Jenny Becomes A Stripper
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I like a lot of men, fantasize about my wife Jenny
having sex with other men. She has a fantastic body.
She is 5′ 5″, 115 lbs, Blonde just longer than shoulder
length hair, very firm boobs, only 34 C and that is
being generous. She is a very proportional 34-25-35
body. Jenny is 22 and has graduated from college and
looking for her career job.

I had mentioned this when we make love and she is not
at all receptive to this at all. So I have been
resorted to lurking on web sites and hoping some day it
will change.

One day she was lamenting that she would like to make
more money but her job as an assistant manager of a
store kept her from working part time jobs due to her
ever changing schedule from week to week. I agreed,
since we both have loans to pay back and food to put on
the table, I saw an ad in the paper of a strip club
needing new dancers.

I suggested that this would work for her really well.
Her job was closed and she was gone by 8 pm. She
laughed and it never went any farther that night. I
kept on keeping the ad from the paper folded and
circled on the kitchen table and when I read the paper,
I would mention it.

Finally she mentioned that she could get a wig and work
at the job, but what if someone still recognized her. I
suggested that a city a hour away with a large military
population would be a better spot to work. There is a
college just 35 minutes away that has college girl
strippers and she would fit right in.

“You could not handle having other men look at me
naked.” Jenny commented

“Sure I could, look at the money you could make.” I

“You would not mind me rubbing up on a strange man,
putting my boobs in his face.” She responded.

“Nope, besides he cannot touch you back,” I replied.

“Well, I don’t know if I could show my ass to every
one,” Jenny went on.

“Most of the clubs are topless only, you would wear a g
string anyway” I added helpfully.

“I just don’t know,” she finally said.


I went on line and found 2 clubs in the town I had
mentioned to Jenny. One was a topless only, the other
was totally nude. I showed Jenny the web site. Table
dances were 20 bucks and were open every night except
Monday. I also went and found her a web site run by
other strippers so she could get some info and ideas on
what was expected.

The idea was mentioned occasionally from time to time
over the next month. Once at work, her and another
worker were reading the want ads on break. Jenny
mentioned that I had suggested that she try stripping.

“Can you believe that,” Jenny said.

“Why not, you got a nice body,” Emma said.

“Well for one, I don’t have huge boobs!” Jenny replied.

“Not all guys like big boobs, you husband likes your
boobs right?” Emma asked.

“Yea, he does, but how can he suggest I do this?” Jenny

“Well, he does value a dollar more than anyone I know.”
Emma added, “Tell you what, lets both go and give it a

“You mean that?” Jenny asked.

“Sure, I am divorced and not a bad body… and the
money might be good for a few hours work,” Emma stated.

“Lets go there next weekend after work,” Emma said.

“Ok, lets do it,” Jenny agreed.

When Jenny got home, she told me about her talk with
Emma. I told her I was all for it.

“Are you sure you would not mind some strange guy
looking at my ass?”

I replied, “No, as long as you treat it as a job.”

The rest of the week dragged by and finally it was
Saturday. I was at work on night shift that week when
she called me and asked me what she should wear. I
suggested her jean skirt and a camisole top with an
over shirt and heels.

“Should I shave?” Jenny asked.

“I am not sure that you will audition tonight,
according to the web site you just meet the boss and
set up a time to do that another night.” I added.

“Well I will just in case,” Jenny replied.

“Leave the landing strip,” I commented back.

Jenny called said that she was leaving to pick up Emma
and head on towards the club and see what happened. I
nervously watched the clock, estimating the time it
took her to drive there, go inside and check the place
out. Well that time had passed and it dragged way past
that. Finally the phone rang and it was Jenny.

“We are headed home.”

“How did it go? Did you meet the boss?” I asked.

“Yea that and more…” She added.

“Emma is totally wasted, but I am ok,” Jenny continued,
“I will see you home, you should be off by the time I
get there.”


For the next hour, my stomach was tied up in knots. Did
she actually do it? Suddenly it became all too real.
Jenny walked through the door.

“Well, tell me all about it,” I managed to choke out.

