Bye-Bye Sexy Honey
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For about a year, I have been on the internet, (I’m a
big fan of A.S.S.T.r I enjoy a lot of the quality writing
there, and even posted a few fictional stories myself.)
I had been noticing a lot of Wife stories where the
hubby allows her to screw around on him with impunity
even after he’s being humiliated by her in the process.
However I have seen few stories that tell of the
husband’s revenge… this is my true story, and is one
where the husband wins for once. Hope you enjoy it, it
certainly beats going to a shrink to say the same

Crystal and I were high school lovers, and although we
wanted to get married right away, we both decided it
would be best if we waited until after college when we
had jobs to pay for our fun. I had gone out with
several girlfriends before meeting her and so did she.

We were both virgins when we met at 16, and by our
second date we had shed that label in a most loving,
wonderful way. For us we understood that we were soul-
mates and were destined to go through life together. We
even tried dating other people our junior year of high
school, but it didn’t work out.

We were simply meant for each other. Other people would
come up to us on the street and say it, and when we
went to our favorite clubs, no one ever approached us
because it was so obvious. We went to the same college,
and even moved in together so we could act as a married
couple. Even our friends all thought we were the
perfect couple and asked why we hadn’t married yet…
We told them why, and that was usually that.

After graduation I got a job with a business training
firm, and she got her teaching degree and went to work
in our old alma mater teaching 11th grade English.

Our problem was never sex… in fact we had sex 3 or 4
times a day and still wanted more. She didn’t have a
class for 2 hours after lunch, so I’d go get her, and
we’d fuck our brains out somewhere. Folks knew what was
up when I left for lunch, but still brought back
something from McDonalds, as did she…

So…what was the problem? Well after 10 years with the
company,, they asked me to take over a regional sales
management position for a nice 6 figure salary. After
discussing it with Crystal, I took the job! She had
wanted to leave teaching anyway and with this kind of
money she could do it. That’s when the company dropped
the other shoe.

In order to get the job, I’d have to learn the
traveling ropes for the first year, usually 5 to 7 day
trips, twice a month, and then I could stay permanent
at the office. With our marriage and our sex life being
so active, I didn’t know, but Crystal said to go. It’s
only for a year, and we could get wild with the built
up energy!

Believe me folks we did… in fact the police showed up
at the door one night after my return from a 10 day
trip because the neighbors had called to report the
screams coming from our house. We had been making love
outside on the second story deck and well… I’d call
her every night before she went to bed, and it would
usually end up as a hot phone fuck session where she
used her favorite vibrating dildo (A vinyl cast of
me… cost a fortune, but worth every cent.) to come to
a screaming orgasm as I jacked my cock to the same end.

We both had plenty of chances to stray too. She would
go out with the girls to some hot clubs, and I had
plenty of chances to meet other travelers for a
discreet one-nighter. Neither of us did cheat, or so I
had thought.

With the extra time on her hands, Crystal had gotten
involved in local service groups, and joined a local
health club. She was now even more gorgeous than when I
had met her at 16! Her body was tight, and she had
stamina that could now match mine, which doubled the
length of our fucking sessions leaving us both walking
around the next day in a wonderful post-orgasmic haze.
But things had begun to change subtly, but they had

The sex was still awesome, but she was a little too
eager to give that little extra bit of attention. In
addition, even though we had a pretty wild sex life,
she began surprising me with new techniques in bed and
she suddenly wanted to experiment with new things.

When I asked her what was up, she got her ‘oh shit I’m
in trouble’ look on her face and made up something
about one of her girlfriends mentioning it, and she
wanted to try. I wrote off the look as worry that I
might not approve and told her that if she wanted to
try something new, all she had to do was ask! I told
her how much I loved every fiber of her being, and as
long as we weren’t trying it with someone else first,
it was great to do different things in bed to keep the
excitement alive. The look got even more intense, and
loaded with guilt, as she told me she loved me and went
to sleep.

Even so, I started feeling that something was up, so I
paid a little more attention to things. I noticed that
she had really built up her wardrobe, but there was
very little cash taken out of the bank. I also noticed
a subtle change in the way she walked, the way she
dressed, even the way she kissed now… there was still
the air of sex but it had intensified slightly. If not
for the other signs, I would have been flattered that I
could bring this out of my wife.

