Busy couple with decreasing sexual desires
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How did we ever get to this point? How did we ever get
to the point where I was offering my wife to another
man? It was a progressive thing. We did not know where
we were headed; it was incremental as we were slowly
swept up into an erotic adventure.

Amy and I were married for seven years, and in the
first bloom of marriage our sex life was very
satisfying-we had sex frequently and we freely
experimented in our bedroom. But gradually the demands
of our jobs (we both worked) and our financial
considerations, and our concerns about the expensive
mortgage we had undertaken were taking a toll on our
love life. We were either too tired or too worried, so
sex became secondary and most often on the week-ends,
and sometimes that was perfunctory. We realized this
and talked about it, but it became apparent that
talking about it was not accomplishing anything.

It wasn’t that Amy was unattractive-she was beautiful,
and she dressed in a way that always brought out her
best assets, turning many heads, both male and female.
She was tall with an attractive face framed by auburn
hair. She had good shoulders, firm breasts, a slim
waist which flowed into beautiful rounded hips and ass.
All this above a pair of outstanding legs; in a word
she was gorgeous.

After we had been married three years we discussed
whether we wanted children. Up to that point Amy was
using birth control pills. We decided that we wished to
pursue our careers and we didn’t want children in the
picture. So that she wouldn’t be taking birth control
pills forever, and risking complications, we decided
that I would have a vasectomy, so I went ahead with
that. About two or three years later we had regrets,
thinking that we should have gone ahead and had one or
two children.

But back to the story. Amy had a good friend and I know
that they confided a lot and I wasn’t surprised that
she discussed our decreased sexual activity. I would
never have thought of talking to any of my male friends
about our personal life, but women seem to bond more,
and they are more inclined to discuss intimate aspects
of each others lives. It seemed that her friend Terri
had a suggestion. She said that she knew of a counselor
or therapist whose specific area of expertise was
helping couples with our type of problem. Amy was
interested and asked for more details.

Terri said this man, Michael, worked from his home and
he met with couples there. According to Terri he used a
variety of modalities, including music, and especially
pictures projected of a wall. But he also talked to the
couple, learning the specifics of their problems and
discussed methods they might use to improve this area
of their life. She added that he worked with only one
couple at a time and she also provided his name and
address which she said was not published in the phone

After some discussion we agreed to try it, and we set
up an interview appointment. Michael was attractive and
quite personable, and Amy later said she thought he had
a rugged sort of handsomeness which appealed to her. I
told her not to get any ideas.

He discussed his treatment protocol, much of which we
knew from Amy’s discussion with Terri. First of all he
required a history of our marital/sexual difficulties.
He had a way of putting us at ease before we delved
into our personal life; but finally he understood that
we had gone from an active sexual life to one where sex
didn’t play a large part anymore, and he also noted
that our busy jobs that often required some work at
home was a deterrent to sexually enjoying each other as
we once did.

He went on to explain that he worked in a controlled
environment, consisting of images, film clips, mood
music, lighting control, suggestions. He said that once
he got to understand us better he would be in a
position to tailor his therapy, and that was the
nucleus of his treatment. He stated that one of the
most important things we needed to do was schedule time
to be together without the deterrent of work concerns.
We were impressed and decided to proceed, so the first
appointment was scheduled.

When we arrived for our first appointment he had us
recline on a futon with pillows. He provided a control
to each of us, and we had a button to push if the
experience was positive, and also a button to push if
the visuals were negative. By having us to respond to
stimuli, either visual or auditory, he would be able to
develop a profile. On one wall was a phrase that said
“Transportation to Eros.” I think that is what we were
supposed to accomplish.

He provided wine and relaxing music till we were
comfortable with our environment. He had screens on
which he could display film clips or still pictures,
and we would register our responses. He began with some
still pictures illustrating heterosexual activity;
attractive couples in various sexual activities. Mostly
our responses here were quite positive. He also
displayed inter-racial couples, and it seemed we both
had positive responses. We both responded negatively to
lesbian and homosexual activities.

From there we went on to film clips depicting couples
having sex, and in a variety of positions. As the
evening progressed and we were near the end of the
first session we both became excited. But by the time
we got home we had lost quite a bit of the arousal we
experienced at Michael’s clinic. We did perform, but we
lacked spontaneity. The same thing occurred after the
next session. He explained that this wasn’t unusual.

