On The Job Experience
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“Brad….Brad! Did you understand the question?”

“Huh? Uhh, I don’t think I did, Mrs. Gonzales. Maybe you could
explain it again.”

Brad felt his face grow warm as he became embarrassed. The
musical voice of his favorite teacher had just awakened him
from one of his recurring daydreams. The embarrassment wasn’t
caused by the snickering of his classmates. Brad became
flushed because he was sure that Mrs. Gonzales knew he was
daydreaming about sex, even including her in his fantasy.

Brad spent endless hours dreaming about sex, talking about sex
with his friends, looking at sex magazines whenever he could
find one. His dreams of sex were frustrated by the reality
that he was terribly shy around girls. He sometimes worried
that he was the only boy to turn 16 without having felt a
girls tits or even kissed a girl.

The bell rescued Brad from his embarrassment. The school day
had finally ended and Brad steeled himself for his next big
challenge. He headed to the mall but this day it was not just
to hang out. He had to get a job, he needed money to get car
insurance. Yesterday he had passed his driving test and now
he would be able to drive as soon as he got insurance.

Brad bicycled to the mall. Once there, he went to the men’s
room where he changed out of his riding shorts and t-shirt
into a pair of slacks and a dress shirt. He looked at himself
in the mirror and cursed himself for not listening to his
mother when she suggested he wear a tie. He jammed his riding
clothes into his back pack and ventured out.

The first store was a women’s clothing store. Brad couldn’t
bring himself to go in. He moved on to the next store, a shoe
store. He almost died trying to get the words “I’m looking for
a job” to come out of his mouth. The salesman simply pointed
to a man in the back of the store. Brad approached again and
mumbled “I’m looking for a job and…” The man stopped Brad
in mid-mumble. “Sorry son, come back in November. We’ll be
hiring for Christmas help.”

Brad was ready to quit his search right there but the thought
of driving spurred him on. He exited the shoe store only to
find another woman’s clothing store. He passed it by. The next
store was also a woman’s store. Then came a luggage store.
Brad mumbled a little less. “I was wondering if you need any
help?” The answer was the same. “Try us in November.”

As Brad moved down the mall, he realized that almost all of
the stores were woman’s this or that. He soon decided that he
would have to get up the courage to go into those stores too.
By the time he had covered half the mall, Brad had ceased to
even look at what kind of store he was entering. He had his
question memorized and no longer mumbled or felt quite so
embarrassed. He had learned to ask for the manager as an
opener. Still, he had no luck. He was approaching the end of
the mall, feeling that he had no hope of finding a job.

Then his luck changed. He walked into the shop, directly to
the first salesgirl that he saw. He asked for the manager, not
taking any view of his surroundings. She directed him to a
woman at the far end of the store. As he approached her he
became shy and nervous again. She looked absolutely gorgeous
to him. In fact she looked a lot like Mrs. Gonzales. When she
looked up at his approach and said “Yes, may I help you?”, he
almost turned and ran.

He opened his mouth and said nothing. She smiled at him and
again said, “How can I help you today?”

Brad stammered, “I’m looking for a job. Do you need somebody?
I’m really a good worker.”

She smiled and replied, “I’m afraid that you have to be 16 for
us to hire you, and we really don’t…”

Brad cut in, “I am 16. I had my birthday yesterday. I got my
license too. Now I need a job so I can get my insurance.”

She looked at the boy’s angelic face, curly dark hair, brown
eyes that sparkled. The flush in his slightly tanned cheeks,
his thin lips quivering with nervousness. He wasn’t very tall,
maybe five-seven. Although small in stature with delicate
features, he did appear to be strong and athletic.

“Well,” she said, “I was thinking of hiring a stock boy.
Someone to do the heavier lifting that my girls can’t do. It
will just be Saturday and Sunday, maybe one night a week.”

“That’s great, that’s great! I’ll really work hard, uhhhh,
Mrs…”, Brad strained to read the woman’s name tag, ‘Mrs.
Natasha Petrochka’.

“Just call me Tasha”, she laughed. “You can start tomorrow.
We just have to have you complete an application.”

Brad was so enthused he had difficulty filling out the
employment application. As he walked out of the store, he
was delirious with joy. Then it occurred to him, he didn’t
even know what store he had been in. He turned back to check
and froze in his tracks. He stared up at the sign,
“Victoria’s Secret”.

Saturday morning Brad awoke early. He was excited and
apprehensive about his new job. He stuffed long pants, shirt
and undershorts in his back pack. After breakfast, he took a
long shower. He dressed in a pair of biking shorts and t-shirt
for the ride to the mall. He arrived at the mall just as it
was opening. He found a place to lock his bike and dashed to
the men’s room to change his clothes. Then he raced to the
other end of the mall to Victoria’s, worried that he was late
on his first day.

When he walked in he went directly to Tasha’s office and
immediately began to breathlessly explain, “I’m sorry I’m a
little late but I had to change clothes and the men’s room is
at the other end of the mall and I couldn’t get in until they
opened the doors because I ride my bike…”

Tasha interrupted the staccato explanation. “Slow down dear.
It’s alright.” She paused, then continued, “That’s a pretty
long bike ride. Do you like biking?”

