The Further Adventures of Gypsy Queen
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I was a cute young, naive college co-ed, and she was handsome.
I’d never felt attracted to a woman before or since, but she put
off a masculine kind of vibe, and I found myself drawn to her.
She smiled at me from the other side of the classroom, and then
turned her attention back to our boring chemistry professor.
After Dr. Barrone dismissed class, she came toward me as I was
stuffing my notebook into my backpack.

“Another thrilling lecture survived,” Camille quipped. “Are you
ready for the mid-term exam?”

“Ohhhhh, no,” I groaned and smiled up at her. She was at least
6″ taller than me, probably 5′ 8″ to my petite 5′ 2″ frame.

“Want to come to my place tonight? Me, Christy and Jamie will be
getting together to study. It’s slightly less traumatic if we
tackle the material together.”

“Sure. Thanks.” She gave me her address. She lived just a few
blocks from my little apartment.

When I entered her house that evening, I could smell a faint
order of incense and marijuana (typical smells found at the
dwellings of college students). We gathered around her coffee
table in the living room, sitting on the floor, spreading out
chemistry books and notes before us, and got right down to
business. Camille, Christy and Jamie were pretty sharp, and I
was no slouch myself. We whipped through quite a bit of
material, quizzing each other with Dr. Barrone-type questions.

“Enough!” declared Christy after about an hour and a half of
quizzing. “Let’s take an herbal refreshment break.” She stood
up and stretched, and I noticed that Christy was somewhat
flat-chested, but had a nice athletic build. Like Camille, she
was tall. Her hair was cut short, and she also gave off a
somewhat masculine vibe.

Camille smiled at me. “Whaddaya say? I’ve had enough of this
for a bit.” I nodded, stood up and stretched my arms and legs.
Jamie, a petite girl with shoulder length black hair, was still
sitting on the floor and was giving me the once-over.

“Nice wrack,” she said. I felt my face getting warm. I’d never
been given a compliment like that from a girl. She grinned at my
embarrassment. Christy and Camille both turned to stare at me.
“Luscious tits,” said Christy. “Are they real?” She seemed to
have a bit of a baiting, hostile tone in her voice. I was
surprised both by the comment and by her tone. The red in my
cheeks deepened and I looked down, not knowing how to reply and
feeling extremely awkward.

“Oh, I bet they’re real,” said Camille as she openly gazed at my
34 D’s. I looked up and caught her eye, and again felt a surge
of attraction to her, and suspected it was mutual. “I’ll get us
some beers,” she said, and retreated to the kitchen.

We all sat down again, beers in hand, while Jamie rolled a joint.
I noticed Christy was glaring across the table at me. I shifted
my gaze away, again feeling awkward. Jamie lit up the joint,
took a deep toke, and passed it. When it got to me, I gratefully
inhaled and felt myself relaxing a little.

“So, are they?” Christy barked at me.

“What?” I queried.

“Are they? Are they real?” she asked, with a challenge in her

“Christy, shut up.” Camille spat at her.

I was beginning to get pissed. “I’ve never had cosmetic surgery
of any kind. Yes, they are real.” I glared back at her.

“Care to prove it?” said Jamie, grinning mischievously at each
of us.

“Wha … What?” my voice shook a little.

“Yeah, whip ’em out,” said Christy with a nasty smile. “Let’s
have a look and a feel.”

I kind of expected Camille to defend me, but she didn’t say
anything. She took a toke on the joint, passed it on to Jamie,
then looked at me noncommittally with raised eyebrows, as if
wondering how I might respond to this challenge.

“You can’t be serious,” I said, looking to Christy, then Jamie.

Jamie laughed. “Nah, I was just kiddin’.”

“I’m not,” said Christy coolly. “I think you’ve had a boob job.
If they were real, you wouldn’t be hesitating. You’re hiding the
fact that they’ve been pumped up and plumped up.”

OK, I’d had enough. “They’re real. It’s all me,” I blurted. I
pulled my T-shirt up. “Look.”

“Can’t tell anything through your bra,” Christy said, grinning a

I reached back to unhook my bra, and got tangled in my shirt. I
pulled the shirt over my head and tossed it aside, then
successfully unhooked my bra. I tossed my bra on the table and
looked defiantly at Christy. I saw her grin and the grins on
the faces of the other two and began to suspect that I’d been set
up. I’m pretty smart when it comes to school, but I could be
dumb about this kind of thing. Here I was sitting in a room with
three lesbians completely topless. Uh-oh.

“Nice. Verrrry nice,” purred Camille.

“Still need to do the feel test, to be sure,” said Christy,
taking another hit off the joint. She moved toward me. My
breathing quickened with a surge of fear. But I couldn’t back
down now.

“Me, too!” said Jamie, moving toward me.

In a fog of marijuana smoke, I found myself being squeezed and
fondled by the two girls, with Camille looking on. I’d never
been touched by a woman like this, and the hot surge and twitch
of flesh between my legs took me by surprise. I was vaguely
aware that I was turned on by the fact that Camille was watching
with pleasure. I arched my back slightly and closed my eyes as
Jamie began tweaking my nipple. Then Christy dug in her talons.

