Sex Shop Interview (MMF, oral, toy, mast)
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Miranda was 18 and had just left high school, she was going on her first job
interview and although she was happy for the chance to get a job before
Christmas, she was a little apprehensive about the establishment she would
be working for.

Miranda’s interview was at an adult bookstore; actually they sold quite a
range of adult sex toys, along with various styles of lingerie and novelties
as well. One of Miranda’s friends at school knew a guy who worked for a
chain of these stores and he had suggested she apply for the position. All
she had been told was, dress sexy for the interview and that the job paid
extremely well with negotiable hours.
Sex Shop Whore
Miranda dressed herself in the sexiest dress she owned; she left her thick
black mane of curls that hung down to her tiny waist loose, applying her
makeup to accentuate her large liquid amber eyes and full lips. Her
four-inch stiletto heels were red to match her dress, and the small carry
all she slung over her shoulder was of black leather.

When she was finally standing outside the shop, her stomach fluttered
somewhat, she wondered if she would get the job, she would be 18 the next
month and she knew that she had to be over 18 to actually work in an adult
shop. Matt had said they probably would let it slide, because by the time
anyone found out she would be legally old enough for the job.

Miranda chewed her bottom lip for a moment and then taking a deep breath she
walked into the dimly lit shop. It was nothing like she had expected,
brilliantly colored sexual toys of all shapes and sizes lined the shelves.
Magazines with sexy women and hunky looking guys in various poses completely
engulfed one shelf, right next to a shelf filled with videos of similar

Miranda’s eyes just couldn’t seem to take it all in at once, she turned
suddenly as a husky feminine voice behind her suddenly asked “can I help you
miss?” She found herself facing a small petite girl with over-bleached
blond hair and a cleavage that seemed to go on for ever smiling at her

“Um, I guess so, I’m Miranda, I have an interview with Sue and Kevin?” she
told the girl, her voice sounding overly loud in the small quiet store.

“Sure I’m Sue, Kevin is out back. KEVIN!! Someone here to see you,” she
called out, making Miranda jump slightly at the sudden unexpected volume
eminating from the small woman.

A guy popped his head through a curtain behind the counter and grinned at
them, “be with you in a minute” then he was gone again.

Sue rolled her eyes at Miranda and smiled taking her arm, “let me show you
round while he finishes doing business.” Sue took Miranda on the tour of
the shop, pointing out everything carefully, as Sue explained the various
articles Miranda was surprised to find she was getting quite turned on by
the display of magnificent cock shaped toys. Sue watched Miranda take it
all in, quite satisfied that she was coping well with being exposed to some
of the more explicit uses for their products.

When Kevin finally came out from behind the curtain he was escorting an
older red haired woman, he whispered to her and she giggled and left the
store quickly. He followed her closing and locking the front door, then
strolled over to where she and Sue were discussing the various bondage
implements and smiled at them both.

“Well Miranda, how do you find our little store?” he grinned at her and
winked at Sue who went behind the counter and disappeared throughthe

Miranda smiled and nodded “I would say I find it quite interesting, I guess
I’m not really very experienced, but Matt said he wasn’t either when he
first started working for your stores.” Her voice sounded slightly
breathless, giving it a young sexy appeal that wasn’t lost on Kevin, if she
could sound like that when she was selling, he knew damn well that with her
looks she would be able to sell anything.

“Ah yes Matt, well he was open to lets say ‘lessons in the art of lovemaking
‘, which of course would be made available to you also if you so wished, no
pressure of course” he smiled at her, his blue eyes twinkling mischievously.

Miranda thought for a moment then nodded, she was feeling quite horny by
this stage and wondered if she would get to try out some of the products
during these ‘lessons’ Kevin spoke of. “Sure, I guess if Matt was happy
taking lessons they can’t be all that bad” she smiled back at him.

Kevin was a little surprised at her openly trusting attitude, he shook his
head as he looked down at her “I don’t think you understand Miranda, but
perhaps if you come with me out back to where Sue is you will see what I
mean, the only condition is there is no talking allowed during lessons
unless you are asked a direct question ok?” he looked quite serious as he
spoke, then disappeared through the curtains.