“Oh, yeah. I love it, mountain biking, that and swimming. I
got a lot of trophies when I was a kid, BMX. That’s bicycle

“Well look dear, we have a bathroom here in the stock area.
Why don’t you just bring your bike directly here and change
in there? That should be a lot easier.”

Brad felt a wave of calm wash over him. It was not so much
what she said, as the way in which she said it. Her voice was
soft and throaty. She had a slight foreign accent and
carefully enunciated each word, yet the words flowed together
in a marvelous stream.

Tasha introduced Brad to the other employees. They were all
women, all young and attractive. They were all charmed by
Brad’s deep red blush as they joked about him being the only
man in the shop, and all the sexy clothes. Brad was happy to
get back to the stock room and begin the chores that Tasha
assigned him.


Sunday, the mall opened at noon. Brad quickly wheeled his bike
through to Victoria’s and found Tasha alone. She looked up
as Brad walked by. She bit her lip as she surveyed the youth’s
body. “God” she thought, “what a little adonis. I don’t think
he has an ounce of fat on him.”

Her survey of him was quick, but complete. He wore a blue
tank top that revealed strong muscular shoulders. His arms
were tan and sinewy. He had the full chest of a swimmer
and she could see his pectorals peeking through the tank
top. The tank top was tucked into his bike shorts, revealing
a trim waist. The spandex shorts clung to his ass, which was
absolutely beautiful, an ass that any girl would die for.
In front she observed the outline of his teenage cock and
balls. His thighs were thick and muscular and led to
well defined calves.

Tasha resisted the urge to say something cute and suggestive.
She had the feeling that her new employee was full of raging
hormones but was as skittish as a young colt. She felt a
strange mixture of motherly protectiveness and wanton
seductress as she greeted him.

“Hi Brad, it’ll be very slow for the first two hours so that
will give us time to re-arrange some of the racks on the

Brad went into the wash room to change his clothes. He spent
the next few hours working with Tasha. Brad was in heaven, he
could smell her perfume, he could feel her skin as her arm
brushed his. She talked to him like he was an adult, not a
student or a kid. She asked him his opinion. Brad hated it
when occasionally a customer would enter and she would have
to wait on them.

That was the high point of the day for Brad. The remainder of
the day he was in the back by himself. Still, he found it
exciting to be there, handling the sexy clothes, thinking
about the women that would wear them. Occasionally when Tasha
walked by she would glance over at Brad, a few times she
noticed him pausing to rub is crotch as he handled the filmy
lingerie. She could see the bulge in his pants too.

As soon as Brad arrived home that evening, he headed straight
for his bedroom. He undressed quickly, desperate to relieve
the pressures that had been building inside him all day.
Grabbing a handful of tissues in one hand, he wrapped the
other around his hard member. Squeezing and stroking himself
even as he flopped onto his bed.

He didn’t need to close his eyes to enhance his imaginary
visions. Staring at his cock, he fantasized rubbing it
against the silky things that he had been handling that day.
He squeezed his cock, watched the precum appear in the hole,
began dreaming about Tasha.

The smell of her perfume now filled his head. He envisioned
her wearing the sexy outfits that they had been moving that
day. He began stroking himself rapidly as his mind over-
flowed with visions of Tasha there with him, rubbing her
body against him, kissing him, kissing his cock.

Brad felt the thick shaft in his hand responding to the rapid
motion. He moaned and invisualized a naked Tasha as the hot
juice began to spew from his cock. He forgot completely about
the tissue in his other hand as his body jerked in orgasm.

Cum shot all over his chest and up to his face. In rapid
succession, three, four, five bursts of gooey liquid landed
on him. Brad rubbed his cock against his stomach, feeling the
shaft slide easily in the slick cum.

He lay there for a while enjoying his thoughts, then wiped the
mess from his body. As he showered Brad could think of nothing
but the long wait until Wednesday when he was next scheduled
to work. It seemed like such a long way off.

But Wednesday finally came. Then Saturday, then Sunday. Brad
lived for the opportunity to go to work. He was in a constant
state of arousal, surrounded by sexy women’s clothes, seeing
Tasha, hearing her voice, smelling her. He found that if he
paid attention and timed things properly, he could sometimes
see a woman trying on clothes in the changing room. Some women
would leave the door part way open and Brad was treated to
fantastic glimpses of bare tits and even pussies.

For her part, Tasha was losing the battle within herself to
keep her hands off of the boy. It probably was lost before she
knew it. Perhaps that second week when Brad stood in front of
her desk in his steel gray bike shorts before leaving. She
could clearly see the outline of his young penis and his
balls. It appeared to be rather thick and not very long. She
longed to see him without the lycra wrapper.

