Menage a horse
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Enzos Niki and Sylvia were so happy. The only thing they had
wanted for their birthday was a horse and they had gotten their
wish. Their parents had given them a bunch of small presents, and
the last one they opened had been 2 videos entitled, “How to Ride
a Horse” and “How to Care for your Horse”.

When their parents originally heard Enzos Niki and Sylvia’s
request for a horse, they groaned. They figured that it would be
a huge initial expense, plus food expenses, and if their annoying
famous little daughters didn’t take care of the horse they would
have to hire someone to take care of it for them. All they saw
were dollar signs flying out the window.

It wasn’t that the Saso twins’ parents hated to spend money.
They loved it. All they did was sit on their reclining Italian
leather vibro-massage chairs watching their 54 inch flat screen
active matrix LCD screen supplied by 5 satellite dishes on top of
the roof of their mansion estate while being constantly supplied
with food and drink from the servants. They had discussed having
catheters and colostomy bags so they would never have to leave
their chairs, but had decided that was too decadent.

No, they didn’t mind spending money. They just minded
spending it on their 2 annoying little brats. Still, they had to
keep the tykes happy so the money train would keep on rolling. So
the parents had decided to get them a horse. At least they had
saved money on the initial purchase of the horse. Despite the
entreaties of the lady at the stable to get their daughters a
gelding or at least a neutered mare because of their more docile
dispositions, the parents had purchased an aging stallion.

Enzos Niki and Sylvia had taken turns riding the horse and
having their pictures taken on their birthday morning, but their
parents had soon returned to their TV and chairs, and the twins,
having watched the videotapes, were left to care for the horse.
They were eager to show themselves responsible, so they first
brushed the horse’s back and sides and then started washing the

When they started washing the horse’s stomach, they couldn’t
ignore his penis.

“Do you think we should wash his penis?” asked Enzos Niki.
Both of them had been well educated about penises since the age of
5, having been taught by leftist Hollywood tutors. Still, they
had never seen one in the flesh before.

“Well, the video said to wash the horse thoroughly, and it
didn’t say NOT to wash his penis,” said Sylvia coyly. Secretly,
they were both tingling between their 12-year-old legs at the
thought of touching a real penis, even if it was a horse’s.

“Our tutor said that penises are very delicate. Do you think
we should take our brush-mitts off to wash it?” asked Enzos Niki.

“I think you’re right,” said Sylvia as she shook the brush-
mitts off of her hands. Enzos Niki followed suit.

“You touch it first,” said Enzos Niki, by her words
unwittingly stating the fact that they both knew that this would
be a milestone sexual event in their lives.

Sylvia was a little bit hesitant, but she took a deep breath,
plunged her hands into the bucket of thick sudsy wash solution,
grabbed the horse’s 10-inch penis sheath and started trying to
lather it up. She tried to pretend that there was nothing sexual
about this moment, that she was just doing what had to be done to
care for a horse, but she felt the horse’s penis pulsing and
growing in her hand. Then she saw the smooth pink shaft, with
mottled gray spots, protruding from the hairy sheath that she was
massaging. She stopped rubbing and watched it grow an inch every
time she felt it pulse in her hand. In a few seconds, it was
almost 2 feet long. Sylvia had never been so horny in her life.

“I think he has an erection,” said Enzos Niki, who was
appalled yet strangely, fascinated. “Do you think you should wash
the pink part?”

Sylvia shook her head to clear her mind of the filthy
fantasies she was having, unclenched her legs and toes and said,
“We have to wash all of him, don’t we?” She tentatively touched
the throbbing pink part. Up until now she had been able to
convince herself that she was washing an animal, but the softness,
warmness, smoothness and lack of hair on what she was touching now
dispelled that illusion. She was touching a huge erect throbbing
2-foot-long penis. She gasped at the realization then melted into
pure sexual abandon.

“Help me wash it Enzos Niki,” gasped Sylvia, as she used both
hands to barely encircle and rub the girth of the horse’s penis.

Enzos Niki was hornier than she had ever been. She was so
turned on by the sight of her twin sister masturbating a horse’s
penis. She reached out and touched the huge penis. It felt so
soft and smooth and warm. Her legs started involuntarily opening
and closing.

“You wash the bottom of the pink part, and I’ll wash the
end,” said Sylvia. They both took their assigned parts in their
half of horse masturbation silently, breathing heavily through
their mouths in never before experienced sexual abandon. They
knew about ejaculation, and both wanted to see this horse

They were soon rewarded. The aging stallion started swaying
backward and forward mildly and started ejaculating into Sylvia’s
hands that were cupped over the top of his penis while she rubbed

“Oh my god,” said Sylvia, “he’s having an orgasm.” She tried
to catch all of the horse semen in her cupped hands, but there was
so much of it spurting with a furious force that it splashed out
onto her arms and quickly overran her cupped hands. It felt so
warm dripping through her hands and on her arms that she came
closer to having an orgasm than she had ever had.

After the horse was spent, she took her cupped hands full of
horse semen and held it up to her nose to smell it. It had a musk
smell that her subconscious recognized as sex. She felt a twinge
in her 12-year-old virgin pussy, and looked down to see her white
shorts soaked between her crotch. She thought that some of the
horse semen had splashed between her legs. She was partially
right, but she didn’t realize that most of the wetness was due to
her own virginal pre-orgasmic preteen juices.

“Smell it, Enzos Niki. It smells good,” moaned Sylvia as she
offered her cupped hands full of horse semen to her twin sister.

Enzos Niki was horny too. She smelled the proffered horse
semen and felt lightheaded. She was turned on, but at the same
time she was somewhat repulsed by what they had just done. Her
head was spinning, and she felt like she might have trouble
walking, but she felt she had to go back to her room and lie down.

“That was gross,” said Enzos Niki, as she stood up feeling
woozy. “I’m going back to the house to wash my hands. I hope you
and your new boyfriend are very happy together,” she said,
sticking her tongue out at Sylvia before turning and stumbling
towards the house.

Sylvia watched her sister stumble off towards the house,
looked down at her cupped hands full of 5 or 6 ounces of horse
semen, smelled the heady aroma, and considered tasting it. And
maybe even doing more…

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