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It all has started with the renovation. We have lived in
our house ever since I was born, and that was fifteen
years before these events, so it became really
necessary, the renovation. And while I was sitting in my
room one afternoon I’ve overheard mom from her bedroom
giggling, and a murmur of the repairman. And then mom
said clearly, “Oh, stop it, not now! My son is in the
other room!”

The repairman retorted something and mom giggled again,
“Cut it out now, really you… OH! don’t’ not now…

Jesus! The repairman was making a pass at mom, and it
seemed that she was liking it! And then she entered my
room all flushed, and straightening her skirt she asked
when I was going to my friend Bob! Wow! My mom was going
to fuck!

Not that it should have surprised me. Mom was quite good
looking for her age, actually. 5’9″, shoulder long dirty
blond hair and as I have now noticed a quite impressive
pair of tits and a round saucy bum… And she wasn’t
that old really – 37 years isn’t old, is it? Only that
I’ve never noticed it until then.

You know, for me she has been just MOM, my only parent
ever since the shit of a father I had left us when I was
two years old. And now I’ve suddenly noticed that mom
was a hottie! And that she would fuck! Like a girl! It
really had given me a woody. Well, almost everything
gave me a woody those days, although I’ve had quite a
few girlfriends by then. Of course we had fucked, what
else did you think we did, play monopoly.

Anyway, just the thought of mom screwing with the
constructor when I was away had made jerk, twice
actually-on the way to Bob’s place and on my way home.
And then mom has said that she would sleep with me the
next two days, since they were renovating her bedroom!
Wow, I’ve jerked at least three times that night in

The next evening mom indeed went to sleep with me, in my
bed. Jeez, even the thought about it gave me a hard-on,
a hard-on I’ve tried to hide as much as I could. And in
addition mom clung to me, caressing me and hugging me,
with only a nightgown on her tits. God how embarrassed I
was! I think she did on purpose too! And my cock bloated
so much that I thought that I would burst!

I turned away to hide it, but mom still kept hugging me,
clinging to me, making me feel those tits. God! And she
said that she had at last an opportunity to be with her
true love! My cock started dripping precum even without
my touching it! I feigned sleep, but it hadn’t kept mom
away. She kept hugging me from behind, her tits squashed
on my back. I was so taut that the slightest movement
made my cock rub on my underwear, which I used as
pajamas. I was afraid even to breath, fearing that it
would go off.

At last mom fell asleep, still clinging to me. I tried
moving a little, making my cock painfully rub against my
pants. I just HAD to relieve myself! Very slowly and
carefully I started stroking it, taking care not to wake
mom. But in moments it went out of control. My pelvis
started jerking on its own, hitting moms hips with every

Luckily I went off after only a minute or so, and mom
didn’t wake up. She has only stirred, sighed or moaned
with a content smile and threw her leg over me. With a
fright I hurried to wipe out all my spunk, and grabbed
the first thing from the floor. Only after I had wiped
my hands and my cock I’ve found to my stupefied horror
that it were mom’s panties.

I was numb with fear: how could I explain away the
stains?! And then it hit me: She’s naked! Mom is naked
under her flimsy nightie, and it’s her hot naked pussy
that I feel on my ass! JESUS! The thought made me hard
in no time and I started pumping again. This time it
took longer even that with every jerk I felt, or
imagined to feel, mom’s hot cunt pressing against me.
And mom only moaned contently in a wet dream of her own,
probably dreaming of her builder…

Finally I blew off, spurting gallons of spunk (I know,
actually it was maybe a spoonful, but it did feel like
gallons). I got it all in moms panties, without remorse,
thinking, “Serves her right too, the horny bitch,
sleeping naked with a young horny boy!”

After I had quieted a little I felt a big need to pee.
Very carefully I slipped off from under mom’s leg. She
didn’t wake but she did stir, rolling on her back. On my
way back to bed I opened slightly the venetian blinds,
to let in some light from the street, and there she was,
her legs spread slightly, with the nightie up half
exposing her. I could glimpse the dark triangle of her
bush. I was perspiring and choking Although I had just
come twice, my cock was painfully stiff again letting my
imagination run, I started to stroke it again, slowly,
caressing it’s soft velvety texture.

OH MY! Now she was stirring, exposing even more of her!
God, I could almost see her cunt!

I increased my tempo and soon I was pumping seriously,
grunting, jerking my hips in front of mom. I even crept
closer so that was wanking practically over her! Finally
after some long minutes of pumping spunk into my spent
balls, I’ve erupted again. My strong jerks made the
spunk fly all over and I just couldn’t wipe it off, even
had I tried, which I didn’t, thinking to myself that mom
would know anyway about my masturbation, from her
panties, I mean.