She began calling him into her office just before he left
work, just so she could enjoy the view of his cock squeezed
against his thigh by the spandex shorts. She became
increasingly bold and lascivious. One evening she unbuttoned
the top buttons of her blouse before calling Brad. As she
talked to him she watched the outline of his young manhood.

She saw it slowly begin to grow in response to her bending
forward. She knew that Brad was feasting his eyes on her bare
breast. She knew her dark brown areola contrasted nicely with
her milky white skin. Her nipples got very large when aroused,
and she was aroused! Soon he was completely hard, she could
see the perfect outline of a very thick hard cock, the crown
of the head was clearly visible. His voice cracked as he
spoke, she looked into his face and saw the red blush of a
boy caught looking.


After that, Tasha found herself watching Brad more often, she
enjoyed seeing him get aroused by the sexy surroundings. She
soon noticed that he would work around the fitting rooms
whenever an occupant left the door open. This resulted in the
young boy scurrying to the washroom. Tasha knew what he was
doing in there.

One morning she amazed herself. Her office and the stock room
were in an addition to the building. For some strange reason,
there was a window left in the wall between her office and the
washroom. It was nailed shut and painted white. There were a
few scratches in the paint. Before any others arrived, Tasha
carefully enlarged one of the scratches to make a peep hole.
She had always been an exhibitionist, however she had never
considered herself a voyeur. Yet here she was, tingling with
excitement at the prospect of watching a 16 year old adonis
jacking off in the bathroom. It was crazy and exciting.


That afternoon Tasha was delighted to see the changing booths
quite busy. It wasn’t long before Brad discovered that a
striking young blond had left the changing room door open part
way. He busied himself cleaning around the rack in front of
the door. Brad was in peeping heaven as the woman removed her
bra. As she rubbed at the red marks that the bra had made on
her tits, Brad could see her nipples jiggling around. His cock
thickened and grew, he cautiously pushed the shaft into a more
comfortable position. The woman slipped her pants and panties
down her hips and stepped out of them. Brad was beside himself
with excitement, the massive blond vee of pubic hair danced
before his eyes a few feet away. The woman looked up through
the opening in the door. Brad didn’t notice her eyes as they
caught sight of him, his concentration was on that magic
triangle. Then she bumped the door, knocking it further open.
She sat down on the stool, spread her legs wide, slipped on
a pair of net stockings, then smoothed the stockings several
times, rubbing her pussy on each stroke. She then looked up
and he saw her staring into his eyes. He immediately turned
crimson. The woman simply smiled and closed the door.

Brad couldn’t stand it. His cock was throbbing. He walked
quickly to the washroom and locked the door. Tasha was at her
scratch in the window just as quickly. She watched as Brad not
only unzipped his pants but unbuckled and let them drop to the
floor. She could see the bulge in his white jockey shorts
before Brad slipped them down to his thighs. She gasped as his
hard cock bounced into view. It swung back and forth a few
times before Brad’s hand wrapped around the shaft. His cock
was very thick and not circumcised. The foreskin was pulled
back just a bit and she could see the tip of the head. His
balls were larger than she’d imagined. He had a meager amount
of light brown pubic hair. When he wrapped his fist around
the cock, his hand covered little more than half the length.

Tasha rubbed her hand into her crotch as the boy pulled on his
cock, drawing the skin back to reveal the dark red mushroom
head of the shaft. Brad began jerking his hand back and forth
very rapidly. She could see his tight balls bounce slightly
as his hand banged into them on each back stroke. His soft
brown pubic hair was barely visible. She wanted to scream for
him to slow down, to make it last. But she couldn’t. She just
watched the stiff young cock rapidly riding the closed fist.
Saw the crimson cap appearing and disappearing as the foreskin
flew back and forth. In a matter of moments, she saw and heard
his climax.

Brad made a couple of stifled screams of joy as his cock
discharged several large streams of milky cum. The boy held
his hand in front of his cock and caught the shots, or at
least stopped them from shooting onto the wall. Tasha was
sure that Brad’s cum would have shot across the small room
if it hadn’t been intercepted. Her pussy was wet, wet
enough that it had soaked through her panties and skirt.

She sat down and sighed. She heard the toilet flush, heard him
wash his hands, heard the door open and close. She was aroused
and a little bit frightened. Aroused at the prospect of having
that energetic young cock ramming into her. Frightened that
she was even considering vamping a sixteen year old boy. What
if she did it? What would people think? What if Brad told
someone? Hell, what if he bragged to his friends? Then she
mentally laughed at the thought of having a harem of sixteen
year old boys. Yes, a stable of hormone happy virgin boys,
maybe it would be worth it.


Within a few days, Tasha had decided to go for it.

The following Sunday, she told Brad to come in late to help
her change some of the displays after closing. When Brad
arrived he headed for the washroom to change out of his
shorts. Tasha stopped him.

“Since there’s only the two of us, you can leave your bike
shorts on.” Tasha didn’t want to miss the opportunity to watch
that nice tight young ass going up and down the ladder. She
wondered if Brad really understood how sexy the skin tight
bike shorts were, how they made his ass look like a piece of
greek sculpture.

