College Life – TGIF
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For the next two days Ryan was on pens and needles. This is worse than
waiting for Christmas, he thought to himself. Still, the presents are well
worth the wait.

Ryan had given a lot of thought to what he was going to do. He knew that if
he weren’t careful, the changes he was thinking about for his roommates
would bring a lot of unwanted attention. He wanted to keep this quiet and
for a very select audience.

Friday, during class, Ryan could barely concentrate. At the end of his last
class he practically bolted out of the door and raced home. As he entered
the house he could tell he was the first one back. He wanted to catch Jason
and Dan before they went out for the evening. It was about 4pm, so he knew
they should both be getting home soon.

It was remarkable how profound his few simple commands had changed his two
roommates. The moment they got home Thursday, they both changed into their
jockstraps and spent the rest of the day that way. To them, it was totally
natural and completely comfortable. For Ryan it was beyond a dream come
true. He knew that this was just the beginning. After their mid-term, he’d
be able to finally live out his hottest fantasy.

Ryan went upstairs and tried to keep his composure. His cock knew what was
going to happen and was already starting to get hard. Ryan took a deep
breath and tried to concentrate on cold showers, anything really to keep the
bulge from becoming noticeable. So close.can’t give the game away with a
hard-on, Ryan laughed to himself. Downstairs, he heard Jason and Dan come
in and head for their rooms to change.

After ten minutes or so he could hear them both in the kitchen. He grabbed
a piece of notebook paper sitting on his desk and walked downstairs, trying
to act nonchalant.

“Hey Guys!” He said. “How’d the test go?”

Both were back, wearing nothing but their jock straps again. Neither noticed
Ryan checking them out.

“Dude, it was amazing! It was the hardest test, but I think we aced it!”
said Jason.

“Yeah, all that studying really paid off this time!” Dan said.

“Going to go out and celebrate tonight?” asked Ryan.

“I think so. We don’t have anything planned yet. Want to come with?” asked

“Sure,” said Ryan. “You’re not leaving for a while are you?”

“No, probably not till later tonight.” Dan said, looking at Jason for

“Cool. How about some of that sports drink to get your energy up for it?”
asked Ryan.

“Hey thanks, that’d be great,” said Jason.

“That stuff is great!” Dan said at the same time.

Ryan poured two glasses and handed them to the two studs. Both immediately
drank the entire glass.

“Don’t you want any?” asked Jason as he wiped some spilled ‘sports drink’
off his chin.

“Uh, I just had some.” Ryan quickly thought up. “Want to go in the living
room and watch TV? Or, do you have to study?” he asked jokingly.

“No way man! I’m not studying on a Friday after a week like this,” said

“Me either!” said Jason as he ran into the living room to grab the remote.
“First dibs!”

“No way, dude, it’s my TV,” said Dan as he followed.

Ryan checked his watch as he followed them both in. Jason and Dan were both
on the couch. He sat down in the recliner, watching his studly roommates
fight over the remote. Since it was Dan’s TV, he ended up with the remote.
After a few minutes of channel surfing, Ryan started to notice they hadn’t
said much and their eyes were getting a slightly glazed look. He checked
his watch. Time to start the show, he thought to himself.

“Stop channel surfing, Dan.”

Neither roommate said anything, but Dan stopped surfing. Both were gazing
at the TV.

“Turn off the TV,” he said. He didn’t want some advertisement to
inadvertently program these two hot studs. The TV clicked off. Both
continued gazing at the screen.

Ryan pulled out the piece of paper he’d grabbed on the way down. He took a
deep breath and started reading it out loud, slowly.

Looking directly at the two on the couch he said, “Dan. Jason. You want to
listen to me very closely. I’m going to tell you the most important thing
you’ve ever heard.”

Both studs stopped looking at the black TV screen and turned to him.

“I have given you both a drug which makes you completely programmable.”

“Programmable?” mumbled Dan.

Both studs looked like they were mentally struggling with this and were
trying to think about this, so Ryan quickly continued.

“You enjoy being programmed by me,” Ryan read.

“Enjoy being programmed,” said Jason with a small smile.

“You are both my slaves,” he continued to read. “You consider yourselves my
property. This is right and good.”

“You feel good about obeying me. You cannot disobey.”

“Cannot disobey,” both studs mumbled.

“When you obey you will feel erotic pleasure.”

“You are proud to be my slaves. You want others to be my slaves. You will
help me control others. People controlled by me are trusted. You must be
cautious around people not controlled by me.”

