Husband’s Indiscretion
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The doctor was leaning over the patient. A white male, age forty-six,
six-three in height, and two-forty in weight. And the proud owner of
thirty-seven stitches along the scalp line on the upper left side of
his head.
As he cut the last bit of thread, he said to his patient, “The
officers will want to talk to you in the recovery room, Mr. Kessler.”
Mr. Kessler sighed, and said “Yeah, I’m sure they will.”
“So tell me,” The doctor said, as he pulled over a stool and sat on
it, “What happened? I’ve found it helps if my patients talk about it
to me first before they talk to the police.”
Mr. Kessler chuckled, saying “Well, it’s a long story, actually.”
“They usually are.” The attending nurse giggled at the doctors
“Well, I was out this morning, told my wife I was going to hunt for
some tools. And well, I didn’t get home until almost three.”
“And she hit you for being gone for so long?”
“Well, no.”
“I didn’t think so.”
Both chuckled, as he went on, “You see, when I got home, Melissa,
that’s my wife, demanded to know where I had been.”
“So where were you?”
“I’m getting there. I told her I ran into a young thing that I know
from work at Loews. Well, she was hunting for plaster. Seems she
knocked a hole in a wall in her apartment. So, I showed her what to
get, and told her how to do it.”
“And that took you all day?”
“No, she seemed confused, until she just went out and point blank
asked me to do it for her.”
“So you did.”
“Oh yeah, I followed her over to her apartment, and patched her
hole. It only took ten minutes.”
“Ten minutes?”
“Well, she thanked me profusely. Actually, it was more than
profusely. I told Melissa that the girl got on her knees, unzipped my
fly, pulled my pecker out, and started giving me a blowjob right there
in her kitchen.”
“You told you your wife this? Is this when she hit you?”
“No, I’m getting to that point. Anyway, she slobbering all over my
knob, and I was enjoying the hell out of it. I mean, it’s hard to stop
a woman from giving you a blow job.”
“Yeah, I guess it would be, go on.”
“So, as I was telling my wife, after a very short time, I about
drowned her hot mouth, seemed like I came in buckets. I collapsed back
against the counter, trying to catch my breath. Well, she then stands
up, peels off her sweater and bra and smiles. Oh man, her tits were
just bigger than a handful, and were very firm.”
“You touched them?”
“That’s what Melissa asked. Fuck yeah I touched them! I grabbed
those pups and squeezed the shit out of them. The little hot bitch
moaned, and said we would be more comfortable in her bed.”
“I’m sure you both would be.”
“Yeah, I was sure of it too. And by the time we got into her
bedroom, we were both naked and hugging each other and rubbing various
body parts. My cock didn’t even go slack. Haven’t had that happen to
me in years. So, she landed on the bed, her legs spread wide, and I
dove face first into her neatly trimmed snatch. You should have seen
it Doc. Soft, blonde pubes, just covering a narrow path up along her
slit. And talk about pink, you should have seen her hole when I pulled
her lips back!”
“I’ve seen that on occasion plenty of times.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you have. Anyway, I’m snacking on her puss, and
she’s writhing away on the bed, her hands on the top of my head,
moaning and panting. Soon, she had the biggest orgasm in a woman that
I’ve ever witnessed. Shit, I was afraid the whole county heard her
cries of joy. And as her cries turned to sighs of pleasure, I crawled
up, kissing her hot, thin body, taking extra time at her luscious hard
nipples. Those nipples doc, they stuck out a good three-quarters of an
inch. Hard and pink. Man, I was in heaven. And even more so as my
pecker found her steamy cunt. God Doc, it felt like a vise.”
“So, is this when she, um, your wife Melissa, this when she hit
“No, I’m getting to that part. I’m taking long, hard strokes into
the hottest twat I’ve had in years. And she’s already about to cum
again. I’m thinking my god, this is one hot young lady. Her legs are
wrapped about my waist, and I could feel my nuts tighten, getting
ready to see if they could wash out her fire so to speak. And when I
tensed up, I roared, and so did my prick. This set her off again, and
her cunt seemed like it was going to rip my pecker right off my body
as it milked every drop out of me.”
“So you’re telling your wife, um, Melissa this?”
“Now she finally hit you.”
“No, I went on telling her the rest. I mean, I thought I was done.
But this girl wasn’t. I rolled over, and we stayed connected at the
hips. And the little bitch started pulling on my cock with her cunt
muscles. Hell, I just reached up and started balling those fantastic
tits of hers, as she kept my organ hard and strong. I was amazed at my
endurance. I mean, I already filled her mouth and cunt once, and I’m
still somewhat hard, and she’s riding me some more. I don’t know how I
did it Doc, but she kept me going for almost another hour, as she came
over and over again. Finally, with a big upward thrust of my own, I
came hard, seeing stars and curling my toes. She cried out and lowered
her face to mine, our tongues boxing away in each others mouths, as we
cherished the pinnacle of the moment.” He sighed, with a smile on his
face. “Well, we rested for a spell. I was spent, in more ways than
“I can imagine. Then she hit you when you finished your story. Not
He laughed, “I’m not done.”
“There’s more?”
“Yeah, you see, I finished telling her the story, and she called me
a no good lying bastard. I asked how do you know? And she explained
she had been out shopping, and on the way home she passed the ice
arena, and saw me walking to my truck carrying my hockey equipment.
You see Doc, I’m not suppose to be playing hockey anymore. That’s when
she hit me with the fucking lamp.”

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