Amy the Flasher – MF sex quickie public
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My wife Amy seems to have this power over me. There are times when I can
have an orgasm, and minutes later she does something to make me hard and
horny all over again. Take this story for example…

I had gone to work, but left some important papers at home and had to run
home between meetings. Right after I got home, my wife returned from
dropping the kids off at their friends for a play date.

When I came upstairs, my wife was wearing her athletic bra, and a pair of
tight athletic shorts. With no panties they hugged her tightly, revealing
her curved ass and the folds of her crotch. We began kissing and groping in
the living room, my wife rubbing my hard prick through my dress slacks, me
sliding my hands into her outfit to touch her skin.

I was running late, but she could tell I was in bad need for some relief.
All of a sudden she pulls her shorts off and gets on the sofa doggy style.
“C’mon baby.” Amy tells me. “You can’t go back to work that way. Use my
pussy for a quicky, get your nuts off. You know you need it.”

Guys, one thing I have learned from 10 years of marriage is that if you want
to be happy, don’t argue with your wife! So I dropped my pants and briefs,
stepped up behind her and slid my cock into her very wet hole. Her wet pussy
felt so good, and after just a few minutes of pumping I was cumming. I gave
my cock a hard thrust, burying deep into her body and began filling her cunt
up with a huge load of my sperm.

I staggered back, and my wife turned to sit on the edge of the sofa. She
picked up her shorts and gently cleaned off my wet dick. “There.” Amy said,
very satisfied with herself. She helped me pull my pants back up and said
“You better scoot.” I hate to fuck and run, but she was right I was running

So out the door I go, hop into my car and start to pull out of the carport.
I look over, and see Amy standing on the front porch. I’m shocked but
instantly aroused as she is still naked from the waist down. As I slowly
back out I can see my cum oozing down her legs, glistening in the morning

I change course slightly to drive through the front yard and thus right by
the porch. “Wow!” I tell her rolling down the window. “You greet the mailman
like this?”

She laughed, and said “No, like this.” and with a florish pulled her top
over her head! Amy was now standing there on the front porch, bare ass
naked! “You better get to work, you dirty little boy. Oh, and our mailman is
a woman.”

I drove off, seeing her still standing there in the rear-view mirror, waving
at me naked as the day she was born, and giving me with another hard on!

She called me later in the day and let me know after she’d gone back inside,
since she was horny and already naked used her fingers in her cummy pussy to
rub her clitty to a few more orgasms for herself. Amy did a few things
around the house, and stayed naked until it was time to go get the kids.

My cock stayed hard the rest of the day, despite having shot a huge load
into her warm pussy. I think she must practice witchcraft or something, she
sure seems to have put a spell on me!

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