Gorgeous Asian girl turns out to be a tgirl
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It was Halloween weekend. A group of friends from back home are in town to go party for Halloween. There were three couples and two single guys in our group of friends, I was one of the single guys. I was dressed as a prisoner, nothing fancy but it was on sale at Halloween store.

Everyone met at my house so the girls could get ready and the guys drink a few beers. My name is Bo, twenty seven years old about five foot seven inches and ideal weight for my size. Dark shaggy hair with just a bit of facial hair. In decent physical shape with a skinny to average build with some muscle definition.

I currently live in a college town and have for a few years now. There is lots of bars and clubs downtown and it’s an eventful fun city. I moved here from a little town on the other side of the state where it’s all farming and ranching and hours drive to a big city.

I have always been ok at getting girls, at times i was told i was to nice though. Being from a small town I didn’t have to meet them though. I had a few somewhat serious relationships but nothing long term, mainly there was a lot of random hooking up. Now living here was a whole other story. I am not the best at striking up conversation with new girls as I can be a bit shy. But once I get to know them a little or they approach me I’m good, and a little booze can help.

About 10 p.m. we headed downtown and met back up at the club. It was done up nice, we gathered in an area next to the dance floor with leather couches and chairs. It was not very busy yet because most people go to the dance bars after midnight.

We’re having a good time drinking and hanging out dancing a little. As time pasted the club started to fill up and a group of Asians come dancing in the area we were in. I have always had a thing for Asian girls so I am excited. They consisted of five or six girls and a couple guys. They are all dressed sexy, there was a gyspy with her long, slightly toned sexy stomach showing. A Roman warrior, one in a grass skirt and coconut bra, they all look amazing with tight little bodies. They all had heels on and were all still shorter than me. I have always liked short petite girls.

After dancing a bit I need a break, I go to the restroom then to the bar and get a beer. As I return the girls in our group leave to go to the photobooth in the corner of the club. I take a seat and start to drink my beer. Soon after one of the Asian girls, dressed as a sexy nurse, comes to look in a mirror near me.

She is not the best looking of her friends but they are all sexy. Dressed up as a sexy little nurse very attractive, or at least to me, and shortest of the girls. Her shape and body size are perfect for me as she appears to be a few inches shorter than me while wearing little heels. Fishnet stockings and a little skirt look amazing on her. As she approaches the mirror she checks out her shoulder length black curly hair in the mirror. She adjusted her hair a bit then went to adjust her top which pushed her little tits up together.

The mirror height was just high enough she had jump just a little to see her chest. Her nice little tits bounced a little as she adjusted them with each hop. It almost seemed she was doing this for me.I admire her as she glances over at me a couple times and smiles. One time we lock eyes for a split second before she shyly looked away. After she was satisfied with her hair and chest she looked at me again and smiled.

“Oh being short” she said giggling a little while approaching me. “Hey sexy prisoner my names Mya,”

“Mya, I’m Bo,” I reply. “I must say you look amazing.”

She asked if she could take a pic with me and that i was her prisoner. She was pulling on my hair and put her friends sword to my neck as her friend snapped a few pics. We chatted for a bit and she started to dance on me as I sat there. My thoughts are going crazy with desire to fulfil my Asian fantasy with this beautiful girl. I decide to get up and we go to the dance floor.

The girls in our group got back about that time. By now the club is packed and everyone is drunk and dancing. Fun party and good Halloween so far. As we all dance our groups become intermingled I find out she is twenty two and one of the guys is her brother and one of the girls was his girlfriend. The other girls there were his girlfriends friends so she didn’t have the same bond with her group.

It was getting near last call and till this point it was fun and flirty dancing between us while still partying with our friends. She then started to really rub her ass on me. My cock started to get hard as her hot ass was grinding on it. My hands started to explore her hips as I pulled her it tight to me. I could tell she could feel my rock hard throbbing cock as my pants were a thin material. She starts to grind on it slowly as my hands kept exploring her sexy little body. She turned and instantly started making out with me.

Boom! Lights come on! Damn it man I was thinking.

“Finish your drinks and start heading out” yells across the club.

She let’s out a little whimper of disappointment. I looked around and a couple of my friends are staring at us smiling giving me a good job look. She gives me a little kiss.

“This can’t end. Can we go back to your place?” Mya asked in sexual frustration.

My god yes I’m thinking. This is really going to happen.

“Ya” I reply “let me talk to my friends. We came down from my house and all there things are there.”

“I gotta talk to my friends too. Meet me out front.” she says and gives me a quick but passionate kiss and rubs her hand over my still hard cock.

