My Wife Bailed me Out
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I’m a 30 year old executive happily married to my wife Kate. She is 27
years old, a brunette with hair just which reaches her shoulders, 5″7
tall, very slim and sexy. Her bra size is C. She’s a pre-school teacher
and we have been married for nearly 6 years. We are very happily married.

My boss, who is about 35 years old and a bachellor, who also is well
built has met my wife a few times on social occasions but my wife never
did really take a liking to him. Well , to the story.

One evening my boss, Jim, called me into his office and told me that the
sales figures in my department had been down for the past consecutive
months, and he was asking for my resignation.

I was devastated. Not only was the huge mortgage hanging over my head,
but also the fact that I had climbed the ranks of the company by work,
but not through paper qualifications meant that I would find it hard to
get a new job with a similar salary.

After I cooled down a bit in my bosses office I tried to compromise with
him. How ever after a bit of thought he told me that there may be a way
out, and that it was upto me and how badly I wanted to stay on and get
the partnership ( At this point I was expecting to be offered a
partnership when this happened). Knowing that I was in a weak position
and desperate, he told me that I could go home and talk with my wife,
and maybe come up with a way to “satisfy” him so that I could retain
the job.

I couldn’t quite follow what he initially told me, but after awhile he
said, “After all you do have a very attractive wife, and I know how
desperately you need the money and the job may be you could talk her
into finding a way to bailing you out.” and he gave me a vicious smile.

It’s at this point that I got the hint. I sprang upto my feet with my
fist clenched to punch him, but he was a very strong guy, he blocked
my blow and held my fist. He said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you
Tom. Not only would I fire you, but I can also have you put away for

After that, humiliated I just went back home.

Kate met me at the door with a kiss, “How was your day baby”? she asked
with her cute smile. I just kissed her back and went to shower.

Later that night in bed after making love I told her what had happened
that day. She was furious at my boss for the remarks he had made.
But she also notice the situation that we would be in and how much the
partnership meant to me “I know how much this means to you sweetheart,
but what are we to do?”

I kissed her on the cheek and asked “Would you do it for me sweetheart?”
I couldn’t believe that I was really saying this to my beautiful wife who
I love so much.

She was silent for a long while. She looked shocked. At the same time I
started to get an erection. She looked at me with a mischievous look in
her eye, but didn’t say anything and simply started to stroke me.

“Ooh baby, I wish there was some other way I could help you out. I can’t
stand the man let alone imagine my going to bed with him.” and she started
to sob. I took Kate in my arms and kissed her passionately and we made
love again.

The next morning when I went down to the breakfast table, my wife was
in her bath robe, she acted as if nothing had happened the previous
night. My son was also having breakfast, ready to be taken to his play

Kate sent him to the living room to watch T.V. “I’ll do it.” I know the
job means a lot to you, and besides, we need the money.”

I jumped up and kissed her. “Honey, you don’t have to do it if you dont
want to.”

“Baby, we don’t have much of a choice. I know how hard it’ll be for you
to start from scratch again. No, I’ll go for it”.

So I gave my boss a call in the afternoon, after Kate had gone to school
and told him about it. I was secretly getting really turned on by
the thought of my beautiful wife being screwed by my boss, and I think
Kate knew that I fantasized about it too. I had to jerk off twice during
the day.

I could hear the satisfied voice in Jim’s voice when I told him that my
wife would go for it. “Good for you Tom! You made the right choice!
I’ll have the maintenance people decorate a new office for you. I’ll be
over at 8:00”

Kate came home after work, she did have a uncertain look about her. She
didn’t talk to me much that evening.

By 7.30 Kate came down in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. She did
look her usual stunning self. We had dinner then the two of us put Mat
to bed.

“I love you baby!” she told me and kissed me. I saw tears form in her
eyes, but she quickly wiped them away and smiled.

Jim was here on time. He was in his tennis gear. I noticed that he had
a slight bulge in his shorts.

We all sat in the living room. Kate snuggled up to me on the sofa, and
Jim sat opposite us.

After the drink he got up to go for a shower. “Where can I keep this
stuff”? he asked Kate, indicating to his bag.

“Your sleeping in our room Jim” she said without looking at him. He
smiled at me slightly and followed Kate to our room. Jim walked inside,
Kate gave me a kiss, said, “I love you baby!” went inside and closed the
door, leaving me out side.

Kate had arranged the guest room for the night, which was adjoining our
master bedroom, just incase Jim intended to stay the whole night. I was
getting a aching hard on. I checked on Matt and walked past our bedroom
on my way to the guest bedroom. I heard the shower on.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I sneaked out side, and to my luck found
a gap in the blinds in our room. Kate was seated on the bed and was
waiting for Jim to come out of the shower.

