old. In my mind I figured his wife, Maddie, was close to the same age. Maddie was a short, frail woman barely five feet tall and 90 pounds soaking wet on a good day. I had only seen her outside 4 – 5 times during the last two years. She usually wore baggy sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt which covered her large, but sagging breasts. For the most part Maddie wasn t an outdoor kind of person and stayed inside their home most of the time. About 4 months ago Bill passed away. I called to express my condolences to Maddie and offered to give her a hand around the house if needed or take her to doctor appointments or grocery shopping. About a month after the funeral, I walked over and knocked on her back door. When she answered she was wearing her typical sweatpants and oversized sweatshirt. Even with her baggy top I could tell that she had a great set of titties that hung quite low. She must have been a knockout in her younger days and in my mind, still a gorgeous woman. Speaking through the storm door I told her I was going to the city to pick up a few things at the grocery store and if she wanted me to get anything for her. She opened the door with a slight smile as I stepped inside. Maddie had me sit down at the kitchen table while she made out a short list of what she needed. Handing me the list, I stood up to leave and she escorted me to the door. I turned to tell her that I ll be back shortly and I accidentally brushed my elbow against her left breast. Yes, it WAS an accident but she paid me no mind. Somehow I knew in my kinky brain that I was going to fuck this old African American woman. I arrived back home an hour later and took my two bags of groceries into my house. I retrieved her bag of items from my car, walked over and knocked on her door. She opened the door with a smile and I stepped inside and put her bag on the kitchen table. I told her how much her groceries come to and watched her tiny ass sashay into another room where she kept her pocketbook. Maddie came out and handed me the money but my eyes were glued to her breasts. I stood up and thanked her and slipped my hand around her tiny waist and gave her a kiss on her forehead. I told her not to forget that anything, anything at all, she could call me. I also mentioned that I was very good with my hands around the house. She smiled again, batted her eyes and blushed. Her light skinned black cheeks turning a pinkish hue. Closing the door behind me I had a feeling she was watching me so I turned around and waved as I crossed the yard headed back to my house. Later that evening she called and asked me if I would come over and help her move some heavy boxes from one room to another. I told her I d be there in a minute. However, I was there in about 30 seconds knocking at her back door. As I stepped inside I saw that she was wearing a red furry bathrobe with matching furry slippers. She only had three boxes to move but they were definitely too heavy for her to carry. After I finished she had me sit down on her sofa. She carried a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. As she poured us the drinks, I noticed something different about her. She had put on a little bit of makeup and the aroma of perfume surrounded her. After several glasses of wine, her speech started to slur. I scooted over next to her and put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She moved closer to me, seemingly accepting my advances. Our bodies couldn t get any closer. I looked down into her robe. The top two buttons were open but I couldn t see much. I kissed her passionately. She opened her mouth slightly to moan and I slipped my tongue between her open lips. Our tongues did the Tango as I caressed her soft cheek. She had casually mentioned her age during our conversations earlier that day and now here I was drinking wine and making out with a 85 year old black woman. Maddie was rubbing my thigh and I could feel my cock getting hard. I let my right hand drift down and gently massaged her left tit, through the furry material. We stopped long enough to take a couple more sips of wine and went back to making out like teenagers. I unbuttoned the rest of her robe all the way down to her knees and opened it completely so that my hand could explore her sagging melons. She had half – dollar size areolas and her nipples were hard. I stopped kissing so I could witness these huge, sagging boobs that I was massaging. Her nipples had to be 3/4 of an inch long and rigid. When Maddie felt my bare fingers caressing her breast, she shuddered and reached between my legs. My boner was pushing hard against my jeans. With her bathrobe wide open now, I reached down and spread her legs. I cupped her panty clad vagina and the heat between her legs was unbelievable. I picked up her right leg and placed it over my left leg. I could see gray and white pubic hair peeking out from her pantie s leg openings. I leaned her back against the sofa and now I had my fingers slipping under the waistband of her white panties. My fingers found the hairiest pussy I had ever felt. Her pubic hair was at least 3 – 4 inches long and thick. Just below her belly button the hair started out about a half inch long which gradually thickened into a dense forest. I massaged her clit which was hard and rigid. Her clitoris had to be at least three quarters of an inch long. I stroked her clitoris between my thumb and index finger. Maddie s body shook as I stroked her clitoris. Maddie arched her back and pushed her tiny ass up and down as I stroked her 85 year old clitty. A wave of spasms shot through her body and I could hear her squirting sounds deep down into her panties. “Oh my, oh my! Maddie cried out as she climaxed. My fingers were roaming through her bush until they found her sopping wet love tunnel. I withdrew my hand long enough to grab a low hanging tit and nursed her breast like a newborn baby. “Ohhh my God, my God! she exclaimed as I try to relieve her of her panties. Maddie raised both legs up so I could easily pull her undies down and over her feet. With the force of gravity and my help, they ended up on the floor next to her furry red slippers. I switched back to nursing her other breast as I continued my assault on her fur – lined cunt. My fingers matted down a trail through her pubic hair as I slid my fingers up and down her slit. I cupped her gorgeous mound and inserted my middle finger up to the first knuckle into her aged pussy, and then a second knuckle until my finger was completely into her snatch. I could feel