A TS Cinderella Story
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“Wanna hear something really funny?” I asked Mike, looking at him
over my fourth rum and coke.

“What’s that?” he smiled at me, shuffling a deck of cards just to
keep his hands busy while we talked. He’d been teaching me how to play
cribbage and I’d been losing.

“I never knew Evelyn’s last name,” I said. “Isn’t that weird?”

Mike sighed softly and put the cards down, reaching for his own

“I didn’t know until I read her obituary this morning.” I laughed
unhappily. “Kwan. That was her name. Evelyn Kwan.”

“Are you okay?” Mike looked at me.

“Sorta,” I shrugged. “No. I didn’t cry today, that’s something.

“Yeah.” Mike nodded.

“I asked her to marry me,” I told him. “Bet you didn’t know that.”


“I didn’t really ask her, but…” I took a swallow of rum with a
grimace, “…I gave her the ring.”

Mike nodded.

“She knew what it meant.” I drank what was left in my glass.

We were quiet for awhile and Mike poured some more rum for both of
us, killing the bottle, but the Coke cans were all empty. 

“You never told me about that pimp,” I said, feeling uncomfortable
with the silence and knowing it was my fault.

“What pimp?” Mike asked so seriously that I had to laugh.

“The guy with the tooth,” I said. “The night we met. The one you…
you know.”

“Oh.” Mike nodded.

“You didn’t do it just because he had a gun…” I looked at him, “…
did you?”

“The truth?”

“Yeah,” I grinned at him. “What else? We’re drinking here.”

“I was looking for him,” Mike said. “That little walk we took, I
knew he was around.”

“You knew you were going to kill him?”

“More or less,” Mike nodded.

“Why? What did he do to you?”

“He was running some girls,” Mike said. “Some kids out of my old
neighborhood. This guy I know, uh…Frankie. He called me up, asked me
to do the neighborhood a favor.”

“This guy called you up and asked you to kill someone?” I gave
Mike a look of disbelief. “Come on. What really happened?”

“No, no…” Mike took a swallow of his drink. “I grew up on Mulberry
Street. Little Italy. It’s all cops and robbers there.”

“I don’t understand.” I took a deep breath and grabbed my tits in
my halter, because it was feeling tight. My nipples were popping too,
but they were always hard anyway.

“Uhhh…” Mike grinned at me and I rolled my eyes. “What were we
talking about?”

“Cops and robbers,” I sighed and pointed at my nose. “Hey
Detective, I’m up here.”

“Yeah,” Mike chuckled and lifted his eyes. “You heard of the
Mafia, right?”

“You’re in the Mafia now?” I giggled and twirled my drink.

“No,” Mike shook his head. “Nothing like that. The Mafia is…Well,
it’s not what it used to be. But there’s still families and crews and
guys running the neighborhoods.”

“Yeah?” I shrugged. “So this friend of yours…What’s his name?”


“Right,” I said. “This Frankie is a Mafia guy?”

“Mmmm…” Mike lowered his voice, leaning across the kitchen table.
“You mean just between you and me?”


“No. He’s just a guy who likes his pasta.”

“Heh!” I stuck my tongue out. “You liar!”

“Anyway, Goldy was running these girls, like twelve, thirteen
years old, even younger maybe,” Mike explained. “He’d get them high
and deliver them to assholes who want that kind of thing.”

“How’d he find them?”

“Shelters mostly,” Mike shrugged. “Runaways, crack kids, I dunno.
It was bad for the neighborhood, that’s the bottom line.”

“So the neighborhood asked you to take care of it.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Frankie knew we had a history. I wasn’t gonna
say no.”

“What history?”

“The old kind,” Mike said with a chuckle. “I busted Goldy a couple
times way back when, even got him sent up for a year or two, but he
kept coming back.”

“And you knew he was going to find us fucking on his car?” I shook
my head. “Or was that just luck?”

“I didn’t plan that,” Mike smiled at me kinda sheepishly.

“I did,” I giggled. “Anyway…So? But you planned the other thing,

“Well, it wasn’t very lucky for him was it?” Mike said, returning
to my original question, and that was all the answer I was going to


“What?” Mike looked at me.

“How much do I owe you?” I asked him, swallowing the last of my
Bacardi with one big gulp and making a face as it burned all the way

“Uh, with that last skunk?” Mike scratched his head. “I dunno.
That’s a lot of math for the middle of the night. Eight bucks?”

