A girl finds herself in the middle of an erotic dream-world with her best friend
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I knew it was a dream as soon as Zoe opened the door of
her dorm building. She was dressed in calf-high yellow
rain boots and a pink cocktail dress with white polka
dots. Zoe never dresses like that. It really did make
sense, I reasoned. You don’t end up at your best
friend’s dorm forty miles away when last you knew you
were fast asleep in your own home, in your own bed.
Other damning evidence were the couples making out up
and down the dimly lit hall, the disco ball revolving
lazily from its position on the ceiling, the fog
machine (Fog machine? What kind of a dream was this???)
emitting hissing bursts of smoky steam.

I must have looked bemused but Zoe didn’t seem to
notice. She gave me a quick hug, grabbed my hand, and
led me into the tableau. I felt strangely underdressed
in just a tatty pair of jeans and a tee shirt. If this
was some kind of costume party, Zoe should have had the
decency to tell me before I came.

You idiot! I chided myself. You’re dreaming! Dreaming,
right… Wait, dreaming? Shouldn’t I be able to do
whatever I want then? I closed my eyes and tried to
think up a new outfit, but when I opened them again I
was still the same. It seems that although I had free
will in this particular dream, I couldn’t bend the
rules of space and time. I was doomed to Levis.

Anyway, Zoe didn’t seem to care about my costume
deficiency. She was tugging me down the hall, stopping
at each couple and whispering information in my ear. I
learned that Cara was the master of blow jobs,
Stephanie liked anal, Marissa had been known to let her
boyfriend fuck her up against the door of her dorm
room. Apparently the noise of that one kept the entire
building up some nights.

The hallways seemed to go on and on and so did the
stories. Some of what she said didn’t make sense; some
of it was outright laughable. According to her one girl
had “fucked so many different guys, she had to borrow
the dorm building’s first-aid kit.”

I was definitely interested in hearing more about that
one, but Zoe didn’t seem to have more to tell. She had
finally stopped walking, stopped tugging my hand, and
we were in front of a large stained glass window. Never
mind that I knew her building didn’t have anything like
that in the waking world. Right now it was our world,
and in it was a stained glass window. She was silent
now, staring at the refracted image of herself in the
glass. I hovered behind, uncertain of what to say to
fill the suddenly empty void. It occurred to me that I
should ask about her boyfriend. Mark? Matt? Mike?
Dammit, why couldn’t I ever remember his name?

“How’s… Matt?” I guessed, cringing when she raised
her eyebrows in that Zoe-look, that look that says
“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You mean Jeff?”

Darn. “Right, Jeff. I’m sorry Zoe; you know how I have
trouble with names.”

She shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter, it’s over. He
didn’t want me because he liked who I was; he wanted me
because he thought I was like those other girls we just
passed. Empty-headed, slutty, and always ready to ‘have
a good time,’ as he put it.”

“Oh, Zo…” I gave her a hug, wrapping my arms around
her and putting my chin against the hollow of her neck.
“You don’t deserve that. I’m sorry for the pain it
caused, but I’m glad it’s over if he was treating you
like that.”

She shook her head, and though I couldn’t see her face,
I knew she was dangerously close to tears. “That’s the
thing though Katie. I don’t actually blame him. I’ve
sorta been a slut this past year, so what should I
expect? Remember when I joked to you that I was a
whore? Well, it wasn’t completely untrue.”

I stood silent for a minute, rubbing her arms as I
thought of what to say next. “Zoe,” I began slowly,
“You’re not a whore or a slut.” She made to protest but
I shushed her. “You’re not. I know you slept with a few
guys last year, but I also know that you did that
because you were hoping for something deeper from them.
You wanted their love, and thought that if you gave
them what they wanted, they would return the favor.
Girls do that all the time Zoe. Guys at this age are
just looking for something different than we are.”

I felt her absorb my words, felt her absorb the truth
in them, and I could almost see the anxiety and guilt
lifting off her shoulders as if it had been a physical
weight. She leaned against me and I hugged her tighter,
hoping against hope that she would also absorb some of
the love I had for her, that she would no longer feel
as lost and alone as I had once. We stayed that way for
a few minutes, and she was breathing so deeply and so
evenly I thought she must be asleep.

