Janet has a great job, one she really likes a lot
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My whole body tingled with excitement as I removed the
robe in front of the class. The eyes of twenty young
students, both male and female absorbed every inch of
my body. I searched out the ones that looked at me with
lust in their eyes. That included most of the men. A
few of the men were serious artists and they didn’t see
my body as an object for their sexual desires.

This was my third session with this class. Those that
came only to see a naked woman kept staring at my pubic
mound hoping to get a glimpse of my vaginal lips, or a
clit peaking out at them.

I knew how to model without exposing the hot pink lips,
that is, until later when I would give them an
accidental view that would rush their blood into their
aroused organs. My well proportioned and shapely
breasts were another focal point where most eyes, even
the women in class. My nipples always hardened when I
modeled. There were also some that admired my long legs
and tight buttocks.

My husband is very supportive of my job. Yes, I’m
married. He gets a kick out of knowing that men view me
naked. We have lost some friends because of my job.
Those that remain though do not make it a big deal but
the husbands do secretly wish that they could also
feast on my body being willingly exposed to make a
living. No one has yet made such a bold move as
enrolling in these classes.


I have also done private work. That was where life
became interesting. I have done things that I have not
told my husband. The money was good but most of all I
enjoyed it. I remembered one rich kid who was about 17
years old. He got my number and called me for a private

I gave him my rates and the deal was set. I went to
his handsome home. His parents were out of town. I went
to his room and was surprised to find his two friends
there. I usually don’t do private work for an audience
but I let it slide this time. I’m sure they all pitched
in for this treat.

His friends couldn’t hold their excitement but the kid
was cool. The boys kept eyeing me but couldn’t hold eye
contact. After receiving the money I asked them where I
could undress. It didn’t surprise me that they had no
drawing paraphernalia. However I noticed the all too
familiar digital camera.

I was also not surprised that I was told to “just”
undress in their presence. The kid seemed to have had
sexual experiences before but his friends were
definitely virgins who would be the type to masturbate
several times a day over a beat up Playboy magazine
that they hid in their rooms. Even before starting,
their erections were clearly visible.

I wore a dress that day and turned my back to them and
pulled down my zipper. I’m sure their hearts were
beating fast and that excited me. The sight of my bar
strap would probably further strain their erections in
their pants.

I let the dress fall. They could see my pink cotton
panties and my white lace bra. I still wore my pumps.
When I turned around, their tongues were literally
hanging out. I don’t know if they could hold their
erections in their pants any longer but I unhooked my
bra. They probably couldn’t believe they were seeing a
live 27 years old naked woman. Three pairs of eyes were
glued to my mammaries. I let them sway slightly.

With my eyes glazing into their eyes I bent forward and
removed the last piece of clothing I wore. For their
pleasure, I did a turn around.

The kid picked up the camera. I told them that I
wouldn’t let them keep any pictures with my face
showing. They agreed. The kid had nerve. He said,
“Spread your legs wide open.”

I sat down on a chair with my legs together. He was
ready to shoot with the camera. Ever so slowly, I
lifted my knees up and spread my legs exposing my love
hole to them. He clicked his first picture. I felt
generous that day. I got my hands down there and spread
apart the vaginal lips for them. He quickly got another
picture in.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked them. The kid said
to just walk around and act natural. So I stood up and
walked around the room looking at his posters and CD
collection. I could be so comfortable in the nude with
people watching me that I put them at ease.

We started having a regular conversation and his
friends also opened up with a few sentences here and
there. I found out who was the most desired girl in
their high school and what a jerk her boyfriend was. I
found out their tastes in music and sports. We
discussed basketball. They asked me why I posed nude
and whether my husband minded.

I said, “I enjoy it and make good money. My husband
thinks it’s great that people appreciate my body. We
have a pretty open relationship.”

I put in a few extras and did a dance. They ogled my
swaying and bouncing breasts. I slightly brushed my ass
to each of their faces. I also took their hands and let
them feel my pubic mound. I casually mentioned that I
wouldn’t mind if they wanted to relieve themselves.
After a momentary hesitation, three throbbing erections
popped out for air. Clenched fist were savagely
stroking their purple organs. I tried my best seductive
moves as they each shot their loads one after another.

With a few minutes to spare, I gave each of them a
minute to feel me up. I stood in front of the first boy
and his hands went for my breasts. He squeezed them and
caressed them, paying special attention to my hardened
nipples. He then felt my lips with his fingers getting
them hot and aroused. He got me to bend for him so that
he could get a good view of my crack. His fingers
gently caressed my butthole and I enjoyed the

The next boy concentrated more on my pussy. He had his
finger in and out. After that he just had me spread my
legs apart to carefully absorb the sight of my love
hole. The experienced kid held me in a hug so that he
could really feel me up. His hands were everywhere.
Before long their time was up. They weren’t too happy
as I put on my clothes.

The instructor put me in a pose. As I got comfortable,
he explained to the students what he wanted emphasized
in today’s lesson. I put on my bored professional face.
For twenty minutes I stayed still. I don’t really think
much during these times. Today I didn’t get to watch
the students where I could see how the men looked at
me. My pose had me gaze at a side wall. Oh, well.


I once had a very rich South American student in one of
the art classes I posed for. As I was getting into my
car after a session, he suddenly appeared in front of
me. He had a big smile. I thought to myself, “Oh, no!
Not another guy wanting to marry me.”