“Hmph,” I snorted. “I’ll cut you for it.”

“I think it’s past your bedtime, Cindy,” Mike said with a grin.
“I’m gonna get out of here.”

“No, come on,” I insisted, picking up the cards. “If I win, I
don’t owe you anything.”

“What if I win?” Mike asked me.

“Well…” I bit my bottom lip. “I was thinking, uh…you could spend
the night. Maybe.”

“Oh.” Mike narrowed his eyes.

“But if you don’t want to…” I giggled nervously.

“I think that depends on you,” he said much too seriously.

“It depends on the cards,” I grinned at him, shuffling the deck
while I watched his face.

“Okay,” Mike agreed.

“I gotta warn ya though…” I slapped the deck down on the kitchen
table with a grin. “I’m feeling lucky, Mike. Cut.”

Mike pulled away half the deck, hiding the bottom card from both
of us. I made a little face and pulled off the card on top of what was
left and looked at it.

“Ohhhh…Can you beat this?” I asked Mike with a giggle, showing him
the jack of diamonds.

“Do I have to?” he asked me in reply, giving me those deep blue
eyes of his and I wanted to say no, but…

“You do if you want me to cook you breakfast in the morning!” I

“When did you learn to cook?”

“Hey,” I made a face at him, “I got a TV you know.”

“In that case…” Mike turned over the half-deck in his hand. “Queen
of hearts.”

“You cheated!” I gasped and then laughed at the smile on his face.

Mike followed me into the bedroom slowly, watching me as I pulled
off my halter along the way. That was the first thing to go and I was
glad to be rid of it. I think the rum was making my tits grow, or else
I was pretty buzzed, that could’ve been it too. Either way, I pulled
my top over my head and giggled at the man as I tossed it to him. Mike
shook his head, smiling as he watched me walking backwards with my big
boobs riding firm and proud and perfect. 

After almost two weeks of being Cindy, I didn’t even think about
it anymore. I mean, I was finally used to myself and how I looked, and
how other people saw me. I untied my shorts, some loose fitting gym
shorts that were insanely comfortable. The garter was all stretched
out and the string barely held them up anyway. I finally gave up and
just pushed them down my thighs, kicking them in Mike’s direction with
a grin.

I posed for him then, just because I was a little drunk. I had to
be or I would have kissed Mike goodnight for the tenth time in a row
and cried myself to sleep. I was tired of crying and even though I
knew I’d feel guilty in the morning, I needed someone to love me

“Do I look okay?” I asked Mike playfully, standing hands on hips
in my lace panties. 

“Yeah,” Mike breathed. “You look pretty okay from here, Cindy.”

“Hmmm…” I smiled at that, knowing I looked good enough to be the
Victoria’s Secret centerfold. With my girlish cock and small pink
balls carefully hidden away, there was nothing about my body that
didn’t scream female. 

“You should be a model,” Mike decided and he was more than happy
just to stand there and look at me for a minute.

I gave him a small shrug. “That’s what everybody says.”

“Everybody’s right. You should look into it.”

“You’ve been drinking,” I giggled. “Do you think I’d look better
as a blonde?”

Mike watched me lift my arms, digging my fingers into my wild mane
of raven hair. “I can’t even imagine it,” he told me. “No. You’re
perfect just like that.”

“Heh!” I rolled my eyes. “Everyone says that too. Come on, be
original, Mike!”

“What can I say?” he sighed. “It’s all true.”

“You’re a lawyer, right?” I reached down to play with my soft cock
through my thin white panties. “Lie to me.”

“Never,” he promised with a shake of his head.

“That’s a long time,” I said and my penis was growing hard
quickly, pressing outward against the satin. I kept playing with it,
just to see how Mike would react. I kept it covered, but only barely,
pushing my penis down and to the side, feeling it straining eagerly
for release.

“Forever is a long time,” he answered, putting my clothes on the
chair near the bed without taking his eyes off me. “Never is the
absence of time.”

“What?” I stared at him. “I said lie to me, not confuse me.”

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” Mike breathed, and I could see him
forgetting everything else in the world but me.

“All of me?” I asked him softly, spreading my fingers around my
cock, letting it stretch my panties towards him.

“Yeah,” he swallowed hard and I giggled, licking my lips and
sitting on my bed.

“Don’t worry, Mike…” I whispered, reaching for his belt and
tugging the man closer. “I know you’re not gay.”

