Cheating story

Frosted glass on the windows made me think of my up coming tryst. It had been a while, maybe 4-5 months. I was getting bored with my married lover; Allen was red-haired and sensitive with a neat mustahce and once magic fingers. But he just couldn’t make me cum anymore. I would find myself fantasizing […]

Wife’s a bitch, Husband’s a Rapist

“Hey John, I am getting an early parole. I’ll be out in two weeks! Can I stay with you?” With that one phone conversation John knew that his life was about to change. Again. He had not heard the voice on the phone for over five years now. A lifetime for both of them. Ronald […]

Kristy’s Story

Kristy blew a steady, casual plume of blue smoke directly out in front of her face. She then smiled softly and took another long slow pull off her Virginia Slim. Her content face glowed as she casually exhaled a lungful of sweet smoke. Mark extinguished his smoke and gazed at her wavy chestnut hair. It […]