He surprised me. He came right out and asked me if I
would serve at his party topless. I asked him what it
would entail. He said it would take about 6 hours and
there would be about 15 guys and girls. I told him how
much I would charge and he agreed without hesitation. I
was waiting for him to tell me as to when this party
would take place and he seemed hesitant for a while.
Finally he blurted out, “There is something more that I
would like you to do and I would pay you for it.” His
accent was kind of neat.

“Sure, what is it?” I asked.

“After the party, all the guys will pick a card. He who
gets the highest card will get to do whatever he wishes
with you.” He explained.

I was quiet. Thinking that I was taking offense at what
he requested, he was apologizing profusely. Smilingly I
told him that I took no offense and I have done such
things before. I just was thinking of how much to
charge. We finally came to a figure and everything was

I was ready to go home and he still seemed to have
something in his mind. It seemed that he and his
friends arranged these parties quite frequently and
topping it off with a kind of a lottery as to who would
get the girl they hired for the evening.

He confessed that he was very much attracted to me and
couldn’t bear the chance of not having me first before
one of his friends. He explained that this was against
their rules. I said that I would be happy to sleep with
him before the party. We arranged the fee and a date
two days before the party.

I told my husband that I had a meeting to attend. I
didn’t wear anything spectacular so that he wouldn’t be
suspicious. I changed my clothes at a gas station. I
got a few whistles as I got out wearing a real sexy
black dress. I met Miguel at the restaurant and we sat
real close. He was feeling real good that all the men
were staring at me and being jealous of him. He had his
hands up my dress most of the evening. He kept rubbing
my moist pussy through my panties.

I left my car at the restaurant and we drove back in
his BMW. He put on some real mellow music and we kissed
passionately. I felt like I was in high school again.
We reached his expensive apartment and started making
out on his couch. After necking out like teenagers, I
told him to start a bath. He filled the bath with warm
relaxing water and promptly sat in the bath his
erection throbbing in the water. I switched off the
light in the bathroom and left the door open for some

I undressed in the semi-darkness and I could see that
he was salivating with lust. I entered the bath and
began massaging his feet. I took control and bathed
Miguel. I gently held his erection as I soaped his
balls. It was driving him crazy. I would then slip in
my soapy finger into his anus and he would go wild. I
then let him have his way. His mouth hungrily sucked on
my nipples. His tongue was going everywhere, making me
real excited.

We made love until one o’clock that night. I then had
to get back to my husband.

Break time. I put on my robe and walked to see
everyone’s piece of art. Some were very good but those
that were bad were the ones that interested me. I slyly
looked to see if they had a boner. More often than not,
they did. I also liked the way they acted, ignoring my

I arrived at Miguel’s house twenty minutes before the
party started. My duties were explained to me and then
he handed me the outfit for the night. It was a real
sleazy fishnet stocking that covered my front but fully
exposed my ass. I brought my black high-heels as he
requested. As I put on the outfit, his eyes lit up. I
looked like a cheap whore in a crummy strip joint.

The guests starting arriving and everyone was
appreciative of my body. Most congratulated Miguel on
his good choice. I was groped, touched and pinched all
night. Everyone kissed my nipples as I served them a
drink or an appetizer, even the girls. It was real fun.
The men would suck hard and the girls would gently
touch with their lips. As the party reached its close,
my time had come. The boys all entered Miguel’s bedroom
leaving their girlfriends outside.

I was given a stack of cards. Still in my sleazy
outfit, I offered the cards to each. They each picked a
card. Finally the moment of truth had come. Roberto had
a Jack of Hearts which was the highest card among them.
He was one of the more aggressive guys. I knew I will
be in for a ride. I sat down on the bed and watched
Roberto push out his friends. Most made a modest
attempt to stick around but finally the crowd left.

Roberto was immediately upon me before the lock even
latched. The stockings were ripped apart and he easily
turned my totally nude body around to penetrate me
doggy style. He wasn’t much for foreplay as he shoved
his nine-incher into me. Luckily I was wet enough to
let it slide in. He began aggressively pumping me which
I liked.

Soon I began moaning and moving to his rhythm. This was
good old-fashioned fucking. I could feel an orgasm
coming and with his frenzied motion we came together.
He quickly removed this dick and we lay on the bed for
awhile exhausted. Cum was slowly oozing down my legs.
Since we were done so fast, I was waiting if he was
going to ride me slow this time but I was surprised
that he motioned me to leave.

My clothes were in the closet outside the bedroom. I
was looking to find something to cover my body but
Roberto insisted I leave the room and back into the
party without a stitch on. Knowing that I had no choice
I got out the way I was. Although I have exposed my
body to all these people, I felt vulnerable going out
this way. Much to my surprise, only the guys were left.

The girls had disappeared. Even worse, the were all
sitting with their pants down. I was searching for
Miguel to figure out the meaning of this. He was
nowhere to be found. Soon enough the terms were laid
out. I wouldn’t be allowed to leave until I sucked
everyone off. I promptly got on my knees and started
the first guy. I wasn’t going to give them the pleasure
to see me resisting. I knew I was outnumbered.

It took me close to an hour but I sucked all seven guys
including Roberto. I had to swallow all their cum.
After the last of Roberto’s cum passed my throat, they
threw me my clothes. I tried my best to dress in their
presence with dignity amidst jeering and cheering.

I never saw Miguel again in my classes.

Class was over and I dressed in the changing area. I
chatted with few of the students and was soon on my way
to my car knowing that the eyes of those who knew what
I did were fixed on me. I got home and did my errands.
When my husband got home, we got ready for a night out
with our friends.

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