Chained and trained
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I heard the door open when you came home. Staying where I was in the
bedroom I listened as you put your keys on the kitchen counter, checked the
answer machine and called out to me. I remained silent knowing your routine.
It didn’t take long before your footsteps drew near. I began to tremble as
the doorknob twisted and the door opened.
There I hung before you naked against the wall. I could see a bulge begin
in your pants as your eyes widen as big as your smile. From my lips I slowly
whisper thru my heavy breathing, “please … oh please … fuck me”. You
step forward to me and caress my breasts. Keeping your touch to a minimum
you then begin to unbutton your shirt. One button undone very slowly before
slowly undoing the next until your chest is visible. (Did you hear me moan
softly?) You turn away from me and let your shirt drop to the floor.
My breathing hastens as I watch the muscles of your back flex. I shook
enough to rattle the chains that hold me in place when I heard the zipper of
your pants go down. Slipping out from your shoes and stepping out of your
pants, you turn back to face me.
This time you heard me clearly, “Oh my gawd, your gorgeous. I can’t wait
… I can’t wait … please … I can’t wait …”. My pleads drift into
whimpers as you take your cock into your hand and slowly stroke its length.
With every inch of your cock getting harder before my eyes I feel my heat
rise from between my bound legs. Licking my lips, I want to feel you fuck my
face, yet I remain chained for your pleasure.
Your standing only inches before me, watching me squirm as you grip your
cock. The chain from the ceiling rattles as my hands strain from them. My
breasts taunt with my arms held over my head and my nipples have been hard
since I heard your car pull into the drive. Glistening upon my soft skin is
the sweat of anticipation. From the chains on the floor my feet hold firm as
I struggle to keep my legs from shaking. You could see how much I loved
being your prisoner and you knew how to torture me well.
Taking your other hand you massage your chest. Seeing you run your fingers
down your abs was driving me insane. I wanted to touch you myself and you
knew how much I loved to touch your body. Continuing down to your balls, you
cup them and lift them up against your cock. As I licked the drool from my
lips our eyes catch and I notice the sparkle in your eyes just before they
close. My chains strain again, shaking them in my fit of need. I plead again
to you,
“MMMM … oh please … let me … just one lick … please … I want to
feel you … slip it in … let me wrap around your cock … oh I am so wet
… I can feel it streaming down my thighs … ”
Your eyes open to reveal their dark aroused color. A smile fills your face
as you step closer. I can feel the heat coming off from your skin and smell
your sweet aroma though you still will not allow me to touch you and the
chains won’t let me stretch closer.
You begin to breath against my skin, blowing against my erect nipples,
smelling the perfume across my belly, feeling the hot moisture hidden by the
little tuft of hair between my legs, Seeing my arousal that has run down my
leg, you force me to watch you stroke faster.
I can’t keep quiet, I am as close to breaking the chains as I am close to
cumming. Not wanting to face my orgasm with out your touch I cry out, “NOOOO
… please … fuck me … fuck me … please … not yet … I want to feel
you … please … oh I am so close … no … not yet … oh please … not
like this again … I … I … I’m cumming … please oh please fuck me
With my whimpered cries filling your head you stand in front of me, a fast
yet firm hold on your swollen meat. Your legs begin to shake just as you
break loose and cum. My mouth open to taste it, my legs spread to catch it,
my eyes glaze as I see it, yet I can not feel the hot juice that has been
shot out to me. I stretch, pulling on the chains as I cum. The hot cream
flowing from my pussy forcing me to tighten every muscle in my body. In a
spasm my body ricochets with every burst that crashes thru my body.
I remain there tired, bruised and sore from my bondage … I remain chained
. . . waiting for you . . . I want you . . . I can’t stop thinking of you,
every minute of every day.

. . . having patience as we are apart is much like being chained . . .

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