I was very much scared, the next day, what would mom say
and do. To my great surprise she didn’t even hint that
something was amiss, although she couldn’t have missed
the tell-tale signs. What, her panties were all crusty
with my spunk!

They were still working on her bedroom the next day, so
she went again to sleep with me. Even then she said
nothing about the previous night, only this time she
carefully folded her clothes on a chair, on her side of
the bed. She just slipped quietly into the bed, just
pecking me on the cheek she turned around with her back
to me.

Maybe it was because of my doing the night before, but
maybe it was just because I was facing her now. Anyway
after some tossing and with aching balls I had dropped
off. I woke up some time in the night. Mom was already
asleep, even snoring slightly ‘quite lit up by the
shafts of the light from the street. (Mom hadn’t shut
the blinds, you see). Her ass was pressed against me,
and was sending waves of intense heat to my cock. Well,
it wasn’t exactly pressed to me, but still I could feel
it and the heat that it did send made my mast stiff and
erect. I begun to stroke it slowly and carefully, so as
not to wake mom up, but now and then I felt, or imagined
to feel her heat touching my cock.

Jesus, I was sweating, only the flimsy nightie and mom’s
pants are between me and her now! And then I thought,
maybe she has removed her panties again? maybe she
ALWAYS sleeps with nothing on!?? maybe there is
practically nothing between my cock and mom’s ass? That
thought drove me nuts, and I felt that I had to make
sure. Carefully, very carefully, I lifted the hem of
mom’s nightie up, and up and up, until her bare ass was
totally exposed.

Yes, She had indeed removed her panties and was now
naked next to me! And then the devil tempted me and I
slowly, ever so slowly and gently clung to her, feeling
her heat in my crotch. Wow! My cock was now lying along
her crack, embedded in her crack and I just couldn’t
resist. I started slowly and gently humping, with my
bloated cock sliding along her crack. Very quickly my
humps and heaves increased in pace and intensity and I
felt that I was nearly blowing up, when mom stirred. No,
she didn’t wake up, she has only moaned lightly, and
moved her leg a bit, exposing her naked cunt.

God! I was thinking, I’m giving mom a wet dream! I bet
she dreams now of her construction builder and of what
she had done with him! The thought made me even hornier,
if that was possible, and made my cock, that had fallen
a little from fright, fully erect again and bloated to
near busting. This time I shoved it, with glee, between
her exposed thighs. Serves her right, the bitch,
fucking with any stranger she finds… I thought, let
her feel my cock too!

I don’t think that she did. Actually I had taken a good
care that she wouldn’t, but I certainly did. The heat!
And the wetness! WOW! I resumed humping immediately,
hitting mom’s ass with every move forward. And still she
didn’t wake up! She was only stirring slightly and
moaning in her dream. Luckily I blew off after only a
few strokes.

My spunk was dripping from mom’s thighs, wetting the
front of her nightie which was still down, and probably
her cunt too. The thought made me hard again.

I rose up from the bed, ostensibly going to pee, but
whom was I kidding? I just wanted to have a peek. As
I’ve said, the street light was entering the room
through the slits in of the venetian blind, and mom’s
crotch was before me, well lit. The bush of her hair was
all exposed. Wet and sticky with my spunk, beads of it
were glistening in the light. But mom’s pussy wasn’t
visible, as mom was lying with her thigh across it.

Shit, I just had to see it! My cock was all bloated and
my lust drove me to, unbelievably, nudge mom to roll
over. Roll over she did, spreading her thighs, without
waking! She only murmured slightly in her sleep and
moaned slightly, probably still in her wet dream. But
her nightie was still interfering! I knelt between her
thighs and ever so softly pulled the hem of mom’s
nightie up.

Yes, here it was, mom’s cunt, gaping at me, a burning
deep red opening in the bush, Well, actually I couldn’t
exactly tell the it was red, the light only showed it as
a gaping dark slash, but my wild imagination completed
the picture for me. The pressure in my balls was making
them burn, and of course my mast was all up. I just had
to stroke it, in order to relive the pressure! I pulled
down my boxers, and softly stroked my bloated cock above
mom’s gashing furnace- and the next thing I know I was
buried in her to the hilt, the wet hot heaven clutching
me from all sides.

“NO! WHAT? Who?! STOP IT! Oh Johnny, STOP IT! NOW!”

I sawed into her furiously in and out, disregarding her
screams. “Johnny, stop it, stop it! you are fucking your
mom!” she yelled and tried to shove me off. In my frenzy
I just went on and on, locking her hands in mine,
nailing them to the bed. In, and Out, in and out in
increasing pace I hammered into her until she began to

With a chocked voice she wept, “P-please Johnny, don’t
please! I shouldn’t have teased you so!, but please,
please stop! I’ll relieve you poor cock, I know dear,
you must be bursting… please Johnny, please don’t fuck
your mommy!”