He said that some couples wanted to have sex when they
were aroused, and he said it was definitely permitted.
He would be in an adjacent room, and we had another
button to press if we wished to speak to him or had any
requests. I sensed that Amy was attracted to him, and
when I challenged her on it, she said that she was
attracted to him, that she couldn’t help relating to

Things changed on the next visit: he had a good idea
which visuals were the most arousing and he used these
images and film clips freely. We were so excited that
night that we stripped and had sex on the futon. The
sex was rapid and brief-we didn’t know if he was
watching, but it didn’t matter as we were totally
involved. It turned out that he did observe our
coupling, but he said it was important for him to see
how we responded; and could therefore make some
suggestions to help us.

That night Amy told me it was much more exiting knowing
he was watching. He suggested that we take more time
when we made love, slow down and caress each other
more. We became comfortable with his presence, and
welcomed his suggestions. However, we still didn’t
achieve a high level of arousal, but I knew that Amy
was more aroused when he was close, and with his
direction I was also.

As sessions continued, I would fantasize about seeing
her having sex with Michael. I finally told her about
my feelings, and she admitted that she was aroused,
wondering what it would be like if he was doing it to
her. We doubted that his therapy extended that far,
extended to where he would actively participate, but
his presence when we had sex provided a higher level of
arousal, but did we want to push this to a new level by
including him? We could always feel his presence even
if we didn’t see him.

We continued to have wine in our sessions, and now the
sex scenes and film clips became even more specific and
arousing as he discovered our interests. Coupled with
the sensuous music, the wine and the visual stimuli we
were becoming more excited. Finally things changed with
the very sensuous and erotic coupling on the screen.

On this night we were both caught up by the erotic
display. I looked at Michael, and I said “Tansport her!
Transport her to Eros! Transport her like the great

“You wish transport?” and I said yes.

“Very well. Show me her breasts!”

I raised her shoulders till she was sitting, and then
unbuttoned and removed her blouse, unsnapped and
removed her bra, her beautiful firm breasts exposed.
She was trembling, flushed and aroused. She folded her
arms over her breasts, but I pushed them down.

“Do you still wish transport?” And again I said yes.

“Very well.” Remove her skirt and show me her vagina.”
I pressed her shoulders down, then unbuttoned and
unzipped her skirt, pulling the skirt down and off. I
hesitated till he said again “show me her vagina.” I
pulled her sheer lacy slip up, and she lifted her hips
so that I could bunch it at her waist.

I was perspiring now as I gripped her sheer lacy
panties, pulling them down as again she raised her
hips. I moved them down over her naked upper thighs,
past her beautiful stocking clad legs, exposing her
pussy as I pulled her panties off. She was naked now
except for her sheer stocking clad legs and garter
belt, the slip bunched at her waist, her beautiful body
revealed to him.

He gazed at her vagina, framed by bushy brown hair. She
was still flushed and trembling as he gazed at her,
gazed at this erotic display. “Do you still wish
transport?” Looking at my beautiful wife as she gazed
back at him I nodded my head.

“Very well! Place a pillow under her ass!” She lifted
her hips again and grasping a pillow I placed it under
her upturned ass. “Now spread her legs for me.” Amy was
unresisting when I pressed her legs open. “Now bend her
knees up.” I did that and now her cunt was presented to
him, her labia pink and engorged.

“Is she ready for transport?”

I reached over her wide-stretched legs and moved my
finger into her sex. She was more that moist-she was
wet, and now her lips were gaping slightly. It was so
erotic, her wide-spread legs opened to him, her bent
knees tilting her vagina up to his gaze. She was
moaning now as I said “she’s ready.”

“Very well; hand me her panties!” I did-this was
symbolic, handing her panties to him signified that I
was presenting her as a gift. Her mouth was open, her
eyes glazed as she stared at him as he began to strip.

When he was finally naked we viewed his cock which was
very impressive; not quite fully erect but still long
and thick. Looking at her body displayed so erotically,
he stroked himself till he was fully erect, his very
large cock sticking straight out from his body.

“Do you wish to proceed?” I nodded my head again and he
said “say it!”

I said “Yes! Mount her, transport her to Eros. Take

He said “is she fertile?” And I said “I don’t know.”
Then he said to Amy “are you fertile? And she said “I
don’t know-maybe, I’m not sure.”

He knelt between her legs, staying that way as he
viewed the prize awaiting his pleasure, waiting to
receive this huge cock, the bulbous head purple and
swollen. He moved onto her body, mounting her and
directing his cock at the moist lips of her vagina. I
lay by her side and she took my hand and she held it
tightly, looking at me as he moved to take her.

She groaned as she felt him begin to enter her,
flinching as she felt herself opening to the pressure
of his advancing cock, crying out as she felt her
vagina beginning to stretch, giving a louder cry as the
head of his cock entered her. He gradually advanced his
cock further and further into her, her cunt stretched
tightly around it as he filled her. As she was fully
impaled, her body began jerking, her legs folding over
his as her spasms began, her body shaking as she came.

