The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels – Teen Slutpuppy 3.
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I came home late one night and was heading up to bed
when I heard the soft sound of crying coming from my sister
Kim’s room. I knocked and she asked me to come in.

Kim was a beautiful girl, just turned eighteen. Her
hair is golden blonde, and it falls down to her shoulders in
these big girls. She’s tan all over and so slender, with
nice, firm breasts and a cute face with blue eyes. She was
sitting in her nightshirt, crying.

I sat down and put my arms around her. Kim is my twin.
We’ve always been very close: we share our secrets, our
fantasies, our problems. We love each other very much. So
what happened that night came as little surprise.

I let her cry against my shoulder for a while, stroking
her hair, rubbing her back. She felt so soft and warm and
good to hold. I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time, but
she did have an off-and-on boyfriend. He was always after
her for sex, but Kim was still a virgin. I, on the other
hand, was not.

Unlike some twins, I could never tell what Kim was
thinking, at least not lately, and it bothered me. Finally
she calmed and looked up at me, her innocent blue eyes
meeting mine.

“Bob broke up with me because I wouldn’t have sex with
him”, she sniffed. She began to cry again and I held her
tighter, her firm breasts pressing against me, arousing me.
She calmed down again, but she didn’t look up. “I don’t
know what to do. I love him.”

“Then have sex”, I offered. She shook her head.

“Bob wouldn’t do it gently”, she sniffed. Bob was a
big brute, a football player in our high school. I knew his
idea of gentle would probably leave my sweet sister bleeding
for weeks.

“I want you to do it to me, please, Keith?”, she
begged. “We’ve always been so close, and you’re so

“But you’re my twin sister!”, I protested.

She nodded. “But isn’t that what it’s about? Making
love? And don’t we love each other?”

“Very much”, I agreed. I thought a moment. People say
incest is bad, right? Fuck them. Incest is only bad when
you make your sister do it. She wanted me to. She loved me
and I loved her. Besides, I wanted her first time to be
good for her, not a wrestling match.

I agreed to make love to her right then and there. Kim
was on the pill; my mom had started her on that when she was
thirteen, just to be safe. So I knew I probably couldn’t
get her pregnant. I took off my clothes and she sat there,
watching me. She hadn’t seen me naked since we were ten,
and the look of surprise on her face told me a lot had

I’m not big: only about six inches. But I can use it
well. I date a lot and I usually wind up fucking. But this
would be something better, something special. Kim was my
second virgin. The first I had when I was fifteen. The
girl was thirteen. I’d been having sex since I was

Kim started to take off her nightshirt but I told her
to stop, to let me do it. I sat down and put my arms around
her. I promised we would stop anytime she wanted. Then I
pressed my lips against hers.

Kim was shaking all over, but she seemed to calm when I
kissed her. I kept my lips firmly pressed against hers and
she put her arms around my waist and held on. Very gently I
opened her lips with mine and sealed my mouth over hers,
then began to french kiss her. She kissed me back hungrily,
giving into me. I pulled away and kissed her lips twice,
then moved to kiss her ears, the soft curve of her tan neck.
She moaned and drew closer to me, whispering how much she
loved me into my ear.

Then she started to kiss my neck, using her tongue.
That was special. I figured to let her do as she wanted; it
would help her to relax.

She began to kiss down my chest, sucking at my nipples,
working her way down, getting on her knees. She kissed down
to my abdomen, then stopped, staring at my cock. I put my
hand on her shoulder and she started shaking again. “You
don’t have to”, I said. “This is for you.”

She stared at my cock for a few more minutes, the
leaned forward and kissed the head of it sensuously. I
jerked involuntarily. She slid out her tongue and massaged
it, then slowly drew it into her mouth. It brushed against
her teeth; I knew she was trying to get it right. She began
to suck softly, slowly, working into a fast rhythm. It felt
great, like my asshole was being sucked through my dick.

She started to slow down and I knew she was getting
tired. I had been out with a girl once who gave me three
blowjobs. She told me the trick was she put it in her cheek.
I suggested that to Kim, and she tried it.

“I’m coming!”, I almost shouted, and she let it slide
into her mouth proper as my hot load shot into her. It
started to fill her mouth and she swallowed it all, then
pulled back and sat there, looking up at me with a sweet
smile. I stood her up and kissed her lips. Some guys
won’t, but I don’t mind; I just won’t french after some
girl’s had my cock in her mouth.

I gave her a firm hug, then I started to unbutton her
nightshirt. She started to shake again. I slid the
nightshirt off of her slender shoulders and stood there,
admiring her round, firm breasts, her soft pink nipples. But
I didn’t touch them, not yet. I worked her white cotton
panties down and she stepped out of them as I knelt before
her cunt. It was covered in a fine layer of soft blonde
pubic hair. It smelled sweet and was damp. I kissed it and
she shuddered as a thrill ran through her.

I thrust my tongue into her and she moaned deeply,
grasping my head as I grasped her tight asscheeks. I sucked
and licked at her clit, and it didn’t take her long to cum.
She nearly fell, her orgasm was so strong, and I had to
stand up quickly to catch her in my arms.

I laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her soft
nipples, sucking them, licking them. She moaned and moved
beneath me, her hand wrapping around my cock. It was time.
I lifted up and she guided my cock to her cunt. Grasping her
tightly, I pushed it in as fast and hard as I could, trying
to get her pain over with quickly.

Her hymen broke easily under the thrust. She gritted
her teeth and nodded, and I started to pump. She put her
arms tightly around me, her face showing a mix of pain and
ecstasy. Tears trickled out of her eyes. I blew my load
and kept going until she had her orgasm: she shuddered, she
squirmed, then she lay there panting.

I kissed her mouth again and held her close, still in
her. She smiled at me and said it was wonderful. I agreed
and pumped her to another orgasm.

After that I slid out of her and we crawled under the
covers until we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

*** That was a year ago. Kim and I go to the same college,
and not a night goes by that we aren’t in someone, usually
each other. Kim loves me and I love her. She says I make
her come like nobody else.

Hey, I am her twin brother.

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