Miranda stood by the counter for a moment biting her lip again, she wondered
what she was getting herself into, then bracing herself she walked through
the curtain. What she saw made her suck in her breath suddenly, her eyes
widening as she just stood there and stared at the image before her.

Sue was lying with her legs spread wide on a strange cushioned bench; there
were all sorts of straps and d-rings attached to the bench. As Miranda
stood staring Sue was plunging a fat jelly like, cock shaped vibrator in and
out of her juicy pink hairless cunt, it was literally dripping with cum and
her hips bounced up and down as she fucked her hole vigorously.

Kevin glanced at Miranda, he let his eyes wander down over her young supple
body and he noticed her tiny nipples were already hard, their tight little
peaks pressing through the stretchy red material of her dress. He wondered
if her panties were wet yet and grinned, deciding it was time he found out,
“Miranda if you decide to stay Sue and I will teach you the finer arts of
sex and what the toys do what and where they are used, but you must get to
know us both intimately, our first lesson would involve oral sex with both
Sue and I and of course sexual intercourse with myself if you decide to
continue, how do you feel about that?” he spoke softly as he looked at her.

Miranda couldn’t tear her eyes away from Sue’s pumping hips, Sue was holding
her head up staring at Miranda, she moaned as her body convulsed in a
frenzied orgasm “come on Miranda, suck my pussy, taste it honey you’ll love
it, I promise I’ll return the favor” she crooned as she pulled the thick
rubbery vibrator from her cum soaked cunt.

Miranda glanced from Sue’s glistening snatch to Kevin then nodded, running
the tip of her pink tongue over her lips, her pussy was already having tiny
little pulses of it’s own, her panties soaked and slippery. “I’m in” was
all she could manage to say as she moved forward between Sue’s legs and
carefully pushed her hairless pussy lips apart to expose the sweet pink
inner lips.

“Don’t worry honey, you won’t break it, you don’t have to be so gentle” Sue
giggled as she snaked her hand down and pulled the lips of her pussy open
wide, the small point of her clitoris poking out like a beacon begging to be

Miranda leaned close, the musky scent of Sue’s horny cunt going straight to
her head; she licked the glistening slit slowly at first, then faster. Her
face pressing deeper as she got a taste for Sue’s sweet cunt honey, “Mmmm”
she moaned against Sue’s clit as she let her tongue move rapidly over the
hard pleasure bud.

“God Kevin, she’s an excellent cunt sucker, oh god yes!” Sue managed to gasp
as Miranda poked her tongue deep into the cum filled hole of her cunt,
lapping and sucking at the sweet juices that trickled from within. Miranda
had never experienced anything so erotic and it made her extremely horny,
her hips swayed from side to side as she leaned forward, her own juices had
soaked through her panties and a slippery coating clung to the insides of
her thighs.

Kevin watched their new ‘apprentice’, he let his eyes run up the long smooth
slender legs to the tight skirt of the dress she wore, he wanted this one
real bad, but he didn’t want to scare her off too soon. “Ok Miranda, why
don’t you take off your panties and let Sue return the favor, while she’s
eating your pussy, you can try sucking my cock if you like” he wasn’t sure
of the reaction his suggestion would get and was quite pleasantly surprised
when Miranda quickly whipped off her panties and threw them aside.

Leaning forward with her legs spread, she unzipped his pants and took his
throbbing erection into her slender hands, her pink tongue darting out to
coat the knob of his cock with warm saliva. She had obviously done this
before and knew exactly where the most sensitive parts were to be found,
Kevin watched intently as Sue hopped down from her perch and knelt behind
Miranda. He could tell from Miranda’s moans as she sucked his cock deep
into her mouth that Sue had hit the jackpot.

Miranda felt the warm wet tongue enter her and she squirmed as Sue tongue
fucked her, the feeling was almost unbearable, she wanted to feel it deeper,
but knew only a cock would be able to fulfill the need that Sue’s tongue had
inspired. Her own mouth and throat was filled with hot thick cock, Kevin
didn’t have an overly long cock, but he was rather fat and his knob was
thick and rounded.