Jenny light up a cigarette and had a seat. For the next
half hour, she told me what had happened. Her and Emma
had arrived and talked for a few minutes before they
came in. They were let in and found the boss, he was
glad they had come by and told them about the club,
what was expected and the pay. He asked them when they
wanted to audition. They told him when ever was good.
He said that normally he does not let them audition on
a Saturday night, but tonight was amateur night and
they were welcome to audition tonight. They said they

They both went to the bar and got a drink. They watched
the real strippers do their work and tried to pick up
on a few things. In a while, it was amateur night. The
top prize was 300 bucks and there was only about a 20
girls there willing to try it. They had a quick shot at
the bar and walked to the back and signed in. Emma made
Jenny go first.

“I was so nervous,” she said.

“What was it like?” I asked.

“Well, I tried to focus on the pole in the middle of
the stage and on the lights. I also tried to think
about other movies that had strippers in them and I
acted it out,” she said excitedly. “I got up there and
began to move slowly, and tried to do it sexy.”

She told me that there was lots of support from the
guys, who all whistled and cheered. She told me she
took off her outer shirt and then her camisole. She
continued to dance around in just her bra and skirt.
She told me it took a lot of courage to unzip her skirt
and let it fall to the ground.

Jenny said,” at that point, I almost froze, but I
looked over at Emma who motioned for me to continue and
I finally got up my nerve to undo my bra and take it

“How did the guys react?” I asked.

“Really good, very nice and finally my song ended and I
got to gather up my clothes and leave the stage.” Jenny
went on,” I did not get my few dollars that were on the
stage and someone had to bring it to me.”

“Emma congratulated me and she went on next.” Jenny
added, “But I was so embarrassed I did not watch her.”

“Was it what you thought?” I asked.

“No, not at all, but I felt at one point that it felt
good being the center of attention.”

Jenny told me that after the contest (she got 3rd place
and won 75 dollars). Her and Emma had a few shots at
the bar (guys were willing to buy them). The owner
asked her and Emma to come into the office and offered
them a job. He said that they have table dances and a
couch in the back part of the main room.

There was also a VIP room for more money and it was
kind of expected the girls to go commando during the
dance. No customer was allowed to touch the girls at
anytime. He even offered them to start that night and
at least try a few dances on stage since the contest
ended sooner than expected. They agreed and Jenny did
another 2 dances.

“How were they?” I asked.

“Not as bad as the first, towards the end of the second
dance, I began to look at the guys near the stage and
tried to dance just for them.”

“How much did you make?” I asked.

“About 40 bucks for 2 dances, I was too afraid to do
any lap dances.”

“What do the guys look like that are there?” I asked.

“Normal guys, lots of older guys, or young guys that
cannot get a date.” Jenny answered.

Her and Emma talked to a few of the girls and found out
what it was like. They all told them that when they
felt comfortable to use the VIP room, because that is
where the money really is. Jenny put out her cigarette
and we went to bed and had some fantastic sex!

The next day, we went to a near by town that has
stripper outfits and I got her 4 outfits. One was a
pink tie bottom bikini and regular bikini top and a
black outfit of similar design. I told her since she
had such a trim body of a 18 year old, lets get her
these two outfits. One was School girl outfit with a
white tie in front halter, red plaid pleated skirt and
white thigh high stockings and the other was a kind of
girl scout outfit with beret and sash.

She said that I was a pedophile for picking out these
outfits. I told her that her body naturally lended
itself to these outfits Not to mention 6 inch clear
platform shoes to dance in. I told her that that would
give her a nights worth of outfits and she could also
use her Victoria Secret bra’s and stockings, but we
ended up buying a few more thong’s at the store, since
the rule is 1″ strap on thongs on stage.

I got her to try some table dancing on me in the living
room and after much coaching she got the hang of it. I
taught her how to pick up the money, or to allow the
customers to put the money in various parts of her
costume. I told her to try a table dance when she felt

The next night, Her and Emma were scheduled to work.
They left around 9:00 pm and go in around 3:30 am.
Jenny walked through the door, exhausted, a cigarette
still in her mouth.

“How was it tonight?” I asked.


“Make plenty of money?”

“I sure did, Emma got me to try lap dancing, you mind?”
Jenny asked.

“No, how many did you do?”

“Not many, it took a while to get up the nerve… I
only did 5, but with the other dances, I brought home a
little over 400 bucks,” she concluded.

“What all do you have to do for a lap dance?” I

“Well, you get 20 bucks up front and a tip if you are
lucky.” Jenny went on, “You go in there with your
outfit on and basically dance for one guy.”

“There are about 8 other girls in there with their men
and you focus on your guy, He gets really close to
seeing your goods and it took me a while to actually
start touching them, but I did.”

