Expanded Job Duties for Elizabeth

Elizabeth worked as a secretary for Nelson industries for the same boss for two or three years. Recently, the board of directors made sweeping changes in their management and Elizabeth found herself with a new boss. Elizabeth’s new boss was a very large black man, very intelligent, and very attractive. Although Elizabeth was happily married, […]

Sucking a big black cock

Honestly I was somewhere between ecstatic and overwhelmed, with just a hint of in-over-my-head. Despite all this, I was determined to give it my all. I sucked that cock like it contained the last drop of the antidote. I worked both hands in gentle twists along the spit slick shaft and moaned loudly. It’s not […]

Interracial sex story

John, Jenna and Nicole had been classmates at Excelsior Academy, a prep school north of the city. John had a huge crush on both girls going back years, but he never let either girl know: their social circles didn’t exactly overlap. John was with the supernerds, while Jenna and Nicole were two of the most […]