X-rated lady cop 2.
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Laurel jumped nervously as the big lights came on and Dean’s pants crumpled to the floor. Dean tore off his tee shirt and bent to remove his shoes and socks. Laurel’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the man’s huge arms and chest, and he wished that they were alone – and in love – in this lousy hotel room, instead of involved in this tawdry mess.
But the circumstances didn’t seem to bother Dean in the least, now that he was taking off his clothes, now that he had seen Laurel in the nude. He removed the last of his clothing, except for his shoes, and stood up, his prick inflated to mammoth proportions beneath the thin material.
“Those cameras and lights all ready?” Dean asked the other guys as he approached the bed again.
“Man, we’re fuckin’ ready if you are!” Lucenta said, his eyes bright with lust.
“Oh, yeah! I’m definitely ready!” Dean assured them all, suddenly dropping his shorts.
“Ohhhhh! God!” Laurel gasped as she saw it.
Dean’s cock was a monster! Laurel nearly passed out as she measured the size of the huge hunk of manhood mentally and compared it to her ex-boyfriend’s rather regular sized, unspectacular prick – the only man-flesh that had ever penetrated her pussy. She shuddered as she thought of Dean’s meaty staff entering her and pinning her to the bed like a moth on a display board. All these men watching it made it even worse, and the idea of other men – porno pushing criminals – seeing it later, on film, made Laurel draw up into a defensive little ball in the center of the bed.
“Baby, that’s a new position to me!” Dean kidded the terrified girl as he eased into bed next to her. “How do I get it in you when you’re all curled up like that?”
Laurel knew he was joking with her, trying to relieve her fears, but the sight of his towering prick waving up above his fist-sized nut sac made her eyes and clench all the tighter in her fetal position. She wanted all of this humiliation to be over.
“Oh, well, there’s more than one way to thaw out an ice cube!” Dean murmured, turning onto his side to face the withdrawn redhead.
Hot, searching breath touched Laurel’s arms and she felt Dean’s tongue licking her flesh. He tongued her arms, then her knees, and his lively oral digit seeking an opening that would allow entrance to the white, nearly virgin flesh beyond her defensive barriers.
Laurel’s belly tremored with a hot flash of desire as she realized what he wanted. If she would let him, Dean was actually going to… to… EAT her! Sucking pussy was something Laurel had read about but never experienced, her boyfriend having been too busy fucking the shit out of her, when he finally got the chance, to show her any of the niceties of love-making.
Slowly, the redhead’s curiosity and infatuation for the muscular vice cop overcame her reluctance and fear. She eased her grip on her arms and Dean slid them apart enough to caress one pebbly nipple with the tip of his questing tongue.
“Oooooh!” Laurel moaned as the hot, wet point found her sensitive, fleshy nubbin.
She had forgotten how good a mouth felt on her big boobs. Her old boyfriend had sucked her tits thoroughly and she had enjoyed every tantalizing, mouth tugging moment of it!
Dean’s mouth was fastening over her right nipple right now, Laurel found to her gasping delight. His tongue was revolving slowly, hotly around her rising nipple, and his hand was inching into her large left mound, teasing and stroking its pink tip to swollen fullness.
“Ahhhhh, I like it when you do that!” Laurel cooed into Dean’s ear as her cunt heated up and the juices started to flow. Her tits began to pulse with a sympathetic, hungry rhythm.
Dean grunted and sucked harder, his fingers digging into the fuming, solid mass of female flesh they held. Laurel moaned and put her arms around Dean’s neck as he changed tits and massaged the right breast as he sucked eagerly at the left. The sighing girl let her knees down as well, knowing that the rest of the men in the room could now see her red-gold pubic patch and her smallish cunt, but not caring quite as much about that fact. She tried to concentrate on Dean’s sucking, licking mouth and what it was doing to her hardening breasts and ignore where she and Dean happened to be.
Dean’s fingers stole into her pussy fuzz at that moment, and a long, sliding digit pierced her glistening cuntmouth. The exploring finger glided across the top of Laurel’s throbbing little clit, and her legs jerked convulsively at the charge of sensual bliss that shot through her lower body as a result of that contact.
“Ummmm!” Laurel groaned loudly, her pussy suddenly on fire with need.
Dean wiggled his finger inside the rapidly warming red-haired girl, his knuckle grazing her aroused clit again and again. Laurel bucked and humped against it in mindless need. The horny cop grew bolder as the girl rutted her pussy onto his finger. He forced her chest against his sucking lips. He pushed Laurel onto her back, keeping his mouth glued to one heaving breast and working the other expertly with his fingers. Laurel opened her legs as she came over onto her back, and closed her eyes in the glare of the bright movie lights. She gurgled happily as Dean finger fucked her juicing slit with hot abandon while he sucked and pawed at her big tits. His teeth were working now, nipping lightly at her tender buds, driving her crazy with desire as his finger sluiced in and out of her weeping snatch; her hips rolled instinctively up to meet him.
