The first of my collection
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It started at the barbecue. Leslie and Andy had invited
a group of friends one Sunday afternoon to celebrate
Andy’s birthday. Annette who was married to Jim had
brought some sausages and a couple of bottles of wine.
Leslie had taken them from her but had seemed to have
let her fingers linger on her hand as she said thank
you. At the time Annette had thought nothing about it.

As the barbeque progressed everyone had a bit to drink
and were all enjoying themselves. Leslie had played the
host well, making sure that everyone had enough food
and drink. Jim had got together with his mates and
Annette was standing by the food table. Leslie came up
behind her bringing some more freshly cooked food.

As she squeezed past Annette she inadvertently pushed
her breasts against Annette’s back. When Annette turned
to look at her she carried on as if nothing had
happened. As the afternoon progressed Leslie seemed to
initiate contact with Annette on numerous occasions.
She had touched her arm when speaking, brushed the back
of her hand against her bum when talking to someone
behind her and on a couple of occasions brushed her
upper arm against Annette’s tits whilst walking past
her. Annette had felt each touch but thought that they
were all accidental.

At the end of the evening Leslie had come over to
Annette and suggested that she come round the next day
for a girlie day lounging about the pool or in the hot
tub. Annette had agreed. She left with Jim.

That night she seemed strangely excited. She tried to
initiate lovemaking with Jim but he was too far gone.
Eventually she slept, frustrated.

The following morning she packed her bikini in her
handbag and set off to Leslie’s house. It was a
beautiful sunny day and when she arrived Leslie was
already in her costume, fully sun-creamed, her body
glistening with the oil.

Annette changed in the bathroom and came out to the
patio where Leslie was sat on a lounger sunning
herself. Annette realised that she had no sun-cream.

“Leslie” she asked. “Can I borrow some sun-cream. I
forgot to bring mine with me.”

“Sure, I’ll put some on your back if you want.”

Annette laid on her front on the lounger. Leslie pour a
handful of cream and started to massage it into her
skin. She started at the shoulders slowly working down
her back and then back up under Annette’s arms. On each
pass she brushed the outside of Annette’s tits, then
down her back to the elastic of her bikini bottoms. She
poured another handful and started to cream Annette’s

Starting on the right leg she rubbed the cream into her
calves then slowly worked her way up to her thighs,
gentle massaging as she went. As she massaged her
fingers brushed against Annette’s pussy mound, at first
just lightly then with more weight. Annette felt
uncomfortable at first until she realized that this was
quite a pleasurable experience.

Leslie started on Annette’s left leg. Again she
massaged oil into her calves and then worked up her leg
until she met the resistance of Annette’s pussy.

“Turn over.” Leslie ordered. Annette turned.

Leslie filled her hands again and applied cream to
Annette’s shoulder. She worked the oil into her skin
slowly moving down until she was applying it to the two
small mounds of Annette’s tits. Annette had her eyes
closed, her nipples were responding in a way that would
have been embarrassing had Leslie not made the comment.

“Oh! It must be turning cold.”

Leslie looked at Annette and smiled mischievously. She
gently squeezed both of Annette’s tits and then quickly
moved down onto her stomach.

Annette could not fathom what was happening. She felt a
warmth in the pit of her stomach and when Leslie had
squeezed her she felt her pussy juices being released.

Leslie worked lower until she was massaging above
Annette’s bikini line. As her hands moved she gently
slid them under the elastic and quickly removed them.
Then she started on her legs. She started at the feet
and slowly worked up each leg until she was massaging
the inside of Annette’s thighs.

Annette could feel the floodgates opening in her pussy.
She knew that she was damp and that the patch must be
in plain view of Leslie. Leslie massaged higher now
straddling Annette’s legs. Her hands worked on the
inside of her thighs and slowly worked up until she was
touching Annette’s pussy through her bikini bottoms.

Leslie stopped but kept her hand pressed against
Annette. She leaned forward and gently kissed a nipple
through the material. Annette’s eyes opened. She was
going to complain but Leslie moved her head and kissed
her on the lips.

In seconds their tongues were exploring each other’s
mouths, excitedly, the warmth of their bodies touching
excited them both further.

“Shall we go indoors?” asked Leslie.

“Yes please,” replied Annette.