“I wasn’t worried about it,” he said, staring at my fingers as I
undid his trousers.

“Yeah?” I looked up at him.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Mike told me

“They’re gonna put my picture in the dictionary if you keep saying
that,” I laughed.

“They should,” he chuckled. “It would be a best seller.”

“Ohhhh…” I looked up at him. “Shoulda saved that line for the back
of your daddy’s car, boyfriend.”

“Is that what I am?” Mike asked me and I was pulling his manhood
free, letting his trousers fall carelessly down his legs. “Your
boyfriend, Cindy?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed, holding Mike’s cock in both hands and
licking my lips. “Let me think about it.”

“Ohhh yeah…” Mike nodded, finding my hair with his fingers as I
opened for his thick cock. He was long and hard and I took him into my
mouth slowly, stretching my pouting, bee stung lips around the shaft.
My tongue wriggled beneath him, the tip fluttering against the
sensitive glans as I held him there. I was going to make it good for
him. The best blowjob he’d ever had in his life.

We’d been waiting for this, me as much as him, and now we were
doing it. Evelyn was still inside my head, still in my heart like
always, but I was able to let my guilt go. I’d had enough rum to put
the girl to sleep and I’d worry over what I was doing in the morning.
For now I wanted to make love to the man who was protecting me. The
man who loved me and was spending all his energy trying to save me.

Mike undressed while I worked on his cock, stroking him with my
hands while I kissed and licked at the head. I enjoyed holding just
that much of him between my lips and using my tongue to tickle and
tease the sensitive underside. I flicked the tip of my tongue across
it quickly, moving my left hand down to cradle Mike’s large balls
nestled in his hairy scrotum. The man was big all over and I loved
that about him, the size of his cock, the way his balls filled my
hand, and especially how Mike seemed larger than life as stood in
front of me.

Once his shirt was off and his pants kicked off his feet, Mike’s
fingers returned to my hair. I gave him control willingly, moaning
around his cock as Mike pulled my mouth further down the shaft. He was
gentle, but insistent, and this was what I desired. A man to take
charge of me and show me what he wanted. Mike pushed with his hips,
making me gag weakly as his cock filled my mouth completely. He was
thick and his cockhead seemed too large for what we both needed, but
my fairy godmother had taught me well and soon I was swallowing Mike’s
cock into my tight throat.

“Christ,” Mike breathed, watching as every inch of him disappeared
between my taut lips. I held him there as long as I could, impaled on
the man’s generous cock until I had to back off slowly, fisting Mike’s
wet cock while I drank cool air into my lungs. Spit and precum ran
from my lips, down my chin and neck. My tits were wet with it and I
giggled breathlessly as I lifted my body and brought Mike’s cock to my
right nipple.

“I love your cock,” I told him in a soft, husky voice, rubbing the
glans over and around my fat nipple. 

“I love you,” Mike said and he surprised me, bending over to kiss
me deeply while his strong, calloused hands held my face. His tongue
filled the place his cock had so recently been and I sucked on it
greedily, playing my own against him. 

Mike wasn’t going to let me finish our foreplay, as much as I
wanted to make him cum with my mouth and hands. He wanted me too badly
after some two weeks of waiting patiently. I didn’t complain when he
picked me up, putting me on the bed and I was already pushing my
panties down as the man covered my body with his. 

We both gasped at his penetration, Mike’s cock pressing into my
ass with a relentless pressure that I’d desperately missed. It hurt a
little, but the pain was welcome and I wanted it. Mike was stretching
my tight anus and the discomfort was lost to my orgasm. I was cumming
just that quickly and I pulled Mike’s mouth to mine, kissing him
passionately while my cock spewed semen between our bodies. It was
good for me, but the physical expression was nothing compared to what
I felt inside. I was burning up the pleasure of being in love.

After several minutes of slowly fucking me, of letting me get used
to his cock, Mike pushed my legs up and over his strong shoulders. He
pinned me to the bed, thrusting his cock inside me hard and fast. All
I could do was stare up at the man, watching his face contort with the
pleasure that filled him. My body shuddered and the bed shook so hard
I thought it would collapse, but I was beyond caring about anything
else. Mike’s cock driving into my bowels, kissing my prostate with
electric jolts of pure lust, that was all I could think about. I was
cumming again, grabbing at him with my fingers, scratching him and
begging for more.

“I’m cumming…hmmm…Um…” Mike groaned between his tight lips,
arching his back as he strove to fill me one last time.

