Angela’s Training Begins (M/f)
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The doorbell rings. You open it to find little Angela
standing there in shorts and a t-shirt. She is surprised
to see Tammy’s Daddy answer the door. She was expecting

“Come on in Angela.”

She enters, looking shy and uncomfortable. There are no males
at home in her household and You are most definitely male.
And big.

“Can Tammy play?”

“No. Tammy was a bad girl and is on restriction to her room.
You can come in and talk to me, though.”

Angela sidles by, smiling a little.

“I bet you have lots and lots of boyfriends at school, don’t
you Angela” You tease.

“I do not!” she exclaims, clearly horrified at the thought.

“At LEAST ten” You insist playfully.

Without thinking, Angela draws back her little hand and gives
you a tiny swat on the arm. She catches herself and is
immediately mortified. She backs up a couple of steps, eyes

“Oh my! You just smacked Daddy, Angela…What should we do
about that??”

You swoop down and engulf her tiny form in your arms and lay
her down on the floor. You quickly straddle the stunned
little girl, sitting lightly on her hips, pinning her.

“You’re a bad little girl, just like Tammy is, Angela!”

Angela looks up at You, completely astounded at this turn of
events. As she gapes, Your hands find her sides and You begin
tickling her. She tries to grab Your hands but is too small
to have much effect on Your torments. She can feel the weight
of You on top of her, pinning her, making her feel more helpless
than she usually does.

The struggle is pushing her thin t-shirt farther and farther up her
torso. Clutching her elbows to her sides, she leaves her undeveloped
chest and belly open to You. You tickle her tummy, making her arch
her back towards You. Her little nipples are hard and poking through
her shirt. You move Your hands upward, raising her top and exposing
her hard little nubs to Your view.

Angela twists and squirms beneath You, and all it does is serve
to remind her just how helpless she is right now. A tingle runs
down her spine as her bare beginnings of breasts are exposed to
the cool air and Your eyes. As she moves, she feels Your growing
erection and carefully pushes back against it instead of trying
to get away…she would die of embarrassment and shame if You
knew she was intentionally rubbing against You because it was
turning her pubescent self on.

Lust is now showing on Your face. You lean down and roughly
lick and nip at one of her nubbin nipples. She moans involuntarily
and her struggles resume anew. She tries to bring her knees up
between You and You use the opportunity to spread her legs and
seat Yourself in her pelvic saddle, using Your body to keep her
spread and open to You.

You are both breathing hard now…You raise her arms over her
head and hold her wrists immobile with one hand as Your other
explores her budding chest then moves down and unzips her shorts.

Your finger dips beneath the elastic of her panties and You
find her nearly hairless slit. You slide Your finger between
the lips — she is wet, belying her continuing struggles and

You raise up and pull her shorts and panties off in one motion
and reseat Your groin inbetween her legs. Your erection is
leaking freely, soaking Your boxers, the only thing between
Your cock and her little cunny.

“Tammy! Come in here!” You call out.

I come out of my room, glad to be let out. I see Angela pinned
beneath You and hear her ineffectual whimpers.

“Help me hold her. She has been bad, too. She hit me…or
tried to, anyway.”

This excites me as I move over Angela’s head and hold her arms
down. I watch You unleash Your raging hard on and move between
her legs, spreading her soooo wide open with Your body. You are
so big and she is so little.

Your hand guides Your cock to her little cunt and You swipe it
up and down her slit, adding Your pre-cum to her growing
wetness. She is so small…Your cock looks as wide as her
whole mound and I wonder briefly if it will fit inside her.

Soon enough I find out: Yes. You push her knees up and push
inside her, forcing Your way in….Making her take it. She is
struggling and crying, but oh-so wet! You push hard and drive
all the way inside and begin to pump long, hard, and fast.
I am holding her down and Your hands tweak her budding nipples
roughly as You use her, driving her into submission to You, my Daddy.

She is so young and small and tight. You are violating her
roughly and completely. You slow Your strokes as You feel
Your orgasm approaching, all the more exciting because You
are using this little girl as a vessel for Your seed, using
her for Your own pleasure. Using her and taking her and
marking her as Yours.

You explode deep inside her, bringing Your full weight down
on her splayed thighs, spraying Your semen directly against
her cervix.

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