At the most unexpected moment, Sue took Miranda’s clit between her lips and
clamped hard, strumming the swollen tip with her tongue and at the same time
Kevin grabbed her nipples an pinched them firmly through the thin material
of her dress. The result was extraordinary for Miranda, she came with a
massive shudder, then she came again even more intensely, the third wave of
her climax had her almost drop to her knees and she released Kevin’s cock as
she let out a long wailing moan of ecstasy.

Kevin moved swiftly, motioning Sue to get back on the bench he positioned
the climax driven Miranda between her legs again after removing her dress.
As Miranda began to suck and nibble at Sue’s sweet clitoris, Kevin showed
her how to fuck Sue’s hole with the thick jelly vibrator.

Miranda began working on Sue’s widespread cunt; her naked little butt facing
out towards Kevin, exposing the well trimmed darkly haired slit of her
pussy. Kevin’s cock throbbed with anticipation as he moved in behind her “I
‘m going to fuck you now Miranda, you needn’t worry, I won’t cum inside you
ok?” he told her as he started to stroke her well-sucked juicy pussy.

Kevin felt her push back against his fingers eagerly as he ran them over the
entrance to her cunt; he probed her with one then two fingers. She was wet
and open for him, her multiple orgasm had lubricated her beautifully and he
moved his hips forward so he could guide the thick knob of his cock into

Miranda moaned and braced herself against Sue’s thighs whileKevin pushed
himself inside her quivering snatch, his thick cock stretching her wide as
it pushed it’s way inside her. As Kevin started pumping in and out of
Miranda’s horny cunt, she matched him stroke for stroke with the vibrator
inside Sue’s cunt. The trio all panting and gasping as they seesawed
between each other, twisting and bucking as the pace of their fucking

Miranda’s cunt contracted first, the constant pounding of Kevin’s cock
inside her pushing her over the edge, she moaned and strummed Sue’s clit
vigorously with her tongue as she rammed the vibrator deep into the other
girl’s snatch. Miranda felt Sue begin to shudder beneath her and
concentrated on her clit until the other girl’s hips began to buck and jerk
beneath her mouth.

Kevin watched the two girls, his own cock about to burst, he gritted his
teeth and groaned as he tried to hold on. The clenching tightness of the
seventeen year old cunt wrapped around his cock was too much for him to
withstand, his cock pulsed as she came and he whipped it out of her snatch
just in time to spray hot white streaks of cum all over her tight little ass

Miranda collapsed forward onto Sue with Kevin leaning against her from
behind, they were all panting and Sue began to giggle first. Miranda joined
in, she had never had so much fun in all her life and Kevin chuckled at the
two girls giggling together. “Well Miranda, if you enjoyed yourself I guess
you have the job, I’m sure we will all have plenty of fun with each other
during our future lessons and I hope you will be happy here.” He grinned.

Sue and Miranda managed to find their feet and dress themselves, Miranda
felt over the moon, she had never imagined such a satisfying job and was
very much looking forward to her next lesson. She turned to Kevin when she
was dressed and frowned slightly “was the other woman in here for a job
interview also?” she asked.

Kevin looked at Sue for a moment and they both laughed, “actually yes
Miranda, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with another woman sexually,
we can’t have prejudiced people working here now can we? You will be
pleased to know that you are exactly what we are looking for, you start on
Monday at 7am, lessons will be from 7am to 9am every Monday and Thursday

Miranda beamed, “Thanks Kevin, I’ll be here, see you then Sue” she smiled at
the other girl; Miranda could still taste the sweet musky nectar of Sue’s
pussy on her lips. She was sure she had found her calling and couldn’t wait
to tell Matt how wonderful the interview had been. The thought struck her
as she left that he had known all along what he was getting her into and she
decided with a wicked little smile, that she would have to thank him very,
very thoroughly the next time she saw him.

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