All that babbling was interspersed with sobs, and
occasional sigh and jerk, whenever I hit her clit. I
didn’t take any notice, I just kept hammering into her
with increasing frenzy, more and more and more! Her
ample tits waved and juggled under the attack, and with
all her sobs and jerks were heaving in front of my eyes
and made me want to squeeze them, to crush them to chew
them. This urge turned me even more then my frenzy of
fucking so, finally, I stopped fucking for a moment, in
order to tear off her nightie and get to those
squiggling globes.

All of a sudden, my frenzy has left me, and I realized
what I had been doing. God, I had been raping my mom!
All embarrassed, I stopped but I was still crunching her
tits with both my hands. I pulled out my cock from mom’s
cunt, but I still had the urge to fuck? Why, mom did say
that she would relieve me, that she would suck me,
didn’t she? So I mounted her tits, fucking between them,
sticking my cock into mom’s crying mouth.

To my amazement, mom cooperated with me. She squeezed
her tits together, preparing a fuck canal for me, and
swirled her tongue round my glans. Wow! What can I say?
The supple softness of her tits! And the hot wet mouth!
I went berserk, fucking and riding her tits, feeling as
if I was in heaven, riding cloud nine!

Despite having just spent so much spunk, I didn’t last
long, and I shot a quantity of hot spunk on Mom’s face,
in her throat, on her tits… I jerked and jerked,
rocking and waving like a tree in a storm. I finished so
spent up and weak that you could have knocked me down
with a feather. And mom did.

Mom rolled me over, but instead of the slaps that I had
expected, she covered my face with kisses, blubbering,
about how I was her sweet boy, and how I had needed the
relief, and how she was to blame for having taunted me
so much, and on and on… She kissed and caressed me,
nibbling at my nipples, licking my chest down to my
stomach, all the time caressing and stroking my cock
that was rapidly hardening again.

When she started nibbling it again, I decided to return
her the favor. You see, she was standing on her knees,
turning so that her ass was now facing me and I just
spread her thighs and raised my head into the dripping
cunt. Wow! The taste! And the smell!

I had had a few girls but nothing ever like this! I
dived into her cunt licking g and sucking. Mom dropped
and rolled on her back, spreading her thighs far apart,
moaning and sighing she mumbled how we shouldn’t… no
it’s not… no… How I could never again respect my
slutty mom… and so on.

In moments she started heaving against me, rotating her
hips and drawing me in. Her moans turned into screeches
of lust and now splayed as wide as she could, she heaved
and pushed my face hard into her dripping cunt. She dug
her fingernails into my nape fucking my face inverted.
She screamed and hollered OH YES! YES, her hips jerking
rapidly, and then she dropped, exhausted.

My cock was hard again, rising to its full extension and
mom was just lying there, mumbling incoherently, her
legs spread out, her cunt glistening and dripping fuck
juices. That oral sex session had strung me so uptight,
that I just had to relieve myself immediately.

I kneeled between moms splayed legs, and very carefully
brought the tip of my glans to her opened fuck canal.
And then I shoved in. slowly yet decisively I shoved in
the full length of my cock, until I bottomed up. Mom’s
eyes went round and round and she exclaimed, “OH JOHNY!
AAAGHHH!” the squeals accompanying jerks when I was
hitting her clit, now that I was pumping into her.

I just increased my pace and she jerked and moaned in
the same pace and soon she started to heave against me,
her legs high up in the air, all the time squealing how
it was wrong and how we shouldn’t and oh how great I
was. And yes YES, ooh Johnny YES! Her legs wrapped
around the small of my back, and she dug her heels into
my butt, hammering and screeching, rotating her ass and
crying, “Oh YES JOHNNY! FUCK MEEE!” she jerked and
heaved so much that I nearly fell out of her.

But no fear, I was now coming! OH, my hips jerked now
and my balls contracted! I spewed what seemed to me
gallons of spunk deep into moms vagina, hitting hard on
her flesh with each heave, drawing animal screeches out
of her. YES JOHNY, FUCK YOUR MOMMY! and then we dropped
all exhausted in a heap. WOW!

We kept fucking on and off all that night, and the next
day, when they had finished renovating mom’s bedroom, I
moved in with her. And I have never left again.

Mom is still my mother. Being a mother she is always
right, I did lose all parental respect to her. How can
you respect as a mom someone who just couple of hours
before has been crawling desperately between your legs,
hungrily devouring your cock? But she had won a
different respect from me, especially when she has
brought me my little princess daughter.

Or was it a sister? Whatever.

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