“That was great, Jim came out a towel wrapped around his waist and he
already had a hardon. Kate was still seated on the bed. Jim came
towards her and lifted her up to her feet. She was a bit hesitant at
first, but then got up. He started to kiss her, then started roaming
his hands over her T-shirt. I heard her grasp as he squeezed her left

“You are nice and soft.” he said as he pulled her shirt off, she was
naked underneath, and her breast fell free. She removed her jeans
herself, and stood before Jim in her panties. Jim kissed her again
and pushed her onto the bed, so that she was sitting in front of him.
He pulled his towel off, and his cock sprang free. It was 8″ and very
thick. Kate seemed mesmerized by it. She didn’t make a move.

“Touch me!” he commanded.

Kate put her hand on his cock and started massaging it. “mmmm, that
feels good. Put your other hand on my balls and massage them!” She
did as she was told.

I noticed that Kate was clearly inspecting his cock while stroking it.
She seemed to be comfortable with jerking him off. She kept stroking
him, in a up and down motion.

“You have got a nice cock Jim”. She said looking up at him.

“Yeah, and your going to like what I’m going to do to you with it.”

He looked like he was getting close and I had already shot one load in
my hand. Watching my sexy wife giving my boss a hand job was definitel
more than I could take. He suddenly pulled away from Kate’s hand.

“You sure know how to massage a cock. Lie down with your head on the

Kate did as she was told and Jim pulled my wife’s under pants off and
lightly touched her pubic hair. He inserted a finger in her cunt, and
when he took it out, it was dripping wet. He smiled a sly smile at her
and moved over her head. Kate put a hand on his cock to steady it as
she took him in her mouth. Jim started to pick up his pace fucking her
mouth and Kate was kind of guiding him in her mouth by keeping her
hands on his buttocks. It didn’t take long for him to shoot what seemed
to be a huge load in her mouth, cause my wife kept swallowing most of
it since he kept his cock in her mouth the whole while. She coughed a
couple of times and looked up at him with a icy cold stare which Jim
seemed to like. But despite her muffling, and struggling, he still kept
pushing his cock in her mouth until it finally became soft.

He took it out of her mouth and tapped the finally few drops on her cheek.
She wiped her face with the sheets. They rested in bed for a while and
then both of them went to take a shower.

I heard both of them laugh in the shower. Then both of them came out
naked and laid down on the bed. Kate was snuggling next to Jim who
seemed to be getting hard again. Kate definitely seemed to be more
comfortable with him now. She saw him getting hard again and started
to lightly tickle and stroke his cock.

When he was fully erect she got on top into a 69 position. Jim started
lapping at her cunt while she started to give him another blow job. She
Licked at it slowly as if it were a lolly pop. She gave a sudden gasp as
Jim slid a finger into a ass. She let go of his cock for a couple of
seconds and looked as if she was adjusting to the sensation of being
finger fucked in the ass, then went back to the task. They kept this up
for about 15 minutes.

“Fuck me Jim” she said. I want you in me. Jim was smiling to himself as
he turned Kate over and slowly slid his thick tool in. Kate looked as if
she was in heaven. Initially she gave out a loud cry, as if she was in
pain with his thick entry, but after a couple of strokes she started to
meet Jims thrusts and wrapped her feet around his waist. Jim started to
increase his pace and she kept moaning, “Fuck me! Fuck me! … Ohhhh God
don’t stop!”

Kate seemed to be having multiple organisms. Each time I saw her toes
curl and with her screams I new that she was cuming. Jim kept looking
at her while he fucked her and was definitely enjoying his new conquest.
At this point I shot my 3rd load into my hand. It didn’t take long for
Jim to come in my wife either.

I not only felt tired, but also humiliated. I had had enough. I went
inside and went to bed. Our master bedroom was just next to the guest
bedroom. So for another good 2 hours I kept hearing the constant
pounding, the squeals, and screams in the next room. At one point I
heard Kate crying and begging him to stop. I’m pretty sure that he was
penetrating her anally at that time. I shot another load in my hand and
went to sleep.

At about 2 am I heard my bedroom door open and Kate came in. She
snuggled in next to bed and kissed me. “I love you baby!” she said.
“Jim just left.” With that we made love twice that night, and it was
really good. It’s been nearly a year since this incident and still
sometimes Kate talks dirty reminding me of the details because she
knows that it turns me on. Kate never had sex with Jim again, but
that night did spice up our sex life even more.

Oh yes, I retained my job and also did get a partnership in the firm.
Jim seems to feel a bit cheated since he can’t seem to find a away into
manipulating me for him to have sex with my wife again. My wife simply
ignores him now and we don’t associte him in any way. Jim was the only
other person that Kate had sex with after our marriage. And I think it
will stay that way. Oh yes, I also have paid most my mortgage off with my
salary as a partner.

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