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Not at first, it was weird. I finally got up the nerve
and would watch the other girls and do what they did.”

“What was that?” I pressed.

“You rub your butt on his chest and your boobs on his
face, kind of like on stage, but he is not 4 feet away,
he is right there.” Jenny went on and nervously lit
another cigarette.

“The real money is in the VIP room, but you got to do
a-a… lot for that money,” Jenny stuttered.

“Like what and how much money?” I went on pressing, all
the time I could picture my your wife doing disgusting
things with these guys.

“Well you get 50 bucks up front, you go in with only
your g string on. You start to dance for him. There is
only one other couple in there now and they are on the
other side of the room divided by some black light
beads.” Jenny talked on, “You go commando, you know, no
g string kind of early on. You also touch yourself a
lot more, almost to the point of playing with

“Well, you like to masturbate, so what’s the problem?”
I asked.

“The problem is that he can pull his dick out and start
to wack off, but that is extra. That is another fifty
bucks, and when he gives you the money, you hand him a
condom to put on.” Jenny took a hard drag off the
cigarette at this point.

I was about to explode just hearing this stuff, “You
mean you end up screwing him?”

“No, that would be prostitution, he puts on the condom
and he can touch his cock, but you cannot not, at least
not with your hands.”

“What can you use then?” I asked.

“Basically any body part but your hands, mouth, crotch
or ass, they want no chance of accidental penetration
and you get charged with prostitution,” Jenny stated.

“Well, what do you use then?” I was now curious.

“You can use your boobs, rub your butt cheeks on it,
put the top of your head in his crotch and rub. You can
also put your legs on his legs and lay on the floor in
front of him and play with yourself.”

“So in short, just short of having sex, right?” I
asked. “So how much do these girls make doing that?

“Well, once the condom comes out, your at 100 bucks
already, and if you keep him going, he will keep
tipping you until he finishes.” Jenny added, “Some
girls make as much as 300 bucks in there.”

“Shoot, even 100 bucks, is 5 lap dances,” I added.

“You’re kidding, you want me to almost fuck these
guys?” Jenny acted surprised.

“Only if you want to… I am ok with it if you are,” I
told her.

“I just don’t know. I just don’t know,” Jenny finally

“Is Angie doing the VIP room?” I added helpfully.

“Not yet, but she has mentioned it to me,” Jenny

“Maybe you all can try it together the first time?” I
went on, trying to get her to do it. My cock was about
to explode just talking about it.

“Well, the weekends VIP room is full with the full time
girls, but I will give it some thought for next week
when I work Tuesday night, I still cannot believe you
want me to try this.” Jenny stated in disbelief.

I did not bring it up again, Jenny worked the next
night (Friday) and she came home really tired. She
kissed me good night and told me that she did really
well, almost 800 dollars. She told me that it was
easier doing lap dances now. She was making more money
doing this 3 times a week than working her full time
job. She asked her boss to let her go part time and
increased her time at the club. She would go in early
and have a few girls teach her new moves.

I did ask her when she left to go to work on Tuesday
night to think about the VIP. Jenny was dressing a
little sluttier now. She would now only wear a wife
beater tank top (No bra….before she always wore a
bra) and a pair of blue jean short shorts or camisole
top and leather skirt on her way to work. She also only
used to smoke when she drank, but now she was smoking
more and even when we went out, she was looking

About 11:00 pm I got a call from Jenny’s cell phone.

“Hey, Emma is trying to get me to go to the VIP room, I
got a guy waiting on my answer… Are you sure it is ok
with you.” Jenny yelled into the cell phone.

For a moment I froze, was I really ready for this? “I
am, are you?” I found myself saying.

“I’m good, see ya later,” and Jenny hung up.

Now I had done it, Jenny was going to basically having
sex with a stranger. For the next 5 hours I waited and
stressed. I tried to imagine what it was looking like,
what she was doing and who she was doing it for! I
found myself feeling sick to my stomach, but having a
hard on at the same time.

Jenny came home around 3:45 am. I was still up and had
jerked off by then over a dozen times.

“Hey baby, how are you doing?” I asked.

“Bushed,” as she collapsed in the chair.

“Tell me about your night?” I asked.

She told me that before she called me, that her and
Angie had talked and she had agreed to try the VIP. She
had done a few lap dances for some guys and one of them
had asked her to go to the VIP room. That was when she
called me. She said that she was nervous and went on
and did it anyway.

