Perverts in adult cinema
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A few years ago my wife and I joined an adult cinema who operated in North London by membership only; it was a great time in our lives because under the British censorship laws you could not see a stiff prick on film legally where as members clubs like “Charlie Browns” got round the law by being an artistic venue; therefore erect pricks were art not porn.

We discovered the cinema by word of mouth having had it recommended to us by mutual swingers; but I better explain; whilst my wife and I were not by the truest sense swingers we were Dom male and sub female partnership and in the course of those activities we came across not only swinger groups but also private members clubs dealing with such fantasises.

My 28 year old wife was five seven tall medium build with raven hair and 38C breasts; her cunt was always shaved freshly each day and frequently she had to pass my own inspection before she was allowed to dress; such was the regime I demanded from her.

I for my part stood six foot two tall slightly overweight but not what you could call fat or podgy; Without blowing my own trumpet (Wow there is a challenge (Trumpet is one of the rarer English slang names for cock)); I had staying power and usually could fuck or suck for an hour or more without coming. My eight inch cock was moderately thick and uncircumcised.

Well the first time we attended Charlie Browns we loved it right away; even despite the severe cost of joining; membership was £100.00 for life membership and every visit as a couple was £25.00; if I wanted to attend alone without my wife then it rose to £75.00 for that visit. The actual cinema was luxuriously decorated with well maintained carpets and typical cinema seating only these allowed the arm rests to be raised out of the way.

On that first visit we entered the hetro-sexual auditorium as the building boasted three theatres; Gay, straight and Lesbian films were shown in their own auditoriums. Even in the semi gloom of a darkened room we easily found our eyes adjusting and saw only maybe a maximum of ten men sat in the seats; we ignored them all and chose to sit three rows from the back and rather centrally.

Karen my wife was wearing at my insistence a wrap over skirt and blouse beneath her full length coat and no underwear. I motioned for her to remove her coat and folded it up neatly beneath the seat as we settled down to watch the film. The screen showed a coloured woman tied down to a bed; her legs forced wide apart by a metal bar which was cuffed to her ankles and her tits which were the size of large melons were bound tight by purple rope. Her nipples rock hard in stark contrast to the bulging tit flesh. Then a white guy with a more than average cock (I would say about nine or ten inches) slipped it between those black mounds of human kindness and began a tit fuck.

The visual aspect of a long white cock head keeping appearing between those chocolate brown tits was something to behold and I felt my cock harden quickly. Karen breathed heavily as she pointed out this was the first time we had seen a film showing such hard cocks and in fact it was our first inter racial film anyway. I slipped my hand under the hem of Karen’s skirt and parted her legs; the vee at the top of those legs already slick with her cunt juice; so much was she turned on. Just then out of the corner of my eye I saw we had attracted a little attention from one of the male audience as he had moved to the end of our row and was now some six seats away from Karen. I whispered into her ear that we had company and she should open her top five buttons on her blouse but not reveal too much tit to start with. She stole a quick glance at our company and slowly but clearly began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

The guy watched intently as Karen undid the buttons and he even looked a little disappointed when she stopped at the fifth button. I made slow movement to slide my hand inside her blouse and pinched her already erect nipple; she closed her eyes and groaned quietly as my fingers closed in on her erect nub. I whispered to Karen that her friend now had his cock out and looking at it he would never make a porno movie unless he wanted sympathy; I swear he would have been appropriately named if they had called him Justin. Because looking at his cock (all five inches of it fully hard) it would be only just in … lol.

I suddenly had a wicked idea and told Karen I wanted to go to the toilet; she mean while was to stay where she was and entertain our poor little cocked friend without being too obvious; she was to make sure he knew she was not wearing a bra and no knickers but not to let him touch her. With that I got up and moved away towards the back of the auditorium and appeared to head out of sight; but I made sure to keep an eye on things and what I saw made me chuckle.

The guy obviously smiled at my leaving and tried his very best to attract Karen’s attention she accidentally on purpose brushed her blouse causing a whole tit to become exposed before quickly covering it up and then she stood up and bent over as if looking for something in her coat; folded under the seat I had been in. She did this straight legged causing the back of her skirt to rise up above the point where it would expose her buttocks and being slightly opened legged she knew he would see her glistening shaved cunt.

I counted to twenty five slowly then made my way back to Karen the guy was busy wanking his cock thinking he had missed his opportunity; until I waved towards him beckoning him towards us. He almost broke the land speed record as he moved to the spare seat beside Karen. I whispered into Karen’s ear so he could not hear me and she shot me a look but smiled. Then she undid the remaining three buttons on her blouse and flicked her blouse away from her tits; now with both tits on full display she smiled at the guy before leaning over and whispering something into his ear. The guy looked from Karen’s tit’s to me and back again; before finally nodding his head. Karen then reached over and grabbed his cock and led him to me where without being asked he knelt down in what would have been Karen’s seat space and unzipped my cock before slowly sucking me.

What Karen had whispered was that if he wanted to fuck her then he would have to service my cock with his mouth and when I cum he could then cum inside her.

Karen began whispering in his ear that he was a complete cock loving slut and if he wanted to fuck her soaking wet cunt then he had to swallow my load first.

Meanwhile Karen played with her tits after taking the guy’s hand and pushing it against her open cunt lips. The guy sucked for England as he fingered this unknown woman’s cunt and just as I was tiring of his poor effort’s I told him that he was shit as a cock sucker and maybe was not worthy of fucking my slutty wife’s fertile cunt.

The guy redoubled his efforts with his mouth but I was bored with this and pulled away from him; Karen feigned concern over not getting fucked and I simply said if she wanted to continue where this wimp had failed then she could and I would allow her to sample this weedy cock anyway. Quickly they changed places and the guy moved behind Karen and slipped his bare cock up her cunt and began thrusting as if his life depended on it. I allowed Karen to build up a steady rhythm before I slipped my hand down between her legs and grabbed a tight hold on his balls; squeezing them as I twisted them sharply; he suddenly grunted and shot his load into her cunt. I insisted the fucking idiot lick her out and he remove all traces of his spunk before she became pregnant or he would be paying maintenance for a baby he would never see. Like a good little lapdog he began licking her cunt and sucking his spunk from her wide open cunt. Karen laughed as my finger found her anal ring and as I pushed it fully home she began to piss and flooded his mouth. The poor guy looked a right mess by the time she had finished and he quickly sloped off to clean up while I began fingering her spunked cunt.

The commotion the wimp had created had alerted another guy to the live action and he approached laughing at what we had done to the wimp; he quickly expose a seven inch cock and waved it in Karen’s face who quickly looked in my direction as if to beg to be allowed to take this one properly.

I made Karen sit on my cock pushing it up her anal chute where my finger had just been and she opened her legs wide enough to take the stranger’s cock up her cunt. He fucked her hard and fast until ready to cum and then pulled out and shot his load all over her chest. Wiping his cock on her blouse he simply walked away without a secondary glance and I told Karen to dress as we were about to leave.

She had to travel all the way home with the drying spunk on her chest; and the prospect of taking my still unclean cock in her mouth before I fucked her cunt till I flooded her with my spunk; we knew she was safe from pregnancy though because she was sterilised several years before.

This was to be the first of many visits to the cinema.

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