“OK, what ever you say.”

“I’d better go change into some work clothes. You get the
ladder set up,” she said as she went into her office. Tasha
slipped out of her blouse and skirt. She removed her bra and
panties also. She pulled on an old mid-thigh length skirt and
slipped into a loose fitting man’s dress shirt. She looked in
the mirror, then went to her desk to get her scissors. She
snipped the second button from the top and returned to the
mirror. Turning from right to left and back she saw the shirt
opening and closing, a window to her round white breasts.

When she returned, Brad had the ladder ready. As Brad went up
a few steps on the ladder, Tasha stood close to him, directing
his movements. There was that cute ass now at her eye level.
As he worked, he would turn and Tasha enjoyed examining the
outline of his cock and balls only inches from her
face. Tasha was enjoying this even more than she thought she

When Brad was not on the ladder, Tasha watched his eyes. She
watched to see if he was taking in the little show she was
giving him. She could feel the shirt open as she had
planned. Yes! He was looking. Her nipples got hard as she saw
his eyes staring a little longer each time he had a chance.

Brad became nervous when he first noticed the opening in
Tasha’s shirt. He glanced quickly and looked away. He was sure
he had seen her tit. Her bare tit! As they worked and talked,
he looked again. Her shirt was missing a button and he could
look right in at her. The more he looked at the mound peeking
at him, the more he wanted to. His nervousness gave way to
desire. He could see the round creamy skin of her breast. He
glimpsed the contrasting dark nipple. He could feel himself
start to get hard, yet his embarrassment kept him from getting
a full erection.

Brad was again on the ladder. Tasha was savoring her view of
his cock. It was larger she thought. The little devil was
actually starting to get hard for her. How exciting. She could
see the cock moving and twitching beneath the lycra covering.
Her pussy was warm, she felt the slightest bit of dampness
between her legs.

“Brad, I don’t think that’s quite the way I want that banner
to hang. Why don’t you get down and hold the ladder for me
while I try to adjust it myself.”

Excited that Brad seemed to be enjoying her tits, Tasha
decided to continue to the next stage. How would he react to
her above him, her short skirt and no panties should provide
him with a nice view.

Brad watched as Tasha climbed the ladder. As her legs passed
in front of his eyes, he stared at them intently. She had
wonderful legs he thought. He saw her thigh, almost all of it.
It was beautifully tapered. Then her knee passed in view,
followed by her calf. Her calf was slightly muscular, rounded,
flowing into thin ankles. Then she was above him and he looked
up and swallowed hard. He was looking right up her skirt. He
could see her ass, the cheeks of her ass were creamy white
like her tits. The crack of her ass was dark and not hairy.
He could see her pussy! He could really see the slit with
black hair above it! His eyes glanced higher and he saw her
tits. Both of the white mounds topped with chocolate nipples
were clearly visible. Her shirt hung out away from her body
and there they were. He quickly looked away.

As Tasha stood on the ladder she glanced down and saw Brad
trying not to look. “Brad darling, could you look up here and
watch what I’m doing.”

“Yes mam” Brad gulped and stared up again.

“That’s better darling. Keep your eyes up here.”

Brad stared up, stared into heaven. His cock over came his
embarrassment. It was soon as hard as a rock, straining
against the tight bike shorts. He couldn’t decide what he
wanted to look at more, her beautiful tits with the small dark
nipples or her fantastic woman’s slit.

Tasha glanced down, she saw the bulge in Brad’s shorts. “Oh
yes!”, she thought. She spread her legs as much as she could
on the ladder. She wiggled her ass, she tried to make her
pussy call out to the boy below. Tasha was reveling in this
bit of exhibitionism.

When she came down from the ladder, Tasha looked at the large
lump in Brad’s shorts. The electric blue material strained
under the pressure. She could clearly see the shaft and the
raised area of the head. At the end she saw a wet spot the
size of a quarter.

Brad turned crimson red as he saw Tasha’s eyes looking at his
hard-on. He quickly put his hand over his cock to hide it and
mumbled something unintelligible.

“Oh Brad, I’ve embarrassed you. You adorable boy, you must
think I’m a terrible old lady. I completely forgot that I
didn’t wear my panties.” As she spoke, Tasha wrapped her hand
around Brad’s hand that was covering his hard member. As she
squeezed his hand she also pressed into the hard meat.

“You know Brad, it is very flattering that a handsome young
man like you is turned-on by a woman my age. You’ve just paid
me a very nice compliment. I suppose you’ve had your share of
girlfriends to look at.”

“Oh yeah. I, uh, I, uh, well some. But it will be better when
I get my car insurance.” Although it seemed impossible, Brad
became even more red as he felt Tasha’s hand pressing against
his hard on. “Anyway, you’re the prettiest girl I ever saw.”
he blurted out. “I mean you’re the only one I ever saw except
for pictures.” This confession was a total surprise even to
Brad. “But I really didn’t mean to look up your dress like
that.” He was almost ready to cry he was so embarrassed.