Hesitantly, I let my hands wander up and down her front
until they came to rest on her breasts. I had never
told her how I felt; the curiosity I had for the female
form and hers in particular. I wasn’t in love with her,
this wasn’t a “run away into the sunset and live
happily ever after” sort of feeling. I just desperately
wanted to touch her once, everywhere. To not be
restricted by the bounds of decorum, by the dictates of
society and the rules of what is and is not acceptable
to do to your best friend.

Lost in thought, I almost jumped a mile when she asked,
“What are you doing?” My hands came off her breasts as
if they were poisonous and I took a healthy step
backwards, stammering my apologies. She turned to face
me and that Zoe-look was on her face again, that “what
the hell?” stare that I usually found comical. This
time I thought it meant I would have to turn in my
“best friend” badge.

“I’m so sorry Zoe,” I tried lamely. “I just completely
forgot myself. I… I wasn’t thinking I guess.” Right,
how stupid can you get? But what she said next
completely rearranged my world.

“It’s okay Katie, calm down. I’ve actually been sort of
wondering what it might feel like to let a girl do

I was nonplussed. “Really?”

Zoe blushed a little but nodded. “Yeah, I just thought
it might be better than some of the other experiences
I’ve had. I always wondered if a girl would know better
what to do, where to touch than a guy would. I mean, it
stands to reason a girl would understand another girl’s
body, don’t you think?”

I was completely staggered. What she was asking was so
close to what I had always wanted that I wasn’t even
sure what to say. What was the best way to agree with
her without giving away that what she was suggesting
was the very thing I had been longing to do with her
and her alone?

“Yes,” I agreed slowly, “I think a girl would have a
physical advantage over a guy, if only because she has
the same body and knows what turns her on, does that
make any sense?” I felt like a total idiot, like my
stumbling response had cost me the only chance I had,
but Zoe looked relieved.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. A girl would

“Right,” I agreed, “So…”

We both stood there facing each other, two friends who
had unexpectedly seen eye to eye on something neither
of us had thought the other would understand. However,
it was obvious that both of us didn’t quite know what
to do next.

Zoe attempted to take charge first. “Why don’t we go to
my dorm room? There’s a bed in there, so that would
make things more comfortable…” she trailed off and
shrugged helplessly, apparently not wanting to put into
words why a bed would be better. I saw that if we were
going to get anywhere with this I needed to take
control, pronto.

I offered my hand and she took it almost shyly. I led
her out of the room with the stained glass window and
into the now empty hallway. Obviously the other couples
had moved on, there was nobody in sight and somebody
had turned off the fog machine, though the disco ball
was still revolving silently.

I found her dorm room with relative ease and stood back
to let her unlock the door. Her three roommates were
absent, a rare stroke of luck considering I had never
liked them and their presence tonight would have made
what I intended to do difficult if not impossible.

Zoe’s room was a mess as usual but I wisely didn’t
comment as she shut the door behind me. I think we both
sensed this was it, the point of no return. I sat on
the bed and patted the spot beside me. “Come here Zo.”

She kicked off the yellow rain boots and sat cross-
legged beside me. “Now what?” she asked nervously.

“I think we should start with what I was doing before,
and just see where things go. Is that all right?”

She nodded and I brought my hand to her breast, lightly
cupping it. I could feel her tense a little so I just
stayed still, letting her relax slowly until I could
feel her leaning towards me. I applied a little more
pressure and began to rub her gently as she sighed and
wriggled a little.

I let my other hand rest on her leg, and when she
didn’t protest I slid it further up, brushing my
fingers against her lower thigh under the hem of her
skirt. We were both breathing heavier at this stage and
my pussy was throbbing almost painfully. Zoe’s must
have been in a similar condition because she reached
behind herself and unzipped the back of her dress. With
my help it was discarded on the floor in a matter of
moments and she was left in an adorable frilly green
bra and green and white striped panties that were
easily a size too small.