The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, and
ended our love came about a month before our divorce. I
had been out of town on a trip that got cut short, and
came home early. I really wasn’t tired, but Crys had
mentioned something about a ‘girls night out’ at her
favorite club, and I thought I’d surprise her. We
hadn’t fucked in the back seat for a long time, and I
sure was ready to try. I wasn’t sure of the club’s
name, so I looked in her top drawer which is where we
both throw cards, and numbers and stuff.

Actually I hadn’t been in there in months, so I was
surprised to see a bunch of matchbooks, and what looked
like business cards inside. I looked at one and my
heart stopped. It read “MIKE XXX-XXXX call me if you
want another session like tonight you were wonderful!
XOXO” Not my Crystal… no… not after 10 years of
marriage, and surely not with our sex life! She

I looked on the cover, and it pointed me at a local
dance club. There were 10 or 15 other books in the
drawer, and she didn’t smoke… Something in me snapped
and I had to see if this were true, so I went.

It took me about 20 minutes to find her, but I did. She
looked stunning! She was wearing a black spandex mini
dress that I had never seen her in before. It
accentuated her fabulous figure, and even pushed up her
36c’s a little more. The pearl necklace I got her
shimmered in the light, and caught the shine of her
beautiful blonde hair. Her long legs were covered by
sheer black stockings, and accentuated by her 3 inch
‘fuck me’ heels that she used to like to wear in bed.

She was sitting with some of her friends, and some guys
at a table, and had obviously been drinking all night.
She always flirted more when she got a couple drinks
into her, and she was all over some guy at the table.
When she and her best friend got up to go to the
bathroom they were walking pretty unsteadily, so I sat
back and waited.

The bartender came up and asked what I wanted. He
obviously knew what I was looking at, when he asked me
if I was interested in her. I looked back and asked him
why he thought that. He told me that she had started
coming here a couple of months ago with some friends.

At first she was there just to have a good time, but he
knew something was up when she and her friend started
hanging around with the other women at the table. I
really wasn’t following him, so I asked him what was
wrong with them? As far as I was concerned, they were
gorgeous ladies… His reply was simple, and cut me
straight through the heart…

“Yeah, but they’re all hookers man… They’re a group
of frustrated housewives that come here to get fucked
when their husbands are out of town. I really don’t
think it’s for the cash though… especially the blonde
you were watching. She only charges 100 bucks, and she
could easily get 500 or a thousand if she wanted to…
but since she usually does 4 or 5 guys a night, I guess
she makes up for it in quantity!” He chuckled.

“Strange woman though,” he continued. “I tried to get
her, but she says she only fucks guys that look like
her husband. Guess it takes all kinds. But from the
looks of you, you could get her easy!”

With that he gave me my drink and walked off. Talk
about conflicting feelings. I knew she had a sex drive,
but geez… “well,” my shocked brain thought, “at least
she’s vicariously doing it with me…” God how stupid
that sounds now.

I didn’t really want to know, but I asked the
bartender, “Where do they go?” It was a small club, and
there weren’t any cheap hotels near by so…

He told me “They pay 5 percent to the house, and use a
small room in the back. They’ve had this arrangement
for years and…” he stopped and asked, “You’re not a
cop are you?”

“Naah,” I told him. “I’m her husband.” We watched as
she stumbled back out and fell into a guys lap. She
giggled, and asked him where his hands were, as she put
one right on her tight little ass.

He went white, and was about to call the bouncer when I
stopped him, and asked, “Do you really want to keep
this business going?” He just nodded, “Then help me
nail the bitch, and I’ll forget I was ever here.” He
thought about it for a minute, and motioned for me to
follow him back.

She had progressed to placing one of his hands on one
of her tits. It seems there was a video set up back in
the converted office to ‘protect the girls’ as he said.
There was a simple king size bed, and a small radio in
the room.

“I guess they’re paying for it so…” was my only
reply, even thought there were a few too many cameras
for just protection. I asked him if they ever taped the
sessions, and he said they did. GOT HER!! He told me
that a couple of the girls had asked to be taped so
they could sell the tapes to amateur porn buyers. “But
your wife doesn’t let us so…”

“Get a tape,” was my only reply.

It took a while, and I watched a couple of other women
cum and go, and even found a friend’s wife there. He
was out of town too, so I kept that tape for him.

