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Lesbian and Scat activities between women
By: Date: 2024.02.23. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

Karen goes to prison after finding her husband in bed with another woman. Elsa, the prison guard takes a liking to her, introduces her to lesbianism (and more) and makes Karen her personal slave.

After only a year’s marriage, Karen had come home to find her husband in bed with another woman. She went into the kitchen, took out the …

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Tammy’s Pony (Bi Sex, Bestiality-woman/pony)
By: Date: 2023.12.17. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

“How are my folks treating you, Tammy?” Priscilla asked over the phone.
The young girl was sprawled out on the bed, the phone propped against
her ear. “Your parents are real nice,” Tammy replied. A hint of unhappiness
revealed itself in the girl’s voice. She was sitting at the bedroom
window, looking at the street below. The city traffic and …

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