She looked so pretty that I just had to kiss her. She
seemed startled at first, but melted into it as I
maneuvered her down to the pillows. It was a relatively
chaste kiss. Closed lips, no tongues or slobber, just
what I hoped was a gentle show of love and respect for
who she was.

Eventually I broke the kiss and looked down at her now
prone body. As cute as it was, that frilly green bra
just had to go. I should mention at this point that Zoe
has always been a bit of a show-off. I can’t even count
how many times she has come out of a room dressed in
next to nothing and asked risqué questions about how
her ass looked in this pair of panties or whether or
not I thought her pussy should be shaved or just
trimmed a bit.

Needless to say I’ve also seen her topless quite a few
times, she usually has absolutely no embarrassment in
changing during a sleep-over or even at being naked in
the public showers at the rec. center. However, there
is a huge difference between catching glimpses of your
friend’s nipples and being allowed to take off her bra
with the intent of sexually molesting them.

I could feel my heart stuttering in my chest as Zoe
pulled the bra over her head and tossed it to the
floor, then leaned back on the pillows again, giggling
nervously. For a second all I could do was look at her
small breasts as she reclined, awaiting my touch. Her
nipples were so pretty, a little bigger than mine
(though my breasts are larger than hers) and light
brown in color; I couldn’t help but notice that they
were very erect. My hand trembled as I traced a finger
around one of them, loving the way she closed her eyes
and moaned softly.

Encouraged by her response, I cupped her breast more
fully, letting my hand pass over her nipple as I rubbed
softly. Inspiration struck me and licking my fingers I
traced them over her nipple in small circles that
spiraled outwards as she jerked against my hand. Unable
to take it anymore I leaned down and took the wet
nipple in my mouth, sucking gently. It was so nice,
better than I could have ever imagined as she put her
hand on the back of my head and pressed my face to her

Still licking and sucking her nipples, I could feel her
legs spreading and I took the invitation to begin
exploring her still panty-clad pussy. As I indented the
soft material between her lips I could feel the
moisture on the cotton. I rubbed the front of her pussy
lips methodically, starting at the bottom and gaining
pressure as I moved my hand upwards. It was the way I
liked to be rubbed, and if the constant whimpering was
anything to go by, it worked for her too.

I was desperate at this stage to see her pussy, so I
gently removed her hand from the back of my head and
placed it on her right breast. With a final lick to her
left nipple I slowly moved down her body, kissing and
licking my way over her stomach, past her thighs, and
to the front of her pussy. I paused for a moment, just
long enough for her to start to squirm urgently, and
then kissed the front of her panties… hard. Her
reaction was almost violent and I had to place a
restraining hand on her leg lest she accidentally kick
me. With my free hand I grabbed the elastic band on the
top of her panties and pulled them down. She helped me
get them over her bottom and kicked them off so that
they rested somewhere at the end of the bed, no doubt
mixed in with the covers and the rest of the dirty
clothes scattered there.

As much as I wanted to stare at her naked pussy, I
sensed that that much undivided attention would make
her uncomfortable, so I kissed her again and lightly
put my fingers at the start of her pubic hair. I could
tell from a few exploratory rubs that she had shaved it
to a neat little triangle that ended just where her
pussy lips began, and cupping my hand against them I
gently slid a finger up its length.

She was moaning again, and I let my fingers slip
between her lips. The moisture there was incredible,
and as I found her opening and gently inserted one of
my fingers, I was staggered by how warm and tight she
was. It was the same sort of feeling as masturbation,
in fact the tight confines of her pussy felt extremely
similar to my own, but at the same time it was a
completely different experience. I was doing it
primarily for her pleasure, not mine.

Keeping my middle finger embedded in that tight space,
I used my index finger to begin a gentle stimulation of
the area around her clit. I knew from my own personal
experience that too much direct contact on the clit can
be very painful, so I stuck to either side of it,
rubbing little circles methodically closer, but not
touching that sensitive little nub. Zoe was completely
losing it now, and began to move her hips from side to
side, trying to make contact with my fingers.