Crystal staggered into the room about an hour later
with the guy she had been cuddling up to at their
table. I reached over and turned on the audio, and as I
hit RECORD, I heard her chatting with the guy. He
handed her the cash, and asked about her wedding ring,
and she said she loved me more than anything else on
earth, but when I was gone, she just had to get some

She told him how we fucked like crazy, and she had
never found anyone to match my ability to please her
but I traveled a lot now, and she really needed the sex
to keep her sane. It would only be another couple of
months so what was the harm? The money was good, I’d
never know and she’d be happy.

He laughed, and asked her if he looked like me, and
when she smiled and said, “Tonight your name is
Douglas.” he got the hint. “Lucky guy,” were the last
words he uttered as she sat on the edge of the bed, and
unzipped his pants.

Crystal could suck cock like nobody’s business. She
knew just how to transform her mouth into a warm,
loving place that never failed to transport me to the
heights of ecstasy. That loving thought exploded by the
realization that she was taking another man to my
nirvana. She had slipped a condom over his dick, (Small
consolation, no pun intended) and had gone to work.

Within seconds his hips were bucking into her face as
he reached around to pull her head into his crotch. She
played with his balls, eliciting a groan from her
client as she worked a little harder to get him off,
‘must’ve been a busy night’ was all I could think. Just
before he exploded, he grabbed her by the hair and
pulled her back.

“Not yet! I want my 100 bucks worth, and we had a

She smiled as she stood up and kissed him. He winced
from the taste of the rubber, then relaxed and let her
pull away. He got undressed and sat on the bed as she
did a sexy striptease for him. God she was beautiful!
My last loving thought about my dear wife dissolved in
a red rage as I saw her push him back on the bed, and
mount his cock. Crystal had the most amazing cunt
muscles, and could get you off without moving her hips
once. I knew that was her plan when she started
moaning, “Feels good doesn’t it honey? You like my
pussy, don’t you, Douglas?”

All he could do was gasp as she took him to a higher
sexual plane. He was ready to burst when she hopped off
and told him, “Not yet Duggy, you have to pleasure me

She laid back on the bed and spread those long lovely
legs wide, and gently guiding him in. I watched her
eyes go all hazy as he began to please her with his
tongue. She always came quickly, and often this way and
I watched as she had three quick orgasms in the span of
about 5 minutes followed by an earth shaker 10 minutes

After drifting down from her little cloud, she pulled
him up on the bed next to her. He whispered something
in her ear, and she told him that would cost extra. He
pulled out some more bills and she nodded. She took off
her pearls and he slid up her torso, kissing her all
over until he reached her breasts. He put his cock in
between them and started pumping.

At the top of each stroke, she would lick playfully at
his head kissing it occasionally as he fucked her tits.
He was using her favorite dildo to get her off as he
fucked her tits faster and faster. She started cumming
again, and squeezed his cock hard as she launched into
her own orgasm. “I love you Douglas!” she screamed as
her orgasm overtook her. That was all it took for him,
and he shot his load hitting her in the chin, and
running down her neck. “How do you like your new pearl
neckalce?” he asked.

She was lost in the orgasm, and mumbled another, ‘I
love you’ as she came down. They lay there for a few
minutes and he told her how lucky he thought I was to
have her (Yeah right) and he would miss her when she
stopped coming here. She kissed him, and went back out
into the fray, trolling for another hundred buck fuck
to keep her happy.

I watched, and taped, her fuck 3 more guys that night
including a threesome where she took it in the ass as
well as in her tight little cunt. The look of pleasure
on her face was indescribable as she dissolved in her
last orgasm of the night, and said goodbye to the guys
as they left. I also said goodbye to my love for my
wife at that point. I grabbed my tape and headed for
home, not forgetting to tip the bartender 500 for his
help and silence.

I took a cab to a hotel that night, and was sure to
call her to let her know I’d be home later that day.
She had a dinner party planned at our house that night,
for some of the folks that she worked with, and I told
her I’d catch a cab from the airport and not to worry.
What I didn’t tell her was that I had to make a stop at
my lawyer’s before I got home, he was invited to the
party anyway, but… She must have been waiting for me.

She came to the door wearing nothing but a red ribbon!
I was surprised, and thought, “What the hell!” as I
fucked her crazy before we had to change to get ready
for the party. Much to my feigned surprise, she wanted
me to fuck her tits, and I left her with a nice warm
pearl necklace. “Where’d you learn that?” I asked with
a knowing grin… Again the guilty look appeared on her
face. This was going to be good.

