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Danni didn’t know whether to be upset or angry about the remark made
by Karl, the oddly eccentric old man who was a regular visitor to the
small library where she worked. She should have been used to his lewd
comments and the uneasy knowledge of how he secretly ogled her as she
went about her duties between the shelves, but there was the ring of
truth about what he’d said that disturbed Danni. It was a strange
feeling almost like a premonition, as if she’d just started a new
chapter in her life.

“Do you really think so?” Danni replied, trying to remain calm and
indifferent to Karl’s question.

“Yes…that’s what I think…” Karl said, his voice still thick with
the inflections of a European accent in spite of his declarations of
having spoken English for years. “It’s why you don’t have a man…you
always dress too conservatively…like an old maid…”

Danni shook her head at the thought. “I’m not an old maid…I’m…”

“How old are you, Danni? You are young! You should dress young!” Karl
waved his arms gregariously.

“I’m only just thirty…” Danni lied, denying five years.

“And soon you’ll be forty…and then fifty…and before you know it,
you’ll be an old maid…” Karl shrugged happily.

“Well…what do you suggest I do, Mr Expert!” Danni laughed, pausing
for a moment before slipping off her shoes to climb to small ladder to
a higher shelf.

“You should get rid of these to start with…” Karl said, gently
catching her ankle and forcing her to stand precariously on one foot
for a second.

“What?” Danni said, slightly alarmed at being touched by the old man.

“These…you should not wear these…they hide your feet!” he said,
suddenly pinching the gossamer fabric at the toe of Danni’s pantihose.

“Karl!” she gasped, astonished that his talon-like fingernails had
poked a hole into the sheer fabric, which rapidly laddered and peeled
back away from her defensively clenched, dainty toes. “You’ve ruined

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to do that,” Karl apologized without releasing
his grip on Danni’s ankle. “I’ll buy you some new ones…”

“It doesn’t matter…” Danni quickly said, knowing she felt uneasy at
the thought of the old man shopping for her underwear. She wriggled
her toes, politely cursing the material which unravelled to her heel.
Danni grumbled as he released his grip on her ankle, the torn
pantihose catching on something on the ladder and trapping her foot
between the top rungs of it.

‘Here…I think it’s stuck,” Karl said. He busied his hands as if
trying to assist, but before Danni could stop him, the shredded fabric
was well and truly hitched up on the step and was tearing up the
inside of her leg.

“Oh no!” Danni moaned as she jerked her leg against the restriction.
“Help me down, please Karl…”

“Careful…” he said, sounding concerned as he placed his hands on her
hips for support as she hopped backwards down the ladder. “You really
look in a bother there!” he chuckled as Danni balanced with one foot
on the bottom rung and the other foot hitched up almost at waist

“It’s not funny, Karl!” Danni blushed, almost laughing herself at the
embarrassing predicament she’d gotten into. “Help me!”

“I think you might have to take them off to get free,” Karl sounded
seriously concerned, but Danni suspected he was thinking less
honorable thoughts.

“I can’t do that!” Danni protested, twisting her leg frantically in an
attempt to escape the thing that had snared her. She realized there
was going to be no other way to free herself, but still she struggled
desperately until it finally seemed pointless to try any more.

“It’s ok…there’s nobody else here…” Karl said, taking a moment to
check around the end of the shelf.

“Typical!” Danni muttered to herself. Her assistant, Jennifer, had
left for lunch only a short while earlier and there was no way to
remain balanced on one leg until she returned. “Ok Karl…can you do
me a favor and go close the front doors?”

“Yes…ok…” Karl said, shuffling quickly away to do as he was asked.

Danni tried jerking her leg clear one last time, listening as Karl
closed and locked the front door of the library before she hopped back
up the ladder. She realized that she should have taken the opportunity
of his brief absence to remove her pantihose and was still struggling
with her hands up under her skirt when he returned. “Karl!” she
squealed with embarrassment when he caught her struggling immodestly
with her pantihose half way down her thighs.

“Let me help you,” he said, rushing to grab hold of the fabric which
had curled into a tight roll just above her knees.

“No! It’s ok, Karl…I can manage!” Danni grumbled helplessly as the
old man wrestled the pantihose down past her knees. It wasn’t just
that he was interferring. Danni could see that her flimsy lace panties
had become entangled in the seat of her pantihose, the cool draft of
the conditioned air in the library make her acutely aware she was
naked under her skirt, but she dared not mention it to Karl and could
only watch nervously as the old man stripped her to her ankles.

“Can you get this foot out now?” Karl asked, helping the blushing
librarian to step out of her pantihose.

“I can manage now, thanks Karl…” Danni said, unable to climb back
down the ladder until Karl finished unhitching the bundle of her
underwear from the loose screw that had caused all the trouble.

“There!” he said, finally tearing the fabric free of the ladder. “I’ll
buy you some new ones, ” he said, turning on his heel and walking
briskly away.

“No Karl!” Danni called after him, unable to convince him it wasn’t
necessary. She clambered down the ladder so quickly that the front of
her dress got caught on exactly the same screw that had snared her
pantihose, leaving her standing on the floor with the front of her
skirt hooked up at waist height. “Oh God!” Danni cursed, exasperated
and terrified that Karl might change his mind and return to catch her
baring her nakedness. Desperately, she fumbled with the hem of her
skirt which was stuck fast on the screw. The weight of her body
pulling against the skirt made it impossible to free the skirt without
damaging it and climbing the ladder again made reaching the screw
difficult if not impossible. Danni stopped for a moment and listened
attentatively for the sound of the library door opening and closing.
Feeling confident that Karl had left the building, she stood on the
tips of her toes and unbuckled her narrow leather belt, slipping it
from around her waist and letting it drop to the floor. Her fingers
trembled as they fidgeted with the buttons of her skirt, unbuttoning
each until she was able to step free of it.

