Santa Came Down the Chimney
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The snow was falling gently without a whisper of wind
to affect the lazy path of the snowflakes as they
tumbled in the cool crisp winter night. Below, the
town was spread across the winter landscape everything
in view softened by the continuing snowfall. A quarter
moon barely lit the scene with a pale silver light.

With a swoosh, the flakes parted and reindeer pulling
a sled sped on to the waiting town below. The reindeer
slowed and gently stepped onto the first roof. A large
jolly fat man dressed in red trimmed with beautiful
white fur and shiny black boots jumped from the sled.
He had a bag over his shoulder. He patted Dancer and
Prancer as he went past, “I’ll be right back boys.” He
jumped up onto the chimney ledge and with a merry
smile disappeared down the flue.

The room was softly lit by the twinkling multi-colored
lights on the Christmas tree. He opened his bag and
quickly arranged the contents of his sack, beautiful
packages in all sizes and shapes, under the tree. As
he turned to head back up the chimney a woman stepped
into the room. She was dazzling. Platinum hair fell in
soft curls around her face. Eyes the color of the
bluest tropical sea reflected the glittering light.
Her lips were scarlet and full and parted and the tip
of her tongue wet her lips as he stared at her. His
eyes traced down to her full breasts that seemed ready
to burst forth from the lacy black robe that barely
covered her hips. His eyes followed her long slender
shapely legs to the small stiletto slippers on her
feet. His eyes roamed back up but stopped at her
breast as the robe parted, the two edges catching on
her nipples, stopping it from opening further.

“Santa, did you bring me a present?” she asked in a
husky sensual contralto.

Tearing his eyes from her breasts he answered, “Yes,
my dear,” pointing to the tree.

She walked over to him, the robe continuing to open so
that her breasts were on display to Santa’s bedazzled
eyes. “That’s not the present I want.” She knelt in
front of him. Her hand found his zipper and pulled it
down and in one quick motion had his cock out of his
pants. It was fat just as he and red like his cheeks.
“Oh Santa,” she said. “You have a wonderful candy
cane.” Her mouth parted and she sucked the tip of his
fat cock into her mouth making deliciously naughty
slurping sounds as she did. “Your candy cane is so
sweet,” she said as she undid the mighty black belt
and pulled his red pants down around his ankles.

“Oh my dear. We can’t do this,” Santa exclaimed.

Taking her lips from his rapidly expanding organ, she
continued to slowly stroke his cock as she said, “Why?
Are you going to put me on the bad girl list? I like
being a bad girl with you,” as her mouth found his
distended organ again. She took his cock into her
mouth her tongue lashing the head as she sucked and

“Oh, but if Mrs. Claus,” he said in consternation. “I
can’t have sex with you.”

Slurping up and down his cock she smiled and then
pulling back said, “But Santa, this isn’t sex. Why the
President himself testified that sucking cock isn’t
sex.” Her hot mouth found his cock again and sucked
while her hand stroked his slippery wet pole for all
she was worth.

Santa felt his toes curling and the hot blood running
in his veins told him he would soon be giving her
another present. Images of Mrs. Claus filled his mind.
Oh Lord, he thought. If Mrs. Claus finds out… I’ll
be sleeping with the reindeer till next Christmas.

Panic filling his mind Santa jumped back. His cock
popped wetly from her hot mouth. Grabbing his empty
sack, Santa beat a hasty retreat back up the chimney
his pants still down around his ankles. He stood
panting, looking back down the chimney. He was so
close to cumming. In his mind he saw those beautiful
full breasts and felt again her hot mouth around his
cock. His eyes closed and he imagined her mouth around
his throbbing cock.

Right then, Rudolph seeing Santa standing in the snow
his pants down around his ankles decided to nudge the
old fool. Rudolph’s nose, having been lit now for some
hours, was quite warm. And as he nudged Santa the
feeling of a hot poke right in his ass pushed poor
Santa over the orgasmic edge. He fell against the
chimney his cock pointing down to the temptress who
caused all this fuss in the first place as his cum
surged from his balls and spasm after spasm shook his
body. The cum blasted from his cock and glob after
glob of his sticky white frosting flew down the
chimney into the house below. Weak in the knees Santa
collapsed on the edge of the chimney.

He heard a faint laughter wafting up from below and a
voice calling up to him, “Thank you for the present
Santa. I’ll be waiting for you next year! And To All a

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