I was dizzy and floating on clouds of pleasure when I felt his
balls empty inside my ass. Mike lowered his head, bringing his lips to
mine so we could kiss while he came. It was a wonderful moment, being
taken that way and giving myself to the man so completely. It was
everything I wanted and needed right then and I was almost happy


“I’m going crazy down here,” I said with a frown, picking at the
eggs I’d scrambled for our breakfast.

While Mike had woken up in a grand mood, as well he should have
after fucking me three times, I’d woken up less than happy. I hadn’t
slept very well and finally I’d gotten up for a bath, washing Mike out
of me while I thought about Evelyn. I shouldn’t have let Mike stay, I
thought, and I resented his presence. 

“It’s just for a little while longer,” Mike said slowly. He knew I
was depressed. “They’re giving up the chase. Wherever Patterson went…”

“Who’s they, Mike?” I stared at him. “Who killed Evelyn?”

“I’m not sure,” he admitted. “Carlisle didn’t do it. He’s just the
middleman here.”

“The middleman?”

“He’s laundering money for some people,” Mike said. “Apparently
Patterson stole some of it and the people it belongs to are the ones
pushing the buttons.”

“But you don’t know who they are,” I said with a frown. “Some
detective you are.”


“How much money have I got?”

“About six grand,” Mike said. “I got your petition filed and…”

“That’s it?” I made a face. “For all that jewelry?”

“I had to spend some,” Mike explained patiently. “I told you about
that, and fencing jewelry doesn’t pay a lot, remember? We talked about

“It still should have been more than that,” I said, dropping my
fork on my plate. 

“A month from now you go in front of a judge, okay?” Mike reached
for me, but I drew back. “You’ll be fine, but these things take time.”

“I’m tired of hiding,” I told him. “Nobody knows me. The only
connection I’ve got with Robert is you. You’re the one who’s putting
me in danger.”

“I’m protecting you.”

“You’re fucking me!” I spat back. “That’s why you brought me here.
That’s why I’m locked up in this…this…fucking basement!”

“Cindy, no…Come on…” Mike frowned and he wanted to touch me so
badly, but I wouldn’t let him. Not now.

“You should be out there killing people,” I said. “You got no
problem killing pimps for your Mafia friends, but when it comes to
what I want…”


“…Oh no! We can’t do that, can we?” I laughed crazily. “Revenge is
bad. Who cares if Evelyn’s dead? We can just fuck all night!”

I pushed myself away from the table, going into the bedroom and
slamming the door. It was time to cry again and I hated myself for it,
but I was helpless to do anything else. Maybe I was right though,
about some of it, because Mike was the only link between Robert and
me. If Evelyn’s killers were going to find me, it would be through
him. I really wasn’t sure if Mike had my best interests at heart, but
I needed him too. 

He’d found me a birth certificate under the name Linda Burnham, a
newborn who had died half an hour after her mother. I already had a
new social security number, a library card, a temporary driver’s
license, and a bank account with a hundred bucks in it. Mike hadn’t
been sitting around. He’d been taking care of me, just like he’d
promised, and I was a person again. Sorta. 


“Can I help you?” an attractive young woman asked me with a smile.

“Hi. Yeah, I want to be a model?” I said. “I mean, I want to be a
model and, um…Who do I talk to about…”

“Right,” the woman said, sounding like she’d heard it all a
million times. “What’s your name?”

“Me? Uh…Cindy,” I said and then giggled. “I’m kinda nervous.”

“Okay, Cindy,” she said. “Do you have a portfolio?”

“Ummm…” It was pretty obvious I didn’t, since I was standing there
with just my purse in my hands. 

“Here’s what you do…”

Two days later I was back. I’d brought my portfolio, such as it
was, namely a few dozen photographs that I’d spent almost a thousand
dollars getting. Another thousand for the clothes I’d worn in them.
Another three hundred for the girl I’d hired to do my make-up and
hair, getting her on the photographer’s recommendation. Fifty bucks
for a leather case to put the stupid pictures in. Twenty-eight fifty
for trains and a taxi. Six dollars for a sandwich I couldn’t eat
because I was too nervous. And now…

“We’ll call you,” the woman, Sylvia, said as she looked at my

“Oh.” I frowned, even though I’d expected that. “Um, when?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, looking slightly amused. “Is there a

“Just, um…My phone it’s…” I glanced over my shoulder and some
other girls were sitting in the room, pretending not to listen. “It’s
in the bakery upstairs, uh…I live underneath it, and…”

“I understand, Cindy.” Sylvia smiled and she opened my portfolio,
glancing inside as she flipped through the photos. “I think you’ll get
a call tomorrow.”

