The Rain Dancer
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I had owned and operated my little bed and breakfast,
“The Spanish Bull” on the coast of Lake Erie for 5
years. People of every size, shape, color and
persuasion have passed through my door. There was one
women however that I will never ever forget.

The season was summer and the weather had been pretty
good but they were predicting a lot of big
thunderstorms in our area. It was around 6 PM on a
Monday night when I heard the bell ring on the front
door announcing that someone had entered the lobby. I
came out of my office and there she was 5’6” tall,
soaking wet, the rain dripping off her hair, her nose,
her eyelashes. Her head was half way down, looking at
her feet. She shook her head to get some of the water
off and brought her face up. There they were, those
devilishly green eyes that sparkled mischievously,
almost teasing to me. And her mouth, turned up at the
corners in a sly, and very sexy smile. Her lips were
full, plump and just slightly parted. “Oh, I am so
wet” she says as my knees started to shake. “Here,
let me get your coat and suitcase” I said.

I came around the counter and as a proper gentleman,
slowly pulled the coat off of her drenched shoulders.
I took it over to the coat rack and carried her
suitcase to the counter. When I turned around, there
she was again with that same little devilish smile.
The rain had soaked through her white thin T-shirt and
her nipples stood at complete attention. The chocolate
brown areola came through too sending little impulses
of pleasure down from my brain. Her breasts looked
perfect, as round and pert as I had ever seen. I could
feel my heart start to pound harder.

“Here, I’ve got a towel in my office. I’ll get it for
you” thinking to myself that I need a minute to catch
my breath. I got the towel and took a couple of deep
breaths to try and calm down. I looked out through the
driving rain and the faint outline of the lake. The
sky was dark shades of gray and black. Occasionally
lightning would flash somewhere in the distance, low
rolling thunder following slowly behind. I had always
loved thunderstorms. Something about natures power
seemed to give me a real thrill. “It’s quite a
storm” she says from close behind me. I screamed and
threw up the towel. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to
scare you.” she says again with that coy little smile
just oozing sex appeal. “No problem, I scare easy”.
What else could I say? As I handed her the towel I
noticed that she had gathered up her T-shirt and tied
it off into a knot just under her tits. Besides giving
her tits a little ride up into the air and making them
look even more gorgeous, it showed me her round tummy
as it reached down to the top of her low riding jeans.
Her belly looked perfectly smooth, slightly rounded and
as she dried it off, a field of soft peach fuzz seemed
to catch the light and call to me, “Kiss me, run your
lips over me, now.”

She dried her arms and face and rubbed her head hard to
dry her hair. “I think I’ll check in now and go
change into some dry clothes.”

“Sure.” I was barely able to speak. My cock had
slowly made its presence known, rising hard to
attention as I watched her and I saw her eyes pull away
from my crotch. She was nodding her head as she walked
away. I gave her the key to her room. She was about
to head upstairs when she turned around.

“I’m starving. Where’s a good place to get something
to eat around here?”

“Well, there Bruno’s for pizza, and The Eagle’s Nest
for good steaks. And The Ming Dynasty if you like

“Oh I love Chinese. And the hotter the better. Maybe
I’ll see you after I get back.”

“Great. Enjoy your dinner.” She walked upstairs,
slowing down just a tad at the top step to look down at
me and leave me with one of her looks. She knew I was
hers. I hoped she knew anyway. I couldn’t wait until
she got back.

At about 8 o’clock I heard the bells again and there
she was just as wet as before. “Whoa. The rain feels
great, so warm and refreshing,” Then she put her arms
out like a scarecrow. “but I’m running out of
clothes.” What a pity that would be I thought. This
beautiful creature running around my Inn completely
naked. Jez, I’d hate that. But as I’m thinking these
and other lustful thoughts she yells good-night and
scampers off to bed. My heart dropped like a rock. I
gazed back over the guest sign-in book to see her name
“Brandi” I kept saying her name to myself as I went
through my rounds of closing windows and locking doors.
And thinking that we were in fact the only ones in the
Inn that night. Bummer. Total bummer I thought.

