A special hair salon
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My name is Rene and I was born in France, moving to the
US when I was very young. I went to school and became a
beautician. I married a man who divorced me after a few
years. I have a strong sex drive and love sex anyway I
can get it. I guess that is what happened to our
marriage, I wanted more and he wanted less.

My body is quite lovely to look at as I have rather
large breasts and a nice ass. I love to masturbate and
do so almost every night. I keep my pussy shaved as I
love the sight of my smooth lips as I play with myself.

I had a small hair salon in one room of my home. I had
so much business that I had to make appointments for my
customers. I was making fairly good money as my
business kept growing.

A certain woman, Mary, who would let me do her hair
once a week and she came every Friday to have me style
her hair. We got to be friends as she would chat about
her love life sometimes. On one day, she asked me if I
would shave her pussy for her. She told me that it was
so much trouble for her to bend over and do it. Of
course, I said I would but that the price would be
more. She laughed and told me she did not care what it
cost, that as long as her boyfriend liked it, she would
be in every week to have it done also.

“I have been looking for a “Pusstician” for a long
time!” she said, “I am glad you feel comfortable enough
to shave my little pussy. Now, where do you want me?”

I went and locked the door so no one could come in
unexpectedly. I had her sit in the salon chair and
lower her panties as I got my tools ready. I turned
around to see her legs spread wide apart and her pussy
staring at me as she had her hand on it. For a minute I
stood there in awe as I saw her lovely pussy, her
fingers on it as I saw her rub her clit.

“M-m-m-m! I hope you didn’t mind but I had to rub it a
little.” She said, “It needed a little rubbing as I
watched you. You are a hot lady, you know!”

Was she teasing me or did she just do that all the
time? I wondered as I sat down on a stool between her
wide spread thighs. I took my fingers and started to
apply shaving cream to her red pubic hair as I slowly
began to rub it into her hair. She reached down and
parted her thighs even more for me, her pussy covered
in the cream as I took the razor into my hand. She was
enticing me and she knew it!

“Be careful now. I have a hot date tonight and don’t
want to mess up my getting some.” She laughed, “He
might not like a cut up cunt.”

As I took the razor and began to slowly shave the red
hair from her pussy, she started to squirm a little
each time my fingers went close to her puffy lips. It
was turning her on! My fingers touching her pussy was
getting her hot! She was not the only one getting hot!
My own pussy was twitching as it too, began to get wet!

I was shaving the thick, full lips as she began to get
wet. I could see her pussy as it’s moisture formed. The
bitch we getting off while I shaved her! I took my time
and really did a thorough job on her as I held her
puffy lips apart and examined her closely as she thrust
her pussy to meet my fingers. I stopped short of
rubbing her clit, but did examine it closely to see if
I had missed any hair. Then I pulled my fingers away
from her.

“My God! I loved that!” she said, “You made me so wet.
I hope you don’t mind me doing that too much. You made
me so hot!”

“Not at all,” I told her, “You have a lovely private
area and I was glad to make it look good for you. Next
time maybe we will have more time.”

“What is wrong with right now? I have been wanting you
for a long time!” she asked as her hand went to my
pussy, “Let me service you too. I want you to play with
me while I suck your pussy! Would you like for me to do

“Only if you let me taste your newly shaved pussy
first!” I said as I pulled her to me, “It looks so
tasty! You really have a beautiful pussy! Now let me
taste it!”

She thrust her wet pussy up to me as I felt her playing
with my clit. I took her smooth lips and parted them as
I pushed my hot tongue to her sweet tasting cunt. She
was going wild as I licked and sucked on her pussy.
Then I felt her as she started to lick my wet pussy,
making me cum as she humped my mouth with that smooth
pussy! She tasted so good and was good at eating me

We both came over and over as we sucked and fucked each
others pussy. I had never cum so much in my life as I
did with her eating my hot pussy that day. She was too
much for me as she loved to suck my cum from my cunt.
After we stopped, she got up and started to dress.

“Thanks Rene, You did an excellent job! I will send you
some new customers.” She said as she examined my work,
“I will tell them where they can get shaved or trimmed,
that is, if you want them.”

“Sure, I would love to do them.” I replied, “Of course
it will cost more. I have a salon special, just so they
know. Send them my way.”

As Mary left, she handed me a $100 dollar bill! I
couldn’t believe it! A hundred dollars for shaving her
pussy! I couldn’t help but go to the door and lock it
before my next customer came. I had to relieve the
twitch in my wet pussy!

That night as I lay there in my bed, I started to
fantasize about Mary’s smooth shaven pussy! I was
wondering why I did not go ahead and play with it when
I had the opportunity. I masturbated myself to several
climaxes that night and swore the next time she came
into my shop, I would taste that lovely pussy for her!


The very next day, one of her friends called me and
told me that Mary had said for her to call me. She said
that I was highly recommended by Mary and she needed
the same thing done to her pubic area. I set her an
appointment up to “see” her in the next two days.

