Expanded Job Duties for Elizabeth

Elizabeth worked as a secretary for Nelson industries for the same boss for two or three years. Recently, the board of directors made sweeping changes in their management and Elizabeth found herself with a new boss. Elizabeth’s new boss was a very large black man, very intelligent, and very attractive. Although Elizabeth was happily married, […]

Cousin Jessica Joins the Sisters

Janette and Jennifer continued their monthly trips to Atlantic City under the pretense of visiting Heather and Lisa. Once there, the encounters with Lisa and Heather were limited as Janette and Jennifer immediately went to work for Devon. Several things changed for the four sisters. Janette and Jennifer learned that after each weekend visit the […]

Hot Served Creampie

There I was in the kitchen, washing my hands, when I heard the phone ring. I didn’t know where my wife, Jill was. I had been out working on the truck. She had gotten mad at me, because we weren’t going to spend the day together. I needed the truck for work the next day. […]