Next door swingers 2.
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“You poor honey,” Pat said.
Lauren and Pat were in Pat’s living room and Lauren was complaining about her problems with Jim.
“It’s awful,” Lauren said. “I mean, he raped me.”
Pat chuckled. “Well, not quite, darling.”
“He did something hateful to me.”
“Like what?”
Lauren blushed. “I’d rather not talk about it.”
Pat chuckled again. “All right, I can guess. Darling, I do know what men are like.”
Pat was sympathetic. She went to Lauren now and sat beside her on the sofa. She slipped an arm around Lauren’s shoulders and tried to console her.
Lauren trembled. “Anyway, it was awful!”
“Men don’t learn.”
“First he twists my arm to get me to swing with him and then he gets angry when he sees me enjoying myself.”
Pat laughed. “You did have fun with Charlie, didn’t you?”
Lauren blushed. “Well…”
“Come on baby, let’s be frank with each other. I don’t mind it that you enjoyed fucking Charlie. I certainly enjoyed what I did with Jim.”
“It’s not easy to talk about it.”
“We weren’t so bashful the other night.”
Pat mused about Lauren being so inhibited. She wondered what Lauren would think about the two of them fucking each other. Would Lauren go for it? Pat liked swinging because there were times when she adored making it with another woman. Swapping provided the opportunities.
Now Pat began questioning Lauren about her marriage. “What about when you’re not fighting with Jim? Is the sex good?”
Lauren shrugged. “It’s not what it used to be.”
Pat smiled. “The honeymoon is over, right?”
“But do you still like fucking him?” Lauren seemed embarrassed, but she talked.
“Yes I do. When he’s not mean, I do like it.”
“And how did you like the orgy the other night? I mean all four of us in the same room.”
“I liked it, all right.”
Pat’s eyes were bright. “I had a great time with Jim. I mean he was really munching down there. Sometimes I like having my pussy sucked better than fucking.”
“He hardly ever does it to me.”
Pat was amused. “I’m something new and he got turned on.”
“I liked it when Charlie did it to me.”
“He’s good, isn’t he? But I’ve had better, honey. Charlie knows how to suck a pussy, but I’ve had men that are fabulous at it. I mean they get a hot tongue wiggling like a vibrator down there and it drives me up the wall.”
Lauren was getting turned on by their conversation. She squirmed on the sofa, wandering if she ought to stop it.
Now Pat was talking about other parties. “Charlie and I have some friends we’d like you to meet sometime. Do you think you’d like that?”
“I don’t know.”
Pat wondered if Lauren would accept a pitch right now. She found herself turned on by the pretty blonde, already imagining what it would be like to ball her.
Pat began talking about the understanding women have of other women. “Girls understand each other. And they can turn each other on too. I get turned on every time I look at the girls in a fashion magazine.”
Lauren frowned. “I don’t know if I’m like that.”
Pat smiled. “Not ever?”
Lauren hesitated, and then she nodded. “Maybe sometimes.”
Pat continued talking about it, and about Lauren’s problems, and soon Lauren had to admit she felt so comfortable with Pat. This was the first time Lauren had ever talked to another woman like this and she liked it.
Yes, I do like it, Lauren thought. She liked it enough to want more.
Pat, in the meantime, was beginning to see that she’d be successful with Lauren. She leaned over now and kissed Lauren’s mouth. Lauren resisted a moment, but then she responded.
When the kiss broke, Pat started talking about men and marriage again. She wanted to give Lauren a breather. Pat was experienced enough to know how fast she could go with another woman.
Then Pat kissed Lauren again, this time nibbling around Lauren’s lips.
“I heard you with Charlie,” Pat said. “That really turned me on.”
“In the dark or when the lights were on?”
“Both. Before the lights went on he was sucking you.”
“That’s right.”
Pat’s hand fondled Lauren’s shoulders now. Lauren was getting more and more turned on. She thought about making it with Pat now. She wondered if she could really do it. And did Pat want it?
Pat kissed Lauren’s neck.
“Maybe I’m a little drunk,” Pat said. “Me too.”
“Then we’ll be drunk together.”
She kissed Lauren’s mouth again, pushed her tongue between Lauren’s open lips. Lauren accepted Pat’s probing tongue. Pat’s hands were wandering now and Lauren quivered with excitement.
Then for the first time Lauren felt Pat’s hands on her tits. Pat touched her gently, just her fingertips grazing Lauren’s tits through her blouse.
Pat was certain she’d succeed now. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation. She fondled Lauren’s tits more boldly. Lauren closed her eyes and pulled her shoulders back to offer her tits to Pat’s hands.
Lauren trembled as she thought about the two of them naked together. Now she felt Pat’s fingers unbuttoning her blouse. Lauren opened her eyes and watched it. In a few moments, Pat had Lauren’s blouse unbuttoned and pulled apart.
