Prim Wife Submits Fully

My name is Michelle, I’m 35, and my husband would consider me prim and prudish and so would nearly everyone who knows me. I consider myself very conservative and a bit of a goody two shoes, when it comes to the opposite sex, very reserved and shy, but until recently, fairly innocent. Mike, my husband, […]

Wife wants husband to eat her after he cums in her but he is reluctant

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Madge said. “I didn’t say it did,” said Everett. “But you don’t object to eating me out,” she said, “and you even seem to enjoy it.” “I wouldn’t put it that way,” he said. “To be honest, what I taste and smell down there are not pleasing to me. What […]

Expanded Job Duties for Elizabeth

Elizabeth worked as a secretary for Nelson industries for the same boss for two or three years. Recently, the board of directors made sweeping changes in their management and Elizabeth found herself with a new boss. Elizabeth’s new boss was a very large black man, very intelligent, and very attractive. Although Elizabeth was happily married, […]


My husband and I are avid BBsers and enjoy some of the Adult stories we read on a local Adult Board we have here in Tucson. We’ve lived in Arizona for 12 years now ever since Bill (My Hubby) got transferred here. We have two kids ages 7 & 9, we’ve been married for 13 […]

Art model, sex story

Working as a male go-go dancer from Key West to Providencetown, I learned firsthand that often women can become pretty daring. While dancing, rotating my buns as I thread my way between the tables, I’ve had even the most prim-looking gray-haired ladies grope my crotch and go as far as to slip their nimble fingers […]

The Bi Hotwife’s story

For the last 15 years, my husband has enjoyed threesomes with me and my girlfriend. He loves when we go down on each other, shave each other’s pussy, use vibrators on each other, etc. But I have always wanted to see HIM do bi, but he resisted. So, I laid it out, once and for […]