Tales from the Late Night Library
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The sounds, panting, grunting, screaming, the slap of
wet flesh against wet flesh and of bodies against a
surface, grew still louder. But raucous as the sounds
were, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I stepped
around the last corner.

From where I stood, all I could see was the back of a
buck-naked guy, with a girl’s legs sort of limply
wrapped around his neck, him standing, and her lying
down on one of the study desks. With each thrust, he
grunted, lifting her ass off the desk and smacking it
back down, to the accompaniment of her screams. Her
legs twitched in time with their fucking.

I stood mutely, watching the spectacle. I don’t think
I’d ever seen anything quite like this before in my
time working late-nights at the library. I’d caught a
few couples cuddling or making our in the study booths,
but this was quite different. I was contemplating what
to do, when the guy noticed me. He turned towards, me,
his large dick falling out of the girl’s twat and
bobbing in front of him as he addressed me.

“Want to finish her off?” he asked, but all I could see
was how her distended hole was just contracting, her
legs still in the air, as she kept on moaning. I shook
my head dumbly and just stood watching as he turned
back to the moaning twitching girl. Lining up his large
dick, he re-entered her, to another scream, and their
fucking continued for a few more strokes. Holding her
legs, he pulled out of her distended cunt, and
penetrated her ass, grunting loudly as he came in the

Turning to wink at me, he pulled out his shit-stained
tool and knelt down, stuffing two fingers into her
pussy. He pumped them in and out, and then slowly added
a third. The girl started bucking, still screaming and
moaning as before. After a few more seconds, he pulled
his fingers out, and began to push his whole hand into
her. I watched in disbelief as her cunt expanded and
his whole fist disappeared into her.

Before long he was vigorously ramming his arm into her,
causing her ass to lift of the study desk and then to
slap back down as he punched home. Her screaming
crescendo into a continuous high-pitched ear-shattering
screech, as he pushed his arm in and held it around her
spasming cunt. When the bucking and spasming had died
down, he withdrew his hand, wiping it off on her
thighs. Her legs remained in the air, and her cunt
remained stretched open wide enough for a tennis ball
to fit in it.

The guy looked on the floor for his pants, and quickly
buckled them over his down dwindling erection. He
pulled on a tight T-shirt as he turned to me, “when she
comes around, tell her she wasn’t half bad.” Standing
next to the study desk, he gave the girl’s ass a good
smack, causing her to roll onto her side and fall off
the desk onto the floor.

With another wink, he walked passed me, and down the
stairs towards the exit of the library. I turned back
to the unconscious girl, her gaping pussy only now
starting to contract back to a normal size, as she
whimpered quietly on the floor.

“Damn!” I thought.

* * *

Most of the time, it’s the most boring job in the
world. Sitting at the desk in the library from the
hours of midnight until 6am meant that only the most
nerdy or desperate of kids would come by, and most of
them weren’t in the mood to chit-chat. The library was
an ancient building, close to ten stories high but also
going another 3 underground.

The elevators were small and old-fashion, going slowly
and stopping at every other floor. The ceilings were
low – maybe 5 foot 5, so that walking down the aisles
required stooping under pipes and conduits. The whole
place smelled of dank oldness – old books, old times,
and centuries of dust.

Around the perimeter of each floor, were little
enclosed study desks for research. It was lit by the
occasional fluorescent light and in some places by bare
bulbs. Of course, the college had a nice small library
with computers and neat shelves and respectable desks
in the neighboring building, but if you needed to do
serious research, sooner or later you would wind up at
this ancient temple to knowledge.

Somewhere in the process, the place gained the
reputation of being a hookup spot for horny undergrads,
although usually nothing serious ever happened. There
were rumors, though, and as I walked slowly back to my
desk, images of the rutting couple still burning on my
retinas, I re-examined my disbelief of such rumors. I
had been back at my desk for maybe 15 minutes when I
spotted a girl in a white summer dress coming down the
stairs very slowly, one stair at a time, maintaining a
white-knuckle grip on the railing.

