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That’s my secret!
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Guy’s small house party was going well. It was a small game night
among his close friends. Guy’s new girlfriend, Mindy, was serving cheese
and crackers while Lillian, Shelly, Fuschia, Maria, Srinivas, Eric, Gamila,
Al, Chin, Sue, and Eileen played Trivial Pursuit in the living room. Fran,
Ginny, Eric, and Bhavna played cards in the dining room. And Pierre
entertained …

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Mom and son fucked together through a misunderstanding
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It took a whole week of carefully planned arguments and pleading to
finally convince his parents to let him have Halloween party at their
house. John Carlson was desperately trying to get into the Delta Tau
fraternity at his college so that he could finally move out of his parents’

As a freshman it was a longshot but he …

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Erin and Samantha
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Erin dragged herself back to the dorm, exhausted. Every
inch of her 5’2″ frame cried out in protest, and her
wavy brown hair was matted to her forehead with sweat.
She’d gotten lost on the way to nearly every class in
maze-like campus. Erin was in good shape, with an
athletic, slightly stocky build from years of playing
rugby and …

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Stuck at Work
By: Date: 2022.06.05. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: ,

My name is Tom and I work as a car salesman. The
dealership I work at is a smaller one, and affords me a
lot of free time at me desk. Aside from the long hours
and tons of down time it’s not too bad. The slowest
night is Friday nights. NOBODY shops for a car on a
Friday night. …

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For the Love of My Lady
By: Date: 2022.04.16. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

Aev and Elloniel reached the lake, the warm water heated the air around them making it very cozy standing in the open air. Taking Elloniel’s pack and blade he placed them under a tree with his own away from the shore before stepping back to her. He took her hand in his own and kissed them both looking into her …

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