Waves of motherly instinct welled up in Tasha. She felt Brad
try to turn and flee. She impulsively wrapped her arms around
him, pulled him close to her. “Oh Brad, don’t feel bad. I told
you, it was my fault. It’s only normal for a man to enjoy
looking at a woman’s sex. I’ll tell you a secret, women enjoy
having a man look at them. They even like looking at a man.”

Brad was so embarrassed that he was not yet appreciating the
feel of Tasha against his body, in fact his stiff member had
subsided. However, Tasha’s soft voice was reassuring to him.

“But I thought that girls always get mad when we look at them,
like try to see up their dress or down their blouse or…”

“You’re so sweet. Why do you think these women come here to
shop? They want something that will show off their bodies for
a man. Not just any man but men that they like. And a lot of
women like young men.”

“You mean like me?”

“Of course Brad. Did you think those women that left the
changing room door open, didn’t notice you looking at them?”

Brad’s face had almost returned to it’s normal color only to
again rapidly redden. “I wasn’t really look…”

Tasha touched a finger to Brad’s lips. “Shhh, it’s alright.
I’m sure that they were as flattered as I am. You’re a very
cute guy. I can’t believe that none of those sexy young
classmates have given you a nice close look.” Tasha smiled
wickedly. She was pressing herself into Brad, she could feel
his soft cock through the thin skirt.

Brad began to feel comfortable in her arms. “I’m sort of shy
around girls. I’m not sure what to say or do.”

“You’ll get over it. You just have to get a little experience.
Once you start, it all comes naturally. Ever kiss a girl?”

“Not really.”

Still holding Brad, Tasha pulled his head to hers. “Let me
show you.” She felt a very slight resistance, then his lips
were on hers and he kissed with his mouth closed, lips pursed.
As he tried to move his head back, Tasha held him in place.
She continued the kiss.

Brad felt her mouth opening as his lips pressed against hers.
He began to tremble as he realized she was going to tongue
kiss him. When her tongue slipped between his lips, Brad
automatically opened his mouth. Her tongue touched his and he
instinctively responded with his own tongue. In an instant,
Brad’s nervous tremble disappeared.

Tasha ground her pelvis into Brad and was welcomed by the feel
of his young, soft cock very quickly becoming rock hard. His
lips were soft, she could smell the remains of his cologne.
His tongue had suddenly gone wild. Tasha broke off the kiss.
“Brad dear, you’ve got to slow down just a little. Let’s try
it just a little softer.” She smiled and returned her lips to
his. This time he met her lips without any prodding.

Brad was now aware of his hard cock and the warm body pressing
against it. He could feel Tasha’s breasts pressing against his
chest. He couldn’t believe that he was actually kissing her,
feeling her. Tasha directed and controlled the kissing. She
knew that the boy was feeling her, knew that he would do
whatever she wanted, knew he would probably be happy to kiss
her for hours. She felt his hand hesitantly pushing between
them in search of her breast. When she touched his hand, he
promptly drew it back.

“That’s alright. Want to feel them?” At his mumbled uh huh she
moved his hand to her left breast and directed it in a
circular motion around it. Brad felt the warm tit still
separated from him by the cotton shirt. It was very firm and
had a hard bump on the top. He had never been more thrilled.

“Put your hand inside Brad. Pinch my nipple.”

Brad slid his hand through the opening where the button was
missing. He had his hand on her tit. He felt the hard bump of
her nipple. He was still kissing her, deep french kisses. He
pinched her nipple gingerly, as if it would break off in his
fingers. It felt even better than he imagined it would.

“Pinch it a little harder Brad, pull on it a little.” Brad did
as he was told. Tasha loved to have her nipples manipulated.
She wanted them sucked. She pulled away from Brad, unbuttoned
her shirt and marveled at the awe in the eyes of the young
boy. He looked at her tits as if they were the most beautiful
in the world.

“Do you like them?”

“God you’re so beautiful.” he said, and he meant it. To him
these were not smallish middle aged tits but magnificent
globes to be worshipped.

“Kiss them Brad. Kiss them and suck them.”

Brad began kissing her breasts then sucking at the nipples.
Tasha held his head in her hands and directed his movements.
“Harder honey, suck harder.” Tasha was in ecstacy. He did
exactly as he was told. He sucked wildly on her long hard
nipples. His mouth pulled the nipples, stretching her breasts
outward. Tasha’s pussy was wet from the excitement. She always
got wet when her nipples were sucked and pinched but this was
better than usual.

Tasha forced one leg between Brad’s legs. She felt his hard
cock against her leg, she pressed herself into the hardness.
Her short skirt rode up and allowed her bare pussy to ride
Brad’s leg. Her bare leg felt the heat of Brad’s shaft
radiating through the thin lycra material of his shorts.

As one nipple began to get tender, Tasha pulled the hot young
mouth away and moved it to the other. Like a puppy sucking for
life, Brad resisted leaving the hard nipple but obeyed, then
clamped excitedly on the new nipple when his lips felt the
stiff nub. Tasha was in paradise, her young student was
completely under her control. He would do exactly what she
wanted, when she wanted, for as long as she wanted. She kept
the eager mouth busy on her tits, first one then the other
with occasional breaks for deep tongue kissing.