“Really?” I asked her. “That soon?”

“Yeah,” she nodded her head.

“Do you think I have a chance?” I wondered, thinking perhaps she
meant my pictures were so bad…

“Well,” Sylvia sighed. “I’m just the receptionist, but if you want
some free advice? Look for an agent.”

“Oh.” I blinked at her. “Alright. I will.”


“Where have you been?” Mike asked me and it was late, at least by
my recent standards, nearly eleven at night. “And…Wow! Okay, uh…Why
are you dressed like that?”

“Like it?” I asked him, closing the front door and leaning against
it. I was wearing a red evening gown, strapless with a long slit in
the left side of the skirt. I was showing my leg nearly to the hip and
the rest of the dress was tight, clinging desperately to the contours
of my perfect form. 

“That’s, uh…Some dress, Cindy,” Mike managed to say. “What’s the

“I should have a fur to wear with it,” I sighed, ignoring his
question. “It’s chilly tonight.”

“Where have you been?” he repeated. “I haven’t seen you in almost
three days.”

“Missed me?” I offered him a small pout. “I’m sorry. I should have

“I was worried,” Mike said.

“I was at the Four Seasons,” I pushed myself off the door towards
the kitchen. “Do we have anything to drink?”

“The hotel?” Mike stared at me and until that moment I wasn’t sure
if he had a jealous bone in his body.

“Be a dear and run to the liquor store,” I said. “I want some
champagne tonight.”

“Cindy,” Mike gave me a confused smiled. “What’s going on?”

“The good stuff, okay?” I wrinkled my nose at him. “I’m going to
change into something more comfortable.”

“What? Cindy!” Mike made an unhappy face and I blew him a little
kiss as I closed the bedroom door.

I’d changed into a black lace nightie, a sexy baby-doll with
matching panties that Mike had bought for me. He smiled when he saw me
sitting on the bed and I smiled back. I’d been punishing the man, I
suppose, disappearing like I had without a word, but I’d had little
choice and anyway, at the time I’d thought Mike deserved it. He was
getting a little too used to having a pet Cinderella waiting for him
to come home every night.

“Now will you tell me what’s going on?” Mike asked me, handing me
a water glass half-filled with Asti Spumanti. I just rolled my eyes.

“This is the good stuff?” I giggled.

“It was all they had,” Mike shrugged, leaning against the
headboard beside me with his own glass.

“A toast,” I decided with a smile, holding my glass up. “To being

“Okay,” he said slowly. “To you then.”

“To me,” I agreed, watching him drink his wine. “I found a job,

“W-What?” He coughed a little, swallowing hard and staring at me.
“A job? You went back to being an escort?”

“Huh?” I narrowed my eyes, momentarily forgetting some of the lies
I’d told him.

“The dress? The hotel? You were working right?” Mike shook his
head and I realized he was a little angry at the idea. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, feeling a little mad myself for some
reason. Maybe because I didn’t like the way he immediately assumed the
only thing I could do was be a prostitute.

“Great,” Mike said, draining his glass and he wasn’t the kind of
man who would waste a lot of breath yelling about something.

“What am I supposed to do, Mike?” I asked him. “I’m going to need
money. I’m going to need my own place. You think I’m going to live
here forever?”

He wasn’t saying anything, of course, just staring straight ahead
with those black eyes of his.

“That’s it, huh?” I shook my head sadly. “Are you saving up for a
ring, Mike? Are you going to ask me to marry you? Have your children?”

I put my glass on the nightstand.

“I’m not like that,” I told him, lowering my voice. “I can’t be
the woman you want me to be, Mike. I can’t be your wife.”

“But I love you,” Mike said, turning his head and finding my eyes
with his.

“I love you too.” I smiled and reached for his empty glass. “But
it isn’t enough,” I whispered into his ear, taking the glass from his
fingers with a tender kiss. “I have to go, Mike. You can’t save me.”

“Cindy…” Mike sighed, pulling me against him and kissing my mouth.
I don’t remember dropping the glass, only how good it felt to embrace
him. His tongue was wet and sweet and I was straddling his body, lying
on top of the man while we kissed. 