People began streaming in around 7, and dinner went
well. As everyone was finishing with their meal, I
stood up and invited them all into the TV room, as I
had found a most interesting video on my last trip. I
looked at my lawyer, and he nodded and went for his

I had a chair ready for Crystal in front of the large
projection screen, and she sat there, center of
attention as I started the tape. I moved to stand
behind her as the tape began with a pan over the club
that showed her and her girlfriends, two of whom were
at the party, carrying on with some guys. The guests
stood in stunned silence as we watched them partying
with men that weren’t their husbands.

She started to get up, but my firm pressure on her
shoulders kept her in her seat. The tape faded to one
of the other women at the party who was in the middle
of a wild fuck with a man in that room. Her husband
caught her as she fainted with the realization that she
had just been caught fucking around. He looked over at
me, and wondered what was up, until…

The tape faded to a shot of her entering the room with
her first man of the night. She started crying
uncontrollably when she realized that I knew!!We
watched the first incident, complete with money
exchanging hands twice. I told the crowd I had achieved
my purpose, but in order to save time and prove this
wasn’t just a one time thing, I hit the fast forward
button, and we watched her other ‘customers’ fucking
her right there for all to see.

After the tape ran out, I shut off the screen, hit
rewind, and took a paper from my lawyer. It was a pre-
nuptial agreement we had made up, more for fun than
anything else, and I read it to the folks assembled. It
told of our undying love for one another, and stated
one thing: We wanted to be open and honest with each
other, and if one partner should violate that trust in
a way which leads to divorce, they would leave the
marriage with nothing more than what the other partner
granted them.

I addressed the folks: “As you can see my wife has been
less than honest and open with me in her extra-
curricular activities.” I turned to look at her,
“Crystal, for almost 20 years I have loved you with
every fiber of my existence. I have never fucked around
on you, and tried to make you happy in bed, and you
never once told me you needed more.”

She began to protest but I held up my hand silencing

“I have to admit, had you come to me and told me that
you needed someone to keep you satisfied while I was
gone, I probably would have allowed you to take one
lover as long as you took the proper precautions, and
still came back to me exclusively when I’m home.”

She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, and
for the briefest second, I couldn’t continue. Then the
sound of the tape snapping to a stop in the VCR brought
me back to reality.

“What you did was lie to me and share your most
precious gift, yourself, with others… for money. Oh,
it was my name you were yelling out when you came, but
it was another man’s cock giving you that pleasure, and
another man’s money in your purse. We were virgins when
we met, and up until last night, I thought we were the
only lovers each other would ever have or want…”

I choked.

“But last night, in the span of 4 hours you destroyed
every shred of love I have for you. And I can never
forgive you for that.”

She was sobbing uncontrollably now as I finished.

“I apologize to my guests for having disrupted our
dinner that way, but she took our love public, and for
money, so I chose to end it in public. The difference
is I shared it with her instead of with an endless
parade of paying strangers. Crystal will be gone
tomorrow, and I will be the worse for it. I loved you
Crys… why wasn’t that enough?”

I turned and went to my room, where the pain finally
overtook me and I cried myself to sleep. Crystal packed
her things in silence and left while I lay there
crying. The only thing she left was a note taped to the

“I’m so sorry my love, you are my world, and I hope
that when the shock wears off we can work this out. I
don’t know what happened to me, but I will love you
forever. Crystal.”


I never got back with Crystal. The incident occurred 2
years ago, and she hasn’t been in my house since. I
heard through the grapevine that she had gone back to
teaching, but a friend told me she was still hooking at
the club. I went there more out of curiosity than
anything else, and saw her there. Not as beautiful as
before. She had put on a few pounds, and her hair
wasn’t as perfect as she liked to keep it, I noticed
she had started smoking.

I ran into that bartender again, and he told me it
wasn’t hard to figure out what had happened. She had
stopped coming in for about 3 months and then appeared
again. He told me he thought something was missing from
her… as if her spirit had been crushed. I just looked
at him and ordered a beer. When I turned around I saw
her walking to the back room with a guy who looked
surprisingly like me.

As I got up to leave, I heard the last words I would
ever hear in that sweet voice: “Tonight your name is

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