I went to bed with my fantasies of Brandi. I hadn’t
been laid in a long time and she looked about as wild
as my imagination could go. I tossed and turned in bed
but must have eventually fallen asleep because I came
awake with a frightening start. I just caught the
flash of light and heard the loud crackling, thunderous
boom. It was very close. I sat up a bit startled,
half hoping for more, waiting to see what happened
outside. The water looked black as a deep hidden cave.
Then I heard a loud clang and a crash from downstairs.
I threw on some boxers and headed towards the kitchen.
At the top of the stairs I tried to switch on the light
but the electricity was out so I inched my way
downstairs very slowly. About halfway down I heard
another clang, a thump and a sort of growl. I thought
holy shit, how did an animal get into my kitchen? I
slowly rounded the corner of the office and inched into
the kitchen. I made my way carefully around the center
island to see what was there next to the refrigerator.
Then another flash of lighting lit up kitchen and I saw
that it was Brandi, crouched down with some cheese and
a bag of carrots. “Hi” I said. Then it was her turn
to scream and throw the cheese up into the air. She
popped up then and I really couldn’t see her except for
a faint outline of her shoulder length hair. “Shit,
you scared me.” “Sorry. I heard a noise and growl
and thought maybe I had an animal in the kitchen.”

“You do. It was me.” she said sort of shyly. “I
use animal gestures and noises sometimes. I really
think that we’ve lost the animal side of ourselves. I
just feel that when I tap into the animal side of
myself, that I’m more complete, more of a person. It
helps me be in touch with my intuitions and instincts.
You know what I mean?” I could hear a carrot snap in
her mouth and she began to chew.

“Yeah, I can see how that works.” A flash of
lighting gave me an extremely brief snapshot of Brandi.
She wore a T-shirt and probably nothing under it. Her
hair looked wild all mussed up. And the carrot was in
her mouth, making her lips form a perfect “O”. If
only that was my carrot she was sucking on I thought.
The thunder pounded the air and the vibration seemed to
settle in my balls making my cock start to rise. “I
think you have a lot of unleashed animal feeling in
you” she lightly murmured. “I can smell the animal
in you.” she went on. My heart was really pounding
now and I could feel each heartbeat in my manhood. She
sauntered over to me and put her nose on the middle of
my chest. Moving her head up along my chest, she
slowly breathed in. I still couldn’t see her in the
darkness but her scent was beginning to come to me.
“Oh yes, you are an animal” and before I knew it, I
felt her hand find the hole in the front of my boxer
shorts and reach in. She lightly squeezed me and ran
her hand down to the base and up to the tip. I was
getting rock hard now. “Oh, you’re a beast!” I felt
a low moaning growl escape my lips as my hands went out
to give me some support. The refrigerator and the
counter gave me some balance.

“Kiss it,” I said. “Kiss all of it.”

“Yes my king.” she said as she pulled my boxers down
and off. “My King of the Beasts,” and she half
growled, half purred as she went to work. The next
thing I felt in the darkness was my balls in one of her
hands and her wet hot lips caressing the tip of my
dick. Slowly she let her mouth cover the head and move
down the shaft as her tongue worked all over my tool.
She was an expert. She would lightly squeeze my balls,
then move her hand back and massage the muscle just
behind my balls. All the time I could hear her
moaning, growling, groaning. “Let me hear you my
King, let me hear the animal in you.” she said. And I
did. It was as if I let a part of me go because I had
always been silent in sex. I let out a low quiet moan
at first but it quickly turned into shouts of passion.
“Oh yes, yes, yes, suck me, kiss me, squeeze me, yes,
more…..” It felt wonderful to let myself go. She
was sucking hard now, into a rhythm, in out in out. I
could feel the cum starting to rise in me. “I’m going
to cum.” I choked out quickly. Brandi gave a loud
guttural groan and sucked on my throbbing cock with a
vengeance, harder and harder until I exploded into her
mouth. I shouted at the top of my lungs “Ahhhhhh,
Ahhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh!” I came in wave upon wave of
delicious orgasm. Giving her everything, Brandi taking
everything. My knees were jelly. My body felt like it
had be electrocuted with pleasure. I roared then, as
loud as I could. And I felt like a King. I felt like
the fucking King of the whole fucking world. I felt
great! “That’s it” she purred. “That was
wonderful. I came too you beast” she added. A bright
flash of lighting and the clap of thunder brought me
back to earth. I gave a long sigh and brought Brandi
up to stand. “My Queen. My beautiful Queen” I said.

Another flash followed quickly by the thunder made us
both look towards the windows. The rain was falling
hard now, coming in sheets against the glass. Brandi
put her hand on my exhausted tool and started to pull.
“Come with me” she said and led me over to the large
glass French doors which led out into the backyard,
beach and lake. I heard her crunch on the carrot again
as we made our way through the kitchen. At the French
doors she turned around to face the outdoors and I came
up behind her. I put my hands on her waist and moved
them up and down. I was right, nothing on but her T-
shirt. “Arms up” I commanded and helped her put her
arms straight up in the air. I then quickly pulled her
T-shirt up and off of her. “I love storms” she said.
“I love the power, the free uncontrolled power of
nature” More lighting and thunder played off the
lake. Long jagged streaks of lightning ripped the sky
and the thunder would shake the earth and the house. I
nuzzled up behind her, moving my cock in between her
soft smooth cheeks. She pushed back and arched her
back just a little until I felt the tip of my dick
lightly brush her wet lower lips of love. Up and down
we moved, softly sliding, gently touching the outside
of our sex. My rod began to stiffened and a low moan
filled the air from both of us.

