The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels – Teen Slutpuppy 2.
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I lay on my back on the bed with my knees in the air, feet dangling
loosely, legs spread wide. With my left hand I held a handmirror,
positioned at an angle over my crotch, so I had a full view of both my
sensitive holes. My right arm was stretched down the length of my
body, wrist bent sharply around my smooth buttcheek. My cunt oozed
slippery juice in excitement while I watched the pale puckered orifice
of my sphincter gently sucking like a sea anenome, as my middle finger
probed my steaming little teenage anus. It was so hot! My butthole was
so tight, clinging to my stiff finger, the feel of the tender tissue
inside my body so erotic -and that hot tingly burning sensation as I
fingerfucked my hungry asshole made me moan quietly to myself.

After a few minutes of watching this deliciously erotic sight, I
dropped the mirror and moved my left hand to my clit. The poor little
pink love bud was sooo lonely. The instant I began to strum it with my
thumb, I started cumming, my moisture drooling down my crack, coating
the finger in my anus.

Kee-rist, was I pissed when the phone rang!

“What!?” I barked into the receiver.

“Umm…Rachel?” Said the voice on the other end. It was Chris.

“Yeh-usss,” I said, rather impatiently, still gently moving the finger
in my asshole back and forth. My pussy was literally dripping and I
was in no mood to wait.

“Hi…whatcha doin’?”

Oh, not now Chris, I thought. I really don’t have the time. So I told

“Playing with myself.” I shifted the receiver underneath my chin, so I
could put my other hand back to good use.

“No shit?” He said, though I could tell he didn’t believe me.

“What do you want, Chris?” I began to whine at him, “I was just about
to cum and you’re pissing me off.”

“Sorry.” He said, sounding genuinely hurt. “I just thought I’d see if
you wanted to fuck.”

What’s that? Somebody callin’ my name?

“Well, why didn’t you say that? Is Jesse cummin’ too?”

“No, ” He said, rather cautiously. “She’s out of town shopping with
Mom. But, um…I could bring somebody along, if you want.”

“Chriiiss,” I chided him. Have you been telling our little secrets?”

“Just to this one guy, Rache -I swear.” He assured me. “He’s my best

“Does he have a big dick?” I asked, twirling an index finger in little
circles around my clit.

“Shit, Rachel, I don’t know!” He said, flustered by the question. But
I had a feeling he did know.

“Come on over.” I said, smiling to myself. “Nobody home but me.”

I jumped in and out of the shower, to rinse off the sex-sweat and
pulled on a cute black sweater- dress that barely covered my
buttcheeks. I debated whether or not to wear panties, just to tease
them with, but I figured they wouldn’t be on long enough to matter,

The guys gawked and stammered nervously when I answered the door. I
just turned and went on into the living room, bouncing onto the couch
to perch on my knees. The dress rode up, exposing my soft thighs and
the lower half of my furry mons.

“Oh, man.” blurted Chris’ friend, staring in disbelief.

“Toldja she was hot.” replied Chris.

I smiled at them sweetly and ran my fingers through my golden bush.

“Wanna kiss it?” I half-whispered.

“No shit!” said the new guy, dropping to his knees and waddling over
to the couch. I leaned back against the sofa, still on my knees to
thrust my crotch forward, and he pressed his nose against my pubic
hair, nuzzling my pussy. I reached down, spreading the lips with my
fingers to give him a better view and he began licking my little pink
clit like a puppy, lapping and smacking, covering his face in my
juices and his saliva. I purred and motioned for Chris to come up.

He stepped up onto the couch to stand beside me and undid his jeans,
taking out a beautiful full grown erection and pointing it at my face.
I leaned over and slid my mouth over the tip, closing my lips around
the crown and sucking gently, then going all the way down the shaft.

“Aaaah.” Chris closed his eyes and stroked my neck.

“Mmmmph.” mumbled his friend as he kissed his way up my belly, rolling
the black dress up as he went. I grabbed it at my midriff and pulled
it off over my head, so he could suck and fondle my breasts as he

“Oh, that feels niiice,” I said to him. “What’s your name?”

“Daryl.” He said, switching his mouth from breast to breast. He
reached down with one hand and fumbled his dick from his pants.
Leaning back a little, he began rubbing the engorged head against my
wet slit, up and down, against the labia and clit.