Brad never imagined that sucking tits would be so wonderful.
When Tasha pulled his head away from her nipple, he looked at
the beautiful brown crown. The brown areola seemed even darker
than when he began. It was now glistening with his saliva. The
nipple looked huge, stood out from her breast, pulled to new
heights by his sucking. There was a small drop of saliva
hanging from the end of the nipple. Before she had a chance
to move his head to the other breast, Brad instinctively
licked the nipple one last time.

Brad could feel her leg rubbing and pressing into his cock.
He could feel his hard sinewy shaft being pressed into his own
stomach. He could feel her riding up and down his thigh, feel
the touch of her bare skin against his leg below his shorts.
He noticed a wet feeling on his thigh. He didn’t know that
women get wet when they are aroused, but he knew something
good was happening.

Tasha’s cunt was very wet with her juice. She enjoyed the
sudden slickness as her pussy dragged along his leg. Then she
felt Brad tense up, his sucking on her nipple became stronger,
he bit hard on the bud in his mouth. He groaned and pumped his
hips into Tasha’s leg. “Oh shit, he’s cumming already.” she
thought. She felt the cock jerking beneath the light material.
She felt the warm moist cum that soaked his shorts. She
pressed her bare thigh into the hard cock, into the warm cum.
She pulled his face to hers and kissed him.

After the wave of pleasure, Brad felt a feeling of

“I’m sorry Tasha. I couldn’t help it.” he stammered.

Tasha put her hand inside his shorts, she grasped the young
cock, rubbing it lovingly as she felt that it had softened
only slightly. “Brad, that’s ok dear. That’s normal.”

As she felt his warm meat, she was surprised to find that it
wasn’t going soft as she expected. “Oh Brad, you have a very
large one don’t you? Does this feel good?” Tasha felt the
shaft throb in response to her gentle stroking.

She took Brad’s hand, directing it under her skirt. “Would you
like to feel me too?.”

“Oh yes!”

Brad cautiously allowed Tasha to direct his hand into her
waiting bush. He felt the moist hair, the soft flesh of her
lips. He very carefully explored her pussy as Tasha gently
directed his fingers.

“Is this the first time you’ve touched a woman?”

“Y…y…yes.” was the nervous reply. “Is it ok? ”

“Why don’t I take off this skirt so you can see what you’re
doing”, Tasha smiled warmly, kissing Brad tenderly. “You slip
out of your shorts for me too – ok?” As she said this, Tasha
didn’t wait for an answer, she hooked her thumbs in his
waistband and pulled his shorts down. Brad’s semi rigid cock
bounced as the waist band snapped over it. Tasha’s eyes
widened as she saw the thick sweet meat inches from her. She
marvelled that he was already on his way to another hard-on.

Brad was speechless. He was getting hard again. He was
terribly aroused. He watched his cock bobbing next to Tasha’s
face and it excited him. He was mesmerized as she slipped her
skirt off and he saw the triangle of dark hair, he could see
the hair between her legs sparkle with the wet of her pussy

Tasha lay down on her back, feet on the floor and legs bent.
She spread her legs to give Brad a good view. “Come kneel here
Brad dear.” as she motioned to the area between her legs.

Brad obediently knelt between her legs. “Can I touch it some
more?” a soft, hesitant voice said.

Tasha was now feeling wildly lascivious and nasty. “Yes Brad,
I want you to. It’s my pussy dear, not an ‘it’.” As she said
this, Tasha spread her cunt lips for Brad’s inspection. Brad’s
cock resumed the swelling as he stared at the soft pink flesh
of her pussy. In none of his sex magazines had he ever seen
anything as exciting and wonderful as this. Tasha looking down
at Brad was pleased to see his cock rising into full erection
at the sight of her cunt. “Rub it dear. Rub my pussy. Look,
right here at the top, rub it there.” Tasha’s clit was
engorged and stimulated, a firm button waiting to be

Brad rubbed the button with his finger, softly at first then
harder and harder. It felt so hard compared to the soft
surrounding flesh. He didn’t say a word, but Tasha could hear
his breath coming hot and heavy as he became increasingly
aroused. She pinched her nipples and rocked her hips gently
as the neophyte finger pressed her pleasure point.

“Ohhh…. good, umm.., use your thumb Brad. Rub it with your
thumb and push your finger in me.”

“Like this? Is this right?” as he felt the wet warm hole
swallow his finger. Without realizing it, Brad slid two
fingers into the slippery cunt, his thumb grinding against her
clit. Tasha’s hips rocked back and forth, causing Brad’s
fingers to slip in and out. Without knowing it, Brad was
finger fucking her. His head was close to the sensuous slit,
his eyes straining to see every detail of this, the first
pussy he had ever seen.

