Husband received a copy of Master PC

Chris decided to try the program on his wife first, instead of some random woman off the street. This should avoid attracting attention from people. Chris had read plenty of sex stories on the net about mind control and Master PC. He didn’t want to his wife to be a sex bimbo. Rather he wanted […]

Mom Teaching the Tomboy

Toni is more interested in cars than guys. Maybe someday, when she is finished with university and is established in her engineering career, she may have time for men and having babies. But her mother has different ideas. * Toni had just finished fixing the neighbor’s car sitting in the family driveway when she heard […]

Where Witches Walk

They stood on wet ground as the cool breeze of their darkest hour swept past. Most of their numbers were gone. The free lands in the north had all fallen, swallowed up by the black mass of the oppressive Kath’rahim army. Only York stood against them now, one final free people, stretched fabric-thin against a […]