“Come with me” she demanded. She opened the doors
and pulled me out into the rain. I was immediately
soaked with the pounding warm rain. It felt
incredible. Brandi howled like a wolf and danced
around wildly, throwing her head back and forth,
howling and barking, her carrot still in her hand. I
roared, my hands reaching out to the sky. I ran
towards the beach. The rain was coming down in buckets
now, hard driving drops worked on our flesh. Half way
to the beach I slipped in a big puddle. I laid there
on my back motionless for just one second before she
was on me. Brandi sat on my stomach looking down at
me. In the dim darkness I could just make out her
intense eyes and devilish smile. She looked like the
huntress who has captured her prey, knowing she has
won. Her faced moved towards me and her lips pressed
to mine, wet, hot, hungry. Our lips parted with a
smack and I felt her slide her body down my until her
mouth was on my organ once again. Lightning flashed
all around us and I could feel the thunder rumble up
through the ground and into my whole body. Brandi
sucked gently until I was good and hard, then she stood
up and squatted down, impaling her hot sex with mine.
Down she rode, pushing hard on the base. I screamed
through the raindrops pelting my mouth and face,
“Ohhhhhhh” My body was half in a puddle and I could
feel the water slosh as we moved back and forth. This
time I could really hear her. She went from howls to
screams to high pitched yipes as she took me in and out
of her hot love. I bucked up and down, wildly
splashing water with my butt. The sky was echoing our
passion as we fucked liked crazed animals. She took my
hand which was on her butt and said, “Put one in, put
your finger in my ass.” So she licked my finger and I
reached around and gently pushed it into her tight butt
just up to my first knuckle, barely an inch. “oh
yeah, good, oh shit yeah, now move it around , yeah you
animal, you fucking animal you!” so I did, gently.
She was going wild now, grinding her sex into me. Then
her screams went up an octave and she started to
tremble uncontrollably, cumming wildly, over and over,
until the pitch of her screams was so high they became
silent, her body shivering with electric pleasure.
Slowly they subsided and she collapsed onto my chest,
long deep breaths of relief going in and out of her
chest. My hardness stayed in her and I could feel her
squeezing me from inside. She gave one last shiver and
sighed deeply.

“It’s your turn my man” she whispered through the
rain and sat up again. She put her feet back flat in
the puddle and started to ride me again, going up an
down, bringing me back to full hardness. Up and down,
pounding out a rhythm, engorged by her own orgasm. Then
she stopped. “Are you ready my King?” “Yes” I
panted. “Lift your knees up” she said. So I did.
She then twisted around and reaching down between my
butt cheeks got her finger into my ass, just a little.
“Relax my beast, you’ll love it” So I tried to relax
and managed to some. Then she pulled her finger out
and I felt something hard trying to go in my ass.
“It’s just the carrot lover, don’t worry, I just want
to put it in a little bit so I can turn around and do
you right myself.” I felt it go in some and it felt
weird, big, strange but somehow in made me dick harder.
“Oh lover, now I’m going to fuck you until you cum
like rolling thunder.” And that was no lie.

She began to slide up and down me again moaning and
letting out short loud high pitched screams. My whole
crotch felt on fire. I squeezed on her carrot while I
bucked her up into the air, up and down, pounding the
water, forgetting the world around me, feeling only the
pleasure in my groin. Finally I could take no more and
came in a explosive frenzy of thrashing and heaving
hips, squeezing cheeks and a geyser cock which came
over and over.

It was the fuck of my life. And the rain, wind,
lightning and thunder whirled around our exhausted
bodies. Brandi laid down next to me in the puddle and
pulled the carrot gently from me. With a smile she bit
the good end and then tossed it out onto the beach.
She laid her head on my chest and kissed it over and

“Lover,” I said, “You are more than a Queen. You’re
a Goddess. You have taken me somewhere I have never
ever been before. You…” I said but never finished
as she laid a finger over my lips to keep me quiet.
“Hush now gentle giant” she said. “Rest yourself
completely. We’ll go inside in a minute. I’m even
hungrier now then I was before.”

I smiled and laid my head back into the puddle. I
listened to the receding thunder and felt the warm rain
dance on my body. And as I seemed to drift towards
half dreams, I felt Brandi’s body curl up next to mine.
Her warmth covered me and I felt complete and totally
relaxed for the first time in a long, long time.

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