Mike’s hands moved across the lace, along my back and down to my
hips and ass. He was moving me against him and I felt his erection
beneath his trousers. I was riding it with my own, dry fucking him
while my fingers worked blindly between us. I was unbuttoning his
shirt and spreading it wide so that I could kiss Mike’s chest. He had
thatch of soft black hair and it felt good on my face. I kissed his
nipples, licking them and using my teeth. 

“I’m going to make it good,” I promised him softly, dragging my
tongue across his skin, down his flat stomach while I crawled

It was awkward and fun, the way sex often is, and I was undressing
Mike quickly while he watched me. It wasn’t in his nature to stay mad
at someone he loved and whatever he might have imagined I’d been doing
the last three days, he wasn’t going to refuse my attentions. I soon
had him naked and I was giggling, pouring the Asti over his cock while
I sucked him. It was cold and he complained loudly, but my mouth was
warm and I rewarded his indulgence with a long, sloppy blowjob.

I was lying on my side, curled up with my cheek on Mike’s stomach.
I could take him in my mouth without any help and I used my hands on
his chest and thighs, stroking the man while I loved him. I kissed his
cock and licked it, drew him between my soft lip and suckled gently
while Mike played with my ass. If he was surprised to find me clean
and dry back there, he didn’t show it. I gasped happily when he
stretched my small anus with his finger, wriggling it around and
smiling at my reaction.

Mike surprised me when his hand went lower, between my thighs to
find my swollen cock and hairless balls. He’d never touched me there
before and I hadn’t asked him to, but now he was caressing me,
fondling that part of me which wasn’t entirely female and it felt
amazingly good. When Mike pulled me around, urging me to straddle his
face, it got even better. I moaned with pleasure when I felt Mike’s
mouth around my stiff penis. I wasn’t very large, of course, nothing
like the hard eight inches I was sucking on, but Mike gagged on me

“You don’t have to,” I breathed, squeezing Mike’s cock with my
fist and rubbing the head around my lips as I spoke.

“Mmmpph…” Mike said, keeping me in his mouth and I laughed at
that. I thought he might be doing it only to convince me to stay, to
show me how much he really loved me, but perhaps he would have done it
anyway. Whatever the reason, just knowing that there was no part of me
Mike would reject was going to make me cum. I hoped he was ready for

I tried to ignore the butterflies in my tummy and the pressure
building in my balls, and concentrate on Mike’s cock. I opened my
throat for him, finding our new position to be perfect for that. I
could take him easily, enjoying the odd sensation of Mike’s swollen
member stretching my throat as I pushed myself all the way down. My
nose would press against his hairy scrotum and my senses were filled
with the man. The way he smelled and tasted, the way his flushed body
was hot and sticky. I was sucking him good when I had to surrender to
my climax, jerking in Mike’s strong arms as he held me tight.

My cock throbbed with the force of my orgasm, spilling my creamy
load into Mike’s mouth. I was shaking as all the butterflies inside me
seemed to explode outwards and I shut my eyes against the pleasure of
it. I was cumming hard and Mike was trying to swallow it, but I was
barely aware of anything just then. I’d closed my thighs against his
cheeks and pushed myself up, arching my back as I pushed my cock
deeper into his mouth. It was the first orgasm Mike had given me that
way and I was helpless to do anything but make the very best of the
situation. I was fucking Mike’s mouth, thrusting with my hips and
gasping with every rapid spurt of semen.

It was all over much too quickly and I blinked, giggling and
shaking my head as I came down slowly. Mike was still hard and I’d
been holding his cock, but doing little else. I turned around, pulling
my penis free of his lips with a wet plop and I kissed the man hard.
His mouth was rich with my cum and I dipped my tongue inside, wanting
to taste myself and share what he’d done for me. I didn’t know why I’d
found it so exciting, but I did. I was pushing myself down, wanting
Mike’s cock inside me while Mike fed me his spermy tongue.

He helped, wanting me just as badly as I wanted him, reaching down
to guide his cock to my asshole and I took him eagerly. I thrust down
with my ass, not wanting it slow and gentle, but hard and deep and
desperate. I wanted to fuck him, the way he’d done me previously. I
rocked my hips, ignoring the discomfort of being dry like I was, being
stretched so completely. I didn’t care and his cock was wet enough for
me anyway. I rode Mike hard, lifting myself with my hands on his chest
while he watched me. I would take all of him inside me and roll my
ass, grinding myself on his cock and bathing in the warmth it brought

Five minutes was all it took, if even that long, and I fucked Mike
through his orgasm without pausing. My own girlish cock was only semi-
hard at best, slapping Mike’s stomach as it flopped around, but the
girl inside me was cumming with him. My heart seeming to burst with a
flood of raw pleasure and I felt my eyes growing damp. It was much
like what I’d shared with Evelyn, that unbelievable sensation of being
somehow complete for that one fleeting moment.