As I get back to my friends they start forcing people out. We go outside outside and I let them know Mya is coming with us as I light a cigarette. She comes out about ten minutes later and walks towards us as her friends walk the other way. Looking amazingly sexy in a jacket that went halfway down her thigh. It went past her skirt hiding it so all you seen was her fishnet stalking covered legs.

“Sorry, we had our stuff out of coat check.” She says in a bubbly voice. I was getting chilly being october in the midwest.

“Lets go. I’m getting cold myself being I wasn’t smart enough to bring a jacket.” We never go out with coats or jackets. Hate coat check and there a hassle in the bars and clubs.

We arrive at my house and my friends aren’t ready to quit partying. All I could think about was fucking Mya but being a good host I crabbed some beers and turned the music on. We were all dancing around on each other, laughing and joking around. The girls are taking lots of pics with there phones as most girls do. The other single guy never really got girls so the ladies all hung around him and stuck there asses out. They asked Mya to join in the fun and me to snap some pics. The girls all had great butts and they were all looking nice in there skimpy outfits. One of the girls told Mya she had a nice ass and looked hot in her outfit. I could tell she like the compliment and stuck her ass out more. Lucky guy!

An hour or so go by and the first couple leaves. Thank god I’m thinking. The chain reaction starts and in the next 20 minutes everyone else decided to leave too.

“Finally” I say to Mya as I walk to lock the door. “I didn’t think they would all stay that long.”

“It’s fine” she says. “I like your friends. I had a lot of fun.” She came and gave me a kiss.

“Would you mind if I smoke some weed?” I ask. “Those friends don’t smoke.”

She tells me to go for it so I go to my room and grab my already loaded pipe. I go back out to the living room and sit next to Mya. I take a hit and hand it to her. She takes one hit and says that’s enough for her or she will get sick or pass out because she’s been drinking.

When I’m done smoking i lean in and start kissing her slow and passionately. I could tell she is horny by her breathing. Soon she grabbed my dick through my pants and started to stroke it.

“Weed makes me really horny” she whispered between kisses.

That was my cue to take control of the situation. I grabbed a handful of her hair gave a little tug and really started to making out with her. This did the trick as she started to moan. My other hand ran under her tiny skirt towards her vagina but she stopped me right there. Guideding my hand to her chest I massaged one of her tits over her top for a bit.

I let go of her hair so my other hand so I could explore her amazing body. She leaned back and slowly unzipped her top. She put a hand on one of her tits and squeezes it. She preceded to work the top off till it was just around one arm without exposing much boob.

Her stomach is slightly toned and with her tanned body she looks amazing. I am a stomach guy, well stomach and ass. Tits are a bonus for sure, but I’ve never cared about them being big. There is not much sexier than a flat slightly toned stomach.

She slowly moves her hands down revealing nice perky little tits. They are just enough of a handful which are topped with the cutest little dark nipples. They look perfect on her sexy little body.

“Your fucking sexy” I said as go in to lick her nipples.

I circled one of her nipples with tongue as my other hand explored her sexy stomach. She let out a sexy little whimper so I started to suck her nipple and gently nibble it. Her nipple grew hard as my lips and tongue massaged it. My hand made its way up her stomach to her other breast. I pinch her other nipple and she stared to moan and get goosebumps. She reaches her hand in my pants and slowly rubs my hard cock. Mya leans down and gets her head down by my lap. She starts to pull my cock out my pants then suddenly stops.

“I need to use your bathroom,” she says. “Don’t go anywhere, your my prisoner now” she says seductively.

“Trust me, I’ll be here. Don’t make me wait to long for that sexy ass.” She blushes and grabs her jacket and purse and heads to the bathroom.

I admire her sexy little body as she walks away. I’m the luckiest that man in the world right now. I don’t know how long she was in the bathroom but it seemed like a while to a drunk horny man.

She walks out the restroom with her sexy little outfit all in place, hair all nice looking all fresh and amazing. I stand up as she approaches me. We start to kiss as she makes her way onto the couch. Then she stops kissing me.

“I really like you. That’s why this sucks” she shyly let’s out.

“What’s going on?”

“I… I was debating in the bathroom to tell you, I was just going to give you a great blowjob then hopefully cuddle each other to sleep” she says.

I’m wondering if its her time of the month or something. Wondering where this is going I look at her with confusion.

“I know we just meet but how much do you like me?” She asks. “Are you just going to tell me what you think I want to hear to get a blowjob.”

“I really like you” I reply then pause for a second. “If you don’t want to do anything that’s ok. We can go lay down if you like and do this another day. Maybe after a proper date.”