I couldn’t believe she had climaxed so soon. When her
cries and spasms subsided he began slowly stroking into
her. I watched as his cock, shiny with her juices,
moved in and out of her, establishing a steady rhythm,
taking plenty of time, fucking her steadily, Amy
groaning, her body jerking each time he thrust into

It was unbelievable. I was aroused as I watched this
man doing it to my wife-watching my own wife under this
man, seeing her getting fucked so well by this stud,
Amy crying out again and again as he ravished her. I
was mesmerized as I viewed their coupling; as if it was
someone else and not my own wife getting so thoroughly
fucked. She was grunting now as he stroked powerfully
into her widely stretched cunt, her moans and cries
continuous, her arms holding his shoulders, her legs
folded over his thighs.

She was on an erotic plateau, and she shrieked as she
was overwhelmed by another orgasm, her body convulsing,
and still this man continued thrusting into her.
Finally he groaned, holding himself deeply into her as
he pulsed and spurted into the depths of her vagina,
filling her with his sperm. It was done, but he stayed
in her till his cock softened, finally lifting off her

Her legs were splayed, their juices matting her pubic
hair and her inner thighs. As I gazed upon my well-
fucked wife Michael said “mount her!” I quickly
undressed, my cock still hard and moved between her
open legs, pressing into her in one movement. I was so
excited that I stroked only twice before erupting into
her, my semen joining his except there was no sperm in

My exhausted wife just lay there in an orgasmic bliss,
finally stirring and I moved to assist her, helping her
dress. Michael said “I’ll leave you two now-you know
the way out.”

We left but didn’t speak on the way home, each of us
busy with our own thoughts, re-living the adventure.
However we had a lot to say as we sat on the sofa,
discussing the evening, talking about what we felt
about the event.

I said “I can’t believe we did that. I can’t believe I
asked another man to fuck you, and then stripped you
for him. Then letting him do it to you, encouraging
him, watching him put his cock into you, seeing him
coming deep in your cunt. I never had any idea that I
would be aroused watching a stranger servicing you,
having his way with you.”

“I know-it was pretty crazy, and it was so erotic. I
never dreamed that we would have that outcome, you
stripping me-presenting me to him to do as he wished,
handing him my panties. We just got carried away. Until
tonight you were the only man that ever did it to me,
so now it seems you are a cuckold. I can’t believe you
were thrilled watching this man fucking me, and fucking
me so thoroughly. I never felt so stretched and filled.
And how did you feel when you saw him coming in me; I
could feel him swelling and spurting his semen.”

“I couldn’t help it-I was caught up in the scene and I
almost came without touching myself.”

We talked about whether we wanted to continue, and we
decided to go for two or three more sessions, but it
was with the agreement that if either one of us wished
to stop we would. The next time we went Michael was
more distant-we had sex with each other but not with a
great deal of enthusiasm.

On our next visit he provided images that evoked a high
level of arousal, and combined with the wine and the
music we did succumb again. With Michael’s direction I
stripped off her blouse and bra, baring her breasts,
then her skirt, now exposed in her lacy half-slip
through which you could see her sheer panties, her
stockings and garter belt.

She was flushed, breathing rapidly when he told me to
turn her onto her stomach. He ordered me to place her
on her hands and knees and press her shoulders down.
His next order was to pull her slip to her waist, then
slide her panties down to her knees. Finally he had me
spread her legs.

She looked incredibly erotic displayed like this, her
firm breasts hanging down, her beautiful rounded ass in
the air, her moist lips slightly open, garter belt
stretched tightly over her buttocks. He gazed at this
erotic display, more arousing than if she was naked.
Moaning softly she awaited him to fulfill her, to
ravish her again.

Then he asked “is she fertile?”

We had begun keeping track of her periods and we were
quite sure that she was ovulating at this time. I said
“yes, she is fertile today.”

“Then today I will enter her and make her pregnant.”

By the time he stripped he was fully erect, and he
moved behind her, positioning himself, preparing to
enter her. He moved the head of his cock up and down
between her lips, moistening it, and then pressed
forward opening her up as he began to enter her, my
wife groaning with the pressure of his entry. She
jerked and cried out as he penetrated her, holding her
hips as he continued to advance his cock, gradually
filling her stretched cunt, a hoarse cry from my wife
as she was fully impaled again.

For a few moments he held himself fully in her,
gradually moving, moving in her in long strokes as he
held her hips. He said “this is the best position for
you’re wife’s insemination.” He now began thrusting
into her more powerfully, her body moving to his
thrusts, her breasts swaying. She was groaning
continuously as her body received his punishing cock,
her vagina stretched fully to accommodate his girth.