The time had come and I could hardly wait to see the
lady Mary had sent to me. As I heard the door bell
ring, I went to open it. There was a rather large woman
about 50 years old as I invited her in as I locked the
door behind her. I found out her name was Trish as I
sat her in my chair.

As she sat back, I helped her remove her panties and
laid them neatly on the work bench. I saw that she was
already smooth shaven but needed a touch up as some of
her short pubic hair had started to grow back. She had
very plump lips as I noticed her large clit as it
jutted out. This was going to be so good!

I chatted with her as I got everything ready and began
to place the towel under her wide hips. I took the
shaving cream into my hand and placed a small amount on
her thick lips as I slowly rubbed it. I was taking my
time about smearing it over her lips as my fingers
“accidentally” brushed her large clit. It was as if she
was waiting for me to do that as her love button
actually rose a little.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you flinch.” I
told her. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, you didn’t hurt me. As a matter of fact, you made
me horny!” she said, “It felt good to me. You can do
that anytime!”

I laughed as if it was a joke but I knew she meant
every word! I took a little more cream as I massaged it
around her cunt, being careful now as not to touch her
clit again. I was teasing her! As I rubbed the cream
slowly along her thick lips, she started to squirm a
little, trying to make contact with my fingers with her
clit. She was wanting me to play with it!

She had told me that Mary had told her about my special
services and that was the reason she came to me. I
asked her what was she interested in having me do with
her as she took her fingers and placed them over my
hand, forcing me to rub her big clit. My fingers had
her love button trapped between them as I slowly
started to rub her clit.

“O-o-oh! You are making me feel so good!” she said, “I
thought I was the only one who could make it feel this
way. Try putting some up higher.”

“Like this?’ I asked as I rubbed a dab of cream over
her enlarged clit. “Is this what you want? Do you want
me to rub it for you?”

“Oh my God, YES!” she cried, “Rub it for me! I am so
horny! You will make me cum if you do it that way!
Please keep doing it! This is what I want! Someone to
play with my hot pussy!”

I started to slowly rub her big clit as my fingers took
it between them and slowly rubbed it as my fingers
danced. Her cream covered pussy was on fire as I played
with her, making her push her ass off the chair as she
thrust upwards to meet my fingers.

“You have such magic fingers! They are making me want
to climax!” she said, “But you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, baby! I knew that. I love to play with a hot
pussy like yours!’ I answered, “Do you want me to make
you cum?”

“God! Do I? Make me cum! Play with my hot cunt!” she
said, “Will you suck my tits? I love to have them
sucked! Oh, you are so good!”

I smiled as she started to cum, her hips thrusting up
to meet my probing fingers as I massaged her big tits.
Her tits were huge and so soft! She was bucking her
pussy to me as she came, her voice so loud as she
moaned. She was really enjoying our little play as her
climax slowed. I removed my fingers as she lay back.

“Would you like me to suck on your hot pussy too?” I
asked her, “You have such a lovely one. I would love to
taste it! It won’t cost any extra for me to do it!”

“Please do! Suck my pussy! I want you to eat my hot
pussy so bad!” she said, “But I want to suck on yours
too! Can I kiss it for you? Will you let me eat your
hot pussy? Feed me that sweet cunt!”

I lay her down and started to lick her smooth pussy as
she took my ass cheeks and pulled my pussy to her hot
tongue! She was really fucking me like I had never been
fucked before as her probing tongue went deeper as she
threw her cunt to my face. We both was cumming as we
ate each others pussy and our cum flowed from our wet
cunts as we licked and sucked it from one another’s
pussy. She finally was worn out and had to stop sucking
on me as I eased from her dripping cunt. She was well
taken care of and so was I!

“You should charge me double for this! Mary told me
that you might play with me if I initiated it. She said
you were good!” She said, “The only thing I found wrong
was you need a large bench or something a little more
comfortable for me to lay on if we are going to
continue this. And I do want to continue it! I hope you
will let me be one of your regulars.”

“Oh, I will see to it that you are a regular!” I said,
“And I promise to have something more comfortable for
you next time. Can we finish shaving you now?”

I finished with Trish and wiped her clean as she shook
again under my talented fingers. When she got up to
leave, she gave me three $100 dollar bills! I knew
right then that I was on to something. I had to adapt
to the situation I had created.

The next day I had a carpenter come and make a few
benches for me. He built three that were inclined so if
a lady was on them, her pussy would be spread open and
raised towards me. Then he built one that had a hump in
it for a person to lay over and have her ass high in
the air.

Of course, I also bought a new chair that lay back and
could be used as a bed if needed. I then had the
benches covered in a fabric and moved all of them to
another room adjoining my salon. I had made a sex room
out of my benches and even moved a bed into it. I was
ready for anything a lady could want. But, I still had
to cut and style hair to make a living.

