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It is erotic and incredibly arousing to feel another man’s cock making love
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As I sank the eight ball and won the third frame in a row, I felt
a hot flush of pleasure course over me and not just because I’d
simply won the match. Sitting at the bar was a rather pretty
local lady – she’d been the object of the ‘winner take all’ bet –
and I’d just won!

It …

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Next door swingers 2.
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“You poor honey,” Pat said.
Lauren and Pat were in Pat’s living room and Lauren was complaining about her problems with Jim.
“It’s awful,” Lauren said. “I mean, he raped me.”
Pat chuckled. “Well, not quite, darling.”
“He did something hateful to me.”
“Like what?”
Lauren blushed. “I’d rather not talk about it.”
Pat chuckled again. “All right, I can …

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Betty’s sex House
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We were having an early cocktail. It was a Friday in
late summer, still sunny and warm at 6:30, and it was
our traditional “Thank God it’s Friday, only two more
working days until Monday,” celebration.

“Hans made an email pass at me today,” Betty said.

“Hans, the guy in from Denmark?” I asked, Betty had
mentioned him before.

“Yeah, …

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An Island Exchange
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My husband John and I were on vacation in the Caribbean
with another couple, Dave and Kim. They were delightful
people that we had known for some time but had never
vacationed together. They were an attractive couple in
their early thirties as we were.

The island was beautiful, great sand beaches with clear
greenish water that provided wonderful snorkeling…

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She sucked and drank like a thirsty tiger
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It was decided they would meet on neutral ground.

Hawaii was the ideal spot, for it was almost – not quite – but almost right
smack in the middle of their homelands. Besides, it was winter and plane
tickets were cheap. A small, isolated and sparsely populated island was
chosen – far way from the typical tourists spots. A single …

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Strip Darts
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Even after all these years, thinking of that wild
night still turns me on. My wife, Laurie, and I had
only been married for six months, although we had been
going together for two years previously. We were high
school sweethearts, getting married two months after
graduating High School.

Laurie was 18 (just like me, although I’m seven months
older …

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A husband fantasized about his beautiful wife with another man
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At the time I write this story Andrea, (My wife)
is 36 years old, and quite a knockout. She’s always
been into bodybuilding and has been a runner since she
was a kid. With all of the attention that she has given
herself, it really shows. At her age she still has a
hard body, and a deep rich “California …

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A Man, His Wife, and Her Friend
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The doorbell rang and Sheila answered it. “Oh, Mandy,”
she said, “I’m so glad you stopped by! Come on back to
the kitchen. What a coincidence. My husband was just
saying that, since I’d mentioned you so often, he’d
like to meet you. And here you are!”

“Yes, here I am,” Mandy laughed. “Are you sure I
haven’t met your …

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