Interracial fantasies
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This is a true happening… I am a Puerto Rican and black
mixed female. I have a lover who is ethnic Chinese. We
were at one time to the point of breakup because of
outside negative influences. He invited me to his
apartment one night to talk…

My lover and I had been seeing each other for more than a
year when this took place.

He and I sat at the small table in his living room. “I
want to go home,” I said. I watched as he began serving
the portions of Thai food, carefully arranging it on my
plate. He ignored me and began pouring glasses of wine
for the two of us.

We sat quietly at the table. He looked beautiful as
always. His dark slanted, almond shaped eyes, and such
soft yellow golden skin. And the soft fullness of such
sensuous lips. His impossibly thick silken hair, barely
touching his shoulders. Yes, he was Asian, and I was so
taken by his beauty, his handsome face… But I was still
mad at him, I wouldn’t forget so fast, no sir.

His deep, enchanting eyes were watched me closely, “You
look so pretty tonight, you’re such a sexy girl.” His
words floated in the air so smoothly. I had just cut my
hair recently. It was thick and dark, in loose waves
almost to my shoulders. It used to fall right at my full
round hips, just one week ago.

My dark brown eyes, slightly almond shaped like his. My
Puerto Rican features intermeshing with my African
features, fascinated him I think. Our heritage made our
union even more exciting. I sipped from the crystal wine
glass, letting it mask the feelings I was having.

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asked.

I put down my chopsticks gracefully, “I’m not really
hungry right now.” The tension between us was so high. I
could almost feel it against my skin. It had been so long
since we’d…

“Listen,” he said. “Lets go and listen to some music.”

His bedroom was so neat and orderly, the thick beige
carpet was so soft against my bare feet, then my jeans
clad ass, as I lay on my side looking through our CD’s.

I decided to put on some Salsa. He closed the bedroom
door, and locked it. The rhythm of the Salsa filled the
air with such rhythmic thickness.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

He didn’t answer, he was ever so quiet as he went over
near his closet and undid his jeans. His body was so hard
and firm. I watched as he slid off his shirt and jeans.
He came over and sat down beside me. His hands went to my

“You have such a pretty face, do you know how much I love
you?” he said quietly.

My heart began to beat rapidly, I felt tears welling up
inside me. “I love you too but… if you love me so much
then why haven’t you told your father about me by now?
Are you ashamed to tell him you’re with a Puerto Rican

It all seemed to just blurt out of me. I hated myself for
saying that to him, but its how I felt. I loved him so
much, “I think maybe we should just…” But before I
could finish, he spoke.

“You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?” his voice
sounded so tired, so broken…

I shrugged my shoulders unsure of what to say or feel, “I
don’t want to break up with you but it feels like we have
to, yes… I think we have to… please… I just wanna
go home. Please… just take me home.”

He sat quietly watching me, running his fingers through
my soft wavy curls and caressing my bared shoulders.

“Did you hear me? I just want to go home, okay?” I said
rising to leave with tears stinging my eyes.

His hands grabbed both of my wrists tightly.

“Stop it! What’re you doing?” I screamed at him as he
wrestled me down to the floor. I am strong, but not as
strong him. His strength overpowered me, and he finally
pinned me to the floor. He was straddling me as we
continued to struggle.

“Let go of me! No!” I sobbed as his fingers unzipped my
jeans. His adrenaline must have been really pumping after
out struggle, I know mine was.

He managed to tug my jeans down and pulled them roughly
off so quickly! I still had some strength left and tried
to wriggle free. It was no good, his fingers tore at my
panties, then he and tossed them away.

We were both breathing so hard from our struggling. My
hair had come undone from the rubber band I’d bound it
in, and it was now spread around me, like a soft fan. He
yanked my ribbed blue tank top over my head, throwing it
over by the lamp.

I looked up at him, and his handsome face looked down at
me as he said with an insistent tone of voice, “I can’t
let you go. I love you too much. I won’t lose you. Don’t
you know how much I love you?” His soft warm lips touched
mine. Such sensual, beautiful lips… so hard to resist.

“No,” I tried to pull away.

“Stop fighting this,” he whispered as his lips continued
to kiss mine. The palms of his hands were on my full
breasts now, stroking them tenderly. My large, sensitive
nipples began to stiffen against my will. Finally I
couldn’t help myself, I sighed with pleasure.

His kisses were so hot, and so passionate. His strong
legs pried mine apart. His wonderfully hard cock forced
itself into me, so deep, so much pleasure, deep into my
tight-wetness. I felt so helpless, so tired of fighting
him, ready to submit to him…

He intertwined his fingers with mine, as he drove deep
into me… in such firm, rigid strokes, that I cried out
and he tensed, almost ready to release. His face was
against mine, his breath was coming fast against my open
mouth. We both came together. “I love you,” he breathed.
“I don’t want to lose you.”

Tears streamed down my cheeks, “I love you too… I
really do,” I moaned softly…

I felt his body jerk and his release deep inside me…

We felt it together…

Afterward, we lay there… our lips still touching
tenderly, “Do you still want me take you home?” he asked
in a whispered, kissing my lips softly…

“No, not tonight,” I moaned.

We lay under the thick blankets, embracing…

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