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Santa Came Down the Chimney
By: Date: 2024.06.08. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

The snow was falling gently without a whisper of wind
to affect the lazy path of the snowflakes as they
tumbled in the cool crisp winter night. Below, the
town was spread across the winter landscape everything
in view softened by the continuing snowfall. A quarter
moon barely lit the scene with a pale silver light.

With a swoosh, the …

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Stuff the Stocking
By: Date: 2023.04.13. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

It was Christmas Eve and I was working over the break from
college at a Gap in the mall. Earlier that morning, my co-workers and
I had had a little X-mas party. Nothing special, eggnog, nuts, and
poundcake. After most of the crew had left, it was just me Drew, the
new guy, and Chrissy, the Manager Trainee. I was …

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