Danni studied the hole in her skirt and the silver head of the screw
which had pierced it. Carefully, she gathered up the woollen skirt and
picked at the tiny hole until it slipped free. Her relief was short
lived. Danni’s heart nearly lept from her mouth when she turned to see
Karl, his steely grey eyes glinting excitedly at the sight of her,
completely naked from the waist down. Danni immediately pressed the
bundle of her skirt defensively against her bushy blonde pubic mound
and stood paralysed for a moment, her face and ears burning with
embarrassment knowing that Karl hadn’t even left the building and had
surely been standing behind her loving every second of the opportunity
to ogle her fleshy, bare backside.

“I think I took these by mistake,” Karl smirked, handing back Danni’s
whispy black panties.

“Um…thanks…” Danni blushed, snatching the panties from Karl and
rushing past him to seek sanctury in the female rest-room. It was
quite a long and humiliating sprint across the floor of the library,
Danni certain that Karl would have been watching from bare behind
wobble provocatively as she ran away from him. Once inside the
rest-room, the trembling librarian closed the door and leaned on it,
panting heavily while she caught her breath. She stood there for a
long minute trying not to think about the embarrassing thing which had
just happened. In a strange way, the anxiety she felt gave way to an
unusually delightful thrill, a thrill which almost made her feint when
she finally looked at the tiny triangles of her panties and realized
Karl had torn the sides out of them, rendering them useless and
forcing her consider the likelihood that he’d confront her later with
the knowledge that she was completely naked beneath her skirt.

Danni stared absently at her reflection in the mirror of the bathroom
wall. She’d never really thought of herself as being attractive in any
sexual kind of way, but there was something definitely arousing about
the sight of her bare shapely hips and thighs spilling out around the
bundled ball of her skirt she was still clutching modestly. The
thought that she had run half naked through the public library in full
view of the strange old man made her feel profoundly embarrassed but
at the same time, the freakish string of events were titilating in the
most unexpected way.

“Are you ok in there?” Karls voice resonated through the wooden door
against Danni’s back.

“Um…yes…” Danni mumbled, half expecting Karl to push his way into
the bathroom. Her head was spinning with confusion. One part of her
felt almost overcome with a desire to expose herself again in front of
the old man to renew the delightful feeling of vulnerability which
waned slightly after entering the bathroom. She stared at the crumpled
bundle of her skirt and silently contemplated what might have happened
if she’d run away from Karl without taking her skirt from the ladder.
She wondered what he must have been thinking outside and knew he would
have had a dream fulfilled by seeing her bare bottom and possibly even
catching a glimpse of her pussy. Gradually, she crept away from the
door, secretly hoping that it would fling open and that Karl would see
her again. There was no way the timid librarian could be so brazen as
to invite him into the room but she glanced at her reflection again
and dropped her skirt, walking away from it as if silently calling for
Karl to catch her in the midst of her perverse daydream. Danni gazed
at the image of her exposed thatch of golden blonde pubes. She lifted
her blouse slowly, curling it’s hem until only her shoulders and
breasts were covered by it and the remainder of her body appeared
completely nude.

“Karl!” she called softly, his name catching like a lump in her
throat. “Karl?” she called again, listening acutely for the sound of
his presence outside the bathroom door. Danni gently caressed her
thighs with her small hands, roaming provocatively over the curved
shapes while otherwise clenching her legs demurely. The feeling of
skin against skin on the insides of her legs was highly arousing, as
was the dreamy fantasy that the hands groping her were Karl’s and that
she was meekly resisting him.

“Karl!” Danni whispered hoarsely, feeling weak with an all consuming
delight. Her hands became more animated, cupping and squeezing the
fleshy orbs of her buttocks before travelling up her body to her
blouse. She avoided looking at her reflection now, knowing that the
twisted look of pleasure on her face was obscene and made her feel
deeply guilty. But she couldn’t stop herself and her spidery fingers
picked at the small pearly buttons of her white cotton blouse, popping
each one open quickly. Her conscience seemed to throb caution as she
hastily stripped out of the blouse and carelessly flung it across the
bathroom floor to join her skirt. “Oh Karl…” she sighed deliriously
as she unhitched her modest bra. The sensation of the elastic snapping
loose around her ribs was like a small electric tingle that alerted
her to the fact she was now totally naked. Danni was too overwhelmed
with sensual excitement to care that her clothes, strewn careless on
the floor of the bathroom, would look a mess when she put them back on
again. It didn’t matter. She wanted to be naked and she wanted Karl to
see her. She called once more.

“Is this the way you want to see me?” Danni started to say as the
bathroom door suddenly opened.

“Danni!” Jennifer’s face was frozen with a shocked look at the sight
of the other librarian standing completely naked in the bathroom.

“Jennifer!” Danni croaked, her hands rushing to cover her nude body.

“What’s going on?” Jennifer asked, her tone demanding answers.

“Nothing…” Danni stammered, diving towards her pile of discarded
clothes on the floor. “Nothing…it was an accident…” she said,
trying to think of an excuse to explain the bizarre surprise.

“What do you mean? An accident?” Jennifer stepped quickly to stand on
Danni’s clothes before she had a chance to retrieve them.

“I don’t know…” Danni was blushing bright red, unable to look up at
her assistant without feeling thoroughly ashamed of herself. She
struggled briefly with her clothes trapped under Jennifer’s foot,
fully aware of the way the young girl must have been looking down on
her. Danni felt crushed by the foolishness mistake she’d made, knowing
there’d never be any reasonable explanation for what had happened. She
glanced past Jennifer’s legs and, as if to slap Danni with a final
indignation, she saw Karl standing in the doorway, grinning like a
schoolboy at her.

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