That last line put a little smile on her face. I really wanted laid but if I had to wait to have sex with her I would. She was that beautiful plus I didn’t have anyone else in my life.

“I am a beautiful, smart lady, but I…. I wasn’t born a girl.” She said with hesitation in her voice.

I just look at her not quite sure what to think.

“That’s why I was just gonna give you a blowjob and that’s it. Call a cab in the morning and leave it at that. You would’ve never know. But I really like you and feel horrible for deceiving you, I wanna take this further.”

“Are you like a tranny or something” I ask with confusion in my voice. I state “I’m not gay” with a bit of authority.

I’m not gay and never thought about it. I feel comfortable enough with my sexuality not to freak out. I have seen a couple tgirl or chicks with dicks pictures in emails or texts as jokes and occasionally stumbled across in porn scenes and sometimes it turned me on a little. And I would see the occasional drag queen or cross dresser but that did nothing for me. Other than that at this point in my life I knew barely anything about the subject.

“I’m not tranny. I’m a women.” She said defensively

“I was a born a boy but I’ve always been a girl inside. And I’m a transwomen not tranny but i consider myself a women. If you want me to leave I understand and I’m sorry for not saying something sooner. I just want a man to treat me like the women I am” and quickly states before a short pause and calmly says “I really like you.”

“I really liked you and I guess I still do” I said with a short pause afterword.

I can’t tell you what the sober me would have done in this situation. But being drunk, horny and how gorgeous this women in front of me was I couldn’t say no.

“Lets just get back to what we were doing and see what happens.”

She instantly locks lips and makes out with me. Then Mya lays on her back as we never quit making out. I start to grinding and dry humping her. We grind our hips into each other for some time as she moans quietly under the kisses. She unzips and wiggles her top off while continuing to kissing me.

After a couple more minutes of making out I break the kisses to quickly toss my shirt off. I go down and start kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulder. She puts her hands on my chest and squeezes before running her hands down to my stomach to my waistband. Then puts her hands in my pants and very slowly teases my cock. Grazing my shaft as she make her way around it running her fingertips just around the base of my cock to my inner thy. She ever so softly ram her fingers down my ball sack sending chills down my body. My God what a tease I think as I squirm a bit and let out a soft moan.

I can tell she gets satisfaction from teasing me making her way to the base of my cock. Slowly running her fingers up the length to my head pausing for a second before making her way back down then repeating a few times. I move my hips around trying to get my cock into her hand as it is now throbbing. Finally she grabs my cock and starts to rapidly stroke it.

If I wasn’t drunk and high I would probably cum right now. She tells me to sit back and starts to pull my pants down. She grabs my nearly 7″ cock and admires it for a bit. Its not huge but has a girthy head and does the job. She leans in and licks the underside of my shaft as jolts shoot down my cock. Her lips then wrap around my dickhead as she tongues the precum. Her hand makes its way to my shaft as she gently squeezes it along with a slow stroking motion.

“Oh god baby. That amazing. Your so sexy” I moan out.

She takes my cock about half the way down and starts bobbing up and down slowly getting quicker with her hand following the same motion. It feels so good having this beautiful asian tgirl sucking my cock. A sober me would have cum by now. It feels amazing but I want to fuck this girl bad.

I pull her up and start to kiss her. My hand runs down her sexy belly into the band of her little skirt. She stops my hand, stands up and turns slightly to the side. She wiggles out of her skirt and panties in such a way everything was hidden. She turns to face me and I was surprised to see the smallest little cock I have ever seen. I would say barely over an inch long and 3/4 of an inch wide. Shaven and cut it is about half head and half shaft. Tight sack that barely bulged out and appeared to not have testicles. The area was darkened a bit more than her skin tone.

For some reason this is turning me on big time. But why, I thought as I stared at this tiny little dick, was it the booze. For some reason it looked so natural on her I thought. I’m to drunk and horny to care why it’s turning me on so much. I wanna have sex with this girl so bad.

“What are you thinking?” She asks me.

“It looks natural on you. I mean you look incredible.” I reply. “I wouldn’t want you any other way, you’re perfect.”

She smiles then turns around and shows me her tight little ass. There is a pink jeweled butt plug in her ass that was just mesmerizing. She turns back around facing me and I stand and meet her. I place my hand around her on her lower back and pull her into me. As our bodies meet I lean down to kiss her. She sticks her tongue in my mouth.

She reaches for the band of my pants and starts to push them down. I wiggle out of them without breaking the kiss we have going. We make our way onto the couch with me on top of her. She grabs my hips pulling me into her pelvis. She starts dry humping me from the bottom grinding her soft tiny cock into my hard throbbing dick as she starts to moan under our kissing.