Tasha felt his warm breath on her cunt. She looked at the face
so close to her pussy that his nose was almost touching it.
His expression was a mixture of intensity and pleasure. “Kiss
it Brad! Kiss my pussy!”

She felt his lips against her and pushed her cunt into his

“Tongue kiss me, tongue kiss the slit!”

Brad buried his tongue in her pussy. He knew what eating pussy
meant and now he was really doing it. Brad’s mind was reeling.
He liked it! He tasted her pussy and adored it. He felt the
wet, slippery pussy sliding over his face and loved it. He
licked faster and faster, digging his tongue into the hole.
He smelled the strange new pussy smell and got even more

Tasha put her hands on his head and pulled him into her.
“Harder dear! Lick me harder!… Oh god! …. Ohh! You’re
good Brad, sooo good….. do you like it?…..don’t stop!”

Brad managed a muffled “yes” but Tasha would not release the
pressure on his head long enough for him to speak. She just
kept driving her pelvis up to meet the phenomenal little
tongue which was licking her to a frenzy.

She startled Brad as she began to orgasm wildly. She moaned
loudly and suddenly. She snapped her legs together pinning
Brad’s head between her thighs, then quickly opening them. Her
hands gripped his hair, pulled his mouth into her. Brad felt
the excitement in Tasha’s body, he felt the warm burst of new
liquid in her pussy, he tasted the new taste. “More baby,
more! Keep it up! Give me your hand.”

Brad pushed a hand towards Tasha’s face without removing his
face from her crotch. Tasha placed his hand on her breast.
Without instruction Brad began squeezing the hard nipple.
“Yesss Brad!…. Pull it, pinch it hard!”

Tasha lay back and relaxed just a bit, enjoying the boundless
energy and excitement of her young lover. “Don’t stop dear.
You’re doing it just right.”

She placed one hand on his head, massaged her clit with the
other hand as the boy continued to suck and lick her. Tasha
felt the next orgasm building in her. She kept Brad working
on her, encouraged him but it wasn’t really necessary. He was
so aroused that he was not about to stop.

“Oh Brad!….Good, baby, good… good. Rub my ass baby….no,
no… push your finger in my ass! Ohh, push dear…. rub your
finger in my pussy… now push it in my ass… it won’t hurt
me… push it in.”

Brad rubbed his hand over her ass. At her insistence he
pressed his finger into the crack of her ass. She raised up
for him and his finger found the tight puckered ass hole. As
he pushed his finger into the hole he felt the resistance of
the dry skin. He moved the finger to her pussy, bathed it in
the slick pussy juice. When he returned his finger to her ass,
he pressed it to the hole and it slid in with little
resistance. Her ass was hot inside. He gently pumped his
finger back and forth.

“Ohhh god, I’m gonna cum again! Harder Brad. Lick me hard
right now! Fuck my ass!!

Brad licked and sucked, excited that he was making this woman
scream and moan. He felt her cum. He sucked her pussy,
desiring to taste her cum again. He felt her asshole tighten
on his finger.

He was also aware of his cock. He wanted to rub his cock. He
wanted to jack off. His balls were almost aching. But his
hands were too busy. He was desperate to please Tasha. He
didn’t want to stop eating her, fingering her ass, pinching
her nipple.

As Tasha’s orgasm rolled through her she marvelled that a
virgin could get her this aroused. She bucked and writhed,
moaned and yelled as her body filled with electric charges.
Her pussy felt hotter than ever. She wanted more!

Tasha grabbed Brad’s head, dragged him roughly by the hair.
Brought him to her mouth and kissed him wildly. Brad felt her
tongue digging into his mouth. Tasha tasted her pussy as she
sucked his mouth. She felt his smooth muscular chest pressed
against her breasts. She rubbed her tits into him, knowing her
nipples were as hard as small pebbles. She used her legs to
pull his cock against her pelvis. His cock was harder than any
cock she had ever felt.

Brad returned the kisses. He liked feeling her nipples
grinding into his chest. He could feel them, and he liked it.
He felt his cock rubbing against her pussy hair. His balls
were rubbing against her wet cunt.

“Fuck me baby! I want you to fuck me! Your cock feels so
hard…..do you know what to do? ” Tasha panted into his ear.

“Can I? I want to, I want to fuck you.”

Feeling Brad’s clumsy efforts to get his cock into her pussy,
Tasha reached between them and took his stiff member in her
hand. “Slow down. Let me do this for you” she cooed softly.
She began stroking his cock for him. “Does that feel good?”

“Ohh yes! I’m sorry I wasn’t doing it right.”

“Shhhh, you’re doing just fine. You know you’re a very good
lover Brad. Look down, see how I’m rubbing you against me?
That’s a good way to start.”

Brad saw Tasha rubbing the head of his cock around her pussy.
Her pussy was soft and slippery with pussy juice. With her
other hand she spread her pussy lips and rubbed his cock head
against her clit.

“Now you do it.”

Brad leaned back, took his cock in hand and continued rubbing
his cock around the wet cunt. Tasha spread her pussy lips,
forcing her clit to bulge out. Brad rubbed his cock against
the firm button. Tasha moaned.