Mary and Trish became a regular with me. They even sent
me a few new customers. They loved my new room and I
was doing very well. I got to play with lots of pussy,
which I love to do. Both Mary and Trish got to where
they would lay there as we licked and sucked on each
others pussy for hours!


Then one day, Mary sent a man to me. She told me that
he would make it well worth my time to invite him into
my special salon. I made an appointment for him the
next day and wondered what he was wanting.

The next day, Jerry came to my salon. Mary had told him
of my special services and wanted him to ask me if I
would take a man. He told me up front that he loved to
have his pubic area shaved and that he really enjoyed
being fucked in his ass by a woman and loved to rim the
ladies asses with his tongue!

I had never done this but was happy to please my
customer! I felt sorry for him as I took his nice sized
cock and started to shave around his cock and balls. As
I touched it, he became hard, just as I expected he

As I shaved him, I would take my fingers and slide them
over his cock. I owed him a little extra since he was
going to pay for my services.

I knew he wanted me to suck on it, but I was going to
make him tell me he wanted it. I took off my blouse and
bra, laying them to one side as his cock grew thicker
and longer. I was starting to get wet at the thought of
sucking his nice cock! But he had other ideas!

“I want to tongue fuck you. I want to slide my tongue
to your ass!” he said, “You can suck on my cock if you
want to, but I want to please you! I want to slide my
tongue to your lovely ass! Do you mind me wanting your
ass? I love to taste a lady’s ass! To me, it is so

“I am game for it!” I told him, “I hope you like pussy
too! You have me so hot with this big cock of yours! I
will need it taken care of too!”

“I love to eat pussy! But not as much as I like to rim
your ass!” he said, “I won’t fuck you unless you really
want me too. I just like tonguing a hot ass woman!”

I dropped my panties to the floor and climbed on top of
him, putting my ass to his face as I took his cock in
my hands. I was so wet! He took my ass and made love to
it, sliding that hot tongue to my hot little ass! He
took my hips and pulled me to his probing tongue as it
slipped inside my tight asshole! My cunt was resting on
his chin as he fucked me with that long tongue! I was
rubbing my pussy against his chin as he licked and
sucked on my hot asshole.

“That’s it! You are doing so good! I love that hot
tongue!” I said, “Now fuck me with it! Fuck my ass with
that tongue! Fuck me!”

I had his cock, licking on the thick head as I slid my
hot mouth along the entire length of that hot cock. I
would ease some of it into my mouth as he fucked my
ass, sucking on it ever so slowly as I began to feel my
climax building deep down inside my throbbing cunt. He
was making me cum as he rimmed my ass with that hot

My climax began to flow as he fucked my ass, his cock
in my mouth as I sucked more of it down my throat. He
was making me gag a little as I took that big cock
deeper into my hungry mouth. As I started to cum, I
felt his cock began to throb also, knowing he was ready
to empty his load of cum to me. It had been several
years since I last had a cum lunch! I was sucking on it
so hard now, wanting his hot load as he pumped it to
me. I felt that big cock as it swelled in my mouth,
pumping me full of his sweet nectar!

He started to cum hard as I did too, my pussy and ass
thrusting to him as he rammed that hot tongue deeper to
my bucking ass! I was cumming so hard as his cock went
off into my mouth, his juices so hot as it flowed into
my suckling mouth.

When he finished, he pulled up his pants and gave me an
envelope as he left, telling me to call him when I had
an appointment available. I did not look in envelope
until he had left. When I did, I was very surprised! It
had seven $100 dollar bills in it! He had paid me $700
dollars to tongue fuck my ass! And I was the one who
received a hot climax!

Jerry too, became a regular. After a while he wanted to
fuck my ass with that big cock of his and have me fuck
him with my long strap on cock. Of course I let him,
but it cost him! If I was going to let him have my ass,
he was going to pay for it and he did! $1000 dollars

I should have paid him! He really made my ass feel so
special as he took his time and made me really enjoy
the hot ass fucking he gave me that day. I also rammed
my dildo up his ass as he cried for more! He loved
being fucked in the ass by a woman!

My business has gotten so good that I had to hire other
women just to keep up with the demands of my special
customers. I now have a lady for any type of sex the
customer wants. I have a special swing that I sit in
sometimes and love to use it for pleasing the other
customers as I eat their pussy! From anal, oral,
domination to S&M. I have it all!

I even have a special lady who only fucks the guys with
a big strap on dildo and another one that loves to be
fucked by the ladies as she takes their clits or my
long strap on!

I have long since quit styling hair and have went onto
styling pussies and cocks. They pay a lots better! The
last new customer wants to know if I have K9 sex
available to her. I guess I will have to get a couple
of dogs, too. What do you think I should do? Can I make
money with the doggies? I guess I will have to try them
out to see if they would be good enough for my special

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