“Ouch!” I cried. “Jeez!” I slapped her hand away. Christy

“OK, that’s enough.” Camille slipped behind me and put a
protective arm around my shoulders. “Back off, Christy.” I
leaned back and relaxed into Camille. She reached around and
began fondling my left breast, while Jamie resumed fondling the
right. The weed was kicking in and I let myself enjoy. Camille
began nibbling and kissing my neck while continuing to jiggle and
squeeze my full breasts and rock hard nipples. I closed my eyes
and relaxed further, and felt tugging at my jeans. I became
aware that Jamie was unzipping me. I felt a surge of panic and
excitement when I felt Jamie’s warm fingers slip into my panties.
I opened my eyes a little to see Christy at my feet, pulling my
jeans completely off of me. Jamie’s nimble fingers had my
panties off in a flash. I was shocked and thrilled to realize I
was completely naked on Camille’s living room floor with three
women totally focused on me. I felt vulnerable, completely
exposed and more aroused than I had ever felt in my life!

“Ooooh, somebody’s verrrrry wet,” said Jamie, tickling my clit
with her fingers. Christy was now gently pulling my legs wide
apart. I offered no resistance at all to what she was doing. I
began to move my hips toward Jamie’s exploring fingers, and let
out a low moan. Christy continued to pull my legs impossibly
wide. The word “exposed” took on a whole new meaning! Christy
scared me a little, which only added to my excitement. I felt
her sliding her hand along my leg, then she slipped her hand
under my ass.

“Ouch!” I squealed as Christy gave my ass a vicious pinch. I
caught a glimpse of the mean smile on her face.

“Christy!” Camille chastised. “Poor baby,” she crooned at me.
Camille repositioned herself, giving Christy a little shove, and
putting herself between my legs. Camille continued to croon
“poor baby,” giving my inner thighs little kisses, working her
way up, up and up.

Christy repositioned herself to my right and began massaging my
tits again, then Jamie took up position opposite her on my left.
At the exact same time as if carefully choreographed, Christy and
Jamie closed their mouths on my nipples and began to suck, just
as Camille put her lips to my clit. At that moment, I suddenly
came VERY close to orgasm, gasping loudly. Shudders rippled
through my body, and I ground my hips toward Camille’s face.
Christy’s lips briefly left my nipple to whisper in my ear.

“You dirty little slut,” she hissed, so close to my ear I doubt
the other two could hear. “You are such a cunt, such a nasty
little cunt.” This was not a turn-off. To the contrary, it
added greatly to my already extreme excitement. I locked eyes
with Christy, then looked away and moaned loudly. Camille was
doing AMAZING things to my cunt. I had never had such pleasure
with a man. She obviously knew her way around down there!

My pleasure mounted to an impossible level, and I shuddered,
moaned and cried like never before. My orgasm seemed to go on
and on and on …

The girls gave me a little space and seemed to be catching their
breath, watching me as my breathing slowed and my body calmed.
Camille moved up and around to snuggle and stroke my hair. I
turned toward her and snuggled into her body, clinging to her.
“Omigod, omigod, omigod,” I mumbled over and over, as my pounding
heart slowed back down to normal.

Although I was somewhat sheltered and snuggled into Camille, my
bare ass was exposed, and Christy reached around and gave me
another vicious pinch, I guess as kind of a parting shot. I
flinched and gave a small cry, a tear oozing out of my eye at the
sudden pain. I snuggled further into Camille. This time,
Camille did not chastise Christy, and I got the sense that they
were grinning at each other over my head.

“It’s ok, little one,” she crooned while she stroked my hair.

There was a knock at the door and Jamie got up to answer it. I
glanced around frantically for something to cover up with, as two
women I had never seen before entered the house. Camille grabbed
my hands and pulled me back to her, shushing my panic.

“Oh, ho! What have we here?” cried one of the new women.
“Camille has a new play thing!” They were both smiling broadly.
I realized that Jamie, Camille and Christy were all fully
clothed, had not taken off anything during our encounter. And
there I was, still completely naked.

“Isn’t she cute?” said Camille. She gently but firmly turned me
out from her body so the two new women could check me out. I
tried to cover my tits with my hands and arms, but Camille was
very strong. She easily pulled my arms back and immobilized me,
setting up my big juicy tits and my still damp cunt for all to
see. And, omigod, I loved being handled this way! Who would
have thought? I resisted a little, which seemed to amuse
Camille. I could feel myself starting to get aroused all over

Both women came over to me and squeezed and fondled a bit, making
approving noises in their throats. I was definitely getting
aroused again. One of them locked eyes with me, then reached
down and began fingering my clit. I closed my eyes and sighed.
To my surprise, Camille abruptly let go of me, pushed me away
slightly and gave me a big hard smack on the ass. “Time for you
to go home now, little one.” I felt a bit shocked at this sudden
rejection, puzzled by what it meant.

I gathered my clothes, noticing Christy sitting back on the sofa,
glaring at me again. I dressed quickly, clumsily grabbed my
books, waved shyly at Camille and made my exit while they all
laughed at my awkwardness. I spent the rest of the night in my
apartment in a haze of erotic humiliation, bliss and wonder.

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