From her mussed hair, and a walk that made it look like
she’d just had some guy’s fist stuffed up her twat
(which she had), I could tell she must have been the
girl I’d seen upstairs. My first thought was relief
that I’d not been hallucinating, but I was immediately
curious what sort of girl would behave like a world-
class bang in Memorial Library at 3:32 on a Tuesday

She was perhaps a bit on the petit side, but well
proportioned, with light-brown hair and, from what I
could tell, a fairly nice rack. As she walked past the
desk, I smiled and bade her goodnight. Still with a
dreamy look in her eyes, she wanly returned my smile,
and continued hobbling towards the exit, out into the

* * *

Months later, I’d almost forgotten about the incident.
I mean, I had a life and other things were happening,
and that night had had sort of a dreamy quality to it
anyway. In fact, when a well-proportioned petit
brunette walked in, and, in a soft voice, asked where
she could find the original editions of the works of
several authors, I thought nothing of it, and directed
her to the proper floor. Twenty minutes later, she was
back, with a scrap of paper.

“Oedipus Rex?” I typed it into my terminal, and read
back “1231.342 on Floor 6, aisle 10.”

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream, first folio?” I typed it
in, and read back “342.22, floor 3, aisle 13.”

“Strangers Fucking in the Library?” I was half way
through typing it before I looked up with a jerk, and
realized why this girl had seemed familiar to me. There
was a glint in her eye, which confirmed it.

“I’ll have to show you where that’s located…” I said
as I smiled, and took her hand, leading her to the
elevator. When the elevator reached the top floor, I
lead her down the aisles to the far side of the
building, and then down a random side aisle. Pointing
to a section of shelf at about waist height next to an
empty part of shelf, I announced, “Its right there.”

Looking confused, she bent over to examine where I had
pointed. As soon as she had bent over, I gave her ass a
good shove into the shelves, and, losing her balance
and grip on the shelf, she fell forward and her upper
body went through the open empty shelf to come out in
the aisle next to us.

I dropped to me knees, and, lifting her skirt and
yanking her plain white panties to the ground, I
grabbed her ass-cheeks, holding them apart. I could see
her shaved cunt and ass, as she let out a little yell
of surprise at having been so manipulated. I buried my
tongue into her pussy, still holding her ass open, and
ignoring her weak attempts to pull herself back through
the shelf.

After a few long strokes up her slit with my tongue, I
felt her legs part slightly to allow me better access,
as I removed one hand from her ass to fondle her, using
the other to knead her butt-cheeks. With one hand
holding her open, I snaked the other around her thigh
to gently pinch her clit, as I tongue-fucked her hole.
I could hear her starting to moan, and I released her
clit so that I could shove a finger into her cunt, as
my tongue moved towards probing her asshole.

I quickly added a second finger to her cunt, and,
pumping in and out, I could feel that she was ready.
Using one hand under her to part her now swollen cunt
lips, I freed my dick with my other hand, and entered
her slowly. She groaned as my hardness slowly sank into
her luscious garden of eden. Still using one hand to
stimulate her, I pumped slowly into and out of her,
letting her feel each inch of my dick as I in turn
examined every inch of the inside of her cunt.

Gently withdrawing, I slammed into her without warning,
knocking her back against the shelf. I could hear books
falling off the other side from the impact, as my hips
slapped into hers. I began a rapid rhythm of thrusting,
each time, smacking her against the shelf. At the
bottom of each thrust, I would give her a little lift,
since the shelf which she was bent over was perhaps a
little high, and by raising my pelvis, I could
literally lift her off her feet with my cock. Each time
her feet left the ground, her cunt sank down on my cock
and I could feel her panic as she squirmed to get down.
I pounded her against the shelf over and over again,
loving the tight feel of her twat on my tool, until I
thought I was going to come.

Not able to take it any more, I pulled out, to an
unsatisfied groan from her, and reached my arm though
the shelf. Grabbing her hair, I hauled her out from
between the shelves and dropped her onto the ground.
Reaching down between her legs, I gave her clit a swift
pinch, which caused her to scramble to her feet, as I
shucked the last remnants of her clothes off her.