Still moving in her he said to me, “Do you wish her
impregnated?” I said yes, caught up in this scene,
watching his cock moving in and out of her, shiny with
her juices. Amy turned to look at me when I said yes,
her eyes wide and glassy

He now thrust faster as he asked her if she was ready
for conception. She yelled “yes!” After several more
strokes he pulled her fully onto his cock and said
“now!” The swelling and spurting of his cock triggered
a violent orgasm in Amy; she screamed as she was shaken
with a powerful climax, her body convulsing as he
emptied his cock into her defenseless cunt, his semen
flowing into her cervix and into her uterus. He held
his cock in her till it softened, and then withdrew,
releasing Amy to fall flat on the bed, sobbing with the
intensity of her release.

Michael left us and it took me some time to get my wife
dressed-she was so weak from her orgasm, but finally I
got her home, undressed and into bed. As we lay there
we talked about the evening, discussing what happened
and how we felt about it. I again became very aroused
and moved to take her. I entered her still wet cunt,
and with only a few strokes I erupted.

We talked about how erotic and powerful these
experiences were. We never knew we would be affected in
such a way that I would encourage another man to have
sex with her, and be thrilled watching him service her,
and emptying himself in her. And Amy never knew she
would respond as she did, becoming wildly excited as
her own husband stripped her and prepared her for this
stranger to enter her. She said the thought that he
might get her pregnant just added to the erotic
situation, and she just lost it when she felt him
coming in her, filling her with his semen.

We didn’t stop there-we went back to Michael again. He
knew just the kind of erotic stimulation that got us
most excited. He didn’t have sex with Amy each time,
but he did take her again, and with my approval.
Watching him doing it to her I was incredibly aroused,
taking her myself when he finished.

We were enjoying sex more often, but I know it was
because we were fantasizing about the experiences that
Michael had provided for us. We decided that we
wouldn’t go to him for any more therapy, but he called
us one day saying he missed us, and would like to meet
again. We agreed.

The evening we came over he ushered us into the living
area of his home. He told me he was going to take her
into the next room which was his bedroom, and I should
wait here. I knew he wanted to have her, and when I
agreed he took her arm leading her into the bedroom.
She was hesitant, looking at me for approval, and when
I nodded my head she went with him.

For a bit I heard only rustling; then I heard her cry
out and I knew he had entered her. The bed was creaking
and I heard her moaning, her moans getting louder till
finally she shrieked and I knew she had come. Then I
heard him groan as he was filling her with his semen.
Finally she came out, looking disheveled.

On the way home she told me what he had done, how he
had stripped her, how he caressed her, finally
spreading and entering her. She said “I couldn’t help
moaning, he was thrusting so hard and finally I came as
I felt him swelling and filling me with his sperm.”
When we got home I could hardly wait to get her into
bed. She was still wet from their sex, and I entered
her easily and again came with just a few thrusts.

In a few days he called again, and again we agreed to
go to his place, where the same scene was repeated once
more. I listened to her loud moans as he fucked her so
thoroughly, hearing her loud cries as she came. Michael
asked her if she was pregnant yet and she said she had
missed a period, and if she missed another one she
would have a test. Michael said it was his intention to
keep fucking her until she was pregnant.

It turned out that she was pregnant. We informed
Michael and told him we wouldn’t be coming back again.

Amy told me she had run into Terri again, and she asked
how our therapy went. She said Terri was smiling at her
and she blushed saying it went well and we were
finished with treatment. Terri said, “He fucked you,
didn’t he, and probably several times?” Amy said, “How
did you know?” Terri said “He fucks all the women he
treats, usually till they are pregnant, and are you
pregnant?” I admitted I was, and Terri said it would be
our secret.

I said “why didn’t you tell me that he would probably
screw me? You could have told me what he might do-what
to expect. I can’t believe you let me go ahead knowing
that I might be fucked by him.”

“I didn’t want to spoil the fun. I suspected you would
wind up under him, but I wasn’t sure. I knew it would
only be with your husband’s co-operation. Quite a few
husbands really get excited watching their wives
getting serviced by him, watching his unprotected cock
filling his compliant wife with sperm.”

As her abdomen increased in size we talked about our
experience with Michael. We both agreed it was
incredibly erotic. Amy again said she couldn’t believe
she had been so aroused by him, and I said I never
believed that I would strip her for this man, and allow
him to penetrate her and ravish her so thoroughly. We
both learned something about ourselves, and I know we
would long remember that therapeutic journey.

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