Pat tenderly squeezed Lauren’s bra-covered tits. She stroked them gently, running her fingers aver each globe, rubbing each nipple through the lace cup with a fingertip.
Lauren helped Pat get her blouse off. Soon the blonde was sitting there with only her bra covering her body from the waist up. She shivered as she looked at Pat and smiled. “Pat, this is crazy!”
Pat’s eyes were hot as they raked over Lauren’s tits. “There’s nothing crazy about getting turned on.”
“I mean I’ve never done anything like this before.”
“Baby, there’s always a first time for everything.”
Pat kissed Lauren’s mouth again. The kiss was hot and wet and their lips clung together as Pat’s fingers worked at the snap that held Lauren’s bra in place. Then she had the bra unhooked and pulled off Lauren’s shoulders and for the first time Lauren’s naked tits tumbled out where they could be seen.
“Beautiful,” Pat said.
Lauren giggled, turned on by the way Pat looked at her tits. “Well, you’ve got everything I’ve got.”
“That makes it interesting, doesn’t it?”
Lauren groaned as she felt Pat’s hands, on her naked tits.
Pat handled and hefted Lauren’s tits, plucked at the pink nipples until they were out like stiff little soldiers.
“When the two guys were fucking you, I wanted to reach over and grab these,” Pat said.
“Maybe you should have.”
“Did you like Charlie coming in your mouth? Do you like taking a load like that?”
Lauren blushed. “I don’t mind it.”
Pat laughed. “I don’t mind it either. In fact I love it. I once had three men come in my mouth one after the other. I almost drowned.”
Lauren giggled. “I don’t believe you.”
“It’s true, darling. Little Pat has been around, you know.” Pat kissed her again. She pushed her hot tongue inside Lauren’s open mouth. Lauren’s excitement was intense. She couldn’t pretend to herself any more that she didn’t like what was happening.
“We ought to go to the bedroom,” Pat said.
“All right.”
They rose up together and Lauren moved ahead of Pat as they left the living room to walk down the hall. Pat was turned on by Lauren’s bare tits bobbing heavily as she walked. She thought Lauren’s tits were perfect – big enough to be exciting but still firm enough not to be sloppy.
Nice to suck, Pat thought with a quiver. She loved sucking a pretty pair of tits.
When they were in the bedroom, Lauren lay down on the bed still half-dressed.
“Not another stitch until you get something off,” Lauren said.
Pat chuckled. “Now you’re spunky.”
“Well, I’m here with my tits hanging out and you’re still dressed.”
Pat wiggled her hips playfully. She stood beside the bed as she undressed herself. She kept her eyes on Lauren, teasing the blonde by taking her time. Pat knew she had her now. She could play a little because now there was no turning back for Lauren.
Lauren felt herself quivering as she watched Pat get naked. She wondered if the whole thing was really happening to her. She hadn’t come over here with the idea of fucking Pat. Just to talk. But here they were like a pair of lesbians.
Well, the hell with that, Lauren thought. She liked what was happening.
Pat’s tits were free now, her dark nipples sticking out like thumbs. As she bent over to get her stockings off, her tits hung down and swayed from side to side.
Lauren was turned on by Pat’s body.
“Nice tits,” Lauren said with a smile.
Pat laughed as she peeled her panties down. Now her cunt bush was out in the open and Lauren quivered at her first look at it.
“All right, I’ve got my clothes off.” Pat said. In a moment she was on the bed with Lauren, leaning over to kiss Lauren, her tits hanging down to graze Lauren’s arms.
“Me you turned on?” Pat said.
“Say it. Tell me you’re turned on.”
“I’m hot, all right?”
Pat chuckled. She pulled at Lauren’s skirt and slip, pulled everything up to Lauren’s waist to get her crotch exposed. She gazed with excitement at the bulge of Lauren’s cunt mound. Lauren groaned as she opened her legs. Pat’s fingers walked over the insides of Lauren’s thighs and then over the bulging crotch of her panties.
“Alright, let’s get these off and have a look at it,” Pat said with a smile. She peeled the panties off, pulled them down Lauren’s legs and off her feet. She tossed them away and then she made Lauren open her legs again to expose her cunt.
Lauren groaned as Pat touched her. Pat ran her middle finger up and down Lauren’s gash just to test the water.
“You’re dripping,” Pat said with a snicker. “Never had it before, have you, baby?”
“Not with a woman.”
“I’ll teach you.”
“Pat, I don’t know…”
“Don’t worry about it, darling. Just relax and enjoy it.”
Then she worked at the zipper of Lauren’s skirt. Lauren helped her, and soon they had Lauren’s skirt and slip pulled off. Lauren hadn’t worn any hose and now she was as naked as Pat.
The brunette made Lauren get her legs up and apart again. She gazed at Lauren’s blonde cunt and smiled. “I like looking at pussies.”
Lauren blushed, her eyes on Pat’s dark cunt bush. “You’re more experienced at this than I am.”