“You’re up early for a change,” Mike said, surprising me with a
kiss on my cheek as I sat at the kitchen table. He was tying an old
bathrobe around his waist and looking around for coffee, but I hadn’t
made any. It was bad for his ulcer and I preferred tea. 

“Hi,” I said, smiling up at him and moving my hands to cover the
note I’d been trying to write for the last twenty minutes.

“What are you doing?” he asked and then he saw my bag.

“Mike…” I started, only to be interrupted by a light rapping at
the front door.

He looked at me for a second, his face confused and almost hurt, I
thought, before going to answer the door. I pushed myself up, grabbing
my bag and hurrying after him.

“Who are you?” Mike asked, challenging the older man with his eyes
as much as his voice.

“Mr. Cicero, I presume?” The man held out his hand. “I’m Mr.

He pronounced his name the way it should be, in German of course,
and Mike blinked at him. Mr. Goethe was nearing sixty and he had an
austere look, being tall and thin like he was, and dressed in a
charcoal suit which contrasted sharply with his pale skin. Only his
hair was incongruous, being pulled back in a short, silver ponytail. I
liked it though, I thought it was pretty cool and it made him look
less like a lawyer than what he really was.

“Who?” Mike asked and he looked at me for help.

“Let him in, Mike,” I said with an apologetic look. “He’s my

“And business manager,” Mr. Goethe added, a bit unnecessarily, I
thought. “She’s in good hands, I assure you, Mr. Cicero.”

“What?” Mike looked at me.

“We need to go soon,” Mr. Goethe said to me in his clipped German
accent and looking pointedly at his watch. “Our flight leaves in three

“What flight? What are you talking about?” Mike asked the man, and
he still hadn’t budged from the doorway.

“Did you bring it?” I asked Mr. Goethe and he reached inside his
suit, pulling out a thick envelope.

“What’s that?” Mike demanded and his patience was wearing thin.

“It’s for you,” I said, reaching between the two men to take the
envelope. “Can you give me a couple minutes, Mr. Goethe?”

“Of course,” he said with a thin smile. “I’ll wait in the car.”

“Thanks,” I said, giving Mr. Goethe a grateful smile before
tugging at Mike’s bathrobe and turning him to face me. 

“What’s going on, Cindy?” he asked.

“I got a job as a model,” I said. “I should have told you last
night, but…We’re going to Paris for a month. They want me to go to
some school or something.”

“Modeling school?” Mike narrowed his eyes. “So last night…What was
that? A kiss goodbye?”

“Sort of,” I admitted softly, looking down because it hurt too
much when I looked at his eyes. “There’s some money here. They gave me
some right away. I don’t need it all and…”

“I don’t want your money,” Mike said, ignoring the envelope.

“I know,” I nodded quickly, blinking back the tears that
threatened. “It’s not…I just want to give you something.”

“I want you,” Mike said, gripping my shoulders. “Don’t go, Cindy.”

“Mike…” I sighed. 

“You don’t even have a passport,” Mike said. “We haven’t changed
your name yet. The hearing isn’t for two more weeks. You can’t go

“Mr. Goethe is taking care of it,” I said. “He’s been arranging
everything. That’s what I was doing the last couple days.”

“I see,” Mike let me go. “So that’s it. You don’t need me

“I do need you,” I looked up and my eyes were wet. “But I need
this more. Please, don’t be angry with me.”

Mike didn’t say anything and I looked around, finally leaving the
envelope on top of the small television. I had to go and nothing I
could say would make it okay for either of us. I had to get away from
New York and Evelyn and everything that had happened. There was no
reason, no rationale for what I was doing. It was just instinct and
how does one explain that?

I reached for Mike’s face and he didn’t draw back, he only looked
at me as I caressed his cheek. I kissed him, standing tip-toe and
touching his closed lips with mine for a second and then two and then
I let him go.

“Goodbye, Mike. I’ll call you when I get there,” I promised, but I
think he knew I was lying.

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