both of our body temperatures rise as I finger – fucked Maddie to my heart s content. Maddie yelped as I massaged her g – spot, her cunt gushing forth another wave of love juice. I withdrew my finger and looked at to savor the taste of her mature pussy. I stuck my finger back in her cunt and then brought my hand up to her mouth, smearing the liquid from her cunny onto her lips. With her left hand she brought my finger into her mouth, sucking it while she groaned with a satisfied look on her face. I asked Maddie if she wanted to fuck me. “Oh my, yes!” She whispered and we both staggered to our feet. With unsteady legs she began to unbuckle my pants. It took her a minute or so until she was able to reach down into my underwear, grabbing hold of my hard manhood. After several strokes she released my cock and had me follow her to the bedroom. Mattie turned on a light as I stripped off my clothing. Now we could see each other in all our glory. I slipped her bathrobe down her shoulders and it fell loosely to the floor. My cock was hard and standing at attention as I sat Maddie down on the edge of her bed. O gazed lovingly at her breasts and down to her crotch. Her nipples stood out firm from her sagging utters, her fur – lined mound was something to behold, forming into an upside down v – shaped triangle down to her hidden valley. Without saying a word she removed her dentures and placed them in a glass of water on the nightstand. She returned to my rigid cock and begin stroking my stroking it, lightly kissing and licking the bulging cock – head. Before I knew it, my cock disappeared into her mouth. She hungrily sucked my cock like it was the last cock on Earth. She stroked my dick with one hand and caressed my cum – filled testicles with the other hand as I shot the first load of cum into her throat. I held her head as I face – fucked the old woman. Without warning, Maddie reached around and fingered my ass while I was still spurting blasts of baby batter into her mouth. Letting go of her head, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and the last spurts of jizz landed on her face and tits. She had that “fuck me now” look in her eyes. I gently pushed her onto the bed so she could spread her skinny legs wide. But I wasn t ready to fuck Maddie just yet. The aroma of her pussy filled the room and my nostrils as I buried my face into her thick forest that covered her 85 year old vagina. Maddie s pubic hair tickled my nose and chin as I licked her cunty up to her clit and back down again. I repeated the performance over and over until she grabbed my head, forcing my face hard into her pussy. As I ate Maddie out, I watched her head thrash back and forth, her back arching up off the bed. I sucked her clit hard like it was a penis until she climaxed again. “Fuck me, fuck me you fucker!” she cried out. Taking my sweet ass time, I kissed and licked my way up to her belly and cum – splattered breasts. I kissed and sucked every inch of her boobs and swallowed drying gobs of my cum. I sucked on her shoulders and neck and kissed her face, tasting drying cum once more. As my cock reached her the entrance to her twat, our lips locked. We played tonsil wars until my swollen mushroom head separated her pussy lips and penetrated. “Oh my, Yes!” Maddie screamed. “Fuck Mommy, you motherfucker, fuckkk!” As I slid my dick into her tight snatch, she dug her fingers into my back. With her skinny legs wrapped around my hips, I banged the old woman mercilessly. “Harder, harder!” Maddie cried out. “Fuck me, baby!” I hammered Maddie s sloppy, juicy cunt as hard as I could. My balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. I drove my cock hard and deep into her. The headboard knocked against the wall with each of my pounding thrusts. ” I m gonna cum, Mommy” I whispered in Maddie s ear. When she heard the word Mommy it pushed Maddie over the edge and she fucked me harder than ever. “Yes baby, fuck Mommy” Maddie whispered back and stuck her tongue into my ear, sending shock waves throughout my body. I could feel Mommy s, I mean Maddie s pussy contract, sucking my length and girth deep inside the old lady s cunt. I cummed hard and emptied my sperm – filled balls deep into her womb. I could feel the mixture of Maddie s love juice and my cum oozing out of her vagina, forming a big wet spot on her sheet. When Maddie s orgasm subsided, so did mine. I was going soft but I remained in her pussy. My cock and Maddie s cunt gyrated in unison until my cock popped out limp as a dishrag. I laid down beside her and fingered her once more, the results of our love making dripping from her hairy snatch. Maddie turned to me with loving eyes and she asked “Did you like fucking Mommy?” Without a second thought I replied “Yes, Mommy” and then we snuggled and drifted off to sleep in each other s arms. The next morning I awoke to something tickling my nose. Maddie was straddling my face, and leftover cum was dripping from her pussy onto my face and into my mouth. “Mmmm, breakfast in bed” I said out loud as I licked the opening of her 85 year old vagina. Maddie gyrated her groin furiously all over my face and mouth. I looked up to see Maddie lifting her big saggy tits to her lips, sucking each nipple as she climaxed and squirted again. “When you re done eating my pussy for breakfast, you can have some of Mommy s milk” she said. Eventually she took her pussy away and placed it on my morning wood, rocking back and forth like she was riding a stud horse. As I sat up my hard cock firmly planted itself deep into her cunt. I sucked each of Maddie s nipples as she bounced up and down my hard dick. I could feel my cock deep inside Maddie s vagina, her swollen mound swallowing my cock deep inside her. My 64 year old cock was about to explode. I looked up at her as I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. ” Can I cum in your pussy again, Mommy?” I pleaded. My Mommy replied ” Yes baby, whenever you re ready. ” I hugged Mommy tightly as we passionately french kissed. I grabbed the cheeks of Maddie s ass, pushing her groin hard into my groin. “I m cumming, Mommy, I m cumming” I whimpered. Maddie moaned “Me too, baby, me too. ” Both of us watched between our legs as I shot spurts of hot steaming cum inside her. I could feel Maddie squirt as her little body spasmed. We watched as my hard cock disappeared into her sloppy, dripping pussy, watching it disappear and reappear over and over and over again into her hot, juicy 85 year old cunt… The end?

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