Pat touched Lauren’s pussy again. She gently spread Lauren’s cuntlips apart to look at her clit and the inside of her cunt. Pat’s mouth watered at the sight of all that lovely cunt-cream welling up at the mouth of Lauren’s cunthole. Pat liked sucking a pussy almost as much as she liked getting hers worked over. She liked making a girl squeal under her mouth. She liked the power it gave her.
“Oh God, do something,” Lauren said with a groan. “Use your finger in there!”
Pat chuckled. She rubbed around the outside of Lauren’s cunthole, then pushed one finger inside and stroked it in and out.
“This what you want?”
A soft moan came out of Lauren’s throat. “Oh yes!”
Keeping one finger inside the blonde’s hot cunthole, Pat used her thumb to rub the shaft of Lauren’s clit.
Perfect, Pat thought. She had her now. From this point on she could do anything she wanted with Lauren. She kept her fingers working, her thumb massaging the blonde’s clit, her eyes on Lauren’s face to watch Lauren’s response.
Lauren was amazed and shocked at how strongly she was reacting to Pat’s lovemaking. She pumped her cunt at Pat’s hand as Pat continued fingerfucking her. Pat had two fingers inside Lauren’s pussy now, the fingers sliding and twisting and stretching Lauren’s cunthole just like a cock.
Pat leaned over and kissed Lauren’s mouth as she fucked her.
“Play with my tits,” Pat said.
Lauren groaned and reached out. She closed her hand over one of Pat’s hanging tits, hefted and pulled at the tit and then at the prominent nipple. She did the same to the other tit. She loved the feel of Pat’s tits in her hand.
The two women were soon stroking and caressing each other. Lauren slid a hand down to Pat’s crotch and touched the brunette’s pussy for the first time. She worked her fingers inside Pat’s wet cunt, found Pat’s cunthole and pushed two fingers inside.
They each had fingers in the other’s cunt now. Lauren let herself go, abandoned herself to the frantic lesbian lovemaking. She frigged Pat’s clit, excited at the idea that she was giving the brunette as much pleasure as she herself was receiving.
Pat shifted around on the bed so that she could suck Lauren’s nipples while having her own tits in Lauren’s face. They sucked each other’s nipples while their fingers continued fucking their cunts. They murmured together as they began rising to a climax.
Finally Pat pulled away and she started licking and nibbling her way down to Lauren’s crotch.
Lauren was on her back, trembling as she waited for it. She pulled her knees up and opened her thighs as Pat’s head slipped down over her belly.
Then Pat’s mouth finally arrived. Lauren groaned at the first touch of Pat’s tongue in her cunt. She humped her pussy at Pat’s face, churned her ass wildly as a frenzy of excitement overwhelmed her.
Pat laughed. “Baby, take it easy! Give me a chance at it!”
Lauren cried out. “Oh God, suck it!”
Pat held the blonde’s thighs wide apart. Lauren’s cunt was drenched with juice, her cunthole gaping like a hungry little mouth.
Hot pussy, Pat thought. There was nothing in the world as nice as a hot pussy.
She leaned forward now to get her face in it. She nibbled at Lauren’s cuntlips, pulled at the hairy flaps with her teeth. Then she released Lauren’s cuntlips and pushed her mouth between them to start sucking up the hot cuntjuice.
Lauren moaned with delight. She craned her neck, looked down at her crotch. All she could see was Pat’s head and part of her forehead. Pat’s nose was on her clit. Pat’s mouth and tongue working on her cunthole.
Pat moved her face around, using her nose and then her tongue on Lauren’s clit. She whipped her tongue across the blonde’s clit, then returned her tongue to Lauren’s cunthole again to fuck it inside.
Gilt to cunthole and back to clit again. Pat’s lips and tongue drove Lauren crazy with lust. No one had ever sucked her cunt as good as this. The fact that it was a woman didn’t matter any more. All she cared about was the mouth between her legs, the tongue fucking in and out of her cunthole and lapping at her swollen clit. Lauren churned her ass as she fucked back at Pat’s face.
Pat suddenly stopped sucking and pulled back.
Lauren cried out, begging Pat not to stop. “We can do each other at the same time,” Pat said.
In a moment, they were on their sides, head to toe, their faces buried in each other’s crotch.
Lauren sniffed at Pat’s lush cunt. Then she dug in, pushed her nose and mouth against Pat’s dripping cunt and for the first time in her life she started eating a pussy.
She loved it. She loved the taste and smell of it, the hot wetness. But above all she loved the idea that she was giving another woman the pleasure she was receiving herself.
The two women continued tongue-fucking each other. Pat came first, groaning as she humped her pussy at Lauren’s mouth.
Then it was Lauren’s turn. She came hard, crying out, her hands gripping Pat’s ass as she filled her mouth with Pat’s oozing cuntflesh.
It’s good, Lauren thought. She was completely wiped out by how good it was.

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