“Mmmm.” I moaned, taking Chris’ cock out of my mouth and leaning
forward to kiss Daryl. He frenched me back deeply, swirling his tongue
around mine with obvious hunger.

Well now, I thought, that’s unusual -I just took his friend’s
cum-drooling dick out of my mouth and he doesn’t mind kissing me?

When we broke from the kiss, I went back to Chris’ cock for a moment,
sucking it deeply, licking along the shaft, then offered it to Daryl.

“Wanna taste?”

He looked at me, unsure. Looked at the glistening spit-slick erection
in my hand. Looked at Chris, who was watching us both through
half-closed eyes.

“Will somebody put their mouth on my cock, please?” He grumbled.

Daryl leaned forward and plunged his face onto his buddy’s thick pink
hard-on, sucking the stick all the way into his mouth.

“Too fucking cool.” I said, more excited than ever.

A few minutes later we were all naked in a pile on the floor, Chris on
his back, with me kneeling over in a sixty-nine, Daryl plunging into
my soaking pussy from behind, doggie-style. Ocassionally, Daryl would
pull his slippery cock out to rub it back and forth in the crack of my
sweaty behind.

I sucked and pumped Chris’ swollen prick, pulling and stroking with my
fist while my tongue teased and flicked around the head. He tongued
and kissed my pussy eagerly, lapping at the shaft of Daryl’s cock as
it slid back and forth above his nose. Nibbling and kissing Daryl’s
wrinkled sac, Chris reached up and grasped his friend’s turgid dick by
the base, stroking and milking it as it fucked into my slimy cunt. I
could feel Daryl’s head begin to twitch and quiver inside me.

“Oooh, I’m gonna cum!” He grunted, jabbing into me in harder, deeper
strokes. “Mmm, here it is, baby!” He pushed his hips against my ass
and froze.

Moving quickly and surprising us both, Chris reached up with his free
hand and pushed against my buttcheeks, knocking me slightly forward.
His other fist still firmly clenching Daryl’s cock, he yanked the
swollen meat from my anticipating pussy, his mouth opening into a wide
hungry yawn, tongue sticking straight up just like a baby bird’s, just
as Daryl’s thick, creamy load came spurting in sticky white gobs to
cover Chris’ greedy face. It squirted across his chest, across my
sweaty bottom, across his closed eyelids, into his mouth to cover his
wriggling tongue. Chris rubbed the still spasming dick against his
cheeks, scooping the globs of warm sperm into his mouth using the
blunt purple head as a spoon. He licked Daryl’s cock clean and lay
there panting.

“Too…fucking…COOL.” I said, watching in amazement. This was the
hottest thing I’d ever seen.

I turned myself around to straddle Chris’ own rigid dick and slid it
into my now flaming cunt. “You guys are fucking amazing.”

I wriggled my hips back and forth, around and around, sliding up and
down on Chris’ cock, leaning over to brush his lips with my nipples.

“Unnh!” He said, and spurted a warm load of his own into my thrashing
twat. “Thanks.” He mumbled against my breasts.

“You’re not done yet.” I said to him, getting off. I lay back on my
bottom, spreading my legs wide, holding my nether-lips apart with my
fingers, so both could see Chris’ thick, creamy jism oozing from my
bright pink vagina, to run down the crack of my behind.

“Come and get it, guys.” I grinned at them, and they both grinned
back, licking their lips and crawling toward me.

The incredible sensations as the two of them buried their faces
together in my widespread crotch had me wriggling and squirming across
the floor. I felt my back press up against the edge of the couch and
my feet planted firmly on the carpet, lifting my bottom up to meet
those two writhing tongues.

“Ooooh,goddd.” I moaned, as I shuddered uncontrollably in wave after
wave of blasting orgasm. Tingling wet pleasure swirled and danced
around my straining clit as their twin mouths nibbled and sucked at my
pussylips, lapping up the sticky, stringy cum that drooled warmly from
my squeezing, contracting cunt.

“Stop! Stop!” I begged finally. I’ve gotta rest!” The guys came up
grinning, both their faces shiny with cum and lubrication.

They both lounged on the carpet, looking sleepy and satisfied, while I
went off to the shower to stand under the soothing jets of hot water
for awhile. When I came back, they were both dressing hurriedly.

“I gotta get Daryl home,” Chris explained. “He’s supposed to be

“Hey, wait,” I said, fluffing my hair with a towel. “can you drop me
off at my Dad’s?”

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