This guy was in his 40’s and kind of decent looking for
a old guy and they went into the room. He sat in a
living room type chair and gave Jenny the 50 dollars.
Jenny took off her bra top and started to dance for
him. The music in there is separate and she used what
ever songs that was at the time.

Soon she very nervously took off her thong. She kind of
teased him as she did it, she turned around and finally
slid it off her hips and down to her ankles. She keeps
herself shaved except for a landing strip to show she
is a real blonde. Now she said that she felt totally
naked now. She was awkward at first, just standing

She began to dance again, letting her hands drift
across her now hard nipples and lightly across her
crotch. She would try to see what Sally was doing so
she would put her butt facing him, she would look at
the girl across the way (Sally) and see what she was
doing? Jenny told me that she was grinding her butt
crack against his crotch (Just like Sally was doing

Jenny then put her leg up on back of his chair,
allowing him to get a good look at her crotch. She
could not at first bring herself to touch herself down
there. As she did the pose the second time, she was
able to touch herself and look into his eyes. She said
that she would then get on her knees and would rub her
hair up against his chest. What really drove him over
the brink was when she laid down in front of him and
would slide her hands across her crotch, letting a
finger in between her lips.

Finally, he asked her if it would be ok for him to get
the condom now. Jenny paused and stuttered a OK.

Jenny went over to the shelf and got a condom out and
walked over to him. He gave her another fifty and he
unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock and put
on the condom. Jenny told me that if felt totally
different now!

“Why?” I asked, with a raging hard-on myself.

“Damn, he was naked for the most part! I was totally
naked and now I had a naked man with a condom on in the
same room with me, a stranger. You don’t see that as a
bit funny?” Jenny asked.

“Did you fuck him?” I nervously asked.

“NO!” Jenny replied.

“So, what’s the problem? Go on with what happened

“Hey, your loving this, me performing for other men?”
Jenny finally caught on.

“Yes, aren’t you?” I answered.

Jenny went on with the story. She tried to dance as
before, but now she had a man with a condom on and
lightly stroking it in front of her. It was at first a
bit intimidating. She would rub and squeeze her boobs
and slide her hands on down to her crotch area. Not
really wanting to touch his dick, she looked over at
Sally to see what to do now.

Jenny saw that she was rubbing her hair and head on or
near her guy’s crotch area. That was allowed, only the
top of the head, not the side or anywhere near your
mouth. Jenny got down on her knees and tried to do the
same thing. She rubbed her head/hair all over his legs
and finally worked up the nerve to have her head touch
this old guy’s crotch.

The guy quit jerking off and let her head and hair take
over. He told her to rub her tits on his cock. She said
that she looked up at him and told him that it was
extra for that. He gave her another 20 dollars and she
moved between his legs and rubbed her boobs on his
crotch area.

“You were letting him titty fuck you?” I asked.

“No, I just let my boobs kind of slap at his dick from
side to side.” Jenny corrected. “We are not allowed to
push our boobs together and to use them like that.”

“I could tell that he was really enjoying it, so I
asked him if he wanted me to continue, so he gave me
another 20 bucks.”

Jenny went on and told me how that she would let his
dick rub up against one tit then the other. Finally she
would let him slide his dick between her boobs. Jenny
said that he liked that most of all. It was not a good
titty fuck, since she or he was not pushing his boobs

“I would look into his eyes as I did this, wondering
what the hell I was doing.” Jenny said.

“That was when I felt my boobs getting warm and I
looked down and saw that he was coming.” Jenny added.

“Did he still have the condom on?”

“Yes, none of it got on me.” Jenny stated.

She said that he liked it so much, that he gave her
another 20 bucks.

“So you made 160 bucks for just letting your boobs rub
against his dick?” I asked.

“Yep, not bad work… Are you mad?” Jenny asked.


“Did I get you hard by telling you that story?”

I replied honestly, “Yes you did.”

“Sally told me that if I play with myself more at
first, and use my butt cheeks to rub on him later, I
could get the price really up more.”

“Did you go to the VIP room any more after that?”

“Once more, but this fat guy didn’t want to spend for
the condom, I got another 20 bucks when I offered to
play with myself for him.” Jenny concluded.

I looked at Jenny as she got undressed and went down on
me and thought that just a few hours before, she was
doing this to a total stranger.

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