Her excitement turns me on more as I take the lead. She starts moaning so much she can’t kiss me back. She arches her back and grabs my hips as her moans increase with intensity. She moves her hips in perfect rhythm with mine as the pace picks up. A loud moan comes out as she pulls my hips in tight to hers as quivers shoot through her hips.

Her body relaxes under me as she lets out a few heavy breathes. Only about 2 minutes of dry humping and she gets off, which really makes me horny. I have to have her now so I reach down to pull out her butt plug. As soon as I get there she grabs my hand.

“Lets go to your bed baby” she whispers in my ear.

I don’t say anything I just get up and help her up. She grabs a her purse then follows me as I lead her to my bedroom. She motions me to lay down so I follow, then slowly climbs up on me. She reaches behind her and pulls out the butt plug and gently tosses it off the bed. Puts a little lube on me then licks her hand to make my cock really slick, moves up and positions her ass at the head of my cock.

She circles my cock around her ass a few times and let’s out a soft moan before working me in her ass. As my swollen cock head enters her tight ass she starts to moan with pleasure. If I wasn’t drunk I would have cum right then. It is so tight as she works the head in and pauses for a second to get adjusted to my cock. She let’s out a couple moans as she places her hands on my chest and slowly wiggles her hips around. She looks down at me as she slowly lowers her ass down my cock. Her eyes roll in up as she moans with pleasure as she gets half my cock in her ass and slowly works up and down.

It was my first time having anal sex and it was better than I imagined. It felt so soft and tight as well as a sort of taboo. Anal was always a fantasy of mine and my most frequented porn. I can feel her muscles stretching around my swollen cock.

“Oh baby” she moans out as she stares down into my eyes.

She ever so slowly continues lowering herself taking in my cock bit by bit. She stared at me the whole except the couple more times her eyes rolled back. Her mouth is O shaped and letting out little whimpering moans until my cock is fully in her ass. I look down and her little cock is resting on my stomach and the sight is absolutely amazing.

I look back up at her and pull her down to give her a kiss. She tries to kiss me back but is to overwhelmed with pleasure. She starts to ride my cock slowly at first as she grinds her little cock into my stomach. She sensually rides me for a few minutes slowly picking up the pace. It feels more amazing than any other women that’s rode my dick. I think it’s part skill and her ass being tighter than a pussy.

I see her tiny cock bouncing as she is starting to ride me at a fairly fast pace. The sight excites me as I grab her ass and start thrusting my hips up fast and slamming her ass hard into my dick. Her moans get louder and louder as I could feel her ass start to contract around my cock as well as her legs tighten at my sides.

“OOHhhh GOD!” She screams out. “Don’t stop baby.”

I give it everything I have and she arches her back and lifts her ass up a just a bit. Her little cock spurts out two little steams of clear liquid onto my stomach. The sight was just to much for me.

“I’m gonna cum” I moan out..

“Do it baby”

Her eyes are fully rolled in the back of her head as I thrust my hips up as hard and fast as I can. Her legs start to quiver and she tightens up her ass making it harder for me to get full thrusts. She can hardly breathe as I thrust up as far as I can inside her ass as I feel the pressure of sensation fill up my cock. I try to hold it back as long as I can but it is to much as my knees start to shake and my cock burst in her ass. Her legs and ass tighten more as as most her body starts to quiver. My cock slips out of her ass as a final stream of cum shoots out of my cock onto her ass and thigh.

She collapses onto me as we are both breathing heavy. I can feel our wet cum squishing between our sweaty bodies as she brings her lips to mine. She gives me the softest kiss, the heat from breath slowly escaping her lips warms my lips. As she pulls away and the shifts her body to the side of me I can taste the salt from her lips. She lays her head on my chest as I wrap an arm around her body. This feels right I think to myself, feels good, almost as good as the sex.

After she regains some strength she kisses my chest then slowly stands up. “My legs are weak,” she says with chuckle. “I need to use the bathroom.”

She grabs her purse and butt plug and I get a flash of her before she turns and walks out the room. As I lay there with cum on my stomach and a cock glistening with lube and cum it hits me. After the initial euphoria from the sex and the booze wear off I realize I just fucked someone who used to be male, someone who had a cock. At the same time this girl is gorgeous and for some reason she looked so natural.

Returning to the room she said “let me clean you up baby” with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

Approaching me with a warm wash cloth and cleans my stomach. Then slowly makes her way down taking her time to admire me as she goes. After a good cleaning we cuddle up under the blanket and lay there in silence. As my mind is still trying to wrap it’s self around what happened I just decide to enjoy it as we quickly fall asleep.

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