Quickly they moved indoors.

“Leslie. I don’t know what I am doing here. I have
never been unfaithful to Jim and I have never had
feelings for another woman.”

“Just relax,” replied Leslie leading Annette by her
hand to the sofa.
As they sat Annette spoke without conviction.

“I think I had better go now.”

Leslie moved her hand to Annette’s hair. She slid her
hair away from her ear, leaned in and whispered,

“If you want to go you can.” Her tongue darted out
licking Annette’s earlobe and moving up slid into the
recess of her ear. “I am not going to stop you.”

Annette turned her head and again they kissed. This
time there was no stopping them. Before she could react
Leslie had unhooked Annette’s bikini top and slid it
over her shoulders exposing her pert breasts and erect
nipples. Her head moved down and she took a nipple in
her mouth. She pushed Annette onto her back kissing and
sucking on her breast whilst her hand massaged the

She moved across to the other nipple biting gently at
the base, then stretching it with her teeth. Her hands
moved down Annette’s sides, thumbs hooking under the
elastic of her bottoms. Her head moved down to
Annette’s stomach and her hands pressed lower pulling
the bottoms down her thighs. Annette raised her hips
and her bikini slid lower.

Leslie moved until she was knelt between Annette’s
thighs. She pulled the bikini bottoms the rest of the
way down her legs and over her feet. Her lips started
to caress the inside of Annette’s thighs moving ever
higher to the shaved pussy above her.

Annette’s legs opened to allow Leslie higher. He mouth
moved to her pussy lips which she parted with her
tongue. She licked the length of her labia stopping
briefly to lap around her clitoris. Annette’s hips
bucked towards her face.

Leslie’s tongue worked its magic on Annette. Slowly she
licked up and down, around and around and then slid
inside of Annette’s love tunnel. She built Annette’s
excitement ever higher until with a squeal of complete
fulfilment she came. Her fluids squirted from her
pussy, coating Leslie’s lips and chin.

Leslie moved up her body and, still dripping with
Annette’s discharge their mouths met and their tongues

Leslie slid a finger inside Annette and placed her
thumb on her clitoris. As she moved her hand backwards
and forward her finger explored Annette’s depth and her
thumb massaged her pleasure bud. Within minutes Annette
was bucking against Leslie’s hand and again she reached
the heights of pleasure squealing as she came.

“I knew you would taste good,” said Leslie. “I knew
that you enjoy this.”

Annette was speechless. Leslie stood up and removed her

“My turn now,” said Leslie and she sat with her legs

“I don’t know what to do,” replied Annette.

“Just get down there and do what comes naturally”.

Annette knelt between Leslie’s legs. She moved forward
inhaling the smell of Leslie’s excited womanhood. She
moved her mouth to her lips and kissed gently, her
tongue slid into the open wound and slid upwards
towards the now swollen bud. The taste was somehow
exciting to her and her tongue seemed to have a mind of
its own. She worked on all of the places that she knew
felt good on her. She inserted two fingers inside
Leslie and worked them in and out slowly massaging the
rough skin of her G’spot. Leslie squirmed under her
ministrations as her tongue worked up and down and in
and out of her love wound.

She grabbed Annette’s hair as she came, bucking her
hips and trapping her head with her thighs. Her juices
mingled with Annette’s saliva as slowly she came down
from her release. Annette brought her head up and
looked at Leslie’s face.

“Smile for the camera!” said a voice from behind her.
She turned to see Andy stood naked, his erection
jutting out a good ten inches. She tried to cover
herself and realising she couldn’t she tried to stand
so that she could run away. Leslie held her tightly.

Andy said. “Sit down Annette.” It was a firm order and
she knew that if she didn’t there could be a lot of

He opened a cabinet behind him and fiddled with
something inside. He took out a disc and inserted it in
the DVD Player, switching on the TV.

“Oh my god!” whispered Annette as she realised that the
TV was showing her and Leslie in full flood, going at
each other like there was no tomorrow.

“This is the first of my collection.” Said Andy as he
turned back and inserted another disc into the unit in
the cabinet. “I am sure that Jim would like to see
this. It would definitely interest him. I am sure that
it would ruin your marriage.”

Andy walked over to the pair of them.

“Of course I might be persuaded not to show it to him
but that would mean making another.”

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