Rooftop Survaillance
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It was one of those cold December nights that made me wonder why I
stuck around at this job. I worked for the campuse police department
at a pretty large midwestern university. As part of my job I had to
stand on top of one of the dorm buildings and keep an eye on the
parking lots surrounding it. Lots of car stereos and occasionally
cars got stolen from the lot, so one night a week we each stood up
there with our police radios, binoculars, and a night vision scope to
keep an eye on things from around 10pm until around 4am. Not a
student job for the needy of sleep. This was kept fairly secret so
that people were surprised when we caught them stealing things from
the lots. Usually we did this in pairs, but the department was under
budget constraints, so I was up there by myself. Boring as hell, at
least until around midnight….

Seventeen floors off the ground, you get to be pretty aware of your
surroundings. It was a Monday night, notoriously slow night for our
survaillance shift, and I was bored watching the little bit of
activity in the lots. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a light
turn on in the room to my right and below. My post was on a part of
the building where it jutted out towards the lots a bit, which gave me
a pretty good angle into the rooms on either side of the protrusion on
the top floor. This year the top floor was a girls floor.

It wasn’t unheard of for us to take little mental breaks peeking into
the rooms on the top floor, but no one ever reported seeing anything
interesting. Tonight didn’t seem like anything would be different, as
the light just turned on but I didn’t see anyone moving around. I
reached down for my soda I’d brought up with me to stay awake, and
when I looked back up I saw a much more interesting sight. A cute
blonde girl was standing in front of her bed which was in front of the
window, appearantly living on the top floor, she didn’t think anyone
could see in so didn’t close the curtains. As I watched she slowly
removed her pants revealing a sexy black thong. Then she pulled up
her shirt to reveal a matching lacy bra. At this point I couldn’t
believe my luck, this girl was hot and nearly naked in front of me
without her knowing.

At this point, I saw a pair of hands reach out and pull her from the
window breifly until she tumbled back onto her bed with a guy on top
of her, kissing her passionately. She was removing his clothes as
they kissed, seemingly desperate to get him naked first. Once she had
stripped him down to his boxers the guy stood up and she sat up on the
bed, her nipples now proudly visible through the lacy bra. She slid
his boxers to the floor, causing his hard cock to bounce ou in front
of her face. His rigid member didn’t sit there long, as she reached
out and engulfed it into her mouth quickly. I couldn’t take it
anymore. I reached into my pants to stroke my own hard member while I
watched the live porn in front of me. Anyone could have stolen a car
at that point and I would never have noticed.

She slurped up and down his cock while looking up at him with this
sultry look on her face while he stood there moaning. Without missing
a beat she reached back and unhooked her bra, allowing her nicely
shaped firm tits to spring free. From my vantage point above her I
guessed they were about a 34C with large nipples. The guy took the
hint and reached down to take those nipples into his hands while
recieving what looked like a wonderful hummer. Before long the girl
released the guy’s still hard cock and laid back onto the bed. She
slid that little thong down her legs and then opened them in
invitation to him.

I watched, my cock now out in the cold and in my hand, as he slid
between those beautiful thighs and lined his cock up with her neatly
trimmed slit. He rocked slightly back and forth, appearantly teasing
her, until I could see her reach down and pull his hips against hers,
sliding his cock in to the hilt. He began to fuck her slowly, her
breasts bouncing on her chest as he picked up speed. I tried to match
their pace with my hand, all the while thanking my luck that I didn’t
have a roof partner after all. Soon she began to pull on her breasts,
and I could see her moaning through the window, suddenly the guy
tensed and I could tell he was cumming inside her. I lost it myself
at that point, and shot my load off the roof to the ground 17 floors
below. I looked down as I zipped up my pants again to see the guy
pulling out of her pussy, his cum and her juices leaking slowly from
her cunt. He quickly dressed and appeared to leave as the girl lay
there on the bed, still slowly pulling on her nipples and rubbing her
clit in little circles. A few more moments were all she needed as I
watched her hands move more quickly and her body arch as she came
quietly on her own.

As she came down from her orgasm she opened her eyes and looked
directly up at me. I thought she was going to scream, and call the
cops and I’d get fired. I scrambled back from the edge so I couldn’t
see her anymore and struggled to calm down. After a couple of minutes
I thought it would be good to at least check and see if she was
panicking, so I’d be prepared. When I crept up to the edge and peeked
down, she was still laying there, in her beautiful naked glory,
looking up out the window. She made eye contact with me for just a
second, smiled, then she winked at me and blew me a kiss before
turning the light off and closing the curtains.

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