Who possess who? (MF, Cheat , Romance )
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The affair had now had three episodes and I was far from sated with
her. She and my wife worked together and I had met her at a social
function. In fact, my wife had invited her to our house a couple of
times. This made the affair both more dangerous and exciting for me,
but also more emotionally distressing for her.
She saw my wife every day at school. A few days after our Saturday
together she called me.
“Oh, this has to stop,” she said.
“No, I can’t. Now that I have had you I need you.”
“But, she was just talking today in the lounge and she was saying how
lucky she was to have you. And her I am fucking you.”
“We discussed this. Are you saying it’s more than the sex?”
She was silent then for a moment.
“It, it could be. I know I said not, but it could be, if I let it.
That makes it just so hard, knowing she has you at night and I, well I
have nothing like you.”
He sighed and looked at the ceiling in his office.
“I didn’t plan it this way.”
“Look, I’ll call you later. I need to go now,” she said then and hung
The call had disturbed me and I did not feel up to calling her later.
She did not call me. For the next week it was torture. My wife then
called me at work and told me a “bunch of us from work are going out
for dinner and other spouses are showing up…” Well, you can imagine
how I felt when I walked in and there she was, a the next table. No
husband, though.
She wore one of the dresses I had stripped off of her and I could see
she had had a drink or two. My wife gave me a perfunctory greeting and
then ignored me, discussing something about a play that they were
supposed to put on. That left me free to look at her; and her to look
at me, or as least show me something.
Her dress had ridden up her legs and a lot of thigh showed under the
table. I had a perfect view of her legs and the top of her nylons.
More people arrived and my wife, who had already eaten, got up and went
to the bar with a few friends while I waited for my dinner. Why she
had asked me along I had no clue, but suddenly she and I were almost
“How are you?’ she asked, looking at me.
“I’m not sure.”
“Well, he is not going to make it. He had some meeting in Denver and
is gone for three days,” she said. “The play seems to be more
important than you.”
“What’s the big deal?”
“Oh, the upper classes are all involved in this play thing. We aren’t
so we can relax. There is a big argument going on about who should be
in charge of what and the principal appointed a teacher no one likes.
I nodded. It seemed like all I ever heard from my wife was
complaining about the politics at the school. Suddenly I had do go to
the bathroom.
“Uh, excuse me,” I said, getting up and walking toward the men’s room,
which was at the rear, down a hallway.
I stepped in and relieved myself. As I exited she was there, smiling
at me, a certain look in her eye.
“Come with me,” she said, dragging me by the hand down a side hallway
and into a storage closet almost filled with tables, chairs and
cleaning apparatus, but in the corner was a large, overstuffed chair.
She closed and locked the door.
She kissed me deeply and fiercely, but I pulled back.
“Uh, do you think this is such a good idea?” I asked, feeling my cock
stir at her touch.
“If you ever want to touch me again you will do what I want now.”
I looked into those green eyes then and nodded. She lifted her dress
then, revealing no panties and dragged me over to the chair, where she
sat me down and kneeled on the floor, taking my cock out with precise,
economical moves. I was already half hard.
Her mouth was heaven as she sucked me, moaning as she did, making me
hard as a rock. It was excruciating it felt so good. I leaned me head
back and closed my eyes for a moment. She pulled back then, and sat on
my lap, straddling me, holding my cock up to it rubbed against her wet
She was kissing me deeply as she did this and I grabbed her round,
soft ass, squeezing it as she slowly impaled herself on my cock.
“Oh, god, I need you so bad,” she whispered as my cock slipped deeper
and deeper into her pussy. She started fucking me then, her hips
moving fast, her breath ragged as she fucked me.
“I, I can’t wait,” she said, then, and orgasmed, her body going
It felt like heaven to me, her cunt sucking on my raging hard-on. I
was not sure if it was the proximity of my wife and its dangers or the
fact that I had sex in days, but I came a few seconds later. She
looked down at me, her face flushed then.
“I need you. No, I am not going to give up on having you to myself
someday. I know I can’t have you now, but I want you to know that I
need you and want you. We can share what we can!”
She stood up then, and taking a couple of tissues from her purse wiped
herself as I put my cock away. We kissed and she went to the door and
unlocked it, opening it a crack. Quickly, she stepped out and I
My dinner was waiting, getting cold and she smiled at me and walked
into the bar to join her fellow teachers. A few moments later my wife
“Where were you? I was looking for you?”
“In the bathroom.”
“Oh, well, I’m ready to go, so finish eating and I’ll see you at
I could only stare as she walked out, leaving me there. All I could
do was finish my supper, thinking about what had just taken place. My
lover came over and got her coat and looked at me.
“Call me,” she said and left me too. It was a lonely drive home. My
wife was in the kitchen cleaning up when I got there, fuming.
“So, what were you talking with her about?”
“Talking? To who?”
“That bitch Muriel. What did she want?”
“Uh, I don’t even remember, just small talk.”
“She’s a slut, you know, wearing those short skirts and stuff all the
time. I mean, you should see the way men look at her.”
“I never noticed. She’s attractive enough, I guess.”
“Oh, don’t give me that shit. You were probably ready to go off with
her. I know how you men are!” She threw the towel down and left the
room. I heard her go upstairs then. Sighing I knew I would find her
asleep. Checking the kids I went into the den and watched TV and
thought of her and how close we got to getting caught and how good it
had felt.
The phone rang a few minutes after I got to work the next day. It was
“So, my dear, how are you?”
“She jumped all over me for talking to you.”
“She told me this morning, in no uncertain terms that I should stay
away from married men. If I wanted to fuck my own life up I could, but
I should stay away from you.”
“Are you going to?”
“No, dear, I am not. Now, about this Saturday…”
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