“I want to fuck you. I want to put my cock in. Can I do it

Brad was excited, Tasha knew he was getting anxious. “Push it
in dear, slowly.”

Tasha spread her legs wide and enjoyed the feel of the hard
young cock slowly pressing into her. Brad followed
instructions and pressed his cock in slowly. There wasn’t much
resistance. Once inside her he began to fuck. Within seconds
he was fucking her hard. Tasha wrapped her legs around his ass
and tried to control the pace but Brad was just to excited.

She felt the young cock ramming into her like an animal. Tasha
couldn’t recall ever being fucked harder. What he lacked in
technique was more than made up for in energy. Soon Tasha was
pumping madly in response to the rapid strokes of Brad’s cock.
She locked her ankles together behind his ass, trying to pull
him deeper into her hot hole on each down stroke. She flexed
her cunt muscles, straining to squeeze the hard rod that
pounded into her. She was aware of how stiff his cock felt.
Were all teen boys this hard she wondered. It had been so long
since she was that young, she didn’t remember their cocks
being this good.

“Ohhhh god Brad, you’re so damned hard. Don’t stop. Ohhhhh!”

Brad felt her pussy wrapped around his cock. Her hole
wonderfully warm and wet. His cock almost hurt, it felt so
good. He couldn’t speak, he was breathless, he was excited
beyond his wildest dreams.

Tasha began rubbing her clit, wanting desperately to have
another orgasm. Her nipples had become extremely sensitive.
The feel of Brad’s chest bumping into her tits as he slammed
into her was exquisite ecstasy. Her clit was burning as she
rolled it around beneath her finger. Tasha smelled the blend
of odors enveloping her. She could smell her own sweat
blending with the sharp male odor of Brad. The aroma from her
pussy poured out with the flow of cunt juice which his cock
pumped out. The smell of his cum, left over from his first
ejaculation, was now made stronger by the heat of his body.
All of these odors filled her nostrils, surging into her
brain, turning on all of her sexual switches. The hot musty
smell of pure raw sex filled the air. Tasha breathed deeply,
drinking in the sensation surrounding her.

Brad had lasted a long time for a young boy. Having cum once
already, his body seemed to be taking it’s time building a new
supply of semen. Tasha was thankful for that. Now she felt his
body getting ready for his next explosion. She knew it before
he did. He began fucking her even faster. His breath was more
rapid. It seemed she could feel his cock expanding. Then she
felt it, the sudden warmth in her pussy as his cum flooded
into her. The pulsing of his cock as he shot the warm fluid
from his wide mushroom head. The friction of his cock against
her pussy walls lessened. He grunted over and over as each
burst of cum was released from the depth of his balls. Over
and over it seemed, he just kept cumming.

The feel of his cum was enough to bring Tasha that next orgasm
that she wanted. Her finger punished her clit mercilessly,
striving for the maximum orgasmic sensation possible. The
waves of warmth and pleasure that rolled through her body were
beyond belief. As her body convulsed in pleasure, she
increased the pressure of her legs on Brad, locking him into
her. Her cunt closed around his hard cock, milking him of
every drop of cum he was able to produce.

Brad screamed in rapture. He saw lights flashing in his head.
His whole body seemed to be experiencing bolts of lightning
on every nerve. Whatever he had thought about fucking, had not
been great enough. With the last burst of cum spent from his
cock, he went limp. He lay atop Tasha, hot and sweaty.

Tasha felt the dead weight of the youth above her. She kissed
him softly, stroked her fingers through his hair. She felt his
cock, now soft, still in her cunt. She thought about rolling
him over, taking his cock in her mouth. She wondered how long
it would take her to bring it back to life. How many times
could he fuck her?

She kissed his lips.

“I love you Tasha”, he said very seriously.

Tasha put her finger to his lips. “Shhhh.” She thought for
a few minutes. “Being in love feels good doesn’t it?”

“Oh wow yes! I never..”

Tasha interrupted him. “I’m happy that you’re in love with me
dear. If you are really in love with me, then you have to
promise me that you will trust me and do what I say.”

“I do love you. I’ll do anything for you.” came the earnest

“Well then, I’ll teach you how to make love to a woman, I’ll
give you the confidence you need to talk to girls. Then you’ll
have to show me you love me by going out with some girls at
school. I’ll be very hurt if I spend time teaching you, then
you don’t use what I teach you.”

“But Tasha, I love you. I don’t want to go out with those
girls. I want you to teach me to make love to you. I’ll do
anything you want. But I only want…”

Tasha again put her fingers gently on his lips. “Brad, you
promised. Now lets clean up. It’s late and your mom will be
wondering what happened. And you mustn’t tell anyone that we
are lovers – not even your best friend.”

“I won’t. I really won’t.”

Later that night, as Tasha lay in her bed, she idly fingered
herself. She was thinking about the pleasant task ahead,
training her young charge to please a woman. Wondering how she
would be able to wean him from her.

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