Turning her, I put my hand against her ass, letting my
thumb work its way inside her tight anus. Using this
hand to guide her, I steered the naked girl towards the
corner of the building, up to a large old wooden
conference-type table. Withdrawing my thumb from her
anal passage, I turned my hand so it was palm-up
between her legs, and inserted my middle two fingers
into her cunt. I then used this hand to propel her ass
up and onto the table, so she was on all fours on the
table, ass to me.

Shedding my shirt, I joined her on the huge oak table,
pushing her head down, and lifting her ass up. Once
again working my thumb into her ass, I pushed my turgid
dick back into her pussy, as I began to fuck her like a
cowboy riding a bronco. My thumb sank past the knuckle,
as my rock-hard pole sawed in and out of her. I had to
use one hand to hold her head and chest against the
table, as each thrust of mine was sliding us a little
bit across the glossy finish.

Before long, I could feel my cock swelling with pre-
orgasmic fervor, so I withdrew. Looking down, I
withdrew my thumb from her tight brown anus and spat. A
large dribble of spit dripped down her ass crack,
pooling up on her asshole. I lined the tip of my cock
up against it, smearing the spit against my dick and
her ass. As I pushed I could feel her leaning away from

I reached down, and grabbing a handful of light-brown
hair, I hauled her back towards me and I shoved my
weight forward against her resisting asshole. She
screamed loudly and hoarsely as inch by inch my cock
sank into her posterior. I could feel her neck
straining as I maintained my grip on her hair, using it
to guide her onto and off of my cock, as I rammed her
up the poop-chute.

Someone walking in like I had before, would have been
greeted by the sight of a girl on top of a conference
table, legs spread wide, holding herself up on her
elbows and knees, a look of sexual rapture scribbled
across her face, as the man hunched above her slowly
and repeatedly buried his tool in her ass to the hilt,
above her still distended pink slit.

With each stroke, the air escaping her ass made little
squirt noises. Releasing her hair, and dropping my
hands to her tits, I grabbed her breasts like they were
handles and started banging her in earnest, using my
grip to force her back against the dick I was shoving
up her bum. She screamed with each in-stroke, and
sighed and gasped for breath with each out-stroke, as I
crammed my meat into her, over and over and over again.

I could feel my dick expand, as I shot my load of hot
cum into her bowels still clutching me tightly. She was
still caught up in the sexual rapture of it, and, as my
dick shrunk, I didn’t want to disappoint her. I flashed
back the other guy pushing his fist into her cunt over
and over again to her screams. Not wanting to be
outdone, I pushed three of my own fingers into her
cunt, clamping them against the front of her vaginal
wall, stimulating her G spot, as I could tell from the
pitch of her screaming and gasping.

I took my other hand, and began to slowly force it into
her already distended ass. First two fingers, then
three, then four, I worked my hand against the pressure
of her sphincter, taking advantage of the spasming
which my other hand was causing, forcing my hand in her
ass deeper with each spasms. Finally, with one last
huge spasm, my hand sank in all the way, and the girl
screamed a high pitched elongated scream, as she
collapsed, impaled on my arm, my finger still buried in
her cunt.

Her entire body shook violently as she came hard, and I
felt like my arm was going to get cut off as I fought
the losing battle to keep it inside of her, as wave
after wave of muscular spasms forced me out. Looking
down at the twitching girl lying in our combined juices
on the table, on what had earlier been the shiny
surface of the table, I looked around me. We were
absolutely alone in the quiet of the night. I trotted
back to the shelf where we’d been earlier, and tidied
it up, and gather my clothes.

I walked back past her, stopping to look again. I
reached over to the closet shelf, and, removing a
volume, tore a page from it. I scribbled down my hours,
and that if she ever wanted me to find another book for
her, I would be more than happy to perform another
thorough search.

Using the dollop of sperm still on the end of my dick,
I stuck the note to her heaving breasts, and headed
back to my desk.

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