A fine sheen of sweat had broken out on her body, and I
stared in awe as she rubbed her own breasts in near
complete abandon. My finger got ever closer to her clit
as I moved my other finger in and out of her pussy,
waiting until I knew she couldn’t take much more.
Giving in I placed my finger directly on her clit and
rubbed hard once as I thrust my middle finger to the
hilt inside her.

As I watched her come I wondered if I looked similar.
Could my face really have that expression of complete
satisfaction? Did my body really arch that much
upwards? She shook with each wave that coursed through
her body, and I understood completely what she was
feeling. As good as a guy is, as much as he knows about
the female body’s wants and needs, he could never
really understand what happens during a girl’s orgasm.
I knew what was happening to Zoe, and when her eyes met
mine it was clear that she understood that, and that
she knew what it was like for me, too.

As she came down from her high I reluctantly removed my
hand from her pussy and cuddled up next to her, my face
buried in her sweet-smelling hair, my arm wrapped
protectively around her stomach. I could feel her
breathing eventually slow, could tell when her body
finally completely relaxed and she was able to regain
control of herself. She turned in my arms and hugged me
tight. “Thank you Katie. That was…”

“Incredible?” I teased gently.

She nodded seriously. “Yes actually, it was. I can’t
even describe how it was different to any of my
boyfriends. I know this sounds weird, but it was like
there was two of me, and the second me knew exactly
what I wanted. Does that make any sense?”

It was the second time that evening that that question
had been asked, and just as before, the response was
“Yes, I know exactly what you mean.”

Zoe smiled at me, then frowned. “Hey, this is so
totally unfair. I’m completely naked and you’re still
all the way dressed. How did that ever happen?”

I shrugged, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. “I wanted
that session to be about you. You needed that just
then. I didn’t. I wanted it, would have loved it I’m
pretty sure, but you’re the one that needed it tonight.
And Zoe, giving that gift to you is all I’ve ever
really wanted anyway.”

I wasn’t expecting her to kiss me, but she did. As I
closed my eyes and let her, a fog seemed to descend on
my mind, making everything seem blurry and far away.
The last thing I was aware of was her hand gently
cupping my breast.

I jerked awake in my own house, in my own room, and,
unfortunately, my own bed. Even knowing it had been a
dream, I felt incredibly disappointed that it wasn’t
real, that I hadn’t really spent the night in Zoe’s
dorm. My pussy was throbbing and I rubbed it gently
through the front of my panties. I was incredibly wet,
so I pushed the material to one side and began the same
slow and methodic circles I had been doing to Zoe in
the dream. As I rubbed harder, getting closer and
closer to my clit, I imagined it was Zoe’s fingers
touching me, Zoe’s hand now rubbing my breast through
my night-shirt.

My cell-phone rang and the unexpected noise made me
jerk my hand, bringing my fingers in direct contact
with my throbbing clitoris. I came, bucking slightly as
the waves of pleasure radiated outwards from my pussy,
not stopping until they reached my fingertips. There
was nothing I could do, no way to answer the phone
until those maddeningly pleasurable waves stopped and
sanity resurfaced.

Two minutes later I managed to roll out of bed and
retrieve my phone by where it had been hiding under the
desk. I flipped it open and looked dumbfounded at the
missed call. “Zoe.” I checked the time as I hit the
redial button. Wasn’t nine a.m. about seven hours
earlier than Zoe usually managed to wake herself up?

“Hello?” came an almost breathless Zoe from the other
end of the line.

“Hey Zo, it’s me. Sorry I missed your call, I was…
asleep.” No way was I going to tell her I had been
masturbating while fantasizing about her.

“Yeah, I was asleep too. That’s actually why I called.
Katie, I had the strangest dream last night… um, do
you think you could come over today?”

I glanced over at the wall calendar. Saturday. “Yeah…
yeah Zoe, I’ll be there in an hour.” I hung up the
phone and began pulling on my faded Levi’s.

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