“Goddamn! The kid’s one fuckin’ hot, number all right!” Laurel heard Lucenta tell the others.
The fact that strangers were watching this most intimate of acts suddenly didn’t matter to the turned-on redhead any more. Laurel opened her eyes and saw their sweating, desire filled faces and smiled. She found herself wanting them to watch her. There was some perverse, wanton pride flowing through her perfect body as it hunched up to meet each of Dean’s thrusting finger-fucks, and she suddenly didn’t mind if the whole world knew what a sensuous, sexy woman little Laurel Blakely had become!
Dean sensed the change in the normally shy, girlish dispatcher and set out to make the most of it. He moved his lips and tongue slowly down onto the base of Laurel’s aroused, heaving tits, licking the seldom-touched underside of the big mounds and drawing a sigh of delight from the mewling girl.
Laurel felt the kisses going lower and lower, first onto the undersides of her shimmying orbs, then onto her flat little tummy. The large cop’s lips traveled along the flat little tummy. The large cop’s lips traveled along the flat plane, then down onto Laurel’s lower abdomen and right into her reddish fur.
“Oh! Oh, my God!” Laurel sucked in bet breath as she realized what came next.
Dean’s tongue lanced deep into the girl’s glistening cunt-mouth, ravaging her upraised clit as it pierced her slickened pussy lips. The hot, undulating snake writhed from side to side in Laurel’s tight little sheath, whipping her clit to a frenzy of desire.
“Ughhhhh!” the girl groaned as her snatch contracted sharply around his spearing tongue.
Laurel’s whole body felt aflame with sexual longing at that moment. The beautiful young redhead whined and tossed her pussy up onto the descending tongue, reveling in every second of the squishy, wriggling oral fucking.
“Mmmmmm, hot, sweet, pretty little cunt!” Dean murmured as he withdrew his tongue for a moment and fastened his lips over her shiny pink pussy mouth.
Dean began to suck the gushing juice right out of the hot redhead’s steaming gash. Laurel felt the man’s tongue diddle her clit again as his mouth suctioned off her clear, boiling pussy nectar. He was wallowing the golden flow noisily, and the knowledge of that sent a flurry of intense but brief mini-orgasms slamming through Laurel’s pulsing cunt.
“Eeeeooohhh!” the spasming strawberry blonde screamed as the string of fiery climaxes tore through her.
When the tiny flashes of cum-fury left her, Laurel found herself, transported to a new plateau of sexual need she hadn’t experienced before. Her whole statuesque body was one quivering, lust hungry mass of churning desire.
“Ohhhh, doooo it to meeee!” she begged Dean in a low, throaty whisper that she didn’t know she possessed. “My, my pussy is sooo hot! Eat me, lick me… fuck me!”
Dean raised his grinning face from out of the pleading girl’s slippery cunt and moved quickly into position. His massive, throbbing prick was not a fearful thing for Laurel now as he knelt between her wide-spread legs. She could see the huge red tip – with its tiny slit oozing pre-cum fluid – and the whole ten inch length of thick, hot prick shaft as he centered the mighty tool in her petite slash and moved in closer.
The cameras were on now. Laurel could hear them whirring softly in the distance, but she didn’t care. All that mattered to the hot-blooded redhead was the touch of the red-hot prick-head to her equally super-heated cunt folds.
Dean rubbed his cock tip all around Laurel’s juicy cuntal mouth, driving her crazy with anticipation, then dipped just the very end of his plumb sized cockhead into her warm pussy. Laurel mewled with joy and pushed her hips upward, digging her heels into the soft bed and shoving more of the big, hot dick into her molten cunt-lips.
“J-Jeeezus! Are you ever hot inside!” Dean gasped as the girl’s ember-warm cunt walls sucked at his gliding cock.
“Unnngh!” Laurel grunted in agony as the poker-like cock split her clasping pussy ring and the huge spear sheathed itself slowly in the redhead’s nearly virginal cunt.
Dean was too wrapped up in the ecstasy of the incredibly tight, buttery warm pussy enveloping his cock to notice the girl’s momentary discomfort. He rammed his stiff prick all the way into Laurel’s honey-sweet pussy, not stopping until his balls came to rest against her upturned ass.
Laurel groaned as Dean’s seemingly endless prick finally bottomed out against her cervix, and his nuts nudged her bung-hole. Never in her life had she even dreamed of experiencing a fullness and warmth inside her like she was feeling now.
Dean’s cock felt as big as a telephone pole in her cunt – a flaming, fiery telephone pole.
“D-Do it slow!” Laurel begged her lover. “I’m a little… tight!”
Dean laughed, the vibrations jiggling Laurel’s cunt via his well-berthed cock. “God, you can say that again!” the big cop chuckled. “But don’t worry, I know how to use this thing!”
