Sex and Taxes
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Some guys would have let Anne slide, but I knew Joe wouldn’t. As I calculated
their household expenses in preparation of their tax return, it became obvious
why Joe hadn’t been able to get his beloved Panhead chopper back on the road.

“Anne, what’s this $327 Visa charge from August?”

She frowned, then examined the reciept I handed to her. Then she recognized it.
“Yeah, Antonio’s! That was a great night.” She smiled and handed it back.

“Business-related?” I asked. “Tax deductible?”

“Nope,” she said, casual and happy. “Just a girls’ night out. I sprang for
dinner and drinks. It goes with that other one for seven hundred.”

“That’s a lot of drinks,” I said.

“We were pretty loaded. We stopped off at a strip club.” She leaned in and
whispered conspiratorially, “Linda licks pussy better than Joe does. Don’t tell
him though, I don’t want to see him hurt.”

I could smell gin on her breath and knew her go-cup held a large-sized iced
martini. She wasn’t a bad-looking girl, thin figure, black curly
shoulder-length hair, big green eyes, kinda sleepy looking the more she drank.
“So you charged up more than a thousand dollars just to get eaten?”

Anne giggled. “Yeah, and it was worth it.”

I wrote down a final figure and clicked off the calculator. “I’m afraid I have
some bad news, Anne.”

“No refund?” she asked, her eyes now wide.

“I’m afraid it’s worse than that. Joe’s my bro, he works long hours so you
don’t have to. I’ve been telling him not to let you keep the books, but he had
faith in you. And now,” I said, “I find out you’ve been wasting his money
getting your pussy sucked while he had to go without his sled. Do you remember
what he needed last August, except there wasn’t enough money?”

“Some silly biker thingy,” she said.

“He needed a valve job,” I said. “It’s simple and not all that expensive,
considering the kind of money he makes, but he couldn’t even afford his own
beer back then. You were too busy buying some dyke to flick her tongue around
your clit.”

“It was worth it,” she said again. Anne wasn’t giggling anymore. I think I had
offended her.

“I guess what I’m saying is, now you owe ME a valve job.”

“Hah! That’s not happening.”

I was around the desk and behind her before she could move, and I grabbed her
hair just as she began to stand. I forced her over the desk with one hand undid
her jeans with the other, yanking hard to get them past her hips and down
around her ankles. The little cunt wasn’t wearing panties.

“I’ll have you busted for rape so fast your head will swim!”

“Probably not. Your word against mine that it wasn’t consentual.”

“Joe’s gonna beat your ass like a gong!”

“After he hears the recording I made of this meeting? I don’t think it’s my ass
he’s going to be beating.”

“I’ll scream!”

The sound of the door opening and closing was distinct, and we both knew who it
was by the rhythim of the boots on the wood floor. Joe walked around to my
chair and sat down behind my desk.

“Guess you were right, Bill.”

“Hoped I was wrong,” I replied.

It dawned slowly on Anne. “You set me up! You bastards! I’m going to sue for
divorce and clean your ass OUT!”

Joe slapped her hard across the face. When her jaw flew open he crammed her
mouth with a rolled up pair of sweat socks. She was trying to scream, but it
was heavily muffled. “And now, I’m going to clean YOUR ass out,” I said.

I unzipped my slacks and let them drop. Then I tugged down my jockeys and let
my boner spring free, eight inches and rock hard. I pressed it into her
asshole, but she was clenched up tight. So I rubbed some spit over the head of
my dick and shoved my index finger up her ass. When I pressed again it was
still tough going, but enough pressure and I was in. I slid slowly until I was
all the way inside. Anne was whimpering and crying. I rammed the last half-inch
just to hear that cute muffled scream again.

I kept pumping into her hard with my hand yanking her hair. The paper calendar
of my desk blotter was getting stained blue with mascara. My cum was building
up, and the closer I got the harder I was, and that caused her increasing pain,
which got me harder and harder until I jammed my cock up her ass as far as I
could go and came with three days’ worth of pent up sperm. Yeah, Joe and me had
put a lot of thought into this.

He was ready with the duct tape while I leaned spent against my desk. I cleaned
the blood and cum off my dick while he wrangled his wife into a hog-tie and
threw her into the closet where I used to keep my records.

“You really think we can get enough for her to pay for the valve job?” Joe

“I think if we drop her off just like that at the machine shop, old Bob will do
the work for free. Hell, we can peddle her ass on weekends and you’ll have
enough for a nice vacation.”

Joe considered the idea. Anne could be faintly heard through the door, but
there was no chance anybody else would ever know she was in there. “I can
really make money off her for a change?”

“Yup,” I said. “And I can arrange it so it’s all tax-deductible.”

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