“I am your Master. When we are alone you will refer to me as Master or Sir.
When you are with outsiders you will not let them know you are my slaves
unless I specifically order it.”

“You both find men physically and sexually attractive, especially your
Master. You love having sex with men. Slaves are meant to sexually please
their Master. You love getting fucked. Being fucked by your Master is the
most pleasurable experience ever. You will only have sex with your master or
other slaves. You will only have sex with your Master’s permission. When
you have sex with your Master you will only cum when told.”

Both new slaves repeated back what Ryan told them. Ryan didn’t want to make
the programming too complex and he was running out of time so he moved on to
the last few commands.

“You both eat healthy and keep physically fit for your Master.”

“You will notify your Master if you have any questions or problems.”

“When you wake up, you will know that you have been changed. You will feel
good about being changed. You will look forward to any more changes I wish
to make in you.”

“When I next say ‘NOW’ you will both fall asleep. You will wake up when I
tell you to.”

“NOW,” said Ryan.

Both boys’ eyes’ closed as they slumped down on the couch. Ryan decided to
let them sleep for bit to make sure all of the drug was out of their system.
He got up for a drink of water and a quick trip to the bathroom. When he
got back a few minutes later both boys were still asleep. Ryan glanced at
his watch and decided enough time had passed.

He stood in front of them and said, “Wake up boys!”

Both opened their eyes and looked at him. For a split second there was a
look of confusion in their eyes and then big smiles.

“Master?” Jason asked

“How can we help you, Sir?” asked Dan

“How do you feel, Jason?” Ryan asked.

“Wonderful, Master!”

“And you, Dan?”

“Great, Master!”

“Do you understand what I’ve done to you both?” he asked.

“You’ve made us your slaves, Sir,” answered Dan with a smile.

“How do you feel about it?” he asked Jason.

“Great, Sir! I love being your slave, Master.”

Seems like the programming worked perfectly. They know they’ve been
changed, but are perfectly happy, Ryan smiled to himself.

“Stand up boys,” he commanded.

Both slaves stood up and then let out slight gasps once they were on their

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked, suddenly concerned.

“Nothing, Master. It just felt amazing when I obeyed your command, Sir,”
answered Jason.

Ryan noticed that their jock straps were bulging a little bit more than
usual and they were looking at him in a much more sexual way. Ryan’s cock
was almost bursting by this time so he decided to really put the two through
their paces.

“Strip down, boys. Stand at attention.” he commanded.

“Yes, SIR!” both slaves answered as they rushed to obey.

In moments the jock straps had been thrown off and they were standing ramrod
straight, eyes locked forward. Both studs were semi hard, ready for

Ryan walked around his new slaves, examining every inch of their bodies. He
wanted to enjoy every second of this.

He slowly ran his hands along Dan’s firm pecs and examined his slowly
thickening cock. “Get hard for me, slave.”

In moments Dan’s cock was standing at attention as well. 7 �” of thick cut
cock stuck out from his blond pubes. Ryan couldn’t resist a feel. Dan
gasped. Ryan felt the hot pulsing prick as he looked into his newest slaves
‘ eyes. Nothing but obedience and pleasure looked back at him. With a
final grasp of Dan’s lightly furred balls he turned to Jason.

As commanded, Jason was still at attention. Eyes locked in front of him.
Ryan ran his hands along Jason’s rippled abs and looked at what had been
hidden in the jock strap. Semi-hard, it was already 8″ with a set of balls
that looked like they wouldn’t be out of place on a bull. “You too, get
hard slave.”

Also cut, Jason turned out to have a 9 �” cock when fully hard. Ryan gave
it a few slow strokes while watching Jason’s eyes. Just like Dan, nothing
but devotion and obedience looked back at him.

“Have either of you had sex with men before?” asked Ryan.

“No, Sir.” Answered both his slaves.

Ryan smiled and said, “Help me undress.”

Instantly both his slaves where by his side. Jason helped him take off his
shirt as Dan knelt at his feet untying his shoes. In moments Ryan felt hands
at his belt buckle and then opening the fly of his 501’s. Hands pulled his
jeans down and he stepped out of them wearing only his underwear.

“May I, Master?” asked Jason, looking at his growing bulge.

Ryan nodded and felt his underwear being pulled off and his hard cock spring
free. Both slaves looked at him with lust in their eyes.

Dan was still kneeling in front of him, eye level with Ryan’s cock, waiting.
Noticing this, Jason knelt in front of Ryan as well. Both of them looked up
at him.

Ryan grabbed the back of Dan’s head and pulled him toward his cock. Dan’s
mouth was open instantly as he let himself be guided down. A look of pure
bliss passed across his face as he took all of Ryan in his mouth. Slowly he
began to suck.

Ryan could feel Dan’s tongue moving over his cock, exploring. For a
first-timer, Dan was doing pretty well. “Careful with the teeth,” Ryan

Dan nodded and continued his work.

After a few minutes Ryan gently pushed him off his cock and turned slightly
to face Jason, still kneeling obediently. Ryan grabbed the back of his head
and slowly pulled his head down to his slick cock. Not needing any further
encouragement, Jason practically inhaled his Master’s cock. He had
obviously been watching Dan’s performance closely. He immediately tried to
deep throat Ryan and choked a bit.

“Take your time, boy.” Said Ryan.

Turning his head toward Dan, he said, “Suck Jason off.”

He watched as Dan struggled to fit Jason’s huge stiff cock in his mouth.
After a moment, he was down as far as he could go and began bobbing up and
down, moaning with desire.

Quickly Ryan felt himself getting close so he pushed Jason off his cock.
Slightly disappointed, Jason looked up at him, spit covering his chin. Dan
stopped as well. “Go get some lube.” Ryan told Jason. The slave went to
Ryan’s room and grabbed it from the place he had been told it was stored.
Hurrying back, he saw Dan gently sucking on his Master’s balls.

“Here it is, Sir.”

“Both of you on all fours.” Ordered Ryan.

In moments both slaves were on their hands and knees in front of Ryan.
Moving behind the, Ryan nudged their legs wider apart. Instantly, both
slaves spread their legs a bit farther, to comply with their Masters’
unspoken desire.

Ryan looked down on the two hot studs, totally under his control. Both
blond boys were still completely stiff. Ryan loved looking at their tight
assholes, balls hanging down. His slaves were completely exposed and ready
for him.

Opening the bottle of lube, Ryan poured some out into his hand. Slowly,
enjoying every sensation, he began to rub the lube over Dan’s tight asshole.
Dan let out a moan of pleasure as he felt his Masters’ hand touch him where
nobody had ever touched him before. Ryan massaged the outside of his slave’
s hole until the lube was evenly distributed and then slowly stuck his
slippery ring finger in. Dan gasped and Ryan felt his hole clench up.
“Relax, boy.” He said. Moving his finger in and out a few times, he could
feel Dan begin to loosen up so he lubed up his cock and pressed the head
against his slave’s hole. Realizing his Master was about to fuck him, Dan
began pushing against the cock, eager to have it deep inside him. This time
it was Ryan who gasped as he felt his slaves hot fuck hole slowly take his
cock. Once he was in to the hilt he stayed there, letting his slave get used
to it.

“How does it feel, Dan?”

“It hurts a bit, Sir, but mostly it feels FANTASTIC!” his slave moaned.

As the pain quickly went away, Dan began fucking himself on his Master’s
cock. Not wanting Jason to feel left out, Ryan reached over and began
lubing his other slave. Now Jason could feel what Dan had. He couldn’t
believe how amazing it felt to have his Master grease him up. Ryan began
pistoning in and out of Dan while fingering Jason at the same time. After a
few minutes he pulled out of Dan and slowly entered Jason.

“Dan, on your back and suck Jason off as I fuck him.” Ordered Ryan. “Stroke
yourself off while you blow him.”

Jason was in heaven as his friend latched onto his thick cock and began
working it for all it was worth. As his Master began fucking him like a
machine, all three could feel themselves getting close. The moans increased
in volume and Ryan could feel his balls tighten up as he stepped up the
pace. Slamming his cock into Jason he felt the orgasm begin to wash over
him so he yelled, “Fuck yeah! Cumming boys. Shoot your load, now!”

Shooting his load up Jason’s ass, he could feel it as his slave blew his
load in Dan’s mouth. Dan worked his cock furiously as he choked a bit on
all the cum his friend was producing and then he too was shooting his load.
Dan shot so hard, his cum hit Jason and Ryan. Jason felt Dan swallow his
last shot and then gently release his cock, licking his lips. Ryan pulled
out of his slave and said, “Good job, boys!”

Both slaves smiled at the praise.

“Let’s go get cleaned up,” Ryan said as he led them to the shower.

Later that evening, after Ryan had told his slaves about the strange man and
the mind-control drug, Dan said, “I have an idea, Master. I know a perfect
way to get more hot slaves to serve you.”

As Dan began explaining his plan, Ryan smiled and though, Just when I
thought it couldn’t get any more perfect.

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