To illustrate, Dean worked his prick around inside its clinging, juicy socket, pumping it in and out of Laurel’s wet sheath in quick but short strokes. The girl’s eyes got big as saucers as the thick cock pummeled her cunt-mouth and jolted her sensitive clitty to new, throbbing life.
The sensations stirring in her pussy were so strong that she wondered how she would stand it when this handsome, well hung stud actually started fucking her in earnest. Would she pass out when the big cock really began reaming her tiny hole?
The beautiful redhead didn’t have long to wait for an answer. Dean sensed she was ready for anything and drew his towering tool back until it was nearly out of Laurel’s clinging cunt. The muscular young man grabbed a handful of Laurel’s well-formed ass cheeks in each hand and hung on, raising her butt slightly in the process, so that he could drive his cunt-splitter of a cock straight down into her tight little pussy.
The big ramrod slammed into Laurel’s gripping slickness, and the girl released a grunt of surprise and sheer animal lust, the thick cock unleashing a sudden torrent of cum-spasms in the tall redhead’s prick filled depths. Laurel whinnied with satisfaction as the blessed orgasmic twinges built and built with each thrust of the savage, hungry cock into her equally needy cunt.
“Oh, fuck me, Dean baby! Fuck the daylights out of me!” Laurel whispered to the humping, rutting cop as he banged her deeper and harder with each lunge.
“Ugh! Ooh! Ahh!” Dean grunted as he drove his prick in and out of the unbelievably soft, succulent pussy that sought to entrap it.
“Fuckerooo! Look at them go to it!” one of the on looking cops muttered as the bed springs squeaked and Dean piled his hard prong into Laurel’s sucking cunt again and again.
“Agghhhhhhh! Dooooooo it!” Laurel squealed, her cunt clenching Dean’s flying cock, her senses spiraling out of control as the tension built within her scorching pussy.
The two partners changed positions slightly.
Dean released Laurel’s ample butt and wrapped his powerful arms around the moaning girl’s back. Laurel clamped her thighs around Dean’s rapidly moving hips, her legs crossing over each other to suck him in deeper with each magic stroke. Her hands coming up to lock themselves in his flowing brown mane so she could plant grateful kisses on his cheeks as he ravaged her pussy even more forcefully with his steely cock.
“Unghhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Laurel chanted in utter bliss, Dean’s prick banging her and banging her until the lovely redhead’s cunt was exploding with passion.
“Can’t… can’t hold back… much… more!” Dean gasped, his ball juice ready to blast into the girl’s awesomely tight gash as it squeezed in even more snugly around his pistoning cock.
“Let it gooooooooo!” Laurel crooned in an other worldly sing song plea, her mind floating on a fiery sea of wanton lust. “Fill me! Fuck me! Hold me tight and fill me with your hot cum!”
Dean groaned, a deep, guttural growl of sheer, sensual need. He crushed Laurel against his large muscled chest and drilled his cock into her savagely. Her tits jerked against his hairy skin and her pussy transformed into a sucking, gulping beast.
“Aghhhhhhhhh!” the young near-virgin screamed in total release as the big cock bucked and jumped inside her clasping cunt and began spraying its hot load like a firehose.
Waves of white-hot cum frenzy rolled through both of the groaning, writhing pair, their mutual intensity firing each other to new heights, new vistas of spurting, cunt-rending pleasure. The searing spasms of joy seemed endless for a few moments of absolute ecstasy, then tapered off to a warm, wonderfully fulfilled glow inside Laurel’s whole body, as the huge hunk of cock stopped gushing its white cum inside her cunt.
“Ohhhhhh, it was sooooo good!” Laurel sighed, the deflating prick slowly easing out of her cum-stuffed cunny.
“God! It was incredible!” Dean panted, his face dripping with sweat but creased with a smile that said the foxy redhead had realized his every dream.
“You can fuckin’ say that again!” Lucenta’s lust-choked voice said hoarsely from somewhere behind them.
Dean pulled completely out of Laurel and rolled off the bed, as if he had been suddenly brought back to reality by the other cop’s voice and was just as suddenly ashamed of his role in Laurel’s degradation. The camera zoomed in for a close up of the girl’s golden-red box, smeared with strands of sticky, cream colored spunk and its glistening pink eye oozing the spent cum down into Laurel’s ass-crack.
The camera went off and the girl’s half-lidded, sex hungry eyes focused on the men behind it and the lights. She realized once again that her whole lascivious performance had been not only witnessed by these strangers, but also recorded on the same camera’s celluloid roll.
The shocking thing about it all, to Laurel, was her body’s reaction. A needy, cunt moistening sensation crept through her recently sated pussy almost instantly as she saw the men’s cocks stiff and jutting beneath their trousers and she thought about what they had seen her do.
If they had made a move toward her, the confused, horny redhead admitted